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Live Awake
The Live Awake podcast helps bring you back to your grounded center through reflection and guided meditation. This podcast lends a new outlook to some of life's hard landscape. Perspective is everything, and by choosing to live awake to all that blooms in front of us we begin to live a more empowered life where joy becomes our natural state of being rather than something we occasionally stumble upon. Through living awake we become conscious participants in our life’s unfolding.At the end of ...
Awake in the World Podcast is a library of talks on a wide-range of topics, including bringing mindfulness and meditation practice into daily life; personal and community issues regarding mental health; and social change. The podcasts are recorded at live events so you might hear coughing, airplanes, cars, sirens, laughter, and peoples’ questions—all part of the intimate experience. Michael Stone was an internationally-recognized Buddhist teacher, author, host of the Awake in the World podca ...
The Body Awake
The Body Awake is a podcast for people interested in health and the human body, and in having a conversation beyond the body as merely a machine. It's about what we're made of, how we move, how illness, injury and healing happen, and what we can do with that information to live better lives.
Originally serialized from 1898 to 1903, Wells later made some crucial changes to the piece to create a flawless dystopian science fiction novel published in 1910 and renamed The Sleeper Awakes. The novel focuses on an Englishman, who falls in a deep sleep lasting two centuries, and sees him wake up in an unrecognizable setting and extremely wealthy. An enthralling tale of dystopian society depicted through a colorful imagination, The Sleeper Awakes concentrates on topics including dystopia, ...
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Through thoughtful conversations, a range of Australians in the public square test their concerns. What keeps them awake at night and should we too be restless?
Apostate Awake
A former Jehovah's Witness and a lapsed Catholic investigate religion, secularism and everything in between.
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Awake in the DREAM Radio - Join Dr. DREAM as he presents guests and topics that will Raise Your Frequency and Expand Your Consciousness...! Join Us "LIVE" at on Mondays at 2pm (Pacific Time - Los Angeles)These recordings are of past interviews, presentations and our radio broadcasts.To connect with Dr. DREAM direct or find out about other events,Visit the website; & & Facebook at ...
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Baked and Awake
Baked and Awake is a Pacific Northwest based YouTube show (and soon to be podcast) where we talk about cannabis and the lifestyles of the very regular yet incredibly interesting people who cherish it. We'll cover a wide range of weed related topics including strain reviews, general history of the plant and its many uses, recipes, cultivation, extraction and concentrates, and much more. If we have an over arching goal, it is to normalize the perception of daily cannabis users and what it mean ...
Awake in the DREAM Radio - Join Dr. DREAM as he presents guests and topics that will Raise Your Frequency and Expand Your Consciousness...! Join Us "LIVE" at on Mondays at 2pm (Pacific Time - Los Angeles)These recordings are of past interviews, presentations and our radio broadcasts.To connect with Dr. DREAM direct or find out about other events,Visit the website; & & Facebook at ...
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Awake 2 Oneness Radio's mission is to inspire the World to Awake to Oneness! Many Ancient Spiritual teachings have taught us this for centuries and Quantum Physics has proven that we are literally all connected over 80 years ago. Spirituality and Science are both telling us we are all ONE and all connected. Once the world Awakens to this TRUTH there will be peace on earth.Awake 2 Oneness Radio will feature guest experts in Spirituality, Metaphysics & Quantum Physics, Airing Live on Fridays a ...
Author and creator of “Access Points - The Modern Life Meditation Plan”, Brian Marc Zimberg hosts Awake Life - offering keen insights into an ever deeper awakening to your “True-OneSelf” and living life as the greatest expression of YOU. Helping you experience, even amidst today’s hectic, high-paced lifestyle, the peace of meditation that is available to you in every moment. Through inspirational talks, and conversations with leading writers, thinkers, and scientists, he asks what is it to “ ...
AWAKE Experience
The AWAKE Experience Podcast is a series of interviews led by Mindful Living Practitioner Erik Vienneau featuring guests who leverage mindfulness to live an inspired, fruitful and awakened life of service. The show will teach you ways to experience your TRUE self. YOU are NOT the roles you play, the things you own or the emotions you have. YOU are limitless, pure, peaceful and powerful potential just waiting to be uncovered. The AWAKE Experience Podcast is an offering by the AWAKE Community ...
A call to awaken the soul to greater presence, purpose and peace. It's not about self-help. It's about self-reliance.
Wide Awake
This is a podcast about the human experience and the journey we all take in this life. We will explore theories that involve spiritual and scientific origins by talking to various guests and keeping an open mind to the truths that they discovered for themselves. Emphasis on open mind!
A podcast about being. With Cat Mead and Cindra Banks.We explore business, spirituality, personal development and LIFE, from our perspective. We are two thirty-something entrepreneurial, creative gals and we have a mission. A pretty big one.We want you to wake up, to reach your potential (in biz and in life) and to be inspired to kick ass in whatever you choose to do.We talk real. We swear unapologetically. We get passionate and we hope we say stuff that pisses you off or challenges you. We’ ...
Awake Us Now
Awake Us Now is a body of believers who: WORSHIP the Triune God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. Praise Him with joy and thanksgiving for He is God and He is good. WALK by faith in the power of the Holy Spirit. This is the clear teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ and the clear declaration of the Scriptures. Such a daily walk is a far cry from mere religion or "church as usual." WITNESS to Jesus Christ our Savior in daily life situations. Take seriously His call to make disciples. ...
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Rich and Awake
Lifestyle Entrepreneur
Podcast by Stay Awake Podcast
Awake Church
The latest feed from Awake Church on
Church Awake
Church Awake Podcast is the voice of Charlotte Awake in North Carolina. Pastors David Ingrassia and Justin Roper talk about how they make disciples in creative ways among their children, friends, and communities.
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
Meditate Awake
Living Awake, real, and unfiltered. Tips and experience to help you wake up your world and transform your life with meditation.
Shocking Awake
Shocking Awake' is about talking about seemingly normal experiences, and revealing the paranormal reality, that was the hidden easter egg. The truth reveal.
Awake Podcast
I'm the Vice President of World Help; seeking justice for all.
Finally Awake
Welcome to our podcast “Finally Awake” where we delve into the deep questions surrounding enlightenment and all things spiritual. We explore topics to assist you on your awakening journey such as, tapping into your intuition, connecting with your spirit guides, third eye and psychic abilities, tantra, mediumship, the awakening process, astral travelling and many many more so stay tuned!We are Shar Smith Psychic Medium/Intuitive Coach and Chrissy Game Spiritual Counsellor/ Intuitive Healer.
Awake Conversations
Awaken Conversations podcast is about connection, courage, and curiosity to awaken transformation.
Climate Change: A Wake Up Call - Video
Awake in Wyoming
A podcast for and about Wyoming dedicated to elevating marginalized voices and challenging the political status quo in our state.
I'm Awake! Now What? A podcast about Life, Love, Laughter and Enlightenment. Hosted by Krista Xiomara. #kristaxiomara #ianwpodcast
R U Awake
A political journal and discussion from a layman's libertarian standpoint
Jeff is Awake
Husband + Wife + Pop Culture + Life = Jeff is Awake
Being awake means feeling alive. You live with vitality, creativity, and gusto. In this podcast, we'll find out how teachers, spiritual leaders, therapists, and artists define living consciously. We'll ask them how you can bring more vitality into your life so you can be more awake too.
Weekly messages from Awake Church in Winston Salem, NC.
Exploring creativity and deepening our connection to ourselves and our gifts.
Awake: Now What?
Everyone is talking about "being awake" or the "transition". What does this really mean? How can we apply it to our day to day lives? Is "The Secret" working for you? This is the next step. For ongoing information join Contact Rhonda at
Weekly messages from Awake Church in Winston Salem, NC.
A podcast themed around James Joyce's Finnegans Wake. Also available on
Awake in the Dark
Awake in the Dark is a bi-weekly podcast devoted to discussing the latest in mainstream and independent cinema. Each week, host Brent Leuthold is joined by a guest as they discuss a recent film and their reactions to it.
Awake Create Inspire is all about health, wellbeing, personal development and faith. Aaron will share his insights, strategies and principles that will allow you to awaken to what is possible, create a life will purpose and fulfilment, and inspire others to do the same.If you're struggling to lose weight, want to feel confident in your own body and love yourself and the way you look, you certainly have come to the right place.
I am a 24- hour, 7 day a week musician. I'm always going, going, going except when I sleep- which is at random, unusual and frankly troubling times. Join me as I unravel the why where and how of this perturbing problem and attempt to solve it.
The intention is to awaken, enlighten, enrich and inspire. Timber Hawkeye, bestselling author of Buddhist Boot Camp and Faithfully Religionless, offers a secular approach to being at peace with the world, both within and around us. As the Dalai Lama says, "Don't try to use what you learn from Buddhism to be a Buddhist, use it to be a better whatever-you-already-are."
Two roommates, James B. Knight (comedian) & Becca Morgan (writer) try to keep their other roommate, Chris awake on his long, late night drives home from work.
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I, like many others, had a wake up call after the 2016 election. I needed to get past old assumptions and discover my country and who the American people are today. So far, I have talked with 36 people, in 9 states and the project is just getting started. It is about making connections.
How to lower the guilt meter of prayer by teaching yor children to pray within a family environment of prayer. Pastors David & Justin discuss how to teach your children to have conversations with God.
Groovin' 9 Presented by Classic MindsTracklistJuan RIOS - Otoño - www.juanriosbeats.bandcamp.comKuranes - Traveler - www.kuranesbeats.bandcamp.comDRWN- Najaden - www.drwn.bandcamp.comEmapea - Baby Mind - www.emapea.bandcamp.comBluntone - Rhodes to Nowhere - www.bluntone.bandcamp.comFLUGHAND - Zedoary - www.flughand.bandcamp.comMr. Käfer - Keep ...…
In this episode AJ tries his power of sleep on the unsuspecting listener while explaining his idea laden with yawns. Try to stay awake during this riveting episode!! AJ's Side Panel Episode #6 [ 17:46 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download podPressShowHidePlayer('1', '', 290, 24, 'fa ...…
MARCIE SMOLIN is an actress, writer, producer, comedian & the Director and founder of The Actors Circle, LLC. She began her acting career as a child actor. Marcie has as guest starring roles RUDE AWAKING, BROTHER GARCIA, PICKET FENCES and in numerous television shows. In addition to acting Marcie was a stand-up comic has appeared on numerous st ...…
Welcome to the podcast It’s Called Two Brothers! We cover some spicy topics in this one, homies. Best be wide awake for this! Here’s a list: Ultraviolet Feminist Group’s Open Letter to Spotify Senate vote on Net Neutrality “Bohemian Rhapsody” Trailer “The Predator 2018” Trailer “Rampage” will be underrated How the media manufactures rage to kee ...…
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The fiftieth day of the Omer is observed as the holiday of Shabuot. The Halachic authorities address the question of whether or not there is a requirement to study the laws of Shabuot thirty days before the holiday, as we are required to do before Pesah. The Bah (Rav Yoel Sirkis, Poland, 1561-1640), in Siman 429, rules that this obligation appl ...…
This was supposed to be a sci-fi-ish episode, until we got to the point that we both agreed that this could go very serious and very deep. But it's also because Bo was not fully awake. So this is a pretty slow and scattered episode. We talked about bits of what might happen to one's data when someone passes away. We don't have a clear answer, b ...…
Jesus often answered a question with a question of His own. But when asked, "Who is my neighbor?", He answered by telling a story -- a story that asks the same question of us today.
Dr. Joe Bailey joined us on the show to talk about his experience with Lyme Disease and the import work he is doing in educating about mental health and wellbeing. It’s difficult to know exactly where to start with all that I have learned about Joe Bailey, his work history is nothing short of amazing. However, his recent work aimed to impact th ...…
The blueprint for awake living.
We brought the whole family together, including my wife Aubree and our dog Ebert, as we talk over Isle of Dogs, the new stop-motion animated film from Wes Anderson. Then, we go over some of our streaming favorites these days, including the harrowing new season of The Handmaid's Tale and the re-mixed fourth season (and upcoming fifth season) of ...…
Presented By Honor Credit Union - Come Be Part Of It!If you're looking for a job, nationwide there's a shortage of about 280,000 of these folks. Who are they?Mike from Bridgman has your answer below!
What do you do when you only have 33 minutes between cylon attacks? Stephanie and Brad break it down and then break down thinking about being awake for more than 5 days.
In this episode Pastors David Ingrassia and Justin Roper talk about Bible Clusters as a way people are encountering God by reading His Word together with friends. For more information go to It's at the heart of how Charlotte Awake makes disciples because it is a fundamental return to Jesus and His Word.…
What’s your routine before going to bed? If you don’t have one yet, it’s about time we create one for you! Sleep has been the number one thing on my get-healthy list over the past year, so perk up your ears as I share with you some of my best tips for the best sleep ever. In this episode you will learn: Why do you need some kind of routine befo ...…
This is the official podcast of the Clean Water Campaign for Michigan.On this episode, campaign communications director Chris Good interviews Lisa Wozniak from the Michigan League of Conservation Voters. This episode is sponsored by Earthwork Music artist Friends With the Weather.The Clean Water Campaign for Michigan seeks to place clean water ...…
In Episode 134 Angelo talks to Matt, Jess, and Jackie from City Mouth!Topics: The latest EP 'Hollows', working with Take This To Heart Records and It's All Good Booking, Summer Bummer 2018, and much more!For more on City Mouth: featured in this episodeIntro: City Mouth — Lay AwakeFull: City Mouth — Curse My Nam ...…
Presented By Honor Credit Union - Come Be Part Of It!68 percent of pet owners do this "daily," but about 12 percent say "never." What is it?Jackie from St Joe has your answer below!
Episode Description YOUR spiritual life coaching show highlights some of my most sought-after coaching tools and tips based on my book... Awaking the Living Legacy. I teach you techniques for finding and living out your God-given life purpose. In segment ... read more
Pastors David & Justin continue to discuss the importance of not dumbing down the Bible to children as well as when children dance on the kitchen table.
Psalm 127 1 Unless the LORD builds the house,those who build it labor in vain.Unless the LORD watches over the city,the watchman stays awake in vain.2 It is in vain that you rise up earlyand go late to rest,eating the bread of anxious toil;for he gives to his beloved sleep.3 Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD,the fruit of the womb a ...…
Part 1 of Episode 5 I interview fashion blogger, stylist, positive-body expert and comedian Lara Kadillak. Lara and I dive into fashion and how she uses fashion to express herself to create a beautiful narrative with her clothing. We tackle letting go of body shame, positive body talk and finding your way back into your body. Find Lara on www.t ...…
Join us starting April 8th for a new series, titled “Sleepless Nights: Navigating the Sleepless Nights of Our Longings and Losses.” We'll explore the things that keep us awake at night - our hopes, dreams, longings and losses - through the lenses of God's goodness, greatness, graciousness and glory.Speaker - Kate Frederiksen…
Chicago Theological Seminary is located just south of the Midway Plaisance in Hyde Park. Many of you probably know that this stretch of green space, stretching more than a mile from Jackson Park and Lake Michigan on the east to Washington Park on the west, was created as part of the World’s Fair, the Colombian Exposition, held in 1893 and attra ...…
Being familiar with God is an enemy to true intimacy with Him. Familiarity doesn’t cost us anything while authentic intimacy requires sacrifice and investment. Authentic intimacy with God cultivates Truth while familiarity breeds the false.
Being familiar with God is an enemy to true intimacy with Him. Familiarity doesn’t cost us anything while authentic intimacy requires sacrifice and investment. Authentic intimacy with God cultivates Truth while familiarity breeds the false.
When The Master returns, will He find you awake, alert, and faithful about His business of proclaiming the coming judgment and the kindness of God? View your life through the lens of this chapter and ask yourself, are you ready?
Today is a day for allowing yourself to dream. Make some time to daydream and allow your mind to wander. Pay attention to the messages, dreams and insight that your soul is expressing to you in this way. Notice the ones that excite you, the ones that give you a sense of purpose. These are the dreams and intuitive nudges that won’t go away, that ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Awake Church is now available on with the following details: Title: The Word of Life Manifested Subtitle: 1 John Speaker: Matt Privett Broadcaster: Awake Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 5/13/2018 Bible: 1 John 1:1b-4 Length: 37 min. Overview: Having settled the eternality of Jesus Christ in the first phr ...…
Worthy is the Lord. Worthy is He to be praised. Worthy is He to be praised. He is an all consuming fire. The nations will praise Him. He is praised in heaven. He is praised on the earth. He is Holy. Sons of God arise and give Him praise! Awake, awake, oh sleeper. Arise and give Him praise. *Recorded live at Catch the Fire Worship Center, Raleig ...…
Ever Tried CAFFEINATED CHOCOLATE? Learn from Adam Deremo of AWAKE Chocolate Brand, Check out Canada Startups on Facebook!
We are discussing spiritual bypassing and spiritual ego. What are they and who is susceptible? On the spiritual path we come across many challenges, and our own ego is often one of the most tricky! In this episode we talk about how you can identify this within yourself, to help you to reach your full spiritual potential.…
Awake 2 Oneness Radio with R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D., President of the Afterlife Research and Education Institute, Inc. on Friday, May 11, 2018 at 7:00 PM EDT. Craig is also President of the Center for Spiritual Understanding, Inc., devoted to helping people develop their spiritual understanding through afterlife connections. He is the author of Yo ...…
Presented By Honor Credit Union - Come Be Part Of It!58 percent of U.S. adults think kids should do this in the summer. What is it?Kelsey from Berrien Springs has your answer below!
In this episode, I rambled. I went over sports at the end a little, but just Braves and Bron.Last minute music movie suggestions wereBeastie Boys - License To IllThe Beatles - White AlbumTalking Heads - 77Parks and Recreation "top 3 favorite"Inglorious BasterdsJurassic WorldEnjoy Folks!
Mockery: I can hear the roaring laughter now, the one's that took place at Herod's home? Do you hear it? The laughter and the betrayal along with the stunning face to face Herod had with Jesus, yet still went on with his mockery party. Welcome to your calling, awake yet?
In this episode Pastors David Ingrassia and Justin Roper share tips for parents how to have successful Bible Reading in the home for children without turning the efforts into a seminary class!
On episode 5, Amanda Day joins Joel to talk about how gross the Gremlins are, the little girl’s death scene in Frankenstein and how reading about true crime too much can keep you awake. Then they provide commentary for a hectic scene from Gremlins.
The Four Pillars of Authority. In this episode, Michele interviews Michael Neeley. Michael Neeley is a mentor and business strategist for visionary solopreneurs. He is a former professional actor and medieval knight, an author and speaker, and he hosts the podcasts Consciously Speaking and Buy This – Not That. His passion is waking people up, a ...…
Episode 47—Part of the Family Science fiction writer Scott Pearson and his daughter, Ella, dive into Alien 3 (1992) as they continue their epic review of the entire Alien movie series. They’ve said it before and they’ll say it again, always listen to Ripley! Segments Intro :28 Sequel Overview :50 You Waited Six Years for This? 2:03 On Seeing it ...…
Yes LOS is back once again after the disaster of what was WWE Backlash. The duo get into the good but mostly the bad of the ppv. Did Vince McMahon get a wake up call after people were walking out on the main event? MITB qualifying matches for both men and women, who got in? Mario tells wrestling fans to be patient with WWE handling Daniel Bryan ...…
How's that for a boring podcast episode title? Your host William Brian Johnson decided to "edit" the title down to its simplest form know...this one's about editing!From developmental edits to proofreading, learn the differences so you know what you're paying for from a novel editor. Or if you're really on a budget, find out some ...…
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