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Sex & Love Mastery Podcast
This podcast brings the world's best experts from the world of communication, tantra, sacred sexuality, self love, and much more. We have featured the likes of Teal Swan, JP Sears, Kute Blackson, Peter Sage, Shashi Solluna, and many more to give their guidance in navigating the world of relationships.
Milky The Barber Talks Sex
Milky The Barber Talks Sex is a very open forum show which is geared towards everything SEX. Milky Let's It All Hang Out And Gets Down To The Nitty, Gritty! What Are Some Of Your Sexual Preferences? Share It With Milky!!
It's Kind Of A Funny Podcast
Once a week a different friend and I will be talking about current events, funny stories about ourselves, odd news of the week, movies, and little bit of everything.
SteamClams Screen Slam
Video podcast of that nefarious underlord, The Steamclam!These will be his daily sojourns and some of the mishaps of those around him/her. and there are an assortment of additional considerations to add to your plates.
Coffee & Anal
Nancy Pop and Kimberly Rios are just two moderately attractive clichés bumblef***ing their way through life. Tune in as they host “Coffee & Anal,” aka the sh**tiest podcast on the internet. They interview sex workers, reality TV stars, comedians, even the Average Joe - all over a cup o’ joe! Chit-chat includes all things sex, relationships, pop culture, Kim's tragic heterosexuality, Nancy's anal analogies, and yup, they love to talk sh*t.
The Bi-Quarterly Women's Social Club
Oh the humanity! The BQWSC is an exciting Montreal podcast (home of the Just For Laughs comedy festival) and an all around funny, nsfw variety hour of strange things and obscene gestures. Dirty jokes abound and you'll laugh out loud, as host Chris Wilding openly discusses his sex life, gets into crazy fights with callers and shares his observations on society, love and everything else in between. Look for the funniest comedians, funny clips, perverted/sexy games, political satire, wtf moment ...
Erotic Expressions
We are an all-inclusive (LGBTQS) show that explores the world of love, romance and erotica. Has immediate/short-term gratification decreased your chance to find life-time love? We take a thorough look at relationships. It starts with the one you have with yourself; thereby others. Where is companionship in this tech driven society? Is there a difference when both people are the same sex? Come take a look with us and we will figure it out together. If you are looking for an x-rated show, this ...
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In this drunken episode, we talk about grinding, jack rabbiting, Vegas, the hottest sex ever, guys who can’t get it up, Miami, one night stands, hitting the right spot, entering the anal canal without permission, guys who are small and make up for it in other ways, and our Hollywood Hills party we stumbled upon on our first night.…
Here For It
Body image in the LGBT community is a serious topic. Plus, Teyana Taylor annihilated New York Fashion Week and we are HERE. FOR. IT!Send us questions, comments, and business inquiries, to hereforitpod@gmail.comBLOOM JAMAICA! Hedonism II is an all-inclusive adult resort where you can party with Here For It Podcast from November 29th-December4th. ...…
Thoughts – Jason John Cowart
Have you watched tv in the last month or two? If you have, then I want you to know you have been targeted. How? Listen to this research from the Western Journal of Medicine: “Analyses of broadcast media content indicate that, on average, teenaged viewers see 143 incidents of sexual behavior on network television at prime time each week, with po ...…
Who played it best? 20 pairs of actors who played the same superhero including Ed Norton/Mark Ruffalo, Ben Affleck/Charlie Cox, Lynda Carter/Gal Gadot and more, we pose an intersting question about the sex life of Mystique, Hasbro suing DC over Bumblebee name, Justice League is a direct sequel to Batman v. Superman, DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese an ...…
Dating men over 40 has its pros and cons. Lets discuss. Plus, Howard University students were NOT here for Sarah and her friend.Send us questions, comments, and business inquiries to hereforitpod@gmail.comWe’re on Patreon! Join the #HereForItHive at JAMAICA! Hedonism II is an all-inclusive adult resort where yo ...…
It's that time of the week my friends...awkward post time! Today was an extra special fun episode, cause we had a guest star! We welcomed this week Patrick's good friend Chris, who was an all around pleasure and blast to be around and have on the show. This week we went over: what we did this week, lawn maintenance, Bryce's new job, our first a ...…
In this episode we talk about The Solar Eclipse, Scarborough News, LRT, Kennedy Station, Town Centre, Sur Sur Lee, Tips, Reggae Translations, Buju Banton Driver A, Reviews, Hakim Optical, Watcha Watching, Law and Order, Get The Fuck Outta Here, Blue Jays, Donald Trump, Media, Sex Advice, Anal Sex, Stupid News, Dead Dolphins, Houston Statue Fail ...…
Wavy Warriors
Its Episode 5 Bih!! Thank you so much for tuning in Ladies , Gentleman and non Genders. This week I talk about The Eclipse, The Real Meaning behind some music, Teachers Having sex with their students, Charlottesville, Getting Pregnant from Anal!!??? WOULD YOU GO BACK IN TIME TO KILL BABY OSAMA/HUSSEIN/HITLER??? & MUCH MORE MAKES SURE TO SUBSCRI ...…
DilDoka Podcast
Episode 55 | Musician and bike magician Alex Ready joins us on the show. We talk about Bikes, movies, tits in porn and anal sex with other things in the news. The eclipse game and the improv scene are a must listen.
Tonight we celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Rhett Thompson hosting It's Real Talk Radio. So many conversations, so many moments: the good, the bad and the ugly: Breast Cancer Awareness, The Honeymoon Stage, Sex Chronicles, Do You Think Black Wall Street Would Work Today, Babies Having Babies, just to name a few of the topics Rhett has covere ...…
Mikey and Us, Volume Two: Jeff’s Picks Just a few short days ago, we remembered the fifteenth anniversary of Michael Houser’s passing. It seems like yesterday, doesn’t it? This week, we look back at Mikey’s career with several selections curated by Jeff. We start off where we often do, way back in 1996, this time in the heart of the fantastic f ...…
QUEER ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Intro Song: “Libido’s Hum” by CristalC Soundcloud: Produced by sky the dog: Outro: “All is Well” by Pansy Boys iTunes: Main Topic: Selena vs. Demi More than ever, their careers are becoming fun-house mirrors of each other. We go into how Selena figured out the perf ...…
Why This, Not That?
Look, all we're saying is that if you make a Venn Diagram with fans of Disco Revival on one side, and fans of anal sex on the other - it's probably pretty close to just being a circle.
Love and Laughter with Beth
Listen in to hear Beth & Del answer questions about porn and anal sex & woman's orgasms from the ESPN 97.5 on air personalities & Listeners.
Lipstick, Heels, & Western Zeal
For the premiere of our new season, we debut as Lipstick, Heels, & Western Zeal! Toni and Alyssa discuss Teen Vogue's article on anal sex and the feminist response to it. Like us on Facebook: Follow us on twitter: @toniciousrex & @radicallyalyssa or on our Facebook Group: https://www.facebo ...…
We return to DejaVuFM for Ep75 as we talk Dot Rotten VS P Money, Britain's fat crisis, Love Island loved even by the mandem & the Saudi millionaire who walked away from a rape charge. We also venture into the world of Nolly porn (Blue film), having sex infront of people, the latest Alton Towers mishap and the drug dealers making P on social med ...…
The Palmy Pride Panel discuss:Gay Animals; Christian homeschooling mother of 10 burns Teen Vogue after anal sex article; Obscure words for 'Homosexual'; Kentucky Pays; And more!Featured Music:Dancing Queen - ABBARestless Years - Ezra FurmanCandle In The Wind (Diana Version) - Elton JohnBig Gay Ice Cream - Jane WeidlinNew York City - Ru Paul…
"The Activist Mommy" is pissed at Teen Vogue because the magazine attempts to teach her kids something she won't -- sex ed; do you read the EULA or the Terms & Service agreements when installing software, etc.? Most don't and 22,000 people found themselves legally bound to do 1,000 hours of community service; if you've worn contacts before, the ...…
Chris reads a story how Teen Vogue Magazine gives teens tips on practicing anal sex.Catch THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW on Saturdays from 9pm to 3am EST at - - - - - LIVE CHATwww.youtu ...…
On this week’s second episode X, Kyle, and Felicia get to talk about some of our favorite topics. NEWS/REAL AUDIO Shep Smith is actually mad at the lies. #buttstuff A church prank ended up with lots of CP found on a guy’s computer Jim Bakker’s guest stopped a tsunami Bryan Fischer is back! YOU OUGHTA KNOW After being contacted by someone who li ...…
Trigger Warning: We discuss Teen Vogue’s article attempting to educate teens on anal sex. Every topic needs the light of the gospel and at the same time we don’t want to be crass, so hopefully we address this issue with biblical wisdom. We address this issue in the first segment, so you can fast forward to the second segment where we begin the ...…
Filling The Void Podcast Network
Holland and Kelsey discuss Season 8 Episode 5, "Man with Two Hearts." Riley crushes on Peter, Clare an Alli steal Spike's sex toy and Mia is codependent as hell.
Harvest Bible Chapel Pittsburgh North Sermons - Harvest Bible Chapel Pittsburgh North
Alex Giannetti - With over a decade of Real Estate experience, Alex began as an investor and at the market's peak in 2006 owned 11 properties including his personal residence. The bubble burst and hit his family hard, but they regrouped and carried on with a No Debt Philosophy thanks to discovering the teachings of Dave Ramsey ...…
The Gay Power Half Hour
Tony is losing friends and Casey almost doesn’t make any jokes about it. Donald Trump Jr. is in hot water over Russia and the boys hang him out to dry and body shame the rest of the men in his family. Teen Vogue put out a guide for anal sex that has the internet all cleaned out and it really sets the stage for a good old fashion GPHH smut fest.…
Man Alive: Sex | Success| Relationships | Health | Money
In this episode I talk about The Man Alive Podcast mission, my history and how I came to be an ally for men Show notes: Even men at the top of their game find themselves wanting more from life. Man Alive is the resource for men who want more meaning, a bigger impact, unshakable c ...…
HR2 - Discussion on Teen Vogue Magazine's article promoting and instructing on Anal Sex
HR3 - Discussion on Teen Vogue Magazine's article promoting and instructing on Anal Sex
HR1 - Discussion on Teen Vogue Magazine's article promoting and instructing on Anal Sex
This week I'm joined by the founder of Inclusight and My Womanly, Juliette Piazza. We talked about web accessibility, sex and relationships, and being a good ally to people with chronic illness.Find me at and @natashalipman #spooniepjparty on Twitter and InstagramYou can find Juliette at and at @julietp ...…
The Model Health Show: Nutrition | Exercise | Fitness | Health | Lifestyle
You’ve probably heard the statement before that “health is wealth”. But what does that mean exactly? I believe that it’s a statement summarizing the fact that when you have your health, you have possibility. With good health you have the clarity, the vitality, and the energy to submit your will in life, and do the things that make your life wor ...…
Dead Beat Film Society
Do you even art bro? Join the DBFS for a supersized episode as we get weird with Alejandro Jodorowsky talking the occult, head shaving, lizards with tiny outfits, pilgrim hats and platform shoes, a sex machine (actual machine not the song), tarot cards, Kanye West, spiritual journeys, anal washing, a quadriplegic pot smoker, and all of the dick ...…
Good morning, RVA! It's 72 °F, and that was a lot of rain yesterday, y'all! Today you can expect highs near 90 °F and the possibility of more storms this afternoon into evening. Stay cool and dry! Water cooler Trains are coming through Ashland one way or another—either to the left, to the right, or straight through the town. Jim Ridolphi in the ...…
This week, Hamilton Ulmer (of the Oakland based band Makeunder) joins us to discuss the new Netflix film Okja. Also - inbreeding, Korean karate, music production, this years SF pride parade, anal blood transfusions, and how SF might be the worlds unofficial public sex capital. featured outro song this week: Makeunder - “Great Headless Blank”Fol ...…
Sex With Rubi
I finally lured my future husband Luke to my bed and we discuss L.A. girls, gay for pay, anal sex, sex on a first date, awkward sex stories, boobs and butt, crazy times in Chicago, flirting with girls at the bar, and Jake Gyllenhaal.
Society places a lot of labels on single people which, if you’re single, can be frustrating. Emily has your back and so does Dr. Nikki Goldstein with her new book, Single But Dating! On today’s show, Emily joins Nikki at her book launch in San Francisco to explore and discuss how you can lead an empowered, healthy, and gratifying dating life! O ...…
Legends of S.H.I.E.L.D.: A Marvel Comic Universe Podcast
The Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Stargate Pioneer and Agent Lauren discuss the Legion season one episode “Chapter 3.” THIS TIME ON LEGENDS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.: Legion “Chapter 3” Weekly Marvel News Feedback LEGION “CHAPTER 3” [03:20] CHAPTER 1 Chapter 3 aired February 22nd, 2017 on FX and earned a 1.04 rating. Legion was renewed for a second se ...…
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