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If you're new to backpacking, or if you’re hopelessly in love with someone who wants you to love backpacking, then this podcast is for you. We’ll talk about the essentials, how to lighten your load, and how to make the most of your time on the trail. New episodes every Tuesday.
Backpacker Radio
A podcast all about the wonderful world that is thru-hiking and long distance backpacking. From the Appalachian Trail to the Pacific Crest and everything in between. Co-hosts, Zach "Badger" Davis and Juliana "Chaunce" Chauncey muse on the backpacking life and the latest from the trail every other week. Topics include but are not limited to news, trail culture, interviews, gear, advice, and all you can eat buffets. A podcast brought to you by The Trek ( ).
Der Off The Path Reisepodcast bringt dir jeder Woche Dienstag interessante Reisegeschichten aus der ganzen Welt! Sebastian Canaves ist einer der bekanntesten Reiseblogger Deutschlands und Autor des Reiseratgebers "Off The Path - Eine Reiseanleitung zum Glücklichsein". Im Off The Path Podcast unterhält er sich mit verschiedenen Persönlichkeiten über viele Themen rund ums Reisen. Egal ob eine Expedition zur Antarktis, Trekking durch den indonesischen Jungle oder Work&Travel in Australien - all ...
The Practical Backpacking Podcast (PBP) is an audio show featuring informative interviews with adventurers and leaders in the outdoor community or industry. Media content may cover a range of topics including but not limited to wilderness backpacking, thruhiking, bike touring (bikepacking), travel backpacking, bushcraft, camping, urban excursions, and all manner of associated gear, experience, and technique.
backpackers - traveling to explore the worldA place to find the best travel videos.World, Travel, People. Don't hesitate to share with us your adventures on our featured group: best videos will be added to this channel and to our fb page: the 'backpackers' series here:
Bringing you stories of wonder and adventure, from world travel tales to digital nomad life to backpacker fun, Travel Stories Podcast seeks to inspire. From the seasoned adventurer to the wanderluster alike, travelers in over 170 countries tune into Travel Stories Podcast each week for inspirational stories and interviews.
The Backpacking Light Podcast explores the technology, gear, skills, and philosophy of backcountry wilderness travel through stories, interviews, and investigative reports.
A Backpacking Through History Podcast is a website dedicated to the world of long-distance backpacking. This site strives to create a firsthand knowledge base of backpacking expertise—not just gear but also trail towns, backpacking culture, notable and deserving figures in the backpacking community, on- and off-trail living, and much more—that will arm long-distance hikers with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. founder Aaron “Squirrel Meat” Richardson has hik ...
Experiences and stories are centered around a group of men that meet up annually for one big trip. But topics explore tips and tricks to help make everyone's experience move toward the perfect quest.
Building A Travel Lifestyle On The Back Of Entrepreneurship
Welcome to the Nasty Backpacks The Session podcast, where amazing things happen.
Red Backpack Podcast
Transformative spirituality in the everyday lives of interesting people.
Backpacking Advice
Phia Griffin talks one on one with viewers of her films and readers of her blog to answer any Travel Related worries to give them that push they need to start travelling the world!
Join Bryce and Kessler on an adventure filled and information packed journey through the open wilderness as they explore the do's, don'ts, and how to's of amateur backpacking.
BackPack Voyage
Podcast by BackPack Voyage
Backpacker Indian
Welcome to the BACKPACKER INDIAN podcast when amazing talks happen related to Travel, Food & Music.
Backpack News
Hello! Greg and Niko here! Father and son duo providing quality news content for kids. Hope you enjoy the show!
A discussion about motorcycles, music, adult beverages and exploring nature and road trips.
Supporting, promoting and showcasing the best in local, original music. We host occasional evenings of original acoustic music from exceptional artists and larger events like Deepdale Hygge & Deepdale Festival at Deepdale Backpackers & Camping on the beautiful North Norfolk Coast.We produce the Deepdale Podcast, a chat about Deepdale Backpackers & Camping and the North Norfolk Coast. In the words of Groove Armada, ‘If you’re fond of sand dunes and salty air, Quaint little villages here and t ...
Just two friends trying to walk a Jesus centred life. This is our journey of discovery, learning, while hoping to support others in similar situations. Our podcasts are raw, and do contain some bad language.
Out There
Out There is a podcast that explores big questions through intimate stories in the great outdoors.
This show is about what it was like to hike the AT in 2014 as a fat 61-year-old with zero hiking experience. Guests join me to share their stories and insights all the way from Georgia to Maine. At the end of each episode is a chapter from my book My Appalachian Trial I: Three Weddings and a Sabbatical.
Welcome to the Terrestrial Nomad Podcast! This podcast is a narrative of my antics... Highly informal and slightly informative.
Keep Your Daydream is a podcast created for you. In this weekly interview show, you’ll hear inspiring stories of people who left conventional living behind to pursue their dreams and travel. Each episode brings you a different perspective on a new way of living and travel. Guests share their daydream, defining moment, how they achieved their dream and how they sustain their unique lifestyle. Tricia extracts lessons learned so you can take the steps to keep your daydream alive!
Rookie Hunter
An entertaining and educational view into the complex world of hunting and conservation from the perspective of two honest BC hunters. Hear their stories, learn from special guests, and get inspired to experience the outdoors.
REI presents Wild Ideas Worth Living, a podcast that shares stories of adventure and beyond. On each show, host and adventure journalist Shelby Stanger interviews world-class explorers, scientists, athletes, adventurers, and entrepreneurs about how they’ve taken their own wild ideas and made them a reality, so you can too. From people who have climbed the tallest peaks, to people who have started new businesses, broken records, surfed giant waves, sailed across the Pacific, travelled to ever ...
The official Adventure Archives podcast.
We produce audio and video podcasts for the self powered outdoor enthusiast in the UK and World-Wide who wants to find out more about getting the maximum pleasure from simple outdoor lifestyles. Our range of material dips into many aspects. We talk to others and discuss their trips big and small, we discuss and review gear, we link associated skills and interests all with the aim to inspire, inform, entertain and encourage listeners to enjoy the natural world around them. The podcasts are pr ...
Weekly Hiking Tip
Whether you're planning a weekend overnight or a months-long hike of the Appalachian Trail, Weekly Hiking Tip will save you time, money, agony, and facilitate a fun, successful journey into the outdoors. Join Dan Feldman, author of Long Distance Hiking and 2-time thru-hiker, each week as he shares backpacking tips from aches and pains to z-rests.
Welcome to an audio adventure unlike anything you've ever heard. I’m Jason Moore, host of the top-rated Zero To Travel Podcast, and I invite you to come with my wife Anne Dorthe and me to visit the beautiful country of Nepal through this unique 16-part travel podcast series – the world’s first “audio guidary” (part audio guide and part diary). We’ll be your travel companions as you soak up the entire Himalayan mountain trekking experience, going from the bustling capital city of Kathmandu to ...
Inspiring you to get out on the trail and hike. Interviews make the show feel like a radio channel dedicated to hikes and backpacks. So, put on your boots, pack a tent and sleeping bag and listen in! Have a guest idea or question-
The podcast for and by outdoor women sharing inspiring tales, tips and true stories from the trail.
Words with Winos puts a new spin on travel podcasts. Matt and Marilyn talk about their travels while simultaneously drinking—and finishing—a bottle of wine. While discussing their travels and drinking their wine, the two provide their listeners with priceless travel tips, 100% honesty, and tons of laughs! They even have guests come on the show to talk about their experiences traveling, travel tips, and much more! Cheers!
G.O. Get Outside: The Podcast is a radio-style interview show for people who like to get outdoors or would like to get outdoors. Hell, it may even be a show for people who don’t know they want to get outdoors. Too busy? Think you don’t have time for frivolous outside crap? Poppycock! Each episode of G.O. delves into the outdoor lifestyle of some everyday schmo who probably has more in common with you than you think. Whether you are BASE jumping off a flying unicorn or hiking around your neig ...
Explore Colorado
Explore Colorado focuses on teaching and equipping people on travel and recreation in the great state of Colorado. Learn how to backpack, climb a mountain, hunt, fish, raft, off road, and travel in Colorado. Discover about mountain town, tips to make you trip go better, save money on your trip, and more by listening to this podcast.
Britany Felix interviews courageous people that have been able to ditch their traditional lives and desk jobs to chase their passions all over the world. The topics covered include travel stories, the best ways to find travel deals, how living in an unconventional way has improved their lives, how they fund their travels, how to make money on the road, and advice for those wanting to ditch their desk as well.
Grand Canyon Hiking can be one of the most challenging and memorable experiences of a lifetime. But no hike in the canyon is easy: the terrain is steep, dry and rugged. This channel is designed to help you plan for and enjoy your hike into the canyon's harsh, yet fragile, environment. The Grand Canyon overwhelms our senses through its immense size. Unique combinations of geologic color and erosional forms decorate a canyon that is 277 river miles (446km) long, up to 18 miles (29km) wide, and ...
Walking the Earth Podcast explores the travel lifestyle. We talk to a diverse array of backpackers and expats about their unconventional lives and experiences.Find us at
Podcasts about Vermont's Long Trail, by Rough and Tumble. Podcasts including discussions about the trail itself, hiking, equipment, and tips and techniques.
A travel podcast aimed to inspire listeners to discover their world on a daily basis. Designed to speak to people with full-time jobs, hectic schedules, or those simply happy with short-term travel plans, we talk to adventurers, travel bloggers, and wanderers about how to see more of the world around you. Packed with ideas and new ways of thinking, this travel podcast turns the idea of exploration on its head and shows listeners that adventure is right at their fingertips.
All about family travel, slow travel, gap year travel and living abroad with kids. Epic Education Radio is interviews, stories and strategies for people who travel with kids— and for those who plan to. Tune in each week to hear inspired family travelers discuss specific destinations and describe how they handle issues like education, money, accommodation, parenting, technology and more. We talk about the gear, websites, apps and other resources we use, and answer questions from those who hav ...
Travel Tape
From guidebook and travel feature writer Robert Scott Kelly comes this immersive story-driven podcast offering a full pack of tales, histories, interviews, and curiosities from around our world. Learn more:
37signals Podcast
A look at the world of 37signals, the Chicago-based web application company. Discussions about business, design, experience, simplicity, and more. Featuring Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson.
The official podcast of Rocky Mountain National Park. Get the inside scoop on what goes into making a national park work through on-site interviews with rangers, researchers, and visitors like you.
On this podcast you will meet world travelers as they pass through a little place called Vermont. We will chat about the places they visited, their future plans, and the reasons they travel. We will make sure to go on various tangents to leave no road unexplored!
You want to go see the world? The Indie Travel Podcast serves as an online home to backpackers, expats, digital nomads and career breakers. We continue to find interesting stories from people on the road, amazing opportunities to fund people’s travels, and practical advice from every continent in the world. Recorded and produced by full-time travellers, not desk-jockeys. *** iTunes enhanced version ***
Welcome to the Rut and River Pursuits Podcast. Join our epic pro staff around the sonic campfire for stories of our adventures from our Eastern Mountains to the Chesapeake salt. Let our highs and lows inspire you to take to the outdoors.
A casual conversation about coffee, camping, tech & self-employment.
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The Josh Astrop Podcast - #122 Christianne Risman Christianne joins me on the podcast this week. Christianne runs the very successful and extremely interesting Backpacking Bananas YouTube channel. Christianne has travelled the world, gone golfing and thoroughly tested the ability of The Life Straw, amongst other things. Check her out on the lin ...…
Different ways you can have fun with your kids, and plan to have fun with your kids in the future. We also discuss our Chris’s kids making him wear a unicorn backpack. Picture of the unicorn backpack: Check out our Podca ...…
Practical Packing TipsEpisode 005 | June 19, 2018In this Travel Tip Tuesday episode, we’re going to cover some basic packing tips for those of you haven't yet joined the carry-on only club.If you're part of the chronic over-packers, like I am, you'll want to listen to this episode.We'll cover:The basic pieces of luggage essential for any type o ...…
The boys are back after a break with earth shaking news!! We're hitting the High Country with nought but backpacks and what fits in em.. The man with the Golden Tonsils is coming too so we will be covering various aspects of trip planning in the upcoming episodes. Simo discusses the rapport he has developed with Ultimate Hunting Australia's Dan ...…
If there were ever a family travel expert, it’s Tsh Oxenreider. In 2014, Tsh and her husband Kyle sold their house, put all their stuff in storage, and went on an almost year-long trip around the world with their three kids—ages four, six, and nine. Tsh wrote this experience in her phenomenal travel memoir At Home in the World. Today, Tsh kicks ...…
On this very special episode of BTTT, we dig into people's backpacks to see what they've got floating around in their backpacks! Carter asks the entire crew what they keep in their backpack, and more importantly, why.
1.) Directions driving in small-town midwest2.) Left backpack on roof of car
Sometimes we forget what it's like to be new to something. As we progress in our work, life, or hobby, it's natural that we lose track of where we came from and what it was like to have no idea where to even begin something new. Josh Kirchner runs an amazing website at where he documents his journey in hunting. After year ...…
Trending News: Mindfulness and Yoga in the classroom. Teaching about Dinosaurs and Humans living together—at the taxpayer’s expense. Bulletproof backpacks for graduation. Someone Has To Say It: Democrats offer teachers a “Better Deal.” Not good enough. I want the BEST DEAL. Feature Interview: Kelda Roys is running for governor in the state of W ...…
Welcome to another episode of Do it With Dan! This week my guest is my friend Valerie Demay. a 30 (something) social entrepreneur, who was hit by the travel bug while studying in Mexico 10 years ago.Whilst on her adventures around the world, Valerie birthed BAGSHARE, a platform based on the powerful travelling community. A platform where we cou ...…
We all know that walking is a great way to stay healthy. But as we age, we sometimes become more sedentary. Dami Roelse wants to keep us moving for our health, no matter how old we are. Born and raised in Holland, Dami immigrated to the U.S. in 1973 after a year of travel through the Middle East and Asia with her belongings in a backpack. In th ...…
Deadpool’s back and he’s not coming alone in Deadpool 2… so is Gavin… I mean he’s back from the US… he’s with Iain… anyway they recorded a Deadpool 2 spoiler discussion podcast, with spoilers from the start; you’ve all had more than enough time to catch the movie by now, so join us as we talk cameo’s, comical deaths and prisons wallet’s. Let us ...…
Girl Power isn’t just an American thing. It is catching on all over… even with terrorists! The first of an all female terror cell was just convicted of a plot to attack the British Museum with guns and grenades. Safaa Boular, 18, of London, was just convicted at the Old Bailey of two offenses of preparation of terrorism acts and an earlier atte ...…
Lake Placid News Staff Writer Griffin Kelly interviewed Lake Placid High School senior Morin Bissonette on June 7 about her senior project. She gleaned a lot of tomatoes from a local farm, made sauce and donated it to the school's Backpack Program, which helps families who need a little extra help.
Imagine if parts of the world you wanted to see and experience were off limits to you. Some people don’t have to imagine it. It’s their reality. But things are changing. Kevan Chandler founded the nonprofit, We Carry Kevan, where he’s become a prominent voice for rethinking accessibility in the world. Meaning, he’s creating new ideas and resour ...…
It's Fireball night!!!!After discussing the tragedy of human trafficking, the wifey's decided to pick a charity every month to highlight. More sex questions, Vito calls and makes his sex "growl" noise. The girls talk about Jess's anti sex toys and germs, what strange things Noel carries in her back pack, and Neen's husband Dan's dirty talk is t ...…
BETTER LATE THAN NEVER! Sorry for the delay, guys and gals. I had a technical issue earlier this week when I sat down to edit and delayed the episode. Tim Hunt (@timgoeswild) is a “Good Guy to Know” at SlingFin, the makers of the wonderful 2LiteTrek. He’s PCT and AT class of ’15 and he’s here to tell us about the time he almost froze to death, ...…
The full team is back in the studio for the second week in a row, so that should mean that we had no issues with playing jingles correct? Assuming that the Caretaker made the edits that needed doing then the answer is yes. Our Super-Special Guest was the games designer and writer-for-hire of Little Mix fanfic Holly Gramazio. She clarified some ...…
Welcome to Episode 10 of Rapfest Radio, hosted by Backpack Beatz! This week's guest is Florida emcee Erick Dayz! We talk about failing, finding balance as an emcee, and his “Trenchday” campaign!Check us out EVERY Wednesday. Like, subscribe, and comment on iTunes!! Rapfest Radio, where #WeControlTheAirwaves. #PushingTheCultureForward@therapfest ...…
We talk about prepping for outdoor adventures, specifically backpacking. Also tell some stories about previous adventures.
Across the country, many youth depend on free lunches in schools. With the summer break starting soon, a new program in Saint John now wants to help them bridge the gap between the school years. The Inner City Youth Ministry backpack program supplies them with food, recipes and books every Friday, said director Erin Hodge.…
The bag is a Dell backpack laptop carrier has 5 pockets 2 small side pockets small front accessory pockets medium middle tool pockets large main pocket with interior zippered pocket the padded laptop section is well padded and roomy enough for 2 slim 15" laptops Asus Z54C (W/ 120Gb SSD/ 4Gb Ram ) laptop running Sabayon linux Dell 5570 laptop fo ...…
The bag is a Dell backpack laptop carrier has 5 pockets 2 small side pockets small front accessory pockets medium middle tool pockets large main pocket with interior zippered pocket the padded laptop section is well padded and roomy enough for 2 slim 15" laptops Asus Z54C (W/ 120Gb SSD/ 4Gb Ram ) laptop running Sabayon linux Dell 5570 laptop fo ...…
This interview is with Justin "Quality" Knowles who has a website We talk about hiking with family and we dig into hiking while on a business trip. Justin's tip are great and worth listening in on! Social Facebook- Instagram- Waymark Gear Company Heavy duty ultral ...…
Prepper Tip of The Day: Prepper tip: Be sure to have two water filters 1.) base camp second back packable.Jimi Genzling returns to discuss firearms rights, ownership and maintenance.
Prepper Tip of The Day: Prepper tip: Be sure to have two water filters 1.) base camp second back packable.Jimi Genzling returns to discuss firearms rights, ownership and maintenance.
Recorded 6/6/18 Follow-up: Any updates on the Malefifire? News Disney Skyliner progress Map of the route ...…
Dan Holguin is the founder of the High Performance Health Academy which is an online school designed to help high achievers & entrepreneurs regain control of their health so they can create their biggest impact in the world within 90 days. A former pro-football player, he tragically lost his longtime coach and mentor which forever changed the t ...…
Tami Asars joins us today to talk about the wonderful trails and places to visit in the Pacific Northwest including Mt. Raineer National Park and the Wonderland Trail. Tami has written four books on hiking and backpacking the Pacific Northwest to date and has created a Wonder Trail app. Listen in to get enthused about taking a trip to this part ...…
With Bruce deep into Pennsylvania, Steve was expecting this week to have been especially challenging for him. However, just as he's faced every adversity in the past, Bruce has managed his way through the rocks and reached Port Clinton. He's even seen more wildlife. While he is nowhere near finished with the state (or, perhaps, the state has no ...…
Dave Willms, Mike McGrady and Nephi Cole chat with the Executive Director of the Outdoor Industry Association, Amy Roberts, from her office in Boulder, Colorado. This episode dives into the reasons behind the >$800 billion outdoor recreation economy, Bear's Ears, Utah's public land bills, public land transfers, supporting the Land and Water Con ...…
It's hard to contribute when you're not into something. Lamont - not into backpacking Anita - not into foot sewing Go to to see the shirt for this episode. Don't forget to subscribe to the show! Thanks for listening.
Today we're talking about the US reacquiring the title of most powerful supercomputer, a device that essentially reads minds, our gripes with modern roadways and a followup to our backpacks of choice.
Today we're talking about the US reacquiring the title of most powerful supercomputer, a device that essentially reads minds, our gripes with modern roadways and a followup to our backpacks of choice.
This week Tim hits the streets of portland with his friend Megan and finally reaches hopefully the end of the Mail Box saga. Zach continues with his work outs and goes garage saling for Retro items but falls flat. Zach awakes to see Read Dead Redemption 2 available for Pre Order and almost makes a fatal error, Tim talks backpack tech and we get ...…
Intro: Thank you to Chris Odell from Datsusara! If you are interested in computer bags, backpacks, gi, and other hemp products Here’s the awesome Datsusara animation of a Drunken Taoist episode by Paul Klawiter: Thank you to Aubrey Marcus from Onnit! If you are in the market for supplements, w ...…
The latest installment of my past adventures in nature. Tag along to hear about my experience backpacking to a high altitude lake and the victories that taught me to be how I am today.
If our National Parks are looking a little run down, it’s because there is an $11 billion backlog of undone maintenance on everything from roads and guard-rails to rest rooms. Elizabeth Miller of the Santa Fe Reporter, Backpacker and The Guardian USA on the Trump Administration’s plan to pay for repairs with money raised by leasing out more pub ...…
Hello and welcome to the first Deepdale Podcast.We thought we’d try something different, and see whether you like it, so here we are and hope you enjoy listening.In the words of Groove Armada, ‘If you’re fond of sand dunes and salty air, Quaint little villages here and there’, then this podcast is for you.We’ll be chatting about what’s going on ...…
Aubrey Blanche is the Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Atlassian. There, she works with teams across the business to provide greater opportunities for everyone to join Atlassian and do the best work of their lives there. Her work spans the talent lifecycle from increasing access to technical education for underrepresented minorities thro ...…
Welcome back to another episode involving the Beans continuing their adventures and returning to England! We stop over at a couple new cities during our second visit and meet up with some familiar faces from the Camino. There's a quirky hostel which makes a unique but lasting impression due to coffin and bowl beds, among a list of other reasons ...…
In today’s episode I get inspired by all the rain we have had lately and reminisce about June Trip 7 up to Green Lake SK. It’s National Donut Day. And what a first game of the NBA Finals. It’s all about Motorcycles, Bands, Beer and Road trips.
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