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Rediscover the messages of Pastor Bill from the early days of his teaching ministry. Though they are decades-old, they have not lost their relevance or power. Get out your Bible and notebook and get ready to learn from the uncompromised teaching of the Word of God.
Christian Assembly Family Church is located in Ohioville, Pennsylvania. A good place to get involved with a local body of believers.
The latest video podcast from Bill Anzevino – Pastor of Christian Assembly Church – A Family Church
Want to catch up on Pastor Bill's messages from 2016? Now's your chance!
Pastor Bill Anzevino - Pastor of Christian Assembly Family Church - A Family Church
Pastor Bill Anzevino - Pastor of Christian Assembly Church - A Family Church
Pastor Bill Anzevino - Pastor of Christian Assembly Family Church - A Family Church
Pastor Bill Anzevino - Pastor of Christian Assembly Church - A Family Church
Pastor Bill Anzevino - Pastor of Christian Assembly Church - A Family Church
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The prolific Cole Porter wrote nearly 900 songs. So if you set out to create an original revue of his work, where do you begin? And where do you end up? Theo Ubique Artistic Director Fred Anzevino and music director Aaron Benham join Anne Nicholson Weber to discuss their current revue, A Cole Porter Songbook.…
This week, Anne Nicholson Weber interviews Fred Anzevino, the Artistic Director and one of the founders of Theo Ubique Cabaret Theatre. They talk about Theo Ubique's development and history, the current show (a revue of the music of Harold Arlen called Sweet and Hot), and cabaret theatre in general.By (Talk Theatre in Chicago).
How do we commune with our Father? We need to maintain the habit of prayer. Pray according to His word and will. We need to pray in the name of Jesus when praying we need to find scripture for our need. When praying in the Spirit will bring us into a new dimension.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
When we have an understanding of the things of God we know that our faith mixed with God’s power brings the manifestation of God’s promises. The more aware we are of this we can have more knowledge of God’s truth can truly set us free and the more equipped we are to resist destruction.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
How to prepare yourself to be a good father.Fathers need to pattern themselves after our Heavenly Father. Must make full provision for our children. Our children must learn how to obey their fathers and mothers to live a life full of blessings.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
Sin consciousness is the human spirit letting you know you are out of fellowship wih God and it can have disastrous results. But God has the answer – righteousness consciousness!By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
In James 1, we find the principles to grow in faith. We are taught and when we act accordingly, then we grow in faith and walk in victory.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
We must lift up the Son of God to draw all men to Him. How can we get confusion out of heart? We must look into the word for ourselves no one is exempt from attack of the enemy.Sickness is an attack of satanic oppression that tries to take us out of the picture of life.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
God wants all to be saved and have our minds renewed to the Divine Truth. How do we become an overcomer? We are to come boldly to the Throne of Grace. We need to put our past behind usBy (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
We’ve all experienced problems and difficulties throughout our lives that can possibly lead to emotional problems. Pastor Bill teaches that Jesus heals not only the physical body, but also damaged emotions.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
The moment we act to do what God, in His Word, says to do, He meets us and the restoring of our body begins to take place.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
In Mark 8:34, Jesus tells us to deny ourselves and follow Him. Pastor Bill teaches us through scripture the steps we take to achieve this.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
How do you keep from premature death, sickness and weakness? Our words speak life or death into our lives. We need to take the Lord’s Supper by faith so we can live a long full life of health.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
Do you want to have a positive attitude of God’s Word? Why do we want stale bread when the Word feeds us fresh manna? God’s Word is not just a mere book. He speaks to each of us by His Word.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
It’s the doer of the Word that receives the power of God. We are to seek after God’s way which involves the work of faith with power that is revealed through His Word. The Word of God must work through our spirit to affect healing in our bodies.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
How do we create an atmosphere for God to work in the service? We must learn how not to be insensitive. God wants to guide us in church and out of church. See how we can live in rivers of Life, Love, Healing, and Deliverance.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
This message speaks on how to do things decently and in order. What is to be the first part of service? We must prepare our hearts before the service. Ritualism or going through the motions is without God’s power. But, reality is from the heart–to have commune with God.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
This message speaks on how to make our goal to be in the perfect will of God. He wants healing in the land of the Christian heart and Christian family. His desire is for us to be a church of purity, prayer, power, and perfected praise. God wants to have free reign and access to do His will that He wants done.…
Satan comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy. We can come to God with a zoe-life. How do we receive zoe-life? When we leave the life of darkness. Once we come to our Savior, then we will have zoe.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
What will help you to become a responsible, God-fearing adult? We must seek God’s dreams for our lives–purpose in our hearts not to be corrupted or defiled by the ways and ideas of the world’s system. God has your best interest at heart.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
Why do we need spiritual development? The hour is at hand to make a decision. We must act on the stirring of the Spirit. There is a message for the non-believer and believer.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
What do I need to do to have long life? If you want to be well and have blessings, you must Honor Thy Father and Mother. Listen to your parents as they show you the way of salvation so that when you leave home, God will give you the keys of the kingdom.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
Why do we need to cleanse our bodies from negative influence? Doing so is of the utmost importance in preventing hardships, and can even lead us to marry the right person.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
How does our physical blood work in our body? Many cultures use the blood of animals and people in spiritual worship. Our blood brings us closer to God. In order to receive healing and delivery, Jesus wants us to eat His flesh and drink His blood. This is done spiritually and not of the flesh–which is the Lord’s Supper.…
In order to be an effective Christian, we need the help of the Holy Spirit. We must learn to channel the Holy Spirit and anointing through studying, prayer, praise & worship, as well as other means.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
How does satan support his lies? Are you confused by the teachings of some pastors? We need ears to hear what is being said by God and the Holy Spirit to guide us into the realm of truth and belief.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
We must humble ourselves to God–to know Him and to learn His ways. We learn in this teaching how to live His lifestyle by taking on Jesus’ example of humility.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
“Much more” is the theme of Pastor’s message. God doesn’t want us to be religious. He made us to reign in the realm of life over sin, sickness, poverty, tests, trials and circumstances. He made us to exert authority over all the powers of darkness. Nugget: God does not reward you for what you do but for the attitude in which you do it!…
The story of redemption in the Bible is the Greatest Love Story ever told. Everything and every interaction from God is an act of love.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
Intercessory Prayer is 1) pleading another’s case, communing with the Father and 2) standing, wrestling, striving, agonizing against the forces of darkness. Whose will are you doing? Humble yourself and pray.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
The ministering person has to prepare as well as the receiving person. Learn the principles to being healed and whole in the Lord.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
It is alarming that most Christians, a few years after being born again, go back to old ways of living. They, like small children, seek emotional experiences. How do we enter into the fullness of life God is calling us to?By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
Pastor Anzevino shares some final thoughts on intercessory prayer – in the Holy Spirit, for conditional and unconditional judgment and takes some questions from the congregation.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
Warning: There is a critical relationship between the Word, the knowledge, the will of God and intercessory prayer.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
You have your own unique talents and abilities. God has a unique plan and place for you. God doesn’t want you to be like someone else – be yourself!By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
The spirit of this world would come against you and cause you a broken, poisoned, wounded spirit. But God says fear not, be not dismayed. How do we get there? That is Pastor’s message!By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
You have a travel guide for the perfect plan God has for your life. Here are some things you must do to follow him.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
Pastor teaches us on the five relationships we need to follow to live in health a mature long life. The most important one is our relationship with God. When we all take our place in the body of Christ. We can bring the Shekinah glory into our body.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
Though sin consciousness causes poor self image, Jesus destroyed it. Everyone goes through sin consciousness but the ones that know how to walk into the light of God’s word will cause righteousness to be in their life.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
The Golden Nugget for this series is Mark 11:23-25. When we do things that pleases God then we keep His Commandments. It will set in motion the Spiritual Law so that we can have what ever we say according to our Golden Nugget. We need to have comprehensive insight into God’s way so the Father can accurately carry us into His plan and purpose fo ...…
We are to pray without ceasing when it comes to intercession prayer. The prayer of intercession is the most important type of prayer. Jesus is interceding for us so we can come in agreement with God’s will to be done here on the earth. If we give up on praying for a person God will never give up on that person. How do we bridge the gap between ...…
Faith makes prayer work. Prayer does not make faith work. Every person should find a partner that you both can pray and agree together in faith.Why do husbands and wives need to be in the right spirit together. We need to make ourselves available to someone who needs pray.When you are weak in faith for healing and other areas in you life. You n ...…
If you want to study prayer look to our Master, Father God. Love, hope, and patience make our prayers work. Prayer is like holding up a mirror in front of God and God see his word and promises to meet our needs.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
There are many Christians who are bound in fear. By studying the word, we can learn how to be set free from the bondage of the spirit of fear. By using the wisdom of God, walking in the love of God, and knowing that God will never leave us nor forsake us. we can build ourselves up in the scriptures to help us resist fear.…
Prayer is our spirit coming into contact with our Father and to be effective and based on his word. we need to entrust the Father to take care of what you asked for in prayer. What you say can either keep switch of faith on or off.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
We need to decide what we need from God. The way we do this is meditate scripture we are using for the need we want. We are to ask the Father in faith in Jesus’ name and not ask Jesus to do it. We are not to pray and praise to Jesus. We must direct our prayer and praise to the Father.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
Why do we need to put on the armor of God? So that we do not waiver in our faith for what we asked from our Father in heaven. We need to be specific with God on what we want. We must fight the good fight of faith . We must meditate day and night until our faith goes from our heart to our mouth.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
Faith takes place when you have prayed for what you need for your life. We need to get quiet before the Lord so we can have the wisdom on how to pray for our need. We are to meditate the scriptures that promise us the answer. This is how you build your firm foundation of Faith. Pastor talks about the firery darts that satan used to keep the wor ...…
If we are to be strong in the Lord and stand against the devil we must know what prayer has in that stand. How do we pray properly in each situation so that we are joining forces with God and NOT with the devil?By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
How do we change our circumstances in our lives? Why do we need a firm foundation of Faith? We are to come to the Father with the word of God in faith.By (Pastor Bill Anzevino).
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