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This is an early history of the failed attempt to found the colony of North Australia at Gladstone, in what is now Central Queensland. (Summary by Timothy Ferguson)
Stories from Australian History with guests and fuckery
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This is the legendary story of the Wallaroo, Australia's first foray into car manufacturing. It's an amazing story, so listen to it right now, or you'll stub your toe on a table leg.
In this shit-fueled banger of an episode, Beardo shits his pants on the way to work, Pepper eats rancid deer sausage and has savage diarrhoea, Garry catches dudes fucking in Iraq on the reg, Australia runs on metric time, and Gareth's wife's blood mysteriously disappears. It's a good one, so listen or don't. Subscribe on iTunes!…
This brief episode (4 mins) explains the Great Banana Shortage of 2006, and the origin of the famous Australian saying, 'banana chucker'. It's a good one, so listen or die happy.
In this delectable audio feast with the incomparable Winston Twerkhill (AKA Garrence McLovin), we get to real talk about Drop Bears and their biology, ridiculous Australian beer prices, meat pies, how to get Australian citizenship in a single day, deadly spiders living in suburban pools, and then we go crazy on Mad-Libs (shout out to the Andrew ...…
This episode features the little-known war between Australia and New Zealand. Sheep were involved. Originally featured on
In this delicious episode, we discuss Australian vs American accents, Grant losing his eyesight due to excessive alcohol consumption, his buddy making homemade prison wine while serving in Afghanistan, Beardo's experience with savage Australian UFC fans, bogans, genocide, and Jack Daniels. Listen now or die happy. #mappaTassie…
The true story of Australia's first, best, and most famous chimpanzee. As featured on the excellent SFJ Podcast.
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