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Un viaje alternativo y en diferentes idiomas por las exposiciones de los Museos Científicos Coruñeses.An alternative and multilanguage trip to the exhibitions of the Science Museums of Corunna.Copia las audioguías a tu reproductor MP3 y escúchalas durante tu visita al museo, en los puntos marcados con el icono de un iPod.Transfer the audioguides to your MP3 player and listen to them during your visit to the museum, at the places identified with the iPod icon.
-MONITOR- The Mac Audio Guy Podcast
MONITOR is the podcast featuring tutorials, reviews, news and opinions on Mac Audio software, techniques and products.
Breaking Through: The Through the Sound Barrier Podcast
A podcast that accompanies audiophiles on their quests: (1) getting better sound, and (2) getting greater musical satisfaction. Hosted by audio guy Jim Smith, author of Get Better Sound and the forthcoming Through the Sound Barrier.
Trew Audio SoundMixer Podcast
The Trew Audio SoundMixer Podcast discusses everything to do with location sound and also interviews professionals within the industry. We talk about what's going on behind the scenes of Hollywood's films and what the audio guys are doing to make them sound so great.
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Freedom From Waste Podcast
Today we talk with Tony Barber. Local business owner of Francois Studios, and employee of Freedom From Waste. Francois Studios is what makes this podcast possible. But Tony is more than just an audio guy. He does all the web design and video content for Freedom From Waste as well. He's helped local businesses alike, and today we explore him, an ...…
MyMac Podcasting Network - All Shows Channel
Ever notice how hard it is to describe a problem and solution over audio? Guy never has and attempts to explain his current setup using stone knives and bearskins...or a 2 mix minus setup with a Mac Pro and Mac Mini. Still confused? That will continue even after the explanation. The GMen talk about how the iPhone doesn't like the letter "i", ta ...…
Today Omar just hangs out in the studio with Raul, the audio guy, and Marcos Preciado, the new inter. They sit around and watch youtube video clips of the upcoming Mcgregor vs Mayweather fight. Its a layed back episode today just hanging out in the sutdio.Follow us on…d1247345831?mt=2Follow us on Google P ...…
Tea Of Life Podcast
Leadership is something we are passionate about here on the Tea of Life Podcast and today we want to honor our favorite leaders. These two are the leaders of our homes, the leaders behind and the biggest fans of our podcast, the fathers of our children, and our sweet husbands. Meet Brandon and Conrad. (Queue applause). Since this episode falls ...…
Creative Studio - podcasting experiments
Today’s guest is Doc Kennedy from the Filmaker’s Focus podcast. He is one of the guests who contributed to the Season 4 series on Narrative Podcasting, and he’s on the show today to share some updated information. Along with being a podcaster, Doc is also a film maker, and working towards being an actor and a stand-up comedian. Being a film mak ...…
Rail The Berm The Bicycle Motocross Show
On this episode the new audio guy falls asleep. "The Podfather" Dale Homes has us kiss his sprocket. During D.I.R.T. we discuss the tremendous growth of BMX racing in the United States. Bruce Morris reminds us that he is the fastest man in Australia. "Afro Bob" teaches us the economy of language. Jake Stephenitch of Spark BMX Training gets twit ...…
SOLO SWEET IBIZA CHAPTER:006 Tune in Harmonic Mix, from Ibiza Sweet Music Play List or alphabetic order: .Audioguys, Jay Vegas - All Your Love (Jay Vegas Deeper Mix) .Blaze, Amira - I Think Of You (Atjazz Instrumental) .Cesar Del Rio & Tatsu - Beginin Of The Beginin (Withheld (UK) Remix) .Delalic & Orffee - In My Life .HP Vince - This Party (Or ...…
Please note: Throwback Fridays are archival episodes from the Indie Film Hustle Podcast. After many requests from the IFH Tribe to bring back some of the show’s best episodes, I decided to create Throwback Fridays. These episodes will not be posted every week but at least twice a month…if not more. There’s so much amazing info and knowledge bom ...…
We talked to Cee from the Instagram fan account @throwbackxyonce. Initially we wanted to discuss Instagram fandoms but we ended up listening to Cee tell us about her history with Beyoncé. Sorry about the audio guys!!! Follow us on Twitter:Kayla- @kayylalinAggi- @agereneshDionne- @yagirldjmagic
On this episode I’m talking to Nick Loper from Side Hustle Nation and The Side Hustle Show. Nick has published over 220 episodes over the past 4 years and his podcast has received millions of downloads in that time. Powered by PodcastMotor The PodcastMotor Show 026: From Side Hustle to Award Winning Podcast with Nick Loper 00:00 / 00:00 1x Down ...…
Into the Iris - An Overwatch Podcast
ORISA IS HERE. Everyone's favorite horse/tank/robot/best friend is finally live and we've got some things to say about her. This is essentially a hero breakdown where we cover her kit, her interactions with other heroes and how we think she should be used. It's a learning experience for all of us ya know? Let's learn together. Also, Lucio got s ...…
This episode starts a new series called A Developer’s Journey where the guys will be talking with different developers about their journey into and within software development. The episodes in this series will come out periodically and each one will focus on a different developer’s journey. “It really kinda started way back when I was in high s ...…
While the sMACk is away, the King and Kray will play! King and Kray preview the first two weekends of British Champs, as well as NWO's French trip and the Scottish national squads' upcoming double header. They then digest the news about WFTDA playoffs, which happened as they recorded, and the new MRDA board. (Disclaimer: sMACk is our audio guy ...…
On Spitball Sessions’ most Newtonian episode, the guys discuss whether it’s possible to make a worthwhile real-time strategy game that isn’t affected by player speed or reaction times. Then they sit down, again, with special guests Brent and Trevor (Neon Cheetah’s video and audio guys) to talk about what people have been playing, the DoomRL con ...…
The VoiceOver Insider Podcast
Julie talks with James Alburger who has been an "audio guy" since he was 12 years old when he taught himself to edit music with a grease pencil, scissors, and Scotch tape. Jamese now works as a professional voiceover artist, and in creative audio/video services. He is co-founder of VOICE conferences, and author of The Art of Voice Acting. Julie ...…
Musical Decadence Radio
Andhim - German Winter (Original Mix) [Superfriends Records]Sailor & I - Black Swan (Maceo Plex Remix) [Skint Records]BOg - Origins (Tim Engelhardt Remix) [Tenampa]Stereo Underground - Fading Stars (Original Mix) [Crossfrontier Audio]Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z - Our Foggy Trips (Robert Babicz Remix) [Lost & Found]Fluente - Inner Peace (Original Mix) ...…
AV techs need a wide range of skills. Technical knowledge, the dexterity to solder well (I'm convinced this is impossible to learn), good team/volunteer management, designing processes/procedures, troubleshooting, etc. Like most Millennials I grew up reading and watching Harry Potter and this line is one that defines Hermione and her poorly org ...…
Film Industry Pro: Film Crew | Breaking Into The industry | Filmmaking | Behind The Scenes | How to Find Work In Film & TV | Film Production Tips
This episode is an important one for all filmmakers, directors, script writers and sound engineers across the board, as Enos goes into depth on just how important sound is to a movie and how getting your sound supervisor involved at the earliest stage possible is crucial to dramatically enhancing your movie’s potential. He is a… The post 5: Why ...…
Sorry about the audio guys...Had some tech difficulties but there is a gold gem that needs to be heard from Jesse Andrews about dating.
Questa volta la tecnologia ci si è rivoltata contro e di conseguenza avrete una puntata dall'audio più sballato del solito, ma in fondo chi se ne frega l'importante sono i contenuti(?)! E di contenuti, come sempre, siamo pieni fino al collo, quindi godetevi la puntata e chiudete un occhio sulle sbavature audio (per favore).Ecco la scaletta:[2:0 ...…
Gallows Humor Podcast
In this episode, I sat down with Paige Possanza to talk about bullies, sleepwalking, Paige's fear of flying, T.V. shows, comedy, therapy, drugs, Mr. Robot (SPOILERS), and much more! Show notes: INTRO - Song (Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen in Love) 3:28 - Bogart Gas Update 9:05 - (AUDIO) Lil Duke - What Your Life Like 10:44 - Therapy, Paige's fear of f ...…
The Jay & Dan Podcast
It's been quite the week! The squad recap's UFC 200 and Jay & Dan's trip to San Diego for the MLB All-Star game. Plus, audio guy Bobby Diaz stops by to share the play-by-play of his vasectomy. Comedian Jay Mohr talked to the guys in San Diego! It's all in another jam packed pod.
Composer and Educator Guy Michelmore of ThinkspaceBy (Designing Music NOW).
Artful Camera | Analog and Digital Photography and Filmmaking
Jason Been, owner of Imagecraft Productions, has been working in television production for over 20 years and has an extensive knowledge of the production world. He began his career in the early 1990s as a freelance audio guy and then found his way behind a camera to work as a camera operator. His career then evolved into business ownership. Aft ...…
The Jay & Dan Podcast
Toolsey tries to tell the crew about his weekend watching a movie, but nobody is having it. Engineer Jim (who won ANOTHER Emmy) tells us about the behind-the-scenes of the LIVE Simpsons show and we play Six Degrees. Jay & Dan interview the Gronk, plus weigh in on the Raptors facing off against LeBron and both Bisping and Cormier fighting in upc ...…
Complete Developer Podcast
The question was asked on Quora: What are the five essential skills every web developer should have? There were 91 different answers to this question, though most could be broken down into one of three categories: technical, personal, and interpersonal. Within each answer some similarities existed including basics of the web (HTML, CSS, JavaScr ...…
Four years and a few months ago, soon-to-be Hollywood Dan met Nat and Mike and said 'I love it when you guys work together, let's do a podcast' and they said yes. Then Dan called the only audio guy he knew who works for tennants super and Americarnage was born! That was four years ago and it's frankly amazing it's lasted this long. To make it l ...…
Hi everyone. Jasmin Singer here, once again! I learned so much on Episode 1 and Episode 2 of the Teaching Jasmin How to Cook Vegan Podcast with the incredibly talented Michael Suchman of Vegan Mos, and I was thrilled he agreed to be the […] The post Episode 3: Keep Your Resolutions Another Day with Guest Michael Suchman of Vegan Mos, plus your ...…
The Three Month Vacation Podcast: Online Small Business|Marketing Strategy Plan| Sean D'Souza | Psychotactics
Imagine being a hostage at your own workshop! Imagine not having access to your own venue; having to take permission from someone else just to conduct your event. This is the crazy story of the very first Psychotactics U.S. Workshop. And while it's an entertaining story all by itself, there's a lot to learn as well. What went wrong with the str ...…
SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS! You've been warned! Mike and Audio guy Steve talk Star Wars: The Force Awakens this episode. What they liked what they didn't like. New canon and old "Legend" canon and where The Force Awakens leaves us and potential conspiracy theories. Are [Redacted] and [Redacted] related by birth or by familial lineage? Will we s ...…
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