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TOOLS FOR CONSCIOUS LIVING. Are You ready for your Nu Life!? Our goal is to help create abundance in all areas of your Life. Topics include Abundance, Personal Growth, The Law of Attraction, Hypnosis, Wellness, NLP, EFT, Life Coaching, The Power of Now, Meditation, Health & Fitness, Metaphysics, Tarot, Social-Media/Network Marketing, and MUCH more... Join your hosts Dax Carlisle and Mark Reed, and our amazing guests as we explore the emerging paradigm where Science and Spirituality meet! Our ...
Thuvia, Maid of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Published in 1920, Thuvia, Maid of Mars is the fourth book in the Barsoom series and concentrates on Carthoris, the son of infamous John Carter, and Thuvia, the princess of Ptarth, as they find themselves entangled in a complex web of love and strict traditions of Barsoom. A typical Burroughs piece, the installment contains all the required elements of an effective pulp fiction, including a hero, a damsel in distress, unforeseen complications, and a generous supply of action. Welcoming a new ...
Birds and Bees, Sharp Eyes, and Other Papers by BURROUGHS, John
Probably no other American writer has a greater sympathy with, and a keener enjoyment of, country life in all its phases—farming, camping, fishing, walking—than has John Burroughs. His books are redolent of the soil, and have such "freshness and primal sweetness," that we need not be told that the pleasure he gets from his walks and excursions is by no means over when he steps inside his doors again. As he tells us on more than one occasion, he finds he can get much more out of his outdoor e ...
One of the longest-running books shows on Australian radio, Final Draft is a space on the air where big names of arts and culture sit cheek-by-jowl with those just beginning to make their mark. Produced in the hope of inspiring generous, open-minded reading and discussion, the show features guests and writing from around Australia and the world.Each week we serve up a mix of interviews with writers, reviews of new, classic and cult titles, readings of original work, short features and docume ...
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The Future Is A Mixtape
For this episode of The Future Is A Mixtape, Jesse & Matt explore the paranoid dread and narcotic pull of Adam Curtis’ most recent documentary of political-noir, HyperNormalisation. In 2 hours and 40 minutes, it charts the globe-hopping travails of terrorists, bankers, politicians and America’s digital aristocracy--all of whom use humanity as p ...…
Tarot Tribe - Beyond Worlds
Handout: Delightful tarotist Anna Cook joins Beyond Worlds again to talk about timing in Tarot. We'll discussed those cards that jump or pop out of the deck when we shuffle, and their significance to timing. Anna Burroughs Cook has been reading & interpreting the Tarot for 30 years and has developed a wide base of cli ...…
Gina Jedlicka is a Reiki Master and Licensed Massage Therapist from Ohio. She has had some wonderful success with these modalities. We recently had as our guest Anna Burroughs Cook who recounted her Reiki experiences with Gina and the wonderful results! We will be exploring energy healing and asking gina to explain what Reiki is and how it work ...…
For our Premier Episode of NuLife Radio we are excited to have as our guest Anna Burroughs Cook! Anna has been reading and interpreting the Tarot for 30 + years and has developed a wide base of clients across the United States as well as the U.K. and Ohio where she currently resides with her hubby Rick. She has appeared on television and radio ...…
Tarot Tribe - Beyond Worlds
Hand-out for the class: Do you collect Tarot decks, but find it almost impossible to read a deck other than the one on which you learned? Have you been curious about learning to read the Tarot, but worry that it will be too time-consuming or complex? Have you ever taken a Tarot class only to decide that Tarot w ...…
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