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The Coffee Klatch Special Needs Radio
Award winning, world renowned authors, psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians, advocates and respected children's foundations join us to help you better understand a special needs child.... and yourself. You are your child's best advocate - if not you then who - become an informed educated parent here at The Coffee Klatch.
LD Podcast
A blog and podcast about learning disabilities and kids struggling in school. Topics include dyslexia, ADHD, autism, asperger's, reading, legal issues, dealing with schools, IEP's, therapies and more.
Magnificent Maverick Moments
Dr. Cheri Florance, Ph.D shares success stories and describes the 5 steps to Brain Engineering.
Succeed with ADHD Anyway!
Life is a treasure hunt for moments of victory and never more so than when you live on the Autism Spectrum and struggle with ADHD. Join Brian R. King, LCSW adult, parent, coach and adult with ADHD, & Asperger’s as he explores the latest and greatest strategies for building a life purpose that allows those with Autism or ADHD to have their challenges and Succeed Anyway.
Exploring Different Brains
EXPLORING DIFFERENT BRAINS is a weekly interview show hosted by neurodiversity advocate Harold "Hackie" Reitman, MD., and presented by Join us as we speak with some of the most interesting people involved in autism, Asperger's, dyslexia, ADHD, OCD, down syndrome, and any condition that can be considered "neurodiverse." From doctors to judges, teachers to caregivers, scientists to advocates, parents to kids, neurodiverse to neurotypical, we want to tell any story that can ...
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Shrink2Shrink's podcast
Colleen & Courtney tackle assassins, autism, sibling differences, social awkwardness and corporate greed! It’s all in this episode of Shrink 2 Shrink on Film – We explore the movie The Accountant – between #BenAffleck, #JohnLithgow, #JeffreyTambor, and #AnnaKendrick, there is great acting, but more importantly for us here at S2S, there are many ...…
We All Wear It Differently - A Podcast for Early Career Psychologists
Dr Marie Karakis is a Child and Adolescent Psychologist with experience working in schools, community and clinical settings. She is the owner and director of private practice Young Minds Psychology. She has specialist training in assessment, counselling and behavior management for a range of developmental issues, such as: Autism Spectrum Disord ...…
Marcia Goldman has her Masters Degree in Special Education and has spent the last 25 years focusing on providing therapeutic-based programs for children with #autism and their families.Lola is a five-pound Yorkshire Terrier who lives in California with her adoring owners. She is a proudly certified therapy dog who makes weekly visits to elder c ...…
Like Autism Live on Facebook at Autism expert Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh joins Shannon for a special episode of Ask Dr. Doreen. Ask Dr. Doreen is a weekly live segment where viewers can ask questions of one of Autism's leading experts. In this episode Dr. Doreen answers the following questions: 00:12 – How do we help setting ...…
This week's guest is Brian R. King. Brian R. King, LCSW (ADHD & ASD Life Coach) is a #1 Best Selling Author, 25-year cancer survivor, adult with Dyslexia, ADHD, and Asperger’s. He’s also the father of three sons on the autism spectrum. He is known worldwide for his books and highly engaging presentations that teach the power of connection and c ...…
Like Autism Live on Facebook at expert Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh joins Shannon for a special episode of Ask Dr. Doreen. Ask Dr. Doreen is a weekly live segment where viewers can ask questions of one of Autism's leading experts. In this episode Dr. Doreen answers the following questions:00:18 My 27-year-old brot ...…
About the book: When you have attention-deficit disorder (ADD), you don’t spend money like most other people. Past-due bills and impulsive spending can throw your finances into turmoil, and because these financial pitfalls are directly related to your ADD symptoms, they can seem impossible to overcome. The good news is that it is possible to ge ...…
In college, independence, fun activities, and new friendships abound. But if you have attention deficit disorder (ADD), these new opportunities also present new challenges. To adjust to college life, you’ll need to learn to harness your disorder in new ways in order to plan your time effectively, become a successful student, make friends, and t ...…
What is Social Thinking and how does it pertain to individuals on the autism spectrum? Are social skills dynamic and situational? Who is Superflex and how does he know the Unthinkables? How does teaching social-decision making vary when working with children, teens and adults? We're going to be discussing the answers to all these questions. Joi ...…
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