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show episodes Explores how one day can transform your life. Discover self awareness ideas, positive attitudes and self-esteem.
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Drjim talks about the fear of success and failure.By jim atkinson.
Dr. Jim is excited to tell you that he has finally published his book, ADD to PHD: One Man's Journey . It took him a little longer than the 100 days he first allotted but now it is ready. It is a book for everyone with ADD/ADHD or every parent of a child with ADD/ADHD and is the story of his life, a message of hope and a call to action. The boo ...…
Dr. Jim shares the positive performance inevitable when you Never Give UP.By jim atkinson.
Dr Jim share with his amazing travelers how just 5 minutes can change your life.By jim atkinson.
Dr. Jim returns and wishes everyone a happy and prosperous 2012.By jim atkinson.
Dr. Jim challenges you to be you best and accomplish all you set out to do in 2011in the next 100 days. Also introduces his latest book available on Amazon.comin the Kindle Store.…
Dr. Jim introduces his new E-Book Empowerment: 365 Daily Thoughts to Help Anyone Become Empowered. Talks about how reading and listening to the words and thoughts of inspirational leaders, scientists and thinkers has made a difference in his life.By jim atkinson.
Dr. Jim discusses his interpretation of the events surrounding the 2012 Mayan Calendar predictions.By jim atkinson.
Dr. Jim talks about this time of year when we all start thinking about our New Year's Resolutions. Invites you to his website to take the 30 day challenge.By jim atkinson.
Dr. Jim leads you through simple exercises to discover your passion and prepare for the coming year to make it your best yet.By jim atkinson.
Dr. Jim talks about the roadmap for the rest of your life. Take as nuch time to plan your life and you do your next vacation and you will be successful.By jim atkinson.
Dr. Jim asks listeners where will you be in 2011?? Make a change, be something different but do it NOW. Also offers free gift at Go to the website, enter email info and claim your FREE gift. Do it today!!!By jim atkinson.
Dr. Jim asks the question, What will you do? What are you willing to do to make your life better? He shares stories of people who have overcome adversity and been successful because they were willing to do whatever it took to get whatever they wanted in life. Discusses fear, low self esteem, adversity and success. Go to www.startearningonlineno ...…
Dr. Jim challenges his amazing friends to get out ot their comfort zone and do something amazing and BIG. Take action, overcome fear, increase your income and GO BIG. Have a listen then visit to make your goals and dreams a reality now.....By jim atkinson.
Dr. Jim is back. Discusses resistance, passion and follow through.By jim atkinson.
Dr Jim shares his thoughts on how how your attide controls your outcomesBy jim atkinson.
Dr. Jim discusses how negative self talk can affect your behavior and outlook on life and ways to STOP the negative and replace with positive to Improve your life.By jim atkinson.
Dr. Jim explores the path to giving yourself permission to be Amazing.By jim atkinson.
Dr. Jim shares some insight on making money online.By jim atkinson.
Dr. Jim shares his ideas on everything you should be grateful for and more.By jim atkinson.
Dr. Jim asks that you share your story. In an effort to build community with all you amazing travelers, I have posted a story button on my website, and ask for input from this small but growing world wide circle of friends.By jim atkinson.
Dr Jim talks about writing your life story and slaying your personal dragonsBy jim atkinson.
Dr Jim discusses ways to evaluate your core beilefs and where they came from.By jim atkinson.
Dr Jim shares his ideas about intentionBy jim atkinson.
Dr Jim discusses the true meaning of being just an average person and how easy it is to become an Amazing person.By jim atkinson. brings you another episode for your amazing journey. Discusses goals, resolutionsl, goal setting strategies and attainment. Dr. Jim brings some tips and ideas to set and achieve your goals.By jim atkinson. offers a series of self development talks for Amazing People just like you. This first in a weekly series discusses "Just One Day". Have you ever thought about the impact that one day has on the rest of your life? What you say, how you act and react, and how you deal with everyday is critical to the rest of your life. Si ...…
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