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Avana Method Guided Meditation Podcasts
For the past ten years, Joyce A. Salvo has held monthly gatherings as an on-going support for the many changes that take place in our personal lives as well as worldwide These gatherings have developed into what has been lovingly referred to as "Cornucopia". During these gatherings, an array of information on recent developments on health, nutrition, supplements, emotional, spiritual, and energetic advancements are discussed and shared. At the end of each teleconference, there is a 15 minute ...
Blogariddims is a project aimed at providing eclectic 1 hour mixes from some of the finest minds of the music blogging community, covering everything from Ambient, avant garde and classical, to grime, dubstep, ragga, reggae, dancehall, techno, breakcore and jungle music.Participating blogs include: ...
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Connecting ourselves to the new energies deep in the earth that offer us the balance of the feminine and masculine within each of us and ultimately the collective whole. Amazing new healing opportunities await!By Avana Method.
This new meditation is for every situation that yearns for balancing. It is simple and the most effective approach for all your needs. You may use it as often as you are led for yourself and loved ones. Enjoy new peace each time!By Avana Method.
The earth and heaven join as one within your 3rd chakra of self identity. They merge with all parts of you and the child within you to the level of your DNA. We become one energetically with the intentions for the everlasting presence of peace and joy upon the world.By Avana Method.
Using our present vibrations inside and outside of ourselves, we establish a connection to the earth's magnetic, electrical internal shifts. This creates an energetic flow that will carry us through any resistance we may have because of pain and disconnections.By Avana Method.
It begins with a visualization of the setting sun and takes you to a connection of light between you and the stars, planets and all that exists within the universe. Clarity and peace emerge as a result as you awaken to the knowledge of all that is.By Avana Method.
We re-align our beliefs, the aspects of our masculine and feminine and unite all free will, share will and Divine will as One. An amazing balance of the water and fire elements provides a foundation for new beginningsBy Avana Method.
One of the most powerful transformations ever as you become integrated with the energy of light that holds all knowledge, truth and peace. You are guided to recognize and utilize it to the fullest.By Avana Method.
A new healing that has been given to me is put into words as you are guided to the place of Oneness within you and become one within the movement, colors, sounds and light. You become one with total peace….enjoy!!By Avana Method.
The purpose of your soul's journey from its creation is connected to each chakra. This guides you to awaken to the memory and knowledge of all that you are. Extremely moving and fitting for this holiday season of birth.By Avana Method.
Probably this was one of the most significant yet! We are attuned to the new vibrational structure at every level. All chakras are prepared for the new energies of 11.11.11. Listen to this meditation frequently to revitalize you during these changing times.By Avana Method.
The purity of peace allows us the full awareness of our true self. Old boundaries of fear transform into the energy of divine love and peace. An amazing first time experience!By Avana Method.
We travel the path of each chakra to transform our past beliefs and expectations to the place of forgiveness and understanding. We begin at the root chakra connecting with Mother Earth as She has held all pain, suffering and grief as a result of war, famine, tsunami, floods, fire, hurricanes and tornadoes. Our intentions bring peace and healing ...…
An amazing meditation that helps you create new vibrational fields of trust, freedom and compassion. When you hold these vibrations, you attract life experiences and manifest a whole new way!By Avana Method.
Avana Method Guided Meditation Podcasts
This month's meditation focuses on the connection with your higher self and reaching a place of self-forgiveness. This place within you is filled with a peace you have never experienced before. It is simply beyond human words!By Avana Method.
This is a clearing of the mental and emotional bodies and preparing the spiritual body to accept all the new energies of the universe. As you begin to fully accept the vibration of joy, you are in the process of ascension.By Avana Method.
Avana Method Guided Meditation Podcasts
We are 80% water and the rhythm of our physical being is merging with the earth during these times of transformation. The elements are coming into balance for us individually and collectively to become One. Allow this meditation to bring you awareness, healing and peace.By Avana Method.
A balance of light, sound, color and vibration is brought from our center point to the outer edges of our energetic field. This creates a life energy that will continuously bring balance to all dimensions of our being.By Avana Method.
Avana Method Guided Meditation Podcasts
A very unique guided meditation that connects you with your God center and gives each individual a special awareness of what that feels like, looks like and a renewed ability to connect with this center at any intended time.By Avana Method.
The meditation identifies a unique pathway to our true self. It brings all senses together to be fully present in our center source to vibrate as one in the state of grace. An amazing experience!By Avana Method.
A unique connection is developed between the earth, the heavens and our chakras to open us more fully to the rising spiritual energies within us. Healing is sent universally to all those that cry out with pain, grief, fear and loss. Balance is established for the earth and all inhabitants after the recent devastation of the earthquake and peace ...…
We are lead to feel, sense and see what our loving truth is. As we hold this center point we are lead to bring gratitude to all experiences to connect with the fragmented parts we lost in relationships from the fear based acts of compromising ourselves.By Avana Method.
This meditation began at the center of our being with the visualization of the colors and vibrations for the new healing energies that are being anchored at this time. We also created an embracing circle of support, gratitude, love and healing for the children of the world.By Avana Method.
The meditation attunes all major and minor chakras to your inner truth and the vibration of compassion. You will initialize your transformation into a crystal being of Light that reflects your inner truth and brings the depth of peace you have been searching for.By Avana Method.
This meditation will help locate and release the suppressed emotional pain of the physical body. We will then anchor and activate the light body and integrate all bodies with the physical. This healing mediation will touch the entire spine to assist in proper balancing and enhance the feeling of true peace.…
What an amazing meditation! It takes you to the flame of life within you and connects you to the colors and vibrations of each chakra. As these connections are made, the frequencies of forgiveness, love and peace are anchored fully into each energy area and also to the eternal flame at your center. An incredible healing opportunity filled with ...…
As the universal energy has begun to shift dramatically, the need to make energetic adjustments in all bodies has increased. This meditation takes you beyond the 7th chakra into the higher chakras. These chakras become activated and more vibrant and open you to an understanding of their purpose. The higher chakras are pivotal for the 5th dimens ...…
This meditation connects with the yin/feminine and yang/masculine parts of you to join them into wholeness and balance. It is then integrated with each chakra. This healing was then taken to the core of the earth/yin and to the outside energetic field of the earth/yang and join with the universal healing.…
Avana Method Guided Meditation Podcasts
We focus on looking at the stored pain of experiences, its purpose and how to transform the pain, anger and regret into a peaceful understanding of the growth involved. This brings you to the feelings of neutrality, gratitude and finally peace as you visibly may see yourself standing in the light of God. Holding yourself in the emotional pain f ...…
This mediation focuses on the healing codes within you for physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic balance found in each of these bodies. As you feel these vibrations you are lead to making a very powerful connection of all of these bodies into one body. You are guided to accept your life lessons and release the need to continue to ...…
The beginning explains how these mediations intuitively occur, how you may fully participate in them and what they may do for you. This mediation takes you through each chakra and through your spine where stored emotions of all experiences are held. Pain you have tried to release for years, simply transmutes into peace. You will be guided to yo ...…
This is a deeper connection into all waters of the earth beginning in the core of earth as streams of life. It awakens in you the memory of the sounds and vibrations of dolphins that is part of our existence. Using the breath, we finally connect the core of the earth into the sky and into the heavens. We go to our genetic memory allowing compas ...…
Awaken to the connection of all creation and its purpose. The meditation takes you into the memory of the core of earth that we all hold inside of us, but seldom access the inner truth of. Travel from the earth’s core into the oceans and commune with the sea creatures, their connection to humans, the vibrations and truth within. You then have a ...…
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