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Flash Forward
Flash Forward is a show about possible (and not so possible) future scenarios. What would the warranty on a sex robot look like? How would diplomacy work if we couldn’t lie? Could there ever be a fecal transplant black market? (Complicated, it wouldn’t, and yes, respectively, in case you’re curious.) Hosted and produced by award winning science journalist Rose Eveleth, each episode combines audio drama and journalism to go deep on potential tomorrows, and uncovers what those futures might re ...
The Centropic Oracle aims to publish and showcase the artistic works of science fiction/fantasy short story writers and voice over actors in an audio-only format. We feature a monthly podcast of a short story and a weekly podcast of a flash fiction story. See our Library for all our podcasts; you can filter by story length, genre, and sub-genre to find multiple podcasts of specific interest. Each contributor also has their own page which is kept up-to-date with their latest news and upcoming ...
SEE the Wild West as Sheriff Burns does. WITHOUT SIGHT. The show brilliantly legitimizes the audio drama genre in it's use of a blind central character, allowing the listening audience to observe events as Sheriff Burns does; and tackles social and ethical issues still troubling America today, all is the guise of a classic radio Western. Starring John Wesley Shipp (CW's "The Flash", "Dawson's Creek") as The Blind Sheriff.
If you’re like me, you want to provide the most accurate information to your patients, attendings, and healthcare team. The Family Medicine Podcast or FM Cast is for just that, because it provides short lessons that pay specific attention to the correct details of the “bread and butter“ of Family Medicine. Additionally FM Cast is geared towards medical students studying for your USMLE Step 1 & 2, residents studying for licensing exams and anyone looking to stay on top of their game. Since th ...
A science fiction novella depicting a thrilling cat-and-mouse game which plays out between a credulous young man and an interstellar safari leader, as the two take up an unanticipated adventure on the mysterious planet Jumala. Norton combines mind control, cunning schemes, interstellar travel, and alien intelligence in an action-packed adventure. The story unfolds with the introduction of Ras Hume, a pilot and Out-Hunter, who with the help of a criminal mastermind from the planet Nahuatl pla ...
The Sonic Society
The Society is inclusive, highlighting modern audio drama from around the world
BirdNote strives to transport listeners out of the daily grind and into the natural world with outstanding audio programming and online content. The stories we tell are rich in sound, imagery, and information, connecting the ways and needs of birds to the lives of listeners. We inspire people to listen, look, and exclaim, “Oh, that’s what that is!”
Sirus Hood music
Bookings:UK / EU: kal@underground-artists.comUSA / Canada: chad.cohen@unitedtalent.comBrazil: music(at)sirushood.comBiography:Sirus Hood is a French artist who grew up in Paris. From the age of 10 years old when older friends would pass him mixtapes recorded in underground clubs of the time, he imagined an amazing world, dark but with flashing colours. “In my head it was like a Disneyland I’d never been to but I wanted to get there.” He managed to start p ...
mommy breast tips
Breast Milk and Breastfeeding Tips. Please note that this channel contains nudity for educational purposes.
If you've read and loved Anne of Green Gables you will surely be delighted to follow Anne's further adventures in Anne of Avonlea. In this sequel, we find Anne Shirley teaching in Avonlea School though she continues her studies at home with Gilbert Blythe. Lucy Maud Montgomery first published the best selling Anne of Green Gables in 1908. Enthused by the amazing success of this account of a young orphan girl who arrives by mistake on Prince Edward Island, Canada, the author followed it up wi ...
Victor Hugo's Les Misérables is a novel which tells the story of ex-convict Jean Valjean, his struggles and eventual redemption. It's hailed by many critics as not just Victor Hugo's finest work but also one of the best French novels of all time. Like most epic novels written in the 19th century, the storyline of Les Misérables spans through several decades beginning in the early 1800s and culminating in the 1832 June Rebellion in Paris. The events related to the lives of the central charact ...
Reviews for the hottest movies of the year from IGN. A SpokenEdition transforms written content into human-read audio you can listen to anywhere. It's perfect for times when you can't read - while driving, at the gym, doing chores, etc. Find more at
Channel Fireball
Weekly+'s podcast feed for audio articles, Twitch broadcasts, and more!
The #1 Supergirl podcast devoted to news and commentary on the new CW Supergirl TV series
your late night radio trip
Creepy, binaural stories with full audio production written by Black writers and performed by Black actors. So scary it’ll make you want to leave your night light on.
We talk high quality coffee, in a low quality way. Chemex/V60/Kalita Wave/French Press/Drip/Espresso/Cold Brew
Sine Language
A podcast about all things audio
Rosenberg Radio
Between Real Late, Ebro in the Morning, The Michael Kay Show, Cheap Heat, and Bite the Mic there is plenty of Rosenbergcontent to go around. However, there are other interviews that happen and don't have anywhere to live in audio form. For that, we now have Rosenberg Interviews...This podcast will house unedited interviews with musicians, athletes, comedians and more.
On Demand audio from ALT 949's Rock & Roll Happy Hour, Fridays from 7-8pm. ALT 949. San Diego's Alternative.
echarny on Narro
echarny uses Narro to create a podcast of articles transcribed to audio.
Podcast by The Retro Roundtable
Design for Voice
Learn how to build quality voice experience from industry leaders and pioneers with Design for Voice. Become a supporter of this podcast:
These short top tips and skills for the Amazon Echo are for everyone who’s simply dotty about Alexa.
Podcasting Video Tips
A how-to podcast about podcasting and using Audacity
EMC, the Easy Media Company, is the trading name of EcoMedia Collective cic, a Bristol-based social enterprise helping organisations create their own 'soundtracks of social change'.
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show series
37:38 – Welcome to Tape Land! On each episode, I’ll present the audio of a cassette tape from my collection. It’s a way to help motivate me to digitize more of my archives. In 1993, Mike and Frank briefly brought back Anything But Monday Magazine in a bizarre “packet” format, for one issue – with virtually no distribution. On this tape, they wr ...…
2:29:31 – Frank in NJ and NYC, plus the Other Side. Topics include: Daikon radish matchsticks, cooking, talents, pasta in the early 90s, basement print shop, business failure, Activision, Infocom, maniacal laughter, polarization, holography, Russian Doll, Miracle Workers, The Good Place, skating rink message, invasion, timelines, Vans, skateboa ...…
Birds like finches, chickadees and this Northern Cardinal love sunflower seeds, but each species uses a different strategy to extract the meat. When a finch plucks a sunflower seed from the feeder, it uses its tongue to maneuver the seed lengthwise into a groove on its beak.By (Tune In to
2:49:54 – A special compilation of all of the audio from Season One of Ask the Naugal, collected by Frank Edward Nora, with a brief introduction by PQ Ribber!! Important and esoteric knowledge with the Artist-Shaman, Q!! This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License. Overall attribut ...…
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1:00:37 – Tonight, on a very special episode of ‘The Closet Excavationist’, spend an hour with Dave in Kentucky as he reminisces about life on the farm in the 1960s, running the gamut from juvenile Westerns, playsets and capguns to sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, from the Sons of the Pioneers to the Quicksilver Messenger Service, and from the com ...…
Matt Sperling talks about the announcement that WotC Banned Nexus Of Fate in BO1, and what that could mean moving forward.
Mike Sigrist talks about his results from testing Standard for the very first Mythic Championship! Mike talks about the cards that he really likes, and some that he thinks are real stinkers.
By Electronic Arts, today's skill is for all you Sims fans out there. Faith helps me demo this groovy skill all about those lovable characters and their adorable virtual world.
Most hummingbirds retreat south in autumn, but Anna's Hummingbirds are found in northern latitudes throughout the year. Since 1960, they've moved their year-round limit north from California to British Columbia.By (Tune In to
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Writer/director Christopher Landon's Happy Death Day 2U seems to relish in all its little incongruities. It's over-the-top slapstick slasher absurdity manages to land just about 80% of the time but when the third act rolls around it begins to feel like it's stuck in a time loop just like its cast of plucky college protagonists. Still, welcome o ...…
Frank Karsten does the work for us in finding a slew of viable decks that focus on playing a turn one creature.
Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Today we look at 3 skills which might just help take your relationships to new romantic heights. Wherever you are and whoever you're with, I wish you happiness, health and hope (and plenty of Jaffa Cakes).
The male Palm Cockatoo uses his enormous beak to break off a stick or seedpod from a tree. The bird then fashions it into a sort of drumstick. Clutching the stick in his left foot, he beats on a hollow tree or dead branch. Most animals that use tools do so to get food.By (Tune In to
2:41:40 – A literary-themed smorgasbord of the most Fabulous Podcast Hosts on Earth!! Chad Bowers!! Rubinerd!! Doc Sleaze!! Frank Edward Nora!! PQ Ribber is your host and tells you how you can take part, next week, when the topic is……. Next: Being Broke This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United ...…
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Fusebox #112 “Bland Ambition” 30:15 – Twisting Slowly In The Wind, Timing Is Everything, Milt’s Fashion Tips, “The Collusion Collection”, “The Year Of The Aardvark”, Harvard Astronomer Says Aliens Among Us, Fusebox Liner ID, The Blanding Of The American Psyche? The Fusebox Store Spot: Dr Arber McGarf, MD, Twisted Epiphanies: “The Case” By Devin ...…
Reviews for the hottest movies of the year from IGN. A SpokenEdition transforms written content into human-read audio you can listen to anywhere. It's perfect for times when you can't read - while driving, at the gym, doing chores, etc. Find more at
Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa talks about some obvious elements of Magic that will make you facepalm after he points them out.
She's back! Andrea Barker ( brings us a brilliant blast of the 'Would You Rather Premium' skill, as well as also rather niftily showing us how you can now purchase those premium packaged features purely with the power of your own voice. Ooer!
Most wrens in North America are small, furtive birds that stay deep in the vegetation. But the Cactus Wren is large, bold, and brassy. These wrens are well adapted to the desert and can get all the moisture they need from their food.By (Tune In to
1:56:48 – Frank in NJ and NYC, plus the Other Side. Topics include: Alphabetization, the grizzlycorn with the copper horn, Megadeth, gaming laptop, gouges on a metal pole, the snow starts, computer pinball, Dead Cells, control issues, surprising massive umbrella, Artifact, breakfast, napkin situation, Blizzard, teas, the Onsug Radio Handbook im ...…
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It's an alien attack on the Sonic Society this week as the exciting new series from The Other 1% presents a double-feature. David and Jack think about NADSWRIM and Mutual's kick off on March 1st!
Martin Juza talks about Sultai and explains some “unconventional” choices that he thinks he’s going to take to Mythic Championship Cleveland!
Two skills by developers named Robin today (to pick a name entirely at random). The first will build us up a little more each day and the second will unleash our inner pirate. What more could we ask for apart from, say, a yard of Jaffa Cakes?
Most duck species court and form pair bonds in winter. In the icy waters of Vermont’s Lake Champlain, Common Goldeneyes are getting hot!By (Tune In to
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This week’s Star Trek: Discovery episode, “An Obol for Charon,” indulges in not one but two classic Star Trek style plotlines -- the trapped starship and the mysteriously sick crewmember -- and while it all starts off with a bang, the segment unfortunately soon peters out to become a talky, somewhat unsatisfying installment.…
Brian DeMars talks about MTG Arena, old school magic, and how the game is going to continue to be awesome for years to come.
Patrick Steggle ( is back today with a quick tour of this nice animal-related riddling skill. The timing's off but the game is on…
Look for the stories birds tell with their tracks in the snow. A crow swaggers, leaving right-and-left steps much as a walking human would. Juncos under a birdfeeder leave a hopping pattern of tiny footprints in side-by-side pairs.By (Tune In to
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Need to create some smooth loops for your audio projects? Today's skill might help - if you've a way of recording them, that is.
Most bird species in North America mate for a single breeding season. Some may team up again the following year, just because both stay in - or return to - the same territory. Fewer than one-fifth of Song Sparrow pairs, like these, are reunited.By (Tune In to
More great books at
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