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Amud Yomi
Amud Yomi shiur given daily in NHAYS by Reb Sholom Segal
Amud Yomi Masechta Shabbos
A daily Gemorah Shiur given at Valley Torah High School by Rabbi Stulberger
Amud Yomi by Rabbi Aaron Cohen
Amud Yomi by Rabbi Aaron Cohen
The OU's Mishna Brurah Yomi
An Amud of Mishna Brurah Every Day
The OU's Mishna Brurah Yomi
An Amud of Mishna Brurah Every Day
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Shabbos 120b(10)
Shabbos 120b(9)
Shabbos 120b(8)
Shabbos 120b(7)
Shabbos 120b(6)
Shabbos 120b(5)
Shabbos 120b(4)
Shabbos 120b(3)
Shabbos 120b(2)
Shabbos 120a(8)
Shabbos 120a(12) - 120b(1)
Shabbos 120a(11)
Shabbos 120a(10)
Shabbos 120a(9)
Shabbos 119b(11) - 120a(1)
Shabbos 119b(10)
Shabbos 119b(9)
Shabbos 119b(8)
Shabbos 119b(7)
Shabbos 119b(6)
Bethel LBC Podcast
This week, Pastor Craig takes a childhood story of playing in a mud puddle and relates it to Jesus' lesson of what actually pollutes us before God. He even relates it to a popular song from the 1960's, do you remember Crimson and Clover? Bible references used include Matthew 15:10-20, Matthew 11:29 Luke 12:48, 1 Peter 3:4, Numbers 5:2, 19:12-13 ...…
Shabbos 119b(5)
Shabbos 119b(4)
Shabbos 119b(3)
Shabbos 119b(2)
The new Amud Aish Memorial Museum and Kleinman Holocaust Education Center in Mill Basin, Brooklyn will tell the lesser-known story of observant Jewish victims during WWII. Director of Collections Shoshana Greenwald provides a behind-the-scenes tour.
Shabbos 119b(1)
Shabbos 119a(7)
Shabbos 119a(6)
Shabbos 119a(5)
Matty Chymbor Podcast
I accidentally call this episode 15!! Its short but sweet! In this episode I talk about what i'd do in a mud slide, what movies & songs made me cry, and why I hate the woman actress from the movie Cast Away! (my favorite episode!)
Shabbos 119a(4)
Everyone has greatness within them. God has put potential in everybody, but are you playing your part to achieve that potential? To Joe, potential is the maximum level of success or fulfillment you could possibility reach. If you squeezed out every ounce of that special something in you, to do what you were created to do, and you overcame every ...…
Shabbos 119a(3)
Shabbos 119a(2)
Shabbos 118b(9) - 119a(1)
Shabbos 118b(8)
Shabbos 118b(7)
Shabbos 118b(6)
Shabbos 118b(5)
Shabbos 118b(4)
Shabbos 118b(3)
Shabbos 118b(2)
Shabbos 118a(6)
Shabbos 118a(5)
Shabbos 118a(2)
Shabbos 117b(16) - 118a(1)!%20Episode%2016%20Part%202%20(Great%20Balls%20Of%20Fire%20Predictions).mp3 CJ and Jes thought they could count ME out, they thought do a podcast without ME. AH HELL NO! Someone is about to stomp a mud hole and walk it dry. This episode of Kayf ...…
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