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Why Leave Astoria?!
Astoria, NY on the radio
Radio Free Astoria
Radio Free Astoria is a new podcast that brings the music of unsigned, NYC-based musicians to the world.
Hope Church Astoria Sunday Sermons
Sermons by the Pastors of Astoria Community Church
Welcome to the official podcast of New Beginnings Church of Astoria located in Queens, New York. Please subscribe to our channel so you download and listen to our sermons by Pastor Peter Outar
Recent teachings by Chris Suits, Pastor of Coastline Christian Fellowship located in Astoria, Oregon. For more information visit:
Everyday People
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After Deadline
Your news delivered when you want it
John F. Kennedy Secret Societies Speech (full version) - 04-27-1961audio EnglishAddress: The President and the Press. Given before The American Newspaper Publishers Asociation. Waldorf Astoria Hotel New York City. April 27, 1961
A biweekly podcast by Astoria High School that tackles students' questions and highlights their talent with the help of our illustrious staff and students.
Ophelia Talks
Welcome to Ophelia Talks! Each episode, Host Zach Rich sits down with members of Astoria, New York based Ophelia Theatre Group about the crazy, whirlwind process of creating theatre and art in the great City of New York.
We are two 20s-somethings living in Austin, TX and Astoria, NY. Best friends since high school, we talk about matters close to the heart -- everything from pop culture to sexism and sexism in pop culture.
NYC mini HipHop & underground and just good music radio station based out of Astoria Queens, Discussing latest news and topics. pushing the people forward. Motivational speaker aswell. Enjoy.
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CityLight Church, Astoria, Pastor Bojan Jancic
Two thousand years later so many Christians are still living between the events at the Cross and those at Pentecost. We place our faith in the works of Christ at the Cross for our salvation but we neglect the events at Pentecost, where God poured out the power of the Holy Spirit on believers. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is available to us to ...…
Lisa Smith & her guests: Author Deborah Reed reads from her latest book “The Days When the Birds Come Back” May 23rd at Beach Books in Seaside. Kegan, Sean, Dalton & Nicole tell of Astoria High School’s “Cultural Conversations” in the AHS Commons Thursday May 24. Glenn Thomas with the North Coast Chamber Orchestra’s concerts of classical favori ...…
In the first half of our “Mayday” show, recorded live at The Astoria Bookshop on May 10th, Allison Escoto is forced to listen to an unexpected SOS of the heart. Here is M. Skye Holly reading, “Vessel in Distress.” Top left: M. Skye Holly. Right: Allison Escoto. Group left to right: KJ Fitzsimmons, M. Skye Holly, Angel Cobb, Ryan Holmes, Allison ...…
In this episode I interview emcee Johnny Petrop from Astoria Queens. He discusses inspirations, dreams, family, his new album with Champ Beatz and EQ Lyrics 'Taco & Liquor'.
CityLight Church, Astoria, Pastor Bojan Jancic
Welcome to Episode 2 of "We Got this!... Or Do We?!" In this episode hosts, Yunie Mojica (@yuniemo) and Alison Magistrali (@alimagistrali) get into discussing, red flags and trusting your intuition when it comes to friendships, intimate relationships and more! Theme song: "Moma's Cookin'" by: AceMo Recorded at Q.E.D ...…
This is the weekly radio show for Oregon State Senator Betsy Johnson for the weekend of 5-4-18. This show features the Emergency Volunteer Corps of Nehalem Bay and 36th annual Astoria Warrenton Crab, Seafood & Wine Festival. Photo of Senator Johnson and Skip Hauke courtesy Scott Docherty,…
David Lawson is performing his one-man show "No Oddjob" at Fringe Seacoast in Dover, New Hampshire, July 18-22, and I was all too excited to talk about our middle school and college experiences playing games like Smash Bros., Tecmo Super Bowl, Mario Kart, and of course, GoldenEye. I talk with David about growing up playing games in person with ...…
CityLight Church, Astoria, Pastor Bojan Jancic
CityLight Church, Astoria, Pastor Bojan Jancic
Sean and Sharon recount harrowing subway experiences that only seem to occur when out of town guests are visiting. Hear tales of how the subway turns into a little house of horrors any time suburban visitors are within a 500-foot radius. As a bonus, learn what Sean keeps in his decorative bowl. Also, Sharon tries to get to Astoria on a weekend.…
CityLight Church, Astoria, Mike Francen
CityLight Church, Astoria, Mike Francen
Jon, Miles and Andrew are Just Three Kids From Brooklyn and are back to watch Marvel's Ant-Man, We are joined by Miles' wife Drea and later on the show Jose passes by. Marvel Movie Marathon is coming to Queens, NY Live on April 26th 10:30pm at Katch Astoria if you are in NYC and are watching Infinity War come check us out after.Follow us on Fac ...…
This week’s guest is one of my favorite musicians in NYC, the amazing Mike Eckroth. Mike is a prolific pianist/composer who may have one of the most diverse and eclectic resumes to speak of. He has played with everyone from top jazz artists including John Scofield and Ron McClure, various Cuban, Salsa and South American artist such as Ralph Iri ...…
In this Episode, rookie chef Claire attempts to prepare a coastal brunch favorite, shrimp and grits, with the assistance of chef Nathaniel Coburn. Claire's last attempt at cooking for herself ended with microwaved gray pork, so it's no wonder our hosts Lisi and Perla watched anxiously as Claire fumbled with tearing the heads off raw shrimp to m ...…
Main Topic: Royalty Review: Early 00s Anti-Pop Pop Queens Avril Lavigne, Ashlee Simpson, Michelle Branche, Lindsay Lohan… and Hillary Duff? Up for their Royalty Review this week, is a set of unique and questionable anti-pop pop queens from the early 2000s. Catching Up Johnny prepares for even more shows in Brooklyn this week! Juju is in the mid ...…
Our first full episode! Sean and Sharon take you through their top (of mind, at least) 5 annoyances on the subway. This episode contains a lot of product placements, especially around Astoria's magnificent Chip cookies. Also, Sean gets a haircut.
In this episode Armando sports his blue velvet tuxedo jacket as he prepares for the red carpet and Justin is wearing a big puffy jacket because it’s friggin’ cold in the studio. That’s right, it Oscars season! Join us as we take a deep dive into our favorite movies, discuss the power of cinematography and share this month’s Fellowship Expeditio ...…
Main Topic: Face the Music! (The Oscars) Because of the Alamo Drafthouse we’ve seen almost everything nominated so let’s talk about what deserves to win. Brought to you by the Alamo Drafthouse. Catching Up Johnny continues focusing on the music, Juju is apartment-hunting and Philly discovers the strangeness that is heater’s having fun. We also ...…
Southwest Airlines raise the price to jump to the front of the line, Disneyland raises prices, Waldorf Astoria now owned by Chinese government,changes to the Seller of Travel Law, Gwen Duncan talks about Cruises on the Rivers of Europe.
Believers in Christ are called to run the race. The Lord has set before us a course for our lives and at the Cross He gave us all that is needed to run this race. Run it with persistence. Run it with determination. Run it with tenacity. For there is a great cloud of witnesses who have gone before us that testify of God's power and grace to brin ...…
On this Episode we welcome Laci, we had some guests while recording that you will hear in the background (Shout-out to Kurt and Ted for hanging out.) We talked about Laci’s Mom driving herself to the Hospital to give birth to Laci, her love for astoria, and my love for the movie Grease. I contradict myself in a very long thought and end up sayi ...…
Episode Notes TheKid and TheLza talk to our special guest Matt from Astoria Queens. We talk Matt's first 3 shows in 94 and talk about the beer scene in Astoria. Episode Playlist: 7-2-94: Divided Sky 7-2-94: Mikes Song - Simple - Mikes Song 7-2-94: Highway to Hell 7-13-94: Cavern - Wilson - Cavern 7-13-94: Tweezer - Julius - Tweezer - BBFCFM - T ...…
Sue Funke is back on the show, and we're talking your favorite television shows, old and new. I ask Sue about her previous podcast Cabernet and A which discussed Pretty Little Liars, and her new podcast I Love TV More Than You! You can check out I Love TV More Than You at, and you can see the Happy Place Comedy Sh ...…
CityLight Church, Astoria, Guest Minister David Wagner
CityLight Church, Astoria, Guest Minister David Wagner
In this episode, Amanda Barp, LMT, RYT and Eric dig into how yoga and movement are approached at Watershed Wellness. We talk about the different types of classes available, why it's so important to have different ways to access movement, and how a nuanced approach to movement allows people to avoid injury. Info about the new upcoming schedule c ...…
CityLight Church, Astoria, Pastor Bojan Jancic
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