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Britetalk Radio
Rare - Your host and bliss consultant Andrea DeBell interviews a variety of luminaries to bring you the best tips and advice on how to achieve a happier, brighter life. Tune in to get the scoop on how to empower yourself and take your life to a new plateau.
Voice of Bold Business Radio
Our roles as leaders constantly evolve, as does our business – whether from changes in the market, adjusting course to stay on the company vision or even to the number of hats worn. Problems reveal themselves when we understand people and read situations well. However, sometimes the chatter within our own mind, expectations of others and our own limiting thoughts … add complexity. Here on the Voice of Bold Business Radio we talk about skills to ask better questions, solve problems and take a ...
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Street protests in Belgrade, April 2017 (Photo: Ne Davimo Beograd, Facebook) On 2 April 2017 Alexander Vučić became President of Serbia, winning the first round of the elections, obtaining a score of 55%, and leading in all districts of the country. The public perception and representation of Vučić within Serbia is biased by wide constraints on ...…
PODCAST TRANSCRIPT Ryan: I’m Dr. Ryan Debell. Welcome back once again to the Health Fit Business podcast. This is episode number 38. In this episode, it’s a continuation of the last episode, 37, which is on The Adjacent Possible, where we talked about you need expertise in multiple areas in order to see opportunities. So, sort of a cliffhanger. ...…
The adjacent possible is where magic happens. By having multiple areas of expertise, business opportunities present themselves to you when they are seemingly invisible or impossible to others. Once you’ve established a high level of knowledge in one particular area, real growth occurs not from becoming MORE of an expert in just that area, but b ...…
The Tools You Should Be Using Instead of To-Do Lists Small decisions in your business can be important, but a lot of times, thinking about them over and over again, weighing the pros and cons, etc. leads to inaction and overall is worse than just going for it and learning along the way. An area that we see this come up way too much is in ‘how d ...…
Health Fit Biz
Follow Health Fit Business on Instagram @healthfitbusiness Last week we talked about defining your purpose, vision, and goals. This week we want to take you through an exercise we find very helpful called Goalstorming. We are all familiar with brainstorming, but what about brainstorming goals? That is goalstorming and there is a great process y ...…
How to Develop your Intuition and Have the World Come to You Learn how being intuitive can greatly impact your life with special guest Angela Artemis Join your host Andrea DeBell and special guest Angela Artemis to discover all you need to know to live an intuitive life. Angela Artemis will tell how everyone can develop their intuition, why it' ...…
Chill with The Chola Archive – Definitive Downtempo The_Chola_Good_Evening_Space_Travelers_2009_080109 This month’s podcast is a continuation of my “Space Traveler” series and is once again dedicated to the folks over at Lounge Radio. I try to add an episode to this series every yea ...…
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