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Sleeping Fires by ATHERTON, Gertrude
The story of a love so strong that neither the rigid rules of Society in California in the 1800s nor the very bowels of hell could keep a young woman from the love she had found. A story rich in fashion ad feminism showing how determination and love could overcome all obstacles. (Summary by Sharon Kilmer)
Senator North by ATHERTON, Gertrude
"When, Mr. President, a man, however eminent in other pursuits and whatever claims he may have to public confidence, becomes a member of this body, he has much to learn and much to endure. Little does he know of what he will have to encounter. He may be well read in public affairs, but he is unaware of the difficulties which must attend and embarrass every effort to render what he may know available and useful. He may be upright in purpose and strong in the belief of his own integrity, but h ...
Mrs. Balfame by ATHERTON, Gertrude
Enid Belfame: 42 years old, 22 of them as a married woman; eminently respectable; founder of The Friday Club; small town dignitary; a paragon of virtue. But does she have what it takes to commit murder? And will the young and handsome Dwight Rush benefit if she does? - Summary by Lynne Thompson
Daughter Of The Vine, A by ATHERTON, Gertrude
We are introduced to Englishman Dudley Thorpe on the evening of his arrival in California. At a ball, he is introduced to several belles, including the lovely Nina Randolph. Is this the start of something special? Dudley thinks so, but what about Nina? Why won't she open herself up to love? She is obviously attracted to Dudley. What is the dark secret she is hiding? Will it make a difference to Dudley's feelings? Who will be there for her in her time of need? Dudley or her odious cousin, Ric ...
Valiant Runaways, The by ATHERTON, Gertrude
Savage bears, a river rescue, capture by Indians, escape on wild mustangs and a revolutionary battle await the protagonists of this suspenseful adventure novel, set in California. (Summary by Lynne Thompson)
Narrative of the Suffering and Defeat of the North-Western Army, Under General Winchester by ATHERTON, William
This memoir dating from 1812ff, but only published in 1840s is a strikingly profound contrast with our modern materialism and comfort. It is personal and at the same time very formal and reserved. As a foot soldier traipsing about the wild countryside of the Midwest, hardly after the Louisiana Purchase, against British/Canadian/Native mercenaries, the story is one of looking through the wrong end of a telescope, as one not understanding the forces/motivations at play with the writer's life a ...
Tulare First Assembly
People Builders Church Audio Podcast
Building Lives - Transforming Communities
Maudelayne » Podcast Feed
A witty comedy series set in the 1930s at Maudelayne College in Oxbridge, UK where a rift has opened allowing mythological worlds to enter reality. The intrepid trio—Atherton, Westbrook and Worsley must maintain order while battling monsters and visiting legendary heroes.
4 Yanks 1 Aussie
4 Yanks 1 Aussie was created after 5 young men spent way too much time (and money) drinking in San Francisco, California during Kinda Funny’s annual live event. What started off as awkward group chats and even more awkward introductions, quickly blossomed into a beautiful friendship. Sam Atherton, Elmer Guardado, Cassidy Sargent, Andrew Street (the Yanks), and Nato Johnston (the Aussie) gather weekly to catch up and talk about dumb nerd trash, growing up, and anything else relevant to their ...
Designer Jewellery (iPod)
Designer Jewellery Showcase for some Of Londons Top designers brought to you by Amber Atherton founder of
Feedback: A Hero's Calling
Follow the new adventures of Feedback, the champion of SciFi Network's 'Who Wants To Be A Superhero...?' now featured at Darker Projects. Matthew Atherton takes superheroism to a new level as he dons the mantle of Feedback and joins his Tech Support in a series of original superpowered tales crafted to awaken the Hero in all of us.
Designer Jewellery (AppleTV)
Designer Jewellery Showcase for some Of Londons Top designers brought to you by Amber Atherton founder of
Designer Jewellery (iPhone)
Designer Jewellery Showcase for some Of Londons Top designers brought to you by Amber Atherton founder of
BlueMoon Podcast
Updated weekly, the Blue Moon Podcast is here to discuss all things Manchester City. It's hosted by David Mooney, who has written several books on the club, and Sam Roscoe, who is a journalist and features on Imagine FM’s Blue Moon Live. They’re joined by guests the Manchester Evening News sports reporter Rob Pollard, long-time fan and online commentator Paul Atherton, Typical City blogger Richard Burns and BBC Online’s Jonathan Smith. Together with writer and blogger Howard Hockin and some ...
MBUK Doddcast
Britain's best selling bike magazine has just come back from a feature trip to Spain. We videoed some of the best action from the trip - from the likes of Gee Atherton and UK freeride king Chris Smith. You can read all about it in the mag, but here's the best place to see the footage you won't find anywhere else. We've got a front row seat to all the best action, and we're letting you join us.
Miss Ashton's New Pupil by ROBBINS, Sarah Stuart
Marion Park, the daughter of missionaries, is sent to Miss Ashton's boarding school. There she meets with many young girls and together they learn not just lessons in German, Logic, Arithmetic, Latin and Rhetoric, but also life lessons of study habits, lady like manners, self control, thoughtfulness of others, truthfulness, and many other character traits. Join these girls of Montrose Academy as they plunge into the adventures of a secret society, fall into a scrape with the boys of Atherton ...
Tempo-NuDeep » Mixes and Radio Shows
Manchester based DJ and producer Dave Law is one of the new breed of rising Dj's who has made his mark on the Manchester Club scene and now starting to make a big impact on the London Dance scene.Over the years Dave has played at some of the biggest clubs in the world including the world famous Hacienda where he held a residency for 4 years.Others include Sankeys,Tall Trees,Ampersand,Dry Bar,1 Central Street and The Mint Lounge in Manchester,The Brickhouse in London and also travelled as far ...
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It's the scandal which rocked the league and brought down it's shame-ridden chairman. For the first time on record, Paul Atherton* and Sean Chaney discuss Defoe-gate.
Puffbox Puffcast
The one with the scripted intro. The Puffcast is back with resident echoey gentlemen Sean Chaney, Sam Merton and Martin Richardson joined by disgraced former champion Paul Atherton* to discuss the Puffbox Premier League (and Championship) transfer windows.WARNING: there are puns. Too many puns.
Part TWO of the the ImprovBroadway Grad Night Special!!! Listen as catfishing is taken to an entirely new level as anime-loving heartsick boys are strung along by a couple of cosplaying rascals. Featuring Stuart Martin, Cynthia Gonzalez, Michelle Boyer, your host Zach Atherton, with Brett Jackson on sound and Hannah Bayles on the keys. Follow u ...…
Mostly Minutia
Happy International Podcast Day! What a better way to celebrate than to interview someone who also hosts a show! In this episode, Pam Atherton and I talk everything curiosity. Pam Atherton is an A plus, top notch, knock your socks off interviewer and host. She has a beautiful voice and she happens to be a personal hero of mine. Pam has worked i ...…
This time round I had a wonderful chat with a very cool person Jonathan Atherton. Jonathan tells us his stories when he is in in different part of Africa. He talked about how he started to become a stand up and talked a bit about his favourite comedian, Victor Borge. He talks about how comedian works with a premise and the place that he stays w ...…
ORLY-EP0165B - What should we talk about? (How the sausage is made) Welcome to ORLYRADIO #165 recorded Friday, September 22nd, 2017 - where we dismantle the current events for your edutainment through mostly rational conversations that make you go ‘Oh Really’! I’m your host Andy Cowen with the usual suspects, Daniel Atherton, Amber Biesecker, a ...…
ORLY-EP0165A - Money: Nuclear Bargain and Equifax Breach Welcome to ORLYRADIO #165 recorded Friday, September 22nd, 2017 - where we dismantle the current events for your edutainment through mostly rational conversations that make you go ‘Oh Really’! I’m your host Andy Cowen with the usual suspects, Daniel Atherton, Amber Biesecker, and Stephen ...…
Sometimes roller derby rivalries are generations deep. The battle between the Rowdy Wolf Sisters and the Snapdragons is no different! Listen as this episode's cast--Gabriel Ericson, Samuel Forsey, David Padeken, your host Zach Atherton, with Brett Jackson on sound, and Denis Nicholson on piano--engage in the deadliest battle on wheels. Follow u ...…
Modern Change Management
In this podcast, we hand over the hosting reigns to Lean Change Facilitator Richard Atherton - one of the leaders of Lean Change in the UK. Richard first discovered Venkataraman on LinkedIn in 2016 and was attracted to his incisive writing on organisations. In this episode they explore: What do we mean by bureaucracy?How do we “debug bureaucrac ...…
Lifestyle Overnight with Dale Sinden Podcast
Dale checks out THEIR FINEST - Starring Gemma Atherton, Sam Clafin, Bill Nighy / BAY WATCH - Starring Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario, Priyanka Chopra / COLOSSAL - Starring Anne Hathway, Jason Sudeikis, Tim Blake Nelson
Atherton shares how we can enhance our lives by utilizing our intuition. If you want to create a better experience it is important to set the ego aside and rely on your intuition. Learn the intuitive dance for a better life.Atherton shares tips on:GroundingWhite Light TechniqueHow to clear emotional chatterEmotional blackmailCutting Cords and m ...…
Podcast & Media - Vine39
Download on iTunes Guest speaker Bob Atherton talks about the conversations we have and they way we share our lives can impact the relationships around us.
Whether you're skinny, fat, average, or stout and slightly balding, all that matters is that you're fiscally responsible. Check out this ep with David Padeken, Samuel Forsey, Brady Amundson, Jacob Chapman, with your host--Zach Atherton--and Dennis Nicholson on the keys! Make sure to follow us on our Facebook Page! ...…
If your spouse asked you to plan out her last day on Earth, what would you do? Find out on this week's episode with improvisers David Padeken, Samuel Forsey, Brady Amundson, Jacob Chapman, with pianist Dennis Nichelson, and your host Zach Atherton! Follow us on…
Sky Sports Cricket Podcast
Legend Kumar Sangakkara talks about his life growing up in war-torn Sri Lanka and reflects on his stellar career.
Sometimes deciding who the favorite child all comes down to the Voodoo Magic. Listen to these crazy antics performed by Gabe Ericson, Brady Amundson, Jacob Chapman, with your host Zach Atherton, and Dennis Nichelsen on the keys! Follow us at…
Starting with Cold Calling Door To Door Aged 7 Paul Atherton was the #1 salesman in every organisation he joined. He closed just over $73Million personal career sales in the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa & New York City. Paul went on to lead others to sell over $1Billion in team sales culminating in an all time record of £102Million of sales from a ...…
ImprovBroadway Podcast
Adam Broud, Gabriel Ericson, host Zach Atherton, pianist Dennis Michelson, and WHAT'S THIS?! sound engineer turned improviser, Jacob Chapman, explore the wonderful world of Chris Pine, teen angst, and cryogenesis in this episode of The ImprovBroadway Podcast! Follow us at…
The Braking Point
The first year of The Braking Point podcast wraps up with another solo effort by The Apex’s Executive Editor Ben Hinc with a roundup of sports car, Mazda Road to Indy and Verizon IndyCar Series headlines. Sandwiched between all the news is a rundown of the six hours of IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship action at Watkins Glen from this pas ...…
Women Philosophers of the Early Modern Period - Professor Margaret Atherton speaks about Catharine Trotter Cockburn, Margaret Cavendish and many more women.By Prof Margaret Atherton - Beth Matthews.
A Cultural Resource Management field archaeology team in eastern New Mexico has uncovered petroglyphs connected to a known cult (keywords CTHULHU, DAGON). The survey is being conducted after workers for Innskeep Energy discovered artifacts on the site. Preliminary research has indicated the site was connected to operation GRANITE ORION. Initial ...…
Cricket Writers Podcast - Sky Sports
Michael Atherton, Huw Turbervill and Richard Gibson drop in to discuss day-night cricket, the Women's World Cup and England versus South Africa.
Do children and teens struggle with confidence issues and resilience more than we did as children? Is the world more complicated than it was and do we need to understand and support our children better when it comes to self esteem and confidence? We will be speaking to local mum Tara Hawes about her experience of raising two girls and how she p ...…
Join Sam Forsey, Sam Wright, Gabe Ericson and your host Zach Atherton on a quest to return a roommate's girlfriend to her rightful timeline. Music this episode is provided NOT by Laura Hall live in person in our studio, but by Laura Hall via her improv karaoke cds, on sale now at Everyone should go buy ...…
This week we have two very intense dramas. First we discuss the Al Pacino, Holly Hunter and Chris Messina film Manglehorn (2014) . Directed by David Gordon Green Manglehorn is a film about an aging misanthrope that yearns for a lost love from his past. Then we discuss the film Christine (2016) starring Rebecca Hall and Michael C. Hall. The film ...…
Milford softball head coach Steve DiVitto and pitcher Ali Atherton talk with host Tommy Cassell after winning Milford softball’s first state championship since 2013. Cassell sits down with DiVitto and Atherton as they celebrate the Scarlet Hawks win over Wachusett on June 17. “It doesn’t feel like it’s over,” Atherton told Cassell. Cassell’s Co ...…
A doggo saves the world in this heroic episode of the ImprovBroadway Podcast, featuring David Padeken, Brady Amundson, Gabe Ericson, your host Zach Atherton, and Michael Anderson on keys. Like ImprovBroadway on Facebook to win at life!
Recorded live from the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference, where big themes are front and center, this episode delves into the current and future state of supply chain. John Atherton of Accenture's supply chain consulting team talks with Greg Kefer about the latest trends in supply chain, including the changing science and art of managin ...…
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