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For 50 years, Washington Week has been the most intelligent and up to date conversation about the most important news stories of the week. Washington Week is the longest-running news and public affairs program on PBS and features journalists -- not pundits -- lending insight and perspective to the week's important news stories.
Multiple Choice Physician Assistant Board Review Questions on the Go – Listen and Learn
CRM Audio is a network of podcasts about Dynamics 365, Dynamics CRM, personal productivity, and Power BI hosted by Microsoft Business Solutions MVP's Joel Lindstrom, George Doubinski, Shawn Tabor and Scott Sewell and productivity expert Matthew C. Anderson. We are the original CRM MVP Podcast. Podcasts in the feed: CRM Audio - a roundtable discussion of all things CRM, including what's new, best practices, and answers to your CRM questions and Power BI. Power BI and More - Microsoft Business ...
This podcast is a production of Watermark Community Church in Dallas, Texas, USA. Watermark exists to be and make more fully devoted followers of Christ, looking to God's Word as our only authority, conscience and guide.
Veteran journalist Bill Moyers returns to PBS with Bill Moyers Journal, a weekly program of interviews and news analysis on a wide range of subjects, including politics, arts and culture, the media, the economy, and issues facing democracy.
Rupert Spira discusses the essential non-dual understanding that lies at the heart of all the great religious and spiritual traditions such as Advaita Vedanta, Mahayana and Dzogchen Buddhism, Mystical Christianity, Sufism, Zen, Taoism, Hinduism etc., as well as the western philosophical tradition of Parmenides, Plotinus and many others, and which is also the direct, ever-present reality of our own intimate experience.
Educational podcasts, written by experts, enhanced with sound effects, created to make learning easy
Staff favs from 20 years of Veritas!
Podcast by subductionaudio
Listen to sermons from our Sunday morning gatherings
Our most recent Sunday teachings on audio podcast.Teaching Archives
The Painted Door Church is church family that gathers in Chicago, IL. We are a people who share the same story; we are sinner, saved by grace. We draw our name from the Exodus account in the Hebrew Scriptures, when God spared his people from judgement, passing over all homes that had the blood of a spotless lamb painted across their doorways. Jesus is the new spotless lamb, his death on a Roman cross sparing the people of God from judgment once for all. He reconnects us to our Maker and to e ...
The Huntsman Legion was born. One hundred special agents, most genetically enhanced, were drafted into the Legion and each one sent through the Nexus Gate into a Multiverse crisis hot spot. Huntsman R7R, Tom Spenser, is one of the Huntsman Legion…
Podcasting since 2004 bitches!
He's local, he's funny, progressive, irreverent and topical. He's on the air again in Northampton, Massachusetts!
On this video series what I am looking at is focusing on eCommerce, inparticular lessons revolving around Google Shopping and how you eCommercewebsite can be improved through various means. Each episode will be shortand we will focus on a single point with actionable insights and outcomesthat can be gained by looking at that one video snippet.
hang out in the locker room with turnipHed
Audio broadcast of the weekly television show.
The Episcopal/Anglican Church in Jones County Welcomes You
The Economist was founded in 1843 "to throw white light on the subjects within its range". For more from The Economist visit
Gothmag = Greatness Of THe MAGnificence
Audio Recording from H.L. Mencken Club conferences, 2009 -2013
Podcast.Ph is the platform for independent Filipino content producers in the Philippines.
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Taster Peter, Heartik - Rapture (Ron Costa Remix) [Trapez]Johnny Kaos, Mattew Jay - The Cayman (Original Mix) [Bla Bla]MiniCoolBoyz - TRACK 03 (Original Mix) [Amazing Records]Sadder - Nefrona (Original Mix) [Frequenza]Yello - Oh Yeah (Mr. Bizz Remix) [Tiger Records]Gaga - Chemistry (Original Mix) [District Audio]Ph Plus - Mechanic (Alberto Ruiz ...…
The AudioPH[i]DEp. 4 - 5/7/13: In Which Scientists Adapt to AusterityA little while ago, we had asked you, the listeners, to send us stories of how the current funding climate for science has affected your career plans. These are some of your responses (read dramatically, of course). We also talk to Shann Yu, an AudioPh[i]D listener who moved f ...…
The AudioPH[i]DEp. 3 - 2/23/13: In Which a Weight is LiftedThis month, we are proud to present a play about the possible theft of one of the world's most precious artifacts: The International Protoype Kilogram, the One True Kilogram against which all other kilograms are measured. What would happen if someone stole the IPK? How would the world g ...…
The AudioPH[i]DEp. 2 - 12/4/12: In Which an Earthquake Convicts Seismologists of ManslaughterLaurence Yeung, Crystal Dilworth, Zach Tobin, and Evans Boney team up to bring us the most recent (well, sort of) academic news, a closer look at the Italian seismology scandal, and the inside scoop on when we can expect our fusion reactors to come onli ...…
The AudioPH[i]D Ep. 1 - 10/16/12: In Which Curiosity Goes Gangnam Style Introducing the latest addition to PHDtv: The AudioPH[i]D (A PHD Podcast)! Join hosts Laurence Yeung, Crystal Dilworth, and Evans Boney as they rifle through this month's academic headlines, check in with Matt Siegler and the Planetary Bake Sale, and maybe learn something n ...…
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