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Ashtrays & Action Figures
Ashtrays & Action Figures is a radio show hosted by Twiztid's Jamie Madrox & Monoxide. You never know what The Demented Duo will be talking about each episode, topics span from: movies, music, toys, wrestling, horror, cannabis culture, celebrity interviews and that's just the tip of the iceberg! Give it a listen and you'll be sure to laugh your ass off!To keep up with our live broadcasts visit
The Perception & Action Podcast - Sports Science & Psychology Talk
Exploration of how psychological research can be applied to improving performance, accelerating skill acquisition and designing new technologies in sports, driving and aviation. Hosted by Rob Gray, professor of Human Systems Engineering at Arizona State University, the podcast will review basic concepts and discuss the latest research in these areas.
Gospels and Acts
Gospels and Acts
Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery - Trauma Loupes Podcast
Summary, commentary, and interviews from each month's issue of the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery.
It's Time To Talk & Act
The show is hosted by Eric Crossley, a political activist and fighter for Progressive causes for four decades. Eric has been active in fighting for Marriage Equality in Maryland, raising funds for AIDS research, environmental causes and much more.
Live and Active Pop Culture
Live and Active Pop CUlture is your pop culture probiotic. Every other week Dane and his assistant co-host Derek provide their unqualified opinion to discuss the weekly happenings in the world of TV, movies, music and more with a special guest or two. Their hilarious antics make this the best worst podcast about pop culture on the internet.
WCQS Events & Activities
WCQS Station Events & Actives
Harvard College Faith and Action - Doxa
The latest feed from Harvard College Faith and Action - Doxa on
Shadow And Act
The saying goes… those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.So, do something… become dynamite and explode!Created and managed by TAMBAY A OBENSON.
Healthy, Strong, and Active: Your Strategy for Life – Jerry Katzman, MD
For each of us healthy living means a unique strategy and formula for living. But, for all us us there are universal realities that apply to creating those strategies. From the food we eat, to the way we handle stress, weight management and assessing our own health a whole new paradigm is in place. Toxicity, Deficiency, Obesity and Stress Protocol - TDOS is a new way of creating a wellness plan for success for a vital life and a longer life. Join us for amazing news from the world of science ...
Art and Action: The Intersections of Literary Celebrity and Politics
In line with a long literary tradition of the artist as propagandist, who strives to appeal to the political, moral, and social conscience of his/her readership, writers have persistently crossed the divide between art and politics both in their works and in their roles as public intellectuals, cultural critics, and political activists. Moreover, established authors have, with striking regularity, taken advantage of their celebrity status in order to draw attention to specific socio-politica ...
Daily Nutrition and Activity Podcast
Get excited to talk about Daily Nutrition and Activity. You can call-in, email, or FB your questions and comments
Yale Faith & Action - Rooted
This is a podcast of the weekly leadership lecture series for Yale Faith and Action, an undergraduate organization which seeks to develop Christian leaders and promote the Christian faith at Yale College.
Circle Connections: Women Connecting to Act-In, Act-Up, Act-Out & Act-Together
Join us for, Circle Connections: Women Connecting to Act-In, Act-Up, and Act-Out, where we come together in a bold way to connect women, evoke action, and inspire us all to create a New Earth... one circle, one connection, one step at a time.
Archief Rijnmond
Het programma Archief Rijnmond besteedt wekelijks aandacht aan oude plaatjes, curieuze opnamen, onbekende teksten en vergeten artiesten uit de regio Rijnmond. Samensteller Roland Vonk gaat geregeld langs bij luisteraars, verzamelaars en artiesten om bijzonder geluidsmateriaal op te duiken voor het archief.
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Crosstalk Home Show Information Air Date: June 23, 2017 Host: Jim Schneider Listen: MP3 ???| Order ?--Mitch McConnell released the draft of the Senate's health care reform bill. --President Trump to add Christian activist/lawyer Jay Sekulow to his legal defense team to assist in the Russian probe. --Johnny Depp lambasts President Trump at the G ...…
Who knew Hollywood is more than just lights, camera, and action?! Actors Colin Egglesfield and Tyler Neitzel are investing in Chicago, making money, and making a difference.
Join Senior Writer Tom Brolley (@FG_Brolley) and Staff Writer Paul Kelly (@paulkellytweets) as they recap some of the latest news and action out of minicamp and OTAs across the league!By
Series hosted by Pānia Papa, using a range of games, music and activities to teach te reo Māori. This week's students are Alroy Walker, Kayla Hemara and Leon Hemara.
“Actions that are performed in terms of one’s prescribed duties, as mentioned in the revealed scriptures, are called karma. Actions that free one from the cycle of birth and death are called akarma. And actions that are performed through the misuse of one’s freedom and that direct one to the lower life forms are called vikarma. Of these three t ...…
High Performance Mindset | Learn from World-Class Leaders, Consultants, Athletes & Coaches about Mindset
High performers work to understand themselves. They are aware of their thoughts, feelings, and actions in the present moment. They are an observer of themselves and they use the ABCs to stay aware. My Affirmation this Week: “I work to understand myself and my tendencies. I master myself to reach a new level.”…
On this week’s show, we spoke with Marie-Eve Prevost, CEO @ MissFresh. Marie-Eve discovered meal kits while living in Australia with her brother Bernard. As a foodie and hard working professional, she instantly fell in love with the concept of getting recipes and pre-portioned ingredients delivered at home. Her adventure as an entrepreneur star ...…
Dr. Veronica Anderson, Host, Functional Medicine Specialist and Medical Intuitive interviews Tony Hornick on being healthy & active with 86 year old sprout grower. Do you want to be healthy at 86 years old? Passionate about food and exercise Tony Hornick shares his secrets to a healthy lifestyle you can thrive on. In this episodes, Tony talks a ...…
AFTERBUZZ TV — Fargo edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of FX’s Fargo. In this episode host Lex Michael, Dave Child and Tara Erickson break down episode 10!Fargo is an American anthology black comedy–crime drama television series created and primarily written by Noah Hawley. The show is inspired by the 1996 film of the same name written ...…
"The key is to remain conscious and truly curious about yourself" - Brendan Barca Question of the Day and Action of the Day: Brendan Barca's post that I read on today's episode has both questions and actions to take. The reason I chose to read it here on 5 Minute Mojo is because he writes so articulately about how to take charge of your life, h ...…
Catholic Diocese of Buffalo Podcasts
Dennis Mahaney, Diocesean Director of Evangelization and Catechesis, discusses the upcoming Convocation of Catholic Leaders sponsored by the USCCB. (Radio Ministry).
Robert Orzanna Podcast Collection. Last Updated: 2017-03-23
Over the course of this summer I’m going to share a few legacy episodes of The Accidental Creative podcast. These are some of my favorite conversastions of the past 12 years. Today’s episode features a 2008 sit-down conversation I had with Peter Block. Peter Block is a man who wears many hats. He is an internationally coveted speaker, a consult ...…
Everyone of us has an about what we think true wisdom is. The question is where does this wisdom come from – God or somewhere else? When we listen to (or give) the wrong kind of wisdom, it can cause problems we often can’t imagine. On Sunday, we discuss some ways in which we can be certain that we are listening to true godly wisdom.…
Infinite Plane Society
TODAY'S SUBJECTSFLAT EARTH ACTIVISM----TSHIRTS0) RULES (discussed if/ when needed)THE RULES ARE SIMPLE. 1. NO THUMPINGa. Bibleb. Globec. Mein Kampfd. Communisme. Dramaf. Insert BLANK Agenda Here 2. NO NAYSAYING FACTS not FEELINGSACTION not DRAMA No spin zone is a no thumping zoneThis chat is a catalyst for thought and actionnot feelings and dra ...…
Cognition - or thoughts - are what determine how persons understand the world around them and act (or react) within it. At their root, cognition is based on one's belief system. What you believe about yourself and the world determines your thoughts about it, which in turn determine your actions. With a few exceptions, every human action is part ...…
Dr. Veronica Anderson, Host, Functional Medicine Specialist and Medical Intuitive interviews Marcia Reynolds on how to control your thoughts & emotions. Do you want to control your mental state? Doctor of Psychology Marcia Reynolds helps you understand why you think and act the way you do so you can best choose how you want to think and act in ...…
Series hosted by Pānia Papa, using a range of games, music and activities to teach te reo Māori. This week's students are Wiremu Hohaia, Awhimai Fraser and Hoeata Maxwell-Blake.
You may never have heard of Morgan DeBaun, but if you’re a black millennial you’ve probably heard of the brand she created: Blavity. Morgan and her co-founder have done an amazing job building a recognizable and influential brand in record time and she is Rosetta’s guest on this episode. You’ll hear her tell the Blavity story, describe how they ...…
The Better Leaders Better Schools Podcast: Leadership Insights | Create Winning Cultures | Focus on the Essential | Lead with Courage & Integrity | Principal Radio | School Administrator | Danny "Sunshine" Bauer
Will Parker is principal of Skiatook High School, just north of Tulsa, Oklahoma. As a high school teacher, he taught Language Arts, creative writing, and Advanced Placement English. As principal of a Title I school, his school’s innovative approaches to collaboration, remediation and mentoring have resulted in marked improvements in student per ...…
There is space in between each breath and action that is the convergence of the finite and infinite. There is magic to be extracted from this space. R.R. Shakti discusses some amazing insights and practices to make this sacred space a part of everyday life in pursuit of a richer human experience.
Deze week bespreken we aan de hand van het actuele nieuws de bouwwerkzaamheden die wereldwijd in de resorts plaatsvinden. Het meeste aandacht naar de parken in Amerika omdat daar momenteel bijna dagelijks de updates van binnen komen. We staan wat langer stil bij wat er allemaal in de Disney Hollywood Studios gaat gebeuren. Star Wars, misschien ...…
Drew and Mike Podcast
Mr. Tom Mazawey (@TomMazawey) and “Skid” Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) today! Johnny Depp‘s email shows financial troubles and something that he will NOT do. Drew takes us through “Life“. Mr. Frank “Clemi” Cleminson sends us quite the addition to the studio! Thanks, man! Waltzing through how Van Halen treated Michael Anthony like shit to include E ...…
Hello everyone! Today’s guest on the show is Andy Hnilo! Andy Hnilo lives in Los Angeles, CA. As an athlete all of his life, he excelled in baseball and football, earned a baseball scholarship to UC Berkeley and turned down an opportunity to play professional baseball when he landed a role on daytime soap opera, “Days of our Lives.” Andy has si ...…
AFTERBUZZ TV — Turn edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of AMC’s Turn. In this episode host Megan Salinas and Katie Cullen discuss episodes 1 & 2 with Amy Gumenick and Josh Price. ABOUT TURN: TURN: Washington’s Spies (formerly known as TURN and stylized as TURИ and TURИ: Washington’s Spies) is a period drama based on Alexander Rose’s boo ...…
You have five minutes to kill. That’s it. Those five minutes can make or break a career. I don’t think I would be able to handle the pressure. I’ve done a lot of public speaking. And now I’ve tried standup. For the past three months I’ve been going up once or twice a week. It’s difficult. I thought 20 years of public speaking would help me. It ...…
The Tech Blog Writer Podcast - Inspired Startup Stories & Interviews With Tech Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Innovators & Disruptors
Aragon, the decentralized management platform for companies, recently announced that their token sale has raised $25,000,000 USD in less than 15 minutes from 2403 buyers across the world. Boasting over 5000 test organizations already lined up, Aragon aims to show how decentralized organizations can be more efficient, transparent, cost-effective ...…
Ashtrays & Action Figures
Fresh off the Psychomania tour, the demented duo have much to discuss! Young Wicked stops by the radio room to talk about his new album the Prodigal Son!
Nakedly Examined Music Podcast
After stints with The Three O'Clock and Jellyfish, Jason co-fronted The Grays and then worked solo, also playing with Beck, Aimee Mann, Paul McCartney, etc. and acting as one-man-backing-band/producer for other artists.Songs: "Sincero Amore" and (ending with) "Horror Show" from Make It Be (2017) with R. Stevie Moore, "The Lie in Me" from All Qu ...…
UFC fighter MAX “PAIN” GRIFFIN on his “out of body” first UFC fight experience and how he overcame it, Bellator fighter and Olympic Gold Medalist SATOSHI ISHII on his fight preparation and his life outside of training, Hollywood action film maker fight choreographer and distinguished Martial Artist, ART COMACHO on working with Steven Seagal and ...…
In this episode, Raj Gupta (@dr_rajgupta) and Eric Schwenk (@ESchwenkMD) discuss the origins and implications of the new ACGME accredited Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Medicine Fellowship with Ed Mariano (@EMARIANOMD) from the VA Palo Alto and Stanford University, Jaime Baratta (@jattarab) from Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia ...…
Mike Fabarez Sermons on Focal Point
Pastor’s Note Today we finish our reading of the Book of Nehemiah. This has been an instructive book teaching us that God can do amazing things through willing people. And that sometimes the Lord accomplishes a lot in a very short amount of time. The rebuilt walls of Jerusalem are dedicated, and reading of the word of God leads to further refor ...…
The Perception & Action Podcast - Sports Science & Psychology Talk
How important is feel or body awareness in sports? How can we assess kinaesthetic sensitivity and proprioceptive acuity in athletes and can these be improved through training? How does it influence an athlete’s ability to implement technical changes? Articles: Level of competitive success achieved by elite athletes and multi-joint proprioceptiv ...…
On the Schmooze Podcast: Leadership | Strategic Networking | Relationship Building
Today’s guest hopes your community ties are strong as they are a great indicator of your health and success. He deeply believes in the power of building social capital. For the last 15 years, he has been strengthening communities by connecting diverse individuals and organizations through civic engagement initiatives. He does this through Socia ...…
AAEM Podcasts: Critical Care in Emergency Medicine
David Farcy, MD FAAEM FCCM, Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center - Miami Beach and President-Elect of AAEM, speaks with Tiffany Osborn, MD MPH FACEP, Professor of Emergency Medicine and Acute and Critical Care Surgery at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Drs. Farcy and Osborn discuss the recent update of the Surv ...…
It's Time To Talk & Act
Please join us as we look at the latest attempt by Republicans to ram through, without any input from Democrats, a disastrous repeal of Obamacare. We will look at what, if anything, Dems can do to stop it. Also, the tragic death of Otto Warmbier, a student who was visiting North Korea and was returned home to die.…
Many of us are unaware that what we say has tremendous power to heal or wound. On Sunday, we learned more about how seriously we should take our responsibility as stewards of our tongues, because with our tongues we can either bless or to curse – much more than we probably think.
Divine Office – Liturgy of the Hours of the Roman Catholic Church (Breviary)
Ribbon Placement: Liturgy of the Hours Vol. III: Ordinary: 668 Psalter: Wednesday, Week III, 1055 Proper of Saints: 1476 Common of Holy Men: 1825 Common of Holy Men For Religious: 1865 Christian Prayer: Ordinary: 694 Psalter: Wednesday, Week III, 892 Proper of Saints: 1170 Evening Prayer for Wednesday in Ordinary Time, for the Memorial of Saint ...…
The Moondog Marketing Podcast
Released June 19, 2017 Recorded in the Dog House Studio, Sweden. Last week I had the privilege to attend and speak at the Fifteen Seconds conference in Graz, Austria. With four stages and three or four thousand young, thoughtful, and engaged people, the event was a veritable tidal wave of information and ideas. I’m excited to share my thoughts ...…
“Get out of my way; for I won't stop for you.”― George Bernard Shaw
Hopping Mad with Will McLeod & Arliss Bunny
19 June 2017 - This was one of those shows where Will and I covered a lot of ground. We did not have an interview (and there is no Extra Mad) so we just moved straight through the show with no breaks. I began with a nod acknowledging Will for bringing on Math Campbell last week and taking time from the discussion of the UK snap election results ...…
Hypnotize Me | Hypnosis | Transformation | Healing | Mindfulness | Meditation | Psychology | Rapid Change | Dr. Elizabeth Bonet
Are you sweating your SATs and ACTs? Or is your teenager? Or maybe your teenager isn't but you are! Dr. Liz lets you know if Hypnosis can help prepare for these college entrance exams! Thank you for tuning in! Please subscribe to auto-download new episodes to your listening device. After you listen to a few episodes, please consider leaving an ...…
This week is a quick episode about headaches and specifically the type called “suboccipital” headaches. Chiropractic care plus Active Release Techniques is simply amazing for clearing these up. Listen in to find out more! 1. Intro 2. Update 3. Sponsor - Siete Family Foods 4. Suboccipital Headaches, Active Release Technique, Chiropractic Adjustm ...…
Frankräich Parlamentswahlen: Absolut Majoritéit fir La République En Marche an hir Alliéiert Frankräich Parlamentswahlen: Rekord niddereg Wahlbedeelegung London: Camionnette a Leit gerannt bei Moschee zu Finsbury Park, op d'mannst een Doudegen an aacht Blesséierter Bréissel: Optakt vu Brexit Verhandlungen Portugal: Dräi Deeg Staatstrauer fir de ...…
Episode 45: New CA Regs & ICE Detainment, Iraqis, EB-5 Policy, Constitutional Immigration, ESTA, USCIS Delays, Reentry Permits, Special Law Degrees for Immigration Lawyers, Remembering Names & Active/Mindful Listening (Weekly Update for June 12-18, 2017)
Integrity Property Investment
Why I Became A Capitalist Pig I’ve talked about this before, but it’s definitely worth touching on again. There’s something that I see happen time and time again with my clients that can massively impact on their ability to reach their potential. Here’s the thing… You need to stop talking to your family about your property investing! Hang on a ...…
Frankräich Parlamentswahlen: Absolut Majoritéit fir La République En Marche an hir Alliéiert Frankräich Parlamentswahlen: Rekord niddereg Wahlbedeelegung London: Camionnette a Leit gerannt bei Moschee zu Finsbury Park, op d'mannst een Doudegen an aacht Blesséierter Bréissel: Optakt vu Brexit Verhandlungen Portugal: Dräi Deeg Staatstrauer fir de ...…
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