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Librarians Assemble! is a podcast about libraries and comics. More specifically it's about librarians who are passionate about comics, and how they use that passion in their field.
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Lucas 10:1-21 - Mario Persona, Jose Batista Pereira - mp3 (Mario Persona).
Jeremias 48 - Mario Persona, Jose Batista Pereira - mp3 (Mario Persona).
Romanos 16 - Mario Persona, Lineu Binotti - mp3 (Mario Persona).
Lucas 9:51-62 - Valfredo Pereira, Mario Persona, Jose Batista Pereira, Lineu Binotti - mp3 (Mario Persona).
Jeremias 47 - Valfredo Pereira, Jose Batista Pereira - mp3 (Mario Persona).
Jeremias 46 - Lineu Binotti, Valfredo Pereira, Jose Roberto Pizzinatto - mp3 (Mario Persona).
Romanos 15:14 - Mario Persona, Valfredo Pereira - mp3 (Mario Persona).
Lucas 9:37-50 - Valfredo Pereira, Mario Persona - mp3 (Mario Persona).
Lucas 9:28-36 - Jose Roberto Pizzinatto, Luiz Soares de Campos, Mario Persona, Marcio Freitas, Lineu Binotti - mp3 (Mario Persona).
Romanos 15:8 - Mario Persona, Lineu Binotti, Luiz Soares de Campos - mp3 (Mario Persona).
Jeremias 45 - Jose Batista Pereira, Mario Persona, Jose Roberto Pizzinatto- mp3 (Mario Persona).
Romanos 15:1-7 - Jose Roberto Pizzinatto, Marcio Freitas, Petrus Portilho - mp3 (Mario Persona).
Lucas 9 - Jose Batista Pereira, Jose Roberto Pizzinatto, Mario Persona, Marcio Freitas - mp3 (Mario Persona).
Jeremias 44 - Mario Persona, Valfredo Pereira, Jose Roberto Pizzinatto - mp3 (Mario Persona).
Romanos 14 - Lineu Binotti, Mario Persona, Valfredo Pereira, Anderson Abreu - mp3 (Mario Persona).
Lucas 9:18-23 - Jose Batista Pereira, Mario Persona, Valfredo Pereira, Jose Roberto Pizzinatto, Paulo Roberto Lenci - mp3 (Mario Persona).
Jeremias 43 - Luiz Soares de Campos, Valfredo Pereira, Mario Persona, Paulo Roberto Lenci - mp3 (Mario Persona).
In part two of our Banned Books Week special, Josh is joined by friend of the show, Jez to discuss a recent challenge to her library's graphic novel collection.
It's been a few weeks, but we're back with a new episode. In part 1 of our Banned Books Week special, Angel and Josh talk about the meaning between the week, as well as take a look at Sandman and Drama.
This week Angel and Josh have tons of recommendations for graphic novel memoirs. Also, they talk a bit about SummerSlam.
Angel and Josh gather to discuss digital and print comics from a retail and library standpoint, but first they get sidetracked by the new Batman: Killing Joke movie and clowns. Rate, Review, and Subscribe.
Josh and Angel have returned to celebrate the one year anniversary of the podcast (which was technically last month). They discuss their favorite nerd moments from the past year, as well as grocery store reviews, the importance of well-made sandals, and more. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the podcast. This show is truly a team ef ...…
This week Josh is joined by Nick, one of the hosts of the podcast Comic Flops, to discuss all things DC Rebirth. Nick drops tons of knowledge about the DC Universe, as well as which of the DC Rebirth books he's enjoyed the most so far.
Angel and Josh wrap up their discussion of Age of Apocalypse, thus ending the month long X-Men related episodes.
Did you think Josh would be done talking about the X-Men? Well he's not! This week Josh is joined by cohost eXtraordinaire Angel to discuss the first half of the Age of Apocalypse series.
Renata and Josh are back to talk even more about the X-Men, specifically X-Men: Apocalypse. This is quickly becoming an X-Men only podcast...there's more on the way.
After a brief break, the show is back in a big way. In this super-sized episode, Josh is joined by Renata to discuss the classic 90s X-Men Animated series. Specifically, the Apocalypse episodes of the show. Oh, and obviously there's a lot of discussion of Gambit.
This week Josh is joined by Terry, world-renowned* Aliens franchise expert, for a belated Alien Day celebration. Terry comes stockpiled with recommendations for comics, novels, and video games based on Alien. And remember, in podcasting, no one can hear you scream...because it's pre-recorded.
This week Erin joins the three-timers club as she comes back to discuss the comic strip Unshelved, as well as National Library Week. As an extra bonus, Josh has not one, but TWO, passionate rants. Also, rate, review, and subscribe! Check out the Show Notes page for photos of Erin's Book Spine Poetry.…
In this episode, Josh and Angel celebrate Festivus early and discuss Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Following that they review the first arc of Image Comics' Ringside, and professional wrestling in general.
Josh and Angel take part in's Read Harder Challenge and talk about Feminist comic books. They review Bitch Planet vol. 1 and Batwoman: Elegy, as well as talk about other important feminist comics to pick up.
In this special bonus episode, Josh is joined by long-time X-Files fan, Amanda. They talk about Season 10, as well as classic episodes and the joy of having Mulder and Scully back on TV in 2016.
Caitlin joins the show again to discuss season 10 of the X-Files. She and Josh take an in-depth look at each episode and talk about what worked, and what didn't. They also discuss where they'd like the show to go from here.
This week Josh is joined by Monty, a Young Adult Librarian from Miami. They discuss library program ideas from creating your own comics to hosting a comic con, and everything in between. They also discuss how library programs help the viability of libraries, Josh's secret love for the movie "Playing God," and Monty's not so secret disdain for " ...…
Josh and Angel talk iZombie this week. Along the way they also talk Power Rangers, Josh's awkward encounter with the Green Ranger, and politics.
This week Josh is joined by fellow X-Files fan Caitlin to discuss the show and recent run of X-Files comics. Before that, Josh stays up late to give you a quick, spoiler-free review of the first episode of the revival.
Welcome to 2016! In our first episode of the year, Josh talks to different librarians to find out who their favorite Superheroes are, and why?
In part II of our end of year special, Josh and Angel look into the future and talk about what they're most looking forward to in 2016. Happy New Year everyone!
And we're back! This week is part 1 of our end of year special, and fan favorite cohost Angel is joining in on the fun. In part 1 Josh and Angel discuss their favorite books, movies, and TV shows of 2015.
Erin joins Earth's Mightiest Librarians to discuss a plethora of all-ages comics you should be reading. Josh and Erin also discuss becoming a comic book fan, and what it's like ordering comics for a small town library.
Renata, from The Worst Bestsellers, joins Earth's Mightiest Librarians to discuss putting collection development up for a vote, as well as some of the coolest cats in comics.
This week Andy, from Comics Alternative, joins Earth's Mightiest Librarians to discuss library programs featuring graphic novels, as well as reader's advisory with graphic novels.
This week we focus a lot on cons, both professional ones and ones you can host at your library. The guest this week is Ivy, from Philadelphia. Ivy discusses her experiences putting on a con, as well as her involvement with The Valkyries. Prior to that Josh and Angel discuss the Comic Con scene in Florida.…
Join Christina and Josh in Librarians Tower as they celebrate Banned Books Week with Bone and Drama, two frequently challenged graphic novels. Other topics include classic Looney Tunes, racism, and Morrissey.
In our special Manga Mania episode, Josh is joined by Kelly, Tiffany, and JP as they dispense a wealth of knowledge on all things manga and anime. Whether you're looking for tips to start an anime club at your library, or need manga book recommendations, this is the podcast for you.
In episode 4 Josh and Angel butcher the names of various deities as they discuss volumes 1 and 2 of The Wicked and The Divine. Following that Josh interviews Dr. Don Latham, a professor at FSU's School of Information about comics as teaching tools and exposing new librarians to the world of comics.
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