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Podcast by TheAtlantic
A collection of audio versions of articles by author and blogger Mark Manson.
Get a healthy dose of natural health news that you can actually use! In this podcast, Dr. Joseph Mercola provides you with practical lifestyle tips and important health alerts.
Your one-stop-shop for all things EVE Online. Podcast, daily articles, guides, video, debate and community news.
Random Article
The podcast that is interested in EVERYTHING.
Warhammer 40k Podcast, Hobby Articles and Videos
Your one-stop-shop for all things EVE Online. Podcast, daily articles, guides, video, debate and community news.
A blogcast of academic articles and reviews on interdisciplinary subjects within classical antiquity.
Public Domain newspaper articles in the US span a period of nearly two and a half centuries. Subjects, styles, period, publisher, and length vary greatly. This collection is a sampling of twenty such articles including one from the Journal de Paris.
All the Latest Articles in English
Podcast by TheAtlantic
Michael Wright is a lifestyle blogger who narrates blog posts for on-the-go readers. Audio for select posts is available on the blog and streamed on major podcast services. Visit for listing.
Featuring articles from church magazines of the past. Stories that inspire, educate, and help us feel the spirit.
(We are now on Lybsyn)As humans we must understand the limits of our wisdom and ask questions to expand our knowledge for full understanding of life. We know the best way to do this is to expose yourself to anything and learn directly from people involved in situation. Providing a lighter perspective on recurrences or patterns in our every day life, we want to bring you guys one the best podcasts available because of our outlook on life as a 'millennial'. So please tune in, and give it a lis ...
Podcast by Catalonia Today
Explode your Writing Potential
Whether you are just beginning your healing journey or are well on your way to total well-being, you will find a wealth of information and recorded experiences here to support your efforts. You’ll learn ways to optimize health and performance for yourself, friends, or clients/patients as well as how to apply these tools at a family, community, or global level. You will find articles by Dr. Miller, conversations with remarkable people, free meditations, and audio and video recordings for self ...
Elsevier's Clinics Review Articles podcast features in-depth discussions and commentary on the articles in each issue by the guest editors themselves. Each Clinics Review Articles Podcast highlights a recent issue from one of our nearly 60 Clinics titles covering all medical specialties. Articles can be accessed on the following platforms:,, and For subscription info visit:
Longer thoughts and ramblings from Jeremy Keith, an Irish web developer living and working in Brighton, England.
Chris Spangle reads the articles from We give you the libertarian perspective on politics, government, and culture.
If you prefer audiobooks and podcasts over reading you'll love Captain's Log. Enjoy audio versions of feature articles narrated by hosts from across the network. Captain's Log lets you take Star Trek features with you everywhere you go.
These two articles were reproduced as an e-book by Project Gutenberg in 2008 to supplement "...several articles by Frederick Douglass, whose larger work was presented in book form as a January, 1993 Project Gutenberg Etext to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day...." The articles narrated here are "My Escape From Slavery" (1881) and "Reconstruction" (1866). - Summary by Lee Smalley
Chichewa articles from Biblical Foundations for Freedom. or store:
If you prefer audiobooks and podcasts over reading you'll love Captain's Log. Enjoy audio versions of feature articles narrated by hosts from across the network. Captain's Log lets you take Star Trek features with you everywhere you go.
Public Domain newspaper articles in the US span a period of nearly two and a half centuries. Subjects, styles, period, publisher, and length vary greatly. This collection is a sampling of twenty such articles including one from the Journal de Paris. Although some of the works on the LibriVox catalog such as the Federalist Papers were published in newspapers, this is the first collection of newspaper articles. (Summary by James Smith).
Dave and Jimmy talk Teaching ESL
The Music Makers is a twice weekly show where I, Aaron Francis, read content and offer my opinions on it. The content varies widely, sampling articles, blog posts, and books from lifestyle, entrepreneurship, religion, and personal development.
A summary of Lutheran doctrine, written by Martin Luther in 1537 for a meeting of the Schmalkaldic League in preparation for an intended ecumenical Council of the Church. Luther's patron, Elector John Frederick of Saxony, asked him to prepare these articles for the League's meeting in 1537, held again in Schmalkalden. Though they were not adopted at the meeting of the Schmalkaldic League in 1537, they were widely used and were incorporated into the Book of Concord in 1580 as one of the Luthe ...
Quality Biblical teaching on D1 discipleship with slides translated from English into Nepali help pastors and others to understand and develop the growth of the church. Includes the 'Instigating Spiritual Growth in the Church' seminar. Other Bilingual Biblical messages are also available. or store:
Your one-stop-shop for all things EVE Online. Podcast, daily articles, guides, video, debate and community news.
This is a collection of newspaper articles written by Samuel Clemens, for various newspapers, between 1862 and 1881. After Feb 3rd 1863, he began using the pen name Mark Twain. This compilation is the work of Project Gutenberg and contains articles from TERRITORIAL ENTERPRISE, THE SAN FRANCISCO DAILY MORNING CALL, THE SACRAMENTO DAILY UNION, DAILY HAWAIIAN HERALD, ALTA CALIFORNIA, THE CHICAGO REPUBLICAN, and THE GALAXY. (Introduction by John Greenman)
Article 7
These are the captured sermons and other audio from my work as a Lutheran pastor in Alexandria, Virginia. Article 7 refers to the "assembly of saints" described in article 7 of the Augsburg Confession. I think that the understanding of what church is and where it can be goes beyond a building with a steeple.
AJN is the oldest and largest circulating nursing journal in the world. The Journal's mission is to promote excellence in nursing and health care through the dissemination of evidence-based, peer-reviewed clinical information and original research, discussion of relevant and controversial professional issues, adherence to the standards of journalistic integrity and excellence, and promotion of nursing perspectives to the health care community and the public.
Short stories written and recorded around the world. Featuring the Poorboy Ensemble and invited guests.
Engage minds and inspire hearts
I share with you guys here some articles that I've read and I love.
Celiac disease and gluten-free diet information at Celiac disease, also known as gluten intolerance, is a genetic disorder that affects at least 1 in 133 Americans. Symptoms of celiac disease can range from the classic features, such as diarrhea, weight loss, and malnutrition, to latent symptoms such as isolated nutrient deficiencies but no gastrointestinal symptoms.
If you lead a hectic life, get the latest articles from my website read to you and then delivered straight to your phone or podcasting feed of choice.
Polygon Longform
Polygon Longform is a podcast containing spoken word versions of our in-depth features and monthly covers. If you like stories about not only games but the artists who make them, the fans who love them and the culture surrounding them, then this is the show for you.
Listen to all the articles on the Spiderduck Network
A weekly discussion concerning the fifth article of the U.S. Constitution, the amending provision, with a general view on the phrase "convention for proposing amendments", and specific focus on the Convention of States Project. Hosted by Paul Hodson, Texas Co-Director of the Convention of States Project
A dozen assorted articles from British and American periodicals, including The Atlantic Monthly, Punch, The Chicago Record-Herald, Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science, The Library, St. Nicholas, American Missionary, The Great Events by Famous Historians, and The Continental Monthly. (Summary by BellonaTimes)
We all have many areas and subjects we are interested in and passionate about. Balance is quite important and I have thus decided not to focus on a single topic but to explore 7 key areas. Physical Body, Emotion and Meaning, Relationships, Time Management, Work/Career, Finances, Contribution
Podcast Italiano
Learn italian through authentic content
Oracle Magazine
Tune into conversations with Oracle Magazine editors, authors, and Oracle subject matter experts about featured articles in Oracle Magazine. Go beyond print with additional insight into Oracle products, technologies, customers, and more.
The Ihnatko Almanac
The Ihnatko Almanac is a weekly discussion that mostly focuses on the Clickable Arts: the movies, music, books, comics, articles, and other bits of entertainment and news that Andy and Dan have been reaching through a mouse click recently. Warning: the Almanac is a designated meme-free zone. We prefer our pianos to be played by expert human artists, not by poorly-Photoshopped cats. Hosted by Andy Ihnatko & Dan Benjamin.
On the Article 50 podcast, music, media and sports entrepreneur Chris Wright explores the impact of Brexit across some of the UK's most important industries.
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Season 2 Podcast Edition is available! Be sure to comment, rate, and subscribe inside of the iTunes Store/Podcast so that we become more visible and grow this platform! It's amazing to have a season 2 of anything and I am truly grateful for each and every listener! NOW AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD!! Click here Article I wrote for XO Necole: Click he ...…
Join the Goblins this week as we go over what weve been playingNEXOMANIA!!!!! HOTS: Season 13 Ends Soon: Mercy skin raises the big bucks h ...…
Celebrating the anniversary of the world’s first atlas, Google honored Belgian cartographer Abraham Ortelius with a Doodle on Sunday. His famed work, "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum" was published in 1570, establishing the standard for assembling an atlas. But there is one tradition that hasn’t lived on: his inclusion of s... ...…
This week I'm talking to Chanel White, Director of Client Relations at WikiLeaf. Chanel focuses on generating positive communication and company preference through proficient, knowledgeable interactions. She is also a seasoned content developer with mediums ranging from non-profits organizations, to popular news outlets such as The Huffington P ...…
In this episode of the podcast Reetin, Aroah, and The Cyberpunk Monk talk about Boss Key closing doors, Senate taking a vote on Net Neutrality, Black Ops 4 Single Player, and a new Microsoft Controller. Boss Key Closing: Senate Votes On Net Neu ...…
On the tenth episode of Squad Up!, the squad invites "Hero of Hyrule" Robbie onto the show to engage in a long awaited debate - which era has produced the best video games? Drop in and pick a side! #teamEduardo #teamRobbie #Peach3zIsAlwaysNeutral Let us know what you think via social media: Twitch - - Fac ...…
Join hosts Adam Stevens and Mark Shields in the arcade-o-sphere is returning guest host Bryan Armitage III. Bryan discusses the ins and out of his hobby and other work related activities. The news covers new games coming out on the Nintendo Switch as well an article about the Taito president going on Undercover Boss. Back to the Cade timeslips ...…
Links to the articles mentioned in this episode: Railroading: Linear Games: Sandbox Games:…
"Mother is her son's first god; she must teach him the most important lesson of all - how to love."- UnknownCoach Nick and the Dudes of Disruption discuss the important relationship between mothers and their sons. They highlight the impact that mothers have on the way their sons develop. The Mom and son relationship is usually the first major r ...…
Our guest this week is Dr. Heather Dillaway, a great researcher from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan who believes menopause is a part of life, a natural part of women’s sexual development, and is not a medical condition. She critiques the medicalization of women’s health in this article. Dr. Dillaway is part of The North American Me ...… Steve Lindsley (Acts 2: 1-21) This week, Grace and I are beginning a six-week sermon series titled, The Early Church All Over Again. Here’s the gist of it: the church as we know it is changing. This is not news. Truth be told, it’s ...…
In this week’s episode: we talk about Call of Duty dropping single-player campaign for Black Ops 4, a new Xbox Adaptive controller, Apple green-lights a second headquarters in North Carolina, Amazon-Trump feud continues, Fortnite on Android, Tidal woes, YouTube Music/Premium, and Google AI demo controversy. Hosted by Kary Brown and Clarence Bro ...…
We discuss Deadpool 2,and gush about how awesome Domino and Negasonic Teenage Warhead are.Oh and our patheon member Scarlett Witch is back, we haven't had our schedules work out to have her on in a while so that is pretty excitingcover art via:…
Today we discuss the life of author Mary Shelley, writer of the classic Frankenstein.---Wikipedia Article ( ( ( Shelley ( ...…
Dream Building too… Interesting mix of marketing and dream building this morning. Have you ever applied “news jacking” to dream building? Yep. Tune in to hear more. More on News Jacking from an article on LinkedIn. Do you have an Alexa device? Great! Simply repeat after me: “Alexa, enable Audio Dashboards Podcast.”…
Regina Holliday, activist and artist, comprehensive introduction to her work from Antidote. Cinderblocks, the conference she organizes every year in the mountains of western Maryland: HEADLINES HEADLINES HEADLINES!Pa ...…
Brexit - An Undiscussed ConsequenceThe main consequences, good and bad, of Brexit - the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union - are being discussed every day in the news, but there is one that I have not heard talked about anywhere except on specialist news groups.It involves British citizens who have spouses from outside the Europ ...…
In this Episode: Being a creative has its pluses and minuses, I love it. But do you think it’s better to be a creative in spite of its downsides? Listen here now: BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE to the Trig Podcast of joy at To listen to the podcast click on the link abov ...…
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