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Little Atoms
A Show About Ideas
Atomic Moms
ATOMIC MOMS is a weekly parenting podcast about the joys and complexities of caring for our little ones and ourselves. Since 2014, host and mom Ellie Knaus has been celebrating and commiserating with acclaimed parenting experts, New York Times bestselling authors, celebrities, and mothers all over the world. Topics range from childproofing a marriage, to health and fitness, sleep training, postpartum, nutrition, attachment parenting, adoption, home birth, c-sections, traveling with kids, wor ...
A collection of mixes that include many different artists of the ambient / experimental genre. Unbroken seamless mixes including field recordings and other snippets.Please listen responsibly.
An irreverent (yet loving) review of Star Trek episodes and discussion of all — okay, most — things Star Trek. Hosted by Ron "AAlgar" Watt and Matt Rowbotham, the guys who also host the Sarcastic Voyage podcast.
The Atomic Show
The Atomic Show Podcast includes interviews, roundtable discussions and atomic geeks all centered around the idea that nuclear energy is an amazing boon for human society.
Atomic Rumpus is a comedy variety show for Futurists, Geeks, Rebels, and people who like to party. It's a party through the apocalypse hosted by veteran comedian and libertarian Chris Iacono. We also talk about cheese a lot. Topics include, cannabis and world news, interviews with celebrities, recipes, survival tips, stories, original music, and reviews, and discussion about weed and marijuana laws.
The Atomic Hobo
Weekly podcast on how we prepared for nuclear war.
ATOMIC radio
Where art, design and crystallography converge. ATOMIC radio brings you stories from the long relationship between the arts and the science of X-ray crystallography.X-ray crystallography, which is 100 years old this year, is a science that reveals the invisible, the tiny atomic structures of molecules and crystals – and it has been quietly influencing art and design for decades. Each episode spotlights a different piece of art or design prompted by the science of atoms, featuring interviews ...
Voted Best Podcast by New Hampshire Magazine, AMV is a fictional, first person "old time" radio program. From his cabin on Marked Mountain in Lemon, New Hampshire, Sherwin Sleeves recounts his most recent curious adventures. Sherwin also hosts a weekly live program - The Radio Ghost - which episodes will also appear in this stream.
Everything you need to know about the Tom Clancy gaming world in one half hour podcast. Join us as we cover Rainbow Six: Siege, The Division and Ghost Recon: Wildlands. The podcast releases every 2 weeks and gives a quick look at the news for each game and then a general, relaxed chat about the games we are playing in the Tom Clancy world.
Issue-by-Issue Creator Commentary for Atomic Robo!What's Atomic Robo? Why, it's the multi-Eisner-nominated comic series about a sentient robot created by Nikola Tesla! Each volume takes place at a different point in history and features incredible science adventures! It's awesome!Atomic Robo: Nuts & Bolts is the official podcast of the series and goes behind-the-scenes of this beloved book: expounding on comic creation, historical context, art, and much more! Join co-creators Brian Clevinger ...
'The Philosophy of Logical Atomism' is a series of lectures by Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) that touches on numerous topics, including the nature of propositions, the relations of propositions to facts and of different types of words to the varieties of things, what kinds of facts there are, existence, monism and pluralism, and aspects of philosophical logic and of reference. Guiding the lectures, at least according to Russell's headnote to his lectures, is Russell's intent to fully flesh ou ...
Join Zack from Xavier Files and Adam from Bish & Jubez as they battle to decide the best and worst X-Men stories of all time!
Atomic Geekdom
We talk about the things you're obsessing about. Comics, Books, TV, Movies, Games, you love it and we discuss it.
Atomic Tune
Russian Drum'n'Dase & House DJ.
A podcast about the most accurate clocks ever made. What are Atomic Clocks? How can you be sure that your own clocks, watches, computers and other timekeeping devices are synchronized with the most accurate time available? Join me, Greg Anderson, for the Atomic Timekeeping Podcast.
Join Sumit Sharma and Chris Mitchell every week as they tackle all the hot topics and break them down to the very last compound. From niche interests to popular culture - these two retro-nerds come armed with ridiculous amounts of unnecessary research, inappropriate humour and left field perspectives.
Atomic Age Media
Movies. Music. Comic Books. Enjoy!!
Up and Atom
Up and Atom brings you the latest breakthroughs and discoveries in the ever-changing world of science. Sometimes weird, sometimes confronting, always informative, come learn about the world around. Hosted by Alice Williamson (@all_isee), University of Sydney lecturer and researcher for Open Source Malaria, each week on Up For It with Ruby Miles.
Tony Sabal, David Sabal and Brian Smith discuss the week's comic books live and uncensored from a local comic shop near you. Listen every Sunday from Abnormal Entertainment.
This is the official report, published nearly 11 months after the first and only atomic bombings in history (to date), of a group of military physicians and engineers who accompanied the initial contingent of U.S. soldiers into the destroyed cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The report presents a clinical description of the devastation, loss of life and continued suffering of the survivors that resulted from the world's first and only atomic bombings, to date. The appendix is an eyewitness a ...
Atomic Rubbish
Columbus Ohio's Favorite Podcast
Atoms Apple
Welcome to the Atoms Apple podcast, helping others find their voice and achieve their goals.
:: Brought to you by the one and only:: :: adamflava::
Atomic Moo
Udderly Awesome
Atom Sport
Podcast by Atom Sport
Atomic Talk
Started off as a gaming team but has grown into the podcast field. Thanks for checking us out and hope you enjoy the stupid stuff we talk about. releasing a new episode each Thursday. So subscribe, pay attention... and try not to get offended.
Atomic Fanboy!
Atomic Radio
Playing classics and also the latest in Progressive House, Trance, Electro and Hardstyles
Listen to the cheers, chops, screams, and slams of the men and women of ACW and Rogue: Women Warriors -- featuring athletes from the United States, Canada, and beyond! Analyst James Frazier and friends break down the action for you.
Conversations with a range of business owners from across the globe that discuss the challenges, triumphs and failures that are faced when trying to build and grow a business. In addition we talk about the latest trends in tech and generally anything we feel is relevant for today's tech and business savvy audience The companies interviewed operate in a diverse set of industries and are of varying maturity from the new startup to the established multi-national.Atom Ventures is a UK based busi ...
James Mandell, the Retro Sci-Fi Futurist, talks all things sci-fi, from vintage futurism to partying on, like, Mars.
Bios are dumb.
This is a free podcast from the show Soundland by Joe Atom which is posted every friday on his website me on twitter - @joeatom1Like me on Facebook - /joeatommusicFollow me on Instagram - @joeatom1
Recording God's Work
Welcome to The Atomic Bat Show! My name is Jake Selway, and my co-host is Todd Mitchell! We're a couple of best mates that love having a chat about different topics, themes and subjects - transmitting to you from The Land Down Under! We enjoy getting into in-depth true stories, our experiences, musing about life, art, video games, technology, geeky stuff, philosophical subjects, films, music, society and culture, and talking candidly about current events! We're aiming for 2018 to unleash thi ...
Hectic Atoms Show
A Local Public Access Show With Dreams Of Making it Big **SIKE** we Just want you to watch. We've been doing this show for over 13 years. Now We're looking for new ways to interact with the viewers of the show while at the same time try to get new viewers to watch the show. So please take a look at our show that Airs live once a month in the City of Tucson, AZ on Cox Cable Channel 20 & Comcast 74 Friday's @7Pm. Also Please Check Out The Website www.hecticatoms.comWant to be on the show email ...
B & S tell about living in an isolated village in rural Alaska. Reviews, quiz, interview, etc.
Stories and music.
Every other week Duncan and Conrad enter The Temple, home of Lucha Underground. We'll discuss the thrilling characters, amazing moves, and ridiculous storylines of this awesome piece of sports entertainment, from the very beginning to today!
Wastin Time With Atomic Brother takes you behind the scenes with the NYC-based alternative hard rock band Atomic Brother. Follow the band\'s exploits in studio, in concert, wherever, whenever.
A weekly radio series on London's 104.4 Resonance FM that welcomes the listener to the wonderful world of professional wrestling.Fridays at 5pm (Repeated - Wed -1pm)
Director Atom Egoyan talks about his latest film Devil’s Knot, starring Reese Witherspoon and Colin Firth. This gripping movie is based on the true story of the murder of three young boys in West Memphis, Arkansas, and the murder trial that shocked the nation.
This podcast is drawn from the "Virtual Lab" of This Virtual Lab uses 3D virtual reality animations to explain electronics, microelectronics and nanotechnology. This podcast explains how scanning tunneling microscopes (STM's) work. STM's are one the nanoscientist's best tools for seeing individual atoms.
A mixture of superb music of many genre from artists from around the world.
We're just a couple of nerds talking about comic books, movies, and other nerdy things.
A mixture of superb music of many genre from artists from around the world.
Hear the latest news about everything from quantum computers to astrophysics, all straight from scientists at the University of Maryland. Relatively Certain is produced by the Joint Quantum Institute and hosted by a rotating cast, featuring Chris Cesare, Emily Edwards and Sean Kelley. Episodes from Quantum Conversations, a prior series focused entirely on quantum physics, will remain available under the new name.
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Pat is a 12 year old boy, Lethal Weapon recasts the series co-lead (5:50), Thanos cup holders (9:25), Eric Stoltz doesn’t remember filming Back to the Future (10:50), Remembering Margot Kidder (12:15), FSOOTW (14:45), Forrest Gump (18:00), Leslie Jones (56:22), Score (58:33), Moment of Chaostrophic (60:12) Listen Sunday nights at 8PM EST on Bre ...…
Author & Date The apostle John wrote the book of Revelation while exiled on the island of Patmos by the Emperor Domitian (A.D. 81-96). “Some of the early church fathers (Clement of Alexandria, Eusebius, Irenaeus, and Victorinus) wrote that the Apostle John experienced exile on the island of Patmos during Domitian’s reign.”[1] Accepting their te ...…
Welcome to Episode 89 Both Skazz and Bard have been playing Shroud Of The Avatar, primary developed by Richard Garriott of the Ultima series. An MMO with offline features. The pair discuss the game virtues, and the annoyance of games trying to guess your preferred class. As well as crazy fall damage and weird looking NPC’s TheSuffolkRam has bee ...…
I registi Alessandro Tesei e Pierpaolo Mittica , si introducono nella zona di esclusione di Chernobyl, al seguito di un gruppo di stalker, filmando una delle avventure più incredibili mai documentate. Racconteranno una storia romantica, fatta di amicizia e di libertà, di amore per un mondo senza speranza. Un viaggio attraverso le vestigia sovie ...…
A weekly broadcast covering the world of pro wrestling hosted by Tariq Haque. This week, Tariq shares his experience from Monday Night Raw which took place at the O2 Arena this past week before presenting you with a unique mix of songs, promos and other audio oddities from the world of wrestling, this week including music from Stallion (rocknro ...…
You hang in there! You've been doing great this week! Previously on Where The Banter Roams... The crews ship crash landed due to a lack of acid. Philosopy flies shamelessly and wildly. Small sticks of laughter burst into flames of story of the strange case of chameleon accent syndrome. Cut to Ryan wont leave his guns at home. Now flash forward ...…
I think the scientific term to describe the amount of things to discuss this week would be a "crap load"Tune in to hear our thoughts on the following in the world of pro wrestling this week:- Atomic Championship Wrestling & Rogue Women Warriors present ACW/ROGUE WOMEN WARRIORS: Can You Handle This? Saturday night in Stevens, PA- #ALLIN sells ou ...…
Ever sit at work and think about the longbeard that got away, or consider how to call in late to work so you can get a quick hunt in for a turkey? Tim Sisock literally spends his day looking at aerial photos and topo maps doing the exact same thing. It should come as no surprise to folks that Tim is the founder and owner of Turkey Getter Game C ...…
After a busy busy few weeks our hero's return to catch up on each other lives and to review Avengers. Waring we like this over though you probably can't tell from how we talk about it. So kick back relax and here your two fave Podcasters Atom Z and Dave talk about some shit, Twitter so stop and say hi!!! @lowblowpc @thatAtomz Where to send all ...…
It's "convince me" time as both Brian and Corey have a trailer to share - Atomic Heart and RAGE 2 - respectively. We also discuss whatever Media Molecule has in store for us with Dreams, as well as the closure of Boss Key Productions. Lastly, Brian and Corey are congratulating past (and hopefully future) guest, Bumblbee on his baby announcement ...…
Gary tortures Pat with more Steven Spielberg. Listen Sunday nights at 8PM EST on Breakin' Ballz Radio. Follow the show: Facebook: The 80/20 Movie Show YouTube: The 80/20 Movie Show Pat on Twitter Gary on Twitter Breakin' Ballz on Twitter Please visit our sponsor, Everything funny and otherwise unique. A ...…
Film-maker Shirley Horrocks, documents Sir Paul Callaghan's world of atoms and molecules. Sir Paul, who died in 2012, used nuclear magnetic resonance as a choreographer directs a dance. He saw New Zealand as 'a place where talent wants to live' and his desire was to make the mainland predator-free. In Dancing with Atoms, Shirley Horrocks interv ...…
In this episode of the Talk with Tom Motivational Minute, Tom discusses the importance of having a Definite Major Purpose in one’s life. Thoughts are things, and powerful things at that, when they are mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence, and a BURNING DESIRE for their translation into riches, or other material objects. That’s how Na ...…
We start off this episode with a couple of technical difficulties as Ends tries to tell us about the show Evil Genius on Netflix. Kyle laments about the cancellation of Last Man on Earth before moving on to his review of Avengers: Infinity War. Ends refuses to buy into the hype, which leads to a discussion of superhero movies in general and why ...…
On this bonus mini-sode Martin and Charlie discuss the music video for Childish Gambino's This Is America.
"Andy Wickett Is Sick Of Talking About Duran Duran"Well, after all this time, you probably would be, too. After leaving the Birmingham outfit TV Eye in 1979 Andy Wickett replaced Stephen Duffy as the singer of Duran Duran. What did Stephen Duffy do? Well, he replaced Wickett in TV Eye, naturally…With Wickett Duran Duran cut a series of tracks, ...…
Every 10th episode is an All Music Podcast, hosted by the one and only Tommy Bobcat. Listen back to the artists from the first 9 episodes, with colorful commentary from Mr. Bobcat. Rotator – Orb of Light Moans – Body Type Beta Lion – Tonight at Whisperz Tommy Bobcat – Chloroform Tommy Bobcat – Bosintang Pony Death Ride – Your Cats are Crap Pony ...…
Today we will be talking about two movies that recently got their non cinematic releases but that we saw in the cinema last year. Valerian and The City of a Thousand Planets and Atomic Blonde. Audio quality isn't the best on this one but hopefully you enjoy it anyway!*Not actually live.
Tobias and Fredrik talk to Erez Zukerman, CEO and co-founder of Ergodox EZ, creators of the ergonomic mechanical keyboard of the same name. Tobias is a fan and user since a while back, and Erez tells us about why you decide to make a keyboard, how you manage to ship hardware on time the first time, how things are going and a little bit about wh ...…
Chicken has a new mic so please bear with our test run of this new gear! As far as games go, Chicken and Baka have been playing Sea of Thieves, of course. In addition to SoT, they also tried out Darwin Project, a Fortnite-eque free to play game on Steam. It's definitely been an experience, that's for sure. Grif is SO tired of being drugged and ...…
Chicken has a new mic so please bear with our test run of this new gear! As far as games go, Chicken and Baka have been playing Sea of Thieves, of course. In addition to SoT, they also tried out Darwin Project, a Fortnite-eque free to play game on Steam. It's definitely been an experience, that's for sure. Grif is SO tired of being drugged and ...…
(8:41) Downtown Las Vegas Atomic Liquors El Cortez Container Park (15:46) Avengers:Infinity War (20:45) Momofuku Las Vegas (25:07) Childish Gambino - "This Is America" (32:33) Average Broz's Gymnasium (39:36) Lafayette in the Somewhat United States Followup and Footnotes Music Break: Woods - "Sun City Creeps" Mets are stinking. Mike's Emily Blu ...…
Today on the Podcast we discuss Marvel Studio's 19th release, Avengers Infinity War. NEWS ON THE MARCH R.I.P. - Milos Forman - R. Lee Ermy Martin Scorsese to direct SCTV documentary for Netflix FEATURE REVIEW: AVENGERS INFINITY WAR (8:00) SPOILERS AHEAD (23:40) RANT & RAVE Ivan (52:00) - Super Troopers 2 / Batman Ninja Paul (56:00) - Calgary Co ...…
Welcome back everyone!!! This week's show is full of vibes, beats, and enough pops & crackles to make you gleam Other than an all-around awesome mood we're also going to be dropping new tunes and discussing old topics. So let's get it in! This is the Glitch//IDM Show! Autechre - NTS Session 3 Valance Drakes & Ivan Shopov - Unearthing Buried Cha ...…
In this first ever episode of T-Squared, Eric and Matt discuss the 2018 Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning (MACUL) conference, including Bonnie St. John's keynote focused on failure, grit, and student success. Your hosts drink Kenyan coffee from Blue Bottle and talk about the Grand Valley's Atomic Object Technology Showcase. Li ...…
In Lone GunDudes, Jeremy and Andrew bring you an episode centered around the topic of lone gunmen in a variety of media formats. The conversation runs through a broad list of examples including:TakenThe PunisherOldboyEscape from New YorkJohn WickRamboUnforgivenThe Good, The Bad and The UglyA Fistful of DollarsFor a Few Dollars MoreLast Man Stan ...…
In Lone GunDudes, Jeremy and Andrew bring you an episode centered around the topic of lone gunmen in a variety of media formats. The conversation runs through a broad list of examples including:TakenThe PunisherOldboyEscape from New YorkJohn WickRamboUnforgivenThe Good, The Bad and The UglyA Fistful of DollarsFor a Few Dollars MoreLast Man Stan ...…
Author Steve Rubin discusses “The Twilight Zone Encyclopedia” — and our shared obsession with its mind-blowing stories.
Bernie's mom shows up and chats with the guys. Happy Mother's Day.
Yanik has a meltdown while considering Twitter alternatives. Related Links FU: Alexa Developer Documentation: LITERAL Slot Type Reference FU: Nintendo Switch Online – Nintendo Switch™ Official site – Online gaming, multiplayer, voice chat OStatus standards: Atom, Activity Streams, WebSub, Salmon ActivityPub, the new hotness Mastodon Friend of t ...…
Pat gets over on the man, A lot of stuff going on in the whore world (9:55), Topics of the week (10:59), FSOOTW (16:17), Raiders of the Lost Ark (18:57), Leslie Jones (52:50), Score (53:40), Moment of Chaostrophic (55:01) Listen Sunday nights at 8PM EST on Breakin' Ballz Radio. Follow the show: Facebook: The 80/20 Movie Show YouTube: The 80/20 ...…
Tom tells us about his appearance at the Melbourne Dog Lover’s Show on the weekend, and Warren lets us know what foods dogs should never be fed. People watching the new Netflix series Lost In Space are finding the robot a little too good looking for a metal man, and we ask listeners if you have an artificial crush. Speaking of robots, Warren te ...…
We discuss the state and future of free jazz with one of the hardest working bassists in contemporary jazz, Ingebright Håker Flaten. Born in Norway, Ingebrigt migrated to Austin, Texas, drawn in part by Pedro Moreno’s Epistrophy Arts, a grassroots cultural organization dedicated to free jazz and “adventurous music.” Ingebrigt first appeared on ...…
IN THIS EPISODE! We review 7, count 'em SEVEN books! Making up for our week off! It was mostly our pleasure to read NIGHTWING #44, HARBINGER WARS 2 PRELUDE #1, AVENGERS #1, VENOM #1, EXILES #3, JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE #1, and last but not least, DC NATION #0! Some hits, some misses. Dad Joke Joker stole our hearts, and then shot us in the fa ...…
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