Best ancient sea farers podcasts we could find (Updated February 2018)
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Oopa Loopa Cafe
Investigating pre-Columbian contact, lost races, ancient astronomy, navigation, and migration, cultural oddities, associated diffusion evidence and the truly unexplainable.
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Ready for something new? Things are getting switched up here in the upcoming episodes, so you better be. This week Amanda passes the microphone-torch to the Great Beer Adventure’s lead correspondent, Jack Butcher in Georgia. Jack is interviewing Chas Vales – Founder and CEO of the up and coming BeerThirty app that lets you track down specific s ...…
The SFFaudio Podcast #402 – Jesse, Paul Weimer, and Marissa, talk about A Maze Of Death by Philip K. Dick Talked about on today’s show: 1970, one of Marissa’s favourites, get going, where is he going with this?, ohhhkay, Do Androids and Ubik, Morbid Chicken, similar scenes, the space jalopy scenes, this guy is crazy, the Philip K. Dick fans pag ...…
Sex, Religion, Power and Politics
Andrew Gough, editor of The Heretic Magazine, a digital magazine featuring leading voices in the genres of alternative history, religion and science is with me tonight discussing The Goddess Who Fell to Earth. Andrew was the Director of the Institute for the Study of Interdisciplinary Sciences (ISIS) and chairman of the distinguished Rennes-le- ...…
Podcast Episodes – Prayer Meeting Podcast
Subscribe to the Prayer Meeting Podcast The Prayer Meeting Podcast is a worship podcast where you are invited to sing, play along, or just listen. Music notation of these songs are now available (read further). This week’s episode is an extended worship jam based on the songs of Pentecost. Many of these songs were based upon a detailed survey t ...…
Can Pwyll regain his True Love? After a magical meeting with the beautiful and mysterious Rhiannon, a magical Lady riding a powerful White Horse, Pwyll falls deeply in love. They arrange to marry after a courtship lasting a year-and-a-day in the Otherworld Palace of her father, Hevaydd Hen. Hevaydd the Ancient, first ruler of Dyfed and now a po ...…
Celtic Myth Podshow
Pwyll meets a mysterious Lady In the first episode of the second half of Pwyll, Prince of Dyfed we find out that it has been three long and glorious years since Pwyll journeyed to Annwn and became firm friends with Annwn and his own kingdom is just beginning to shown signs of strain. It has been hot with fine weather for so long that the possib ...…
Will Pwyll survive his encounter in the Land of the Dead? In the final episode of the first half of Pwyll, Prince of Dyfed we tie up all the loose ends and find out whether Pwyll has fulfilled his promise to Arawn or whether Arawn still has a trick or two up his sleeve. We find out what happens when Pwyll returns to his homeland, the beautiful ...…
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