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Super Strength Show with Ray Toulany | Interviews with Health and Fitness Leaders, Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Elite Athletes and Iron Game Legends
Super Strength Show is a podcast dedicated to the world of Physical Culture. Ray Toulany cuts through the BS by providing listeners with the best information on strength, conditioning, muscle building, endurance, fat loss, nutrition and the mindset needed to succeed in training and in life. In each episode, Ray Toulany interviews health and fitness leaders and legends from a variety of different backgrounds, including Powerlifters, Strongman Competitors, Bodybuilders, Olympic Weightlifters, ...
Podcasta la Vista, Baby!
A Celebration of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Absurd Macho Bullshit!
Now Playing: The Predator Movie Retrospective Series
"If it bleeds, we can review it." One of this summer's most anticipated science fiction/action films is Predators, produced by Robert Rodriguez, returning this storied series to it's jungle roots. In anticipation, Arnie, Brock, and Stuart are reviewing and commenting on all the previous Predator films, including the Aliens vs Predator crossovers! From a Central American Jungle to a "futuristic" Los Angeles to the Antarctic, we hunt down the Predator culminating in a weekend-of-release review ...
Quantum Physiques 2016
Quantum Physiques is hosted by Jeff The Producer and Brian Cunningham! Quantum Physiques is dedicated to health, fitness, wellness, performance and bringing you a new perspective on supplementation, exercise and spirituality. Brian Cunningham has 30+ years of expereince as an author, contributing writer, supplement manufacturer, educator and talk show host and shares his knowledge on alternative medicine, training techniques and concepts on this unique radio show. Jeff The Producer has 10+ y ...
Arnold Radio News
Join your hosts Ryan Gillen and Brandon Krum of as they discuss the latest Schwarzenegger happenings, be it his movies, bodybuilding, books, or other related Arnold things. We welcome other Arnold fans to give their input and "Ask a bunch of questions!"
Now Playing: The Philip K. Dick Retrospective Series
Hollywood's biggest directors and actors have always been drawn to the dark and paranoid science fiction of author Philip K. Dick, from Ridley Scott's Blade Runner to Arnold Schwarzenegger's Total Recall to the upcoming Matt Damon film The Adjustment Bureau. Join Now Playing as Brock, Jakob, and Stuart delve into the mind of this imaginative writer and evaluate each big screen adaptation of his books and short stories.
Hans Shot First
A podcast where we take a specific movie scene and spin it off from there into other memorable moments from our favorite films, tv shows, and video games. It's just like sitting around with your friends and talking about movies, so we aren't allowed any internet research before hand. Our regularly reoccurring topics include: Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Everquest, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Marvel and DC movies, Batman, and much more. We polish this off with some weekly news bits. Enjoy the the s ...
Chin Stroker VS Punter
Join Mike and Paul (aka Chin Stroker & Punter), every fortnight, as they discuss a film from their own differing point of view. Mike is an ex film student. Paul is a punter. Sit back in fascinated horror as they discuss filmic issues as varied as justifying an appreciation of David Lynch, and the merits of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s comedy acting chops. Along the way we will be covering; world cinema, art films, why we love the 1980’s even though they sucked, straight to video/DVD, and all mann ...
President Donald Trump National Prayer Breakfast
President Donald Trump National Prayer Breakfast Speech - 02-02-2017audio EnglishPresident Donald Trump sought prayers Thursday for Arnold Schwarzenegger over ratings for "Celebrity Apprentice" -- the show Trump once hosted and which he said has become a "total disaster" since the former California governor took over the franchise. Trump harkened back to his days as a reality TV sensation during an address to the National Prayer Breakfast. "When I ran for president, I had to leave the show," ...
Bad Puns and Machine Guns Podcast
Two friends embark on a quest to watch and discuss every Arnold Schwarzenegger movie ever made, one by one. New episodes alternating Wednesdays.Follow us on Twitter: on iTunes:
Reel Fanatics
REEL FANATICS is the podcast for movies, drinks and jive! The weekly show for cinephiles who like their film talk unpretentious, irreverent and uncensored. Three filmmaker friends bat around everything from Michael Haneke to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michelangelo Antonioni's "The Passenger" to Mike Judge's "Beavis and Butt-head". If you're a movie geek, you'll feel right at home with REEL FANATICS!
My Midterm PodCast - November 7, 2006 Elections
Arnold Schwarzenegger should definitely be re-elected, at least in my opinion. Do you disagree or agree? Listen to my point of view, and see if I help you make up your mind.
Prevention Podcast
Show Description: Brendan Ridings and Darin Steen host the show and their goal is to empower you to take control of your health, through powerful information and motivation. The Prevention Podcast focuses on simple and effective techniques, tricks and tips to relieve pain and improve health, without the expensive doctor bills. Brendan is a Corrective Exercise Specialist, and he lives and works in a suburb near Chicago, IL. Darin has been a full-time personal trainer, healthy lifestyle coach ...
A man, his wife, and his best friend get down and dirty with the subject everyone is thinking about but no one is talking about. The comparisons between the filmography of Molly Ringwald and Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's a silly premise, but someones gotta do it.
Fat To Phenom
Born out of complete frustration with weight loss programs from gurus with 6 packs who’ve never had a weight problem, condescendingly telling us porkers how to lose weight. And of course, we wouldn’t listen to a fellow fatty on weight loss, coz what would they know. So here it is, a day by day account, of what I am doing, what frustrations I am experiencing. I mean what this is, is essentially me being your accountability buddy, and you being mine. Yup, we are gonna frigging do it TOGETHER ! ...
Date Top 10 Men With James
Would you like to find - or keep - your one-in-a-million man? Would you like to fall in love and find your boyfriend, partner or husband? Are you still searching for that needle in the haystack? Or want to know how to improve your current relationship? Date Top 10 Men With James has advice on men - from former SportsCenter anchor James Swanwick. James has interviewed Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Gore and more. Now he brings you the best dating and lo ...
Chin Stroker VS Punter
Join Mike and Paul (aka Chin Stroker & Punter) as they discuss a film a week from their own differing point of view. Mike is an ex film student. Paul is a punter. Sit back in fascinated horror as they discuss filmic issues as varied as justifying an appreciation of David Lynch, and the merits of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s comedy acting chops. Along the way we will be covering; world cinema, art films, why we love the 1980’s even though they sucked, straight to video/DVD, and all manner of topic ...
House of Sticks - Cigar Culture, Opinion & Reviews
WHAT IS HOUSE OF STICKS?House of Sticks (HoS) is a media website focused on examining the culture surrounding cigars, producing top quality content and sharing opinions on a gentlemen's lifestyle.The resurgence of cigar culture began in the early-1990s and was punctuated with the launch of Cigar Aficionado in the Fall of 1992. Ever since cigar culture has been in a boom period as new producers entered the market (La Flor Dominicana), old brands began to shine (My Father...) and perennial sta ...
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6 Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes to tune your life by A lot of people don't realize that Arnie was a huge success even before he became famous. He moved to America not speaking a lick of English and by his mid-twenties was already a millionaire, all before anyone knew who he was. How did he get there so quickly? Dimitry Toukhcher selects 6 partic ...…
Bros Let's Talk
The bros shoot the shit and talk Mitch Trubisky getting set to make his first NFL start, Postseason Baseball, Justing Timberlake Super Bowl Halftime/ Nsync reunion? and Movie about 2016 Cubs. Segments include Hawkey Talk, Riled Up, 90's Nostalgia with the Mighty Ducks/1992, and Hall of Fame of Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies…
In this hour of the Dan Mandis Show, political division is the new norm in America, Dan has a new addiction, relations with Cuba are worsening, and Dan is not a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Nateflix Movie Reviews
Mancast the 2nd finishes out September with a successful Movie Pass update(!), a couple of news's, and an awkward box office game. Brad reviews an American made anime: Neo Yokio showing on Netflix. Then starts the season of Daniel as he plows through 5 (kind of) recent VoD selections such as: Killing Gunther sort of with Arnold Schwarzenegger, ...…
Talking Thru the Movie
In this episode of Talking Thru the Movie, join Neil and Benjamin as they join Arnold Schwarzenegger and co in the jungles of Guatemala and face of against an invisible enemy… unless it lands in water! Listen as Neil and Ben discuss the abundance of Abs and muscles, excessive use of gunfire, what the predator was really going to be called, was ...…
HeartGod Media Podcast
Today we talk and praise Arnold Schwarzenegger and his film career! ET joins me and we discuss the terminator franchise, predator, end of days, his comedic roles. We dive into his more recent roles in Sabotage, Maggie and the Expendables! We do top 5 favorite Arnold films as well! and Sean Hendo Stops by as a surprise guest as well!…
Codename: Nerdcast
Welcome to Episode 17 of Codename: Nerdcast! The Death of Playboy Magazine founder, Hugh HefnerThe Death of WWE Hall of Famer, Bobby "The Brain" HeenanThe new "Terminator" reboot directed by James Cameron, and staring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda HamiltonDiscussion of the Terminator, Alien and Predator franchisesThe upcoming movie, "The Pred ...…
Rejoice,Terminator purists: Linda Hamilton is set to return to thefranchise, as first revealed by the Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday. Hamilton will reprise her role as Sarah Connor, the waitress-turned-warrior, in a new installment of the robot versus human franchise. James Cameron and original Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger are already tied t ...…
Rejoice,Terminator purists: Linda Hamilton is set to return to thefranchise, as first revealed by the Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday. Hamilton will reprise her role as Sarah Connor, the waitress-turned-warrior, in a new installment of the robot versus human franchise. James Cameron and original Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger are already tied t ...…
In this episode of the podcast, I focus on a topic that has been a lifelong personal struggle: sleep. I’ve found that if you prioritize sleep — and recovery, in general — it magnifies everything else in your life, from your emotional health to physical training. To help you take better care of your mind and body, I’ve gathered some of the best ...…
The Tim Ferriss Show – The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss
In this episode of the podcast, I focus on a topic that has been a lifelong personal struggle: sleep. I’ve found that if you prioritize sleep — and recovery, in general — it magnifies everything else in your life, from your emotional health to physical training. To help you take better care of your mind and body, I’ve gathered some of the best ...…
“When money can be earned anywhere, you won’t obligated to live in or subjugate yourself to high taxation.” In this episode of Made You Think, we discussed “The Sovereign Individual,” a book published in 1996 predicting how the Internet would change our lives and work over the following decades. Some of it’s come true, some of it is yet to come ...…
TMI Podcast with Petrina Kow And Joe Augustin
We’ve missed you while we’ve been busy hustling. Let’s catch up soon. Real soon.
Elite Force Podcast
The Wait is Over. One Biggest trends in the 9 1/2 Years of EFP enters a New Phase. As Star Trek Returns to TV with Star Trek: Discovery. But Before the Discovery. It’s Time to look back Wait…is that Sarah Connor???? It’s Times for The Elite Force Podcast On This Episode: (September 25th 2017) .With James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger involv ...…
Worst. Boss. Ever. We’ve all had a terrible boss. As entrepreneurs, we never have to have one again. But as our independent business grows, how can we avoid becoming one? That’s the topic of this week’s deep-dive lesson, and it’s one worth exploring. Do you have the courage, the honesty, and the wisdom to ask yourself the question: Am I a terri ...…
Spock Cast - a Star Trek Discovery podcast
We start in discussing the HiDef versions of Star Trek The Next Generation done in 2012. Linda Hamilton may return to the next Terminator movie. Alicia V will portray Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider reboot. Netflix is bringing the Punisher to TV. We follow up on Michael. We discuss the second episode of The Orville and the cancellation of Dark Ma ...…
The Final Countdown Podcast
67- In 2019 during the massive Trump food riots an Austrian guy named Ben Richards gets framed for firing into the crowd of civilians. What follows is a comedic joy ride through the 1987's Running Man. The Running Man was original conceived in the mind of Steven King as a dystopian tale that follows a fugitive from justice trying to stay alive ...…
Also discussed: The Dead Lands (2014), Game of Thrones: Season 7 - NO SPOILERS (2017), The Defenders (2017), The Interview (2014), Buried (2010). Hey there, Nic, Tys and Videotape listeners!! This week, with the news breaking of Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron returning to the Terminator franchise, (this news actually br ...…
How music has changed from when Doane Perry started with Jethro Tull to today. John Best, Kevin J. Anderson, Doane Perry Kevin: Welcome to the Creative Futurism podcast, bringing together the worlds of business, technology, and creativity. This is Kevin J. Anderson. John: And this is John Best. You’ll look at the world and the future in a whole ...…
WHAT'S UP FITNESS PEEPS! In today's episode you'll get a moment for gratitude, an inspiration from Arnold Scharzenegger, a "fitness goals" visualization and 5 minutes of meditation. Check out my website: Check out my meditation app Zenabration: Intro / O ...…
The Tangential Men sit down with Stand Up Comedian Steven Vecchiarelli at Packards in Northampton MA, and Talk about everything from Arnold Schwarzenegger to the Insane Clown Posse. Big thanks to for our music, Packards in Northampton for letting us back in the door... And most importantly Steve Vecchiarelli for joining us. Check S ...…
Also discussed: The Trip (2010), King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017). Welcome back to another very special episode of Nic, Tys and Videotape, as we return to a series that we like to pull out every now and then when we can't think of anything else to talk about, 'WE RANK STUFF'! And this week, we're continuing our quest to name our favourit ...…
Homers Radio’s own, Mr. Stephen A. Turner, picked the category for this weeks episode. He went with “AHNOLD!!”, as in Arnold Schwarzenegger. Let’s hope he’s prepared for what ends up being in the box!
Super Film Bros
Rock music, guns, explosions and Arnold motherfucking Schwarzenegger is all you need to know about this movie people!! That's right, it was Wade's pick of the week and he went with 1993s Last Action Hero. The movie stars Arnold as Jack Slater who is an action hero on screen and idolized by Danny Madigan played by Austin O'Brien. After Danny is ...…
Basketball Guyaries
The Big Dipper...Goliath...Wilt the Stilt...7'1" tall...Wilt Chamberlain: a big guy. For our second installment of Sixties September, we're looking at the clouded legacy of one of the NBA greats. Guest appearances by Richard Nixon and Arnold Schwarzenegger!!
We talk about a true comedy classic this week starring the incredible Leslie Nielsen. So, obviously, we spend a lot of time talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger. Also O.J.'s murder trial, music in comedies, Mel Brooks, and plastic surgery.
The Kulturecast
Chris and Eric are joined by filmmaker Oscar Moreno as they talk about that one time Arnold Schwarzenegger donned a Russian accent opposite Jim Belushi in Red Heat. The film stars the two as policemen tasked with tracking down a Georgian drug lord who has come to Chicago to peddle his heroin. It's a good, not great buddy cop film which is a dis ...…
Special Guests: Steven E. de Souza, Kurt Fuller, George Linder, Rob Cohen Guest Co-Hosts: Andrew Nette, Aaron Peterson Set in the distant year of 2017, The Running Man (1987) is set in a dystopian world where reality television rules the airwaves and the most popular show pits criminals against muscle-bound, spandex-clad “stalkers”. Based loose ...…
Summary: Dustin Myers and Cory Gregory are lifelong friends, fitness gurus, cofounders of Old School Gym (aka the Midwest Mecca, which has featured the likes of several world-class athletes, including Arnold Schwarzenegger), and part of the founding team of Max Effort Muscle . In this episode we talk about the process of building a brand throug ...…
Life is a Fight Podcast
On this episode, James Hergott discusses his adversity and gives some practical advice on overcoming adversity and achieving success. James Hergott - Producer, Writer, Director, Bodybuilder, Businessman Producer, director and host of the multi-season, multi-episode, fitness reality show entitled "Radical Body Transformation" (2015, 2016, 2017) ...…
Nachdem wir uns im Cine Entertainment Talk bereits mehrfach mit dem Schaffen von Sylvester Stallone befasst haben, war es allerhöchste Zeit, der steirischen Eiche Arnold Schwarzenegger (TERMINATOR) Tribut zu zollen.In unserem neusten Fan-Audiokommentar nehmen wir uns daher seinen Party-Kracher COMMANDO (1985) vor, dem Film mit dem vermutlich hö ...…
Time for Change | How to Release Stress | Self-Care Tips to be Healthy, Happy & Have it ALL
Our brain is capable of so much more than what we use it for. I have read that we have 50 - 70,000 thoughts per day. That means that each of us has between 35 & 48 thoughts per minute!!! That is incredible right? Something else I thought was interesting was the fact that most of those thoughts are from the past - re-thinking something that happ ...…
We are two shows into the run of our new podcast series ROCK SHOW and I feel like we've found ourselves. I'd say "finally", but that implies that it was a long, long search. As you make your way through this new episode, you're going to hear something signature. You are going to hear a stream of consciousness coming through the speakers salted ...…
The General Admission Wrestling Podcast
This week Punks Law hijack the show and with Whole Milk Mike in tow interview a celebrated member of the NYCNJ Wrestling scene the Blue Eyed Devil TJ Marconi They discuss many things including his affinity for Arnold Schwarzenegger and the SWF show this fridayAlso they discuss all manor of Indy and WWE Wews in this off the wall episode It dont ...…
The Fighter & The Kid
Taran Killam, Bryan and Brendan talk Taran's directorial debut, landing Arnold Schwarzenegger for the film, behind the scenes SNL stories, Brendan's bum knee, Byran's pro golf aspirations, Taran's Joker impression, Sudanese and Indian rap music videos and much more.
Hello and welcome to Flicks, the podcast where movies come first and everything else comes later. In trailers we have the lots of people trying to kill Arnold Schwarzenegger, guys bonding over the woman they love, the long awaited return of the broken lizard guys and why you should never unfriend someone or steal a figurine from an ancient shri ...…
This episode is brought to you by our sponsors on Patreon. Help support us on Patreon. Follow Up Samsung is already releasing a smaller Frame TV Watch Samsung’s thank you video to loyal Note fans ...…
Twin Speaks Podcast
We're back for another episode of the Twin Speaks Podcast!This week we discuss the introduction of a new robot companion in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and a new film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger!Follow us on Twitter @Twin_Podcast!
Dan Solomon is an industry leader in the world of professional bodybuilding media. He is the CEO of Digital Muscle, a fitness media hub that combines webcast programming and broadcasting that features handpicked fitness leaders and celebrities. He’s known for hosting several professional bodybuilding events such as Mr. Olympia, The Arnold Schwa ...…
FULL, UNEDITED SHOW: EPISODE (THE OOGIELOVES): 2: Judgement Day – In honor of it’s 3D re-release in theaters this week, Sammy and Ian review one of the highest regarded action films of all time, “Term ...…
Motivational speeches in order:Morgan FreemanAnthony HopkinsKevin SpaceyDenzel WashingtonArnold SchwarzeneggerJim CarreyDustin HoffmanRobert Deniro
Let us rewind for the very first time! The year we’re going back to is 1991 – the year that we got one of the best sequels ever made – Terminator 2: Judgment Day.In anticipation of the 3D re-release (in cinemas for one week only from August 24th), Jason and Rob rewind to bring us a review of the James Cameron sci-fi blockbuster. Thanks to Anarc ...…
Pizzaboys vs. the Movies
Tune in as the Pizzaboys fight the urge to do bad Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions as they discuss 1987’s sci-fi horror classic, Predator. We do not own any of the clips in this show.
Talented Slackers
This week we go over the Arnold Schwarzenegger/James Cameron action piece, True Lies. We also talk about what we did over the week and also talk about the passings of Sonny Langham and Jerry Lewis. Enjoy the show, Slacker Heads!
Speakers:TOM BILYEUDENZEL WASHINGTONJOHN C. MAXWELLDAVID GOGGINSJOCKO WILLINKMorgan FreemanMatthew McConaugheySteve HarveyLewis HowesEric WorreBob ProctorGary VaynerchukJay WilliamsSugar Ray LeonardDonovan LivingstonMellody HobsonEric ThomasMel Robbins Tim Grover Jarret AdamsTony RobbinsBrian Tracy Jack Canfield Julien HimselfJim Rohn Robert He ...…
This week, the Keepers wax nostalgic about things ranging from heavy metal to bodily functions......Also, the Keepers have some words for those that complain about superhero filmsTopics discussed on this episode: The Munsters are getting a reboot The Sony "Spiderverse" films get release dates Robert Kirkman is leaving AMC for Amazon James Wan t ...…
THANKS FOR LISTENINGWhat a special episode! John got an opportunity to interview the legendary actor/body-builder Arnold Schwarzenegger!!! He made it very clear that John should just be themselves and it seemed like he enjoyed the change of pace. Interview starts at 28:03Epic.John and Ali also talk the passing of another legend the OG Godzilla ...…
Waffle BJ Podcast
Episode 3: DoorshlumTired of your everyday cockenspiel doorshlum? Who is the nicer dictator? Idi Amin or Arnold Schwarzenegger? To answer these question, join Donald Trump and wash down your vitamin D with the Milkshake of the Universe. This weeks oral adventures: Twenty Thousand Lasers Under the Sea…
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