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World at One
Forty-five minutes of news, analysis and comment, with Sarah Montague.
Pastor Touré (PT) Roberts and Sarah Jakes Roberts have captured the hearts of multitudes from all around the world with their unique and modern approach to ministry. They are considered by many, a leading “power couple” in the inspirational and faith community. PT and Sarah are highly sought-after voices to millennials, young professionals and families pursuing personal development, transformation and the discovery of purpose. One Church is a place where all people can encounter God, faith a ...
National and international news, sportsnews, business news and interviews.
News at One
RTHK's lunchtime bulletin.
National and international news, sportsnews, business news and interviews.
Drop A Ton!
Let's drop a ton of weight and get back in shape together!
The Circle of Atonement is a nonprofit spiritual teaching organization dedicated to the path of A Course in Miracles. Please visit us online at
Church of the Atonement is a member of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church
Greetings brothers and sisters, for the month of August we will present a podcast series entitled “Trumpets & Atonement: Past, Present & Future." We celebrate these holy convocations as commanded by God to commemorate: 1) Trumpets - points to the time when God will call all his saints at once to gather them to Mt. Zion during the last days and 2) Atonement - points to the time when Christ will blot away our sins with his blood. When celebrating these holy days we look not only at biblical hi ...
Bible Studies from Fr. Christopher Phillips, Pastor of Our Lady of the Atonement Catholic Church in San Antonio, Texas
These are podcasts of teaching and testimonies from the Olive Tree Congregation in Prospect Heights, IL.
The latest podcast feed searching 'Atonement by A.W. Pink' on
Discussing the Biblical Doctrine of Salvation. Is Calvinism Correct? How about Arminianism? Or is the answer found somewhere in between? Sit in on our Online University Theology Classroom, Soteriology 101, as we unpack the doctrines of God's Amazing Grace. Other topics to include: Predestination, Election, Total Depravity, Atonement, Once saved alway saved, and much more.
Greetings brothers and sisters. During the seventh month of Tisri (mid September to mid October), we will honor the Feast of Trumpets, the Day of Atonement and the Feast of Tabernacles. This first podcast will provide audio presentations relevant to the Feast of Trumpets and Atonement. Please stay tuned to the podcast on the Feast of Tabernacles.
The sixth biennial Francis Bacon Conference took place from March 10 to 12, 2016, at the California Institute of Technology and The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens. Titled General Relativity at One Hundred or GR 100, the three-day conference is occasioned by the centennial of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Participants at GR 100, collaboration among physicists and historians, explore topics ranging from the early history of general relativity to current e ...
This show is hosted by Fr. Bob Warren S.A., of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement. Since its inception in 1898, reconciliation and healing through at-one-ment — the unity of men and women with God and one another — has been the mission of the Friars' work and ministries to people of every race, religion, and walk of life.The social ministries of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement serve the poor, the needy, and the homeless, people living with HIV/AIDS, those in hospitals and prisons, ...
Since its founding in 1865, Bethel Evangelical Free Church has steadfastly yearned to point people to their king, the God of Heaven and Earth. Listen in as Pastor Rick Smith brings the Word to you! For more information connect with us at
CBS Radio News Correspondents take a closer look at one of the day's stories.
The Traditional Latin Mass, also called the Usus Antiquior, the Tridentine or Gregorian Mass, or the Extraordinary Form of the Mass is notable for its antiquity. In this podcast, Michael Sauter and Joseph Anthony discuss its two-millenia long history and examine its prayers and spirituality.
The Beta-lactam Ring Records semi sometimes often but not often Podcast of personality disorders.
Critical Issues Commentatry grew out of Bob DeWaay's passion to equip the saints for the work of ministry. In the late 1980's Bob met regularly with a group of local pastors, often presenting position papers on timely doctrinal issues. When he found that the messages were accepted by only a few of the attendees and rarely reached the pews, he chose to speak directly to the people by initiating a bimonthly newletter. Bob DeWaay is teacher and theologian at Gospel of Grace Fellowship in Edina, ...
UCG Raleigh
3700 Lake Wheeler Rd. Raleigh NC 27603
Linear Digressions is a podcast about machine learning and data science. Machine learning is being used to solve a ton of interesting problems, and to accomplish goals that were out of reach even a few short years ago.
A Radical Vision for Grace Justice and the Cross (Cascade 2012). Healing the Gospel challenges the assumption that the Christian understanding of justice is rooted in a demand for violent punishment, and instead offers a radically different understanding of the gospel based on God’s restorative justice. It’s a vision of the gospel that exposes violence, rather than supporting it—a gospel rooted in love of enemies, rather than retribution.
America Abroad
America Abroad is an award-winning documentary radio program distributed by Public Radio International (PRI) and broadcast on public radio stations nationwide. Each month, we take an in-depth look at one critical issue in international affairs and U.S. foreign policy.
21st Century Composition
Rabbi Michael E. Harvey of the Hebrew Congregation of St. Thomas, was ordained by the Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion in 2015. He earned a Master’s degree in Hebrew Letters from Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion & a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Boston University. Throughout his tenure at HUC-JIR, Rabbi Harvey served congregations, small & large, in Arkansas, Missouri, Ohio, Alabama, Mississippi, & Texas.Certified as a Prepare & Enrich marital & p ...
This Is Modern Rock is a podcast about Alternative Rock Music of the 80's & 90's. Each episode takes a look at one month on the Billboard Modern Rock charts, beginning with September 1988. This Is Modern Rock is currently in Season 3 (1990).Hosted by Will Westercauw -
The best hockey podcast in the world hosted by two guys who at one point owned Erik Karlsson in their keeper pools.
The Partially Examined Life is a philosophy podcast by some guys who were at one point set on doing philosophy for a living but then thought better of it. Each episode, we pick a short text and chat about it with some balance between insight and flippancy. You don't have to know any philosophy, or even to have read the text we're talking about to (mostly) follow and (hopefully) enjoy the discussion. For links to the texts we discuss and other info, check out
Dave and Graziella throw shade at only the best TV shows currently streaming.
Prinze and The Wolf is a podcast with Freddie Prinze Jr. and Josh Wolf. Every week the guys will cover anything from parenting, to MMA, to pop culture, to cooking, to gaming and all with a ton of funny. This podcast has a little something for everyone.
Since 2004, chronicling the trials and tribulations of being a Razorback fan. 5 fans, a weekly podcast, and a ton of angst. You're welcome, world.
A look back at one of the most dramatic NASCAR seasons 25 years later by The Motor Racing Network.
Stark Raven Mad is a Game of Thrones podcast hosted by Mike Marbach and featuring a panel of Philly comedians including David Donnella, Rob Alesiani, Whitney Harris, Frank Farrell and more. We got you covered with episode recaps as well as special episodes for reviews, theorizing, awards and a ton of other fun stuff.
The In This league Fantasy Basketball show! Part of the In This League Fantasy Sports Podcast Network. Your host's Bogman and The Welsh provide in-depth fantasy basketball advice, rankings and info every week to along with a ton of laughs. Time to have #SoMuchFun and find them at and email or tweet your fantasy questions anytime.Twitter@@IsItTheWelsh@BogmanSportsEmail
Deep Listens
A bi-weekly video game book club that takes a deep look at one game every episode. We discuss the literary elements, philosophical ideas, and game design decisions that make games great while keeping things funny and friendly. Tune in for some close readings of your favorite games!
The Book Editor Show is a weekly podcast hosted by Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley. Each show looks at one area of novel editing that an author can easily implement into their editing process. Shows have guest editors, explore different creative storytelling fields, and give you the knowledge to build a better book.
You may be asking yourself…..”self, what insider information could I possibly want or need regarding physical therapy, sports medicine, rehabilitation and medicine.” Well, very good question. There is a ton of information regarding treatment techniques, philosophies, and medicine. But how do you separate the fluff from useful relevant information? Our mission is to gain inside(r) input and perspective on all the information floating around from the experts and then dissect it…figuratively. W ...
Out of the Cold
True crime reporter Deanna Boyd takes a monthly look at one of the hundreds of cold cases in North Texas, unsolved crimes that have been filed away and do nothing but gather dust.
The #1 most popular Jack Benny and OTR Podcast on the internet! Listen to the most talented actors and comedians in radio history, new audio intros on many episodes. Every week we are celebrating the episodes that are exactly 60, 65, 70 and 75 years old from 1953, 1948, 1943, and 1938! Come get a ton more podcasts from my website, Tell me what you think at
@Djpdogg #Inthemix
Dj Pdogg #Inthemix Radio is a collection of several shows. #Inthemix Radio Dj Pdogg will play new music and share stories and rants that you will find very entertaining. Dj Pdogg will showcase past and present dj mixes as well as inviting other Dj's to share their mixes. #Inthemix Roundtable Dj Pdogg will have guests who will come on to be interviewd. Guests wil range from music moguls and other entertaining guests. These show's are hosted by Dj Pdogg who has spent the last 15 years rocking ...
Weekly teaching and preaching audio brought to you by Argentine Mennonite Church, Kansas City, Kansas
The Sinner Files
A podcast where we confess, debate and atone for our biggest cinematic sins.
Audio Podcast of the gatherings at One Desire Church, Bertram, TX. For more information visit:
To lose weight, you need to focus. It doesn't happen by accident. At one point I weighed 263.5lbs and I should have been kicked out of the military. I got my mind right and lost 91pounds. It feels great! If you have similar goals, this is the place to learn WHY I did it and get focused on your WHY. There is more than one way to do this!
*Available in both audio and video in iTunes to satisfy your viewing/listening preference.* There’s a lot of noise and ignorance in our current culture. This podcast aims to cut through that by exploring the truths of a diverse range of incredible voices. From authors, artists, creatives and educators, to activists, speakers and those in various scientific and esoteric fields - our guests hail from cultures and countries all over the world. Expect courageous conversations that range from ins ...
Law Pod UK
Law Pod UK discusses developments across all aspects of civil and public law in the United Kingdom. It comes from the creators of the UK Human Rights Blog and is produced by the barristers at One Crown Office Row. Presenter: Rosalind English.
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Welcome back everyone and if this is your first time tuning into our little motorcycle podcast, welcome! Both of our hosts managed to get out and ride. Remember, going fast is easy, maneuvering while going slow is tough. Get out and practice. News: Ducati to use radar? Is student load debt a reason millennials aren’t making major purchases, lik ...…
Analysis of news and current affairs.
Episode 171 of the Dad’s Guide to Twins Podcast Show Notes In this episode, we continue our Father of Twins Interview Series with Geoff Louvar, father of twin girls. On the show, we dive into Geoff’s twin journey, including: Finding a surrogate to carry your baby When the surrogate moves far from where you are living Financial challenges of rep ...…
I’ve got three big announcements this week! My AP is moving away! So sad. That means there is a job opening at my school to be an Assistant Principal! Check it out here! The post closes May 6th. Transformative Leadership Summit 2018! Get your ticket here! Tons of interviews! Our focus is empowerment. Announcing a K–12 magnet. If you want more i ...…
London Correspondent Fiona Mitchell reports from Liverpool where a 53-year-old Irish man remains in a critical condition following an assault before Liverpool's Champions League sem-final against Roma at Anfield last night
Religious and Social Correspondent Joe Little on a HIQA report which found a residential centre run by Tusla, and caring for four children, recorded over three hundred unauthorised absences over an eight month period
RTÉ Investigates Reporter Aoife Hegarty reports on how the women at the centre of a foster home abuse scandal in County Galway have this morning written to the Minister for Health calling for an independent commission of investigation to fully investigate their case
Courts Reporter Vivienne Traynor on the case of a 43-year-old woman who was given incorrect test results and is now terminally ill with cervical cancer, who has now settled her case in the High Court
Economics Correspondent Sean Whelan on how The Central Bank has said another 3,400 customers have been affected by the tracker mortgage issue, bringing the total to 37,100 by the end of March
Journalist based in Copenhagen, Tom Carstensen, on the case of Danish inventor, Peter Madsen who has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a Swedish journalist
My spiritual practice and transformative journey has been all about recontextualizing my reality. When you change your perception and step away from “the way things are supposed to be,” you start to understand that they already and always are. And when you take that line of thought and apply it to our bodies and treating disease… well, things c ...…
Host Bojidar Marinov Description “He took on Himself all the guilt of the world.” Assigned reading: John Murray, Redemption: Accomplished and Applied Listen Transcript Axe to the Root Podcast Episode #70 Measuring Our Guilt Down to the Ounce? Welcome to Episode 70of Axe to the Root Podcast, part of the War Room Productions, I am Bo Marinov, and ...…
Hey everyone. This is Kirk here again at and welcome back to the daily call. Today, we are going to answer another member question which is, “Should you dollar cost average when trading options?” I think there's two key concepts that we have to describe, first of all. One is this concept of dollar cost averaging which is the ide ...…
THE 100TH EPISODE!! THANK YOU ALL OF OUR SUPPORTERS ON OUR PATREON, AND EVERYONE IN THE COMMUNITY WHO MAKE IT SO GREAT.This episode we give away 4 shirts for Trivia answers, listen to a ton of voicemails, and go over a Sons of Horus list and a Thousands sons ...…
Outsourcing giant Capita, which at one point managed tens of thousands of Irish home and SME loans as well as major State contracts, has been forced to tap shareholders for £700m (€800m) after failing to control costs and an aggressive spate of acquisitions.
The water’s perfectly fine at Pechanga’s just-opened, 4.5- acre tropical oasis, The Cove, that promises comfort, cool and the ultimate tropical chill to guests. There is even a nifty swim-up bar. “The Cove features three pools, including a zero-edge Main Pool that features a swim-up bar, a Family Pool with two waterslides and a splash pad and f ...…
The "Left of Str8 Show," is currently broadcasting LIVE, 2 days a week for our LGBT Community, Allies, & Friends on Mondays and Tuesdays. Your host, Scott Fullerton, brings together Fun Chat, and Celebrity/Personality Interviews, for a great variety of listening fun. Find us every Monday and Tuesday, right here on Blog Talk Radio, at 2pm PST / ...…
At a level that is below our rational thinking, deeper than our emotions, more central than even our religious beliefs, each one of us has a basic sense of identity about who we are. Most of this comes to us as children, and is rooted in experiences we have very early in life, in those days which we can’t even consciously remember. This sense o ...…
What’s it like to be a Park Ranger at one of the biggest caves in the US? Let’s explore the other-worldliness of Carlsbad Caverns with Interpretive Park Ranger Katie Crowley to find out. She leads cave tours, helps answer visitor questions, and writes poetry about the sites she sees every day. Show Notes found at: ...…
Dee. Lyn, and Gary discuss the GDP as to whether we should believe the optimistic forecast from the White House or the one from one of the top banks in the world. Gas prices are going up and we all will be affected with higher food costs, clothing costs, and other consumer items. Morris Pearl admits to being a millionaire and not creating any j ...…
The were sentenced for interrogating, threatening and waterboarding a man in 2015, RTE's Crime Correspondent Paul Reynolds was at the court today
RTE's London correspondent Fiona Mitchell reports
The inquest opened this morning in Dundalk, County Louth, RTE's Sharon Tobin heard Garda Golden was shot by Adrian Crevan Mackin at house in the village of Omeath on October 11th 2015
Dragon's Den star Gavin Duffy explains how his image was used in online ads to sell a financial product without his permission
RTE's Legal Affairs correspondent Orla O'Donnell reports he's also appealing against an order directing him to pay the costs of his failed high court case
Project Arts Centre's Artistic Director Cian O'Brien and Charities Regulator John Farrelly on whether the art was in breach of the 2009 Charities Act
RTE's London correspondent Fiona Mitchell reports
The were sentenced for interrogating, threatening and waterboarding a man in 2015, RTE's Crime Correspondent Paul Reynolds was at the court today
Dragon's Den star Gavin Duffy explains how his image was used in online ads to sell a financial product without his permission
Project Arts Centre's Artistic Director Cian O'Brien and Charities Regulator John Farrelly on whether the art was in breach of the 2009 Charities Act
RTE Midlands Correspondent Ciaran Mullooly says new technology that allows for renewable energy to be stored has led to the development
The inquest opened this morning in Dundalk, County Louth, RTE's Sharon Tobin heard Garda Golden was shot by Adrian Crevan Mackin at house in the village of Omeath on October 11th 2015
RTE's Legal Affairs correspondent Orla O'Donnell reports he's also appealing against an order directing him to pay the costs of his failed high court case
RTE Midlands Correspondent Ciaran Mullooly says new technology that allows for renewable energy to be stored has led to the development
Barsh, Joanna and Susie Cranston. How Remarkable Women Lead. New York: Crown Business, 2009. I learned how they used their strengths, their optimism, their sense of belonging, their power, and their energy to prevail in service of a purpose. I shifted from focusing only on my deficits to building on strength. I practiced reciprocity–and gained ...…
Price-conscious students are demanding a return on their college investment. On the next episode of On Campus Radio, we visit a public college in Indiana that's buying a for-profit college chain to offer a more affordable degree online. Plus, a look at one private school south of Boston trying to stay viable.…
For me, having a process with a list I can check off is critical to getting things done in my personal and professional life. I guess part of this method stems from the fact that personally I am forgetful. It also stems from experiences I had in lessons and teaching students. I would come in and my teacher would ask me about something in the sc ...…
Thank you all for dropping by to Platinum Roses’ Garden, the “Supernatural” Podcast, for the Winchester Lover in Everyone…. THIS WEEK’S VISIT TO THE GARDEN: HELLO KIDDIES...lots of interesting goings on this week! FAN FICTION OF THE WEEK: "Refugees: A 'Supernatural' Story CARRY ON WAYWARD SON - Season 13, Episode 19, "Funeralia" Goodbyes... NEX ...…
When I consult for ECommerce businesses or teach EBiz owners who already have sites, one of the things that stands out the most to me is the total lack of an Identity Package for that ECommerce business. An Identity Package helps to set the tone for site design, marketing style, and the entire Brand of the business...which always leads to more ...…
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