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BackStory is a weekly public podcast hosted by U.S. historians Ed Ayers, Brian Balogh, Nathan Connolly and Joanne Freeman. We're based in Charlottesville, Va. at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities.Each week we take a topic that people are talking about and explore it through the lens of American history. Through stories, interviews, and conversation with our listeners, we make history engaging and fun.
BACKSTORY is an ongoing series of interviews with game designers and other notable members of the role-playing community, hosted by Alex Roberts. This show is all about the person behind the work: how did they get into gaming? Why did they start designing? What are they most excited about for the future? Alex loves getting to know people, and you'll love coming along for the ride.
BackStory is a weekly public podcast hosted by U.S. historians Ed Ayers, Brian Balogh, Nathan Connolly and Joanne Freeman. We're based in Charlottesville, Va. at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities.Each week we take a topic that people are talking about and explore it through the lens of American history. Through stories, interviews, and conversation with our listeners, we make history engaging and fun.
Broadway Backstory
Broadway Backstory is a documentary style podcast from TodayTix and Theater People that explores how a show develops from an idea to a full Broadway production. We get the behind the scenes story directly from the people who lived it - the conceivers, actors, directors, and producers. Season two will feature stories from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton, Kinky Boots, The Light in the Piazza, Bring It On, Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812, Come From Away, and Bonnie & Clyde. Some shows a ...
Over and Back tells stories about NBA, ABA & pro basketball history. Hosted by Jason Mann and Rich Kraetsch. Part of The Step Back NBA Podcast Network, powered by Fansided.
Polygon Backstory
Conversations about the games we play.
CBC News correspondents take you behind the scenes as they cover the biggest events around the world. Personal stories from our reporters who were there while the story was breaking.
the Global Magazine of News and Ideas
Once you’ve read your favorite Sterling & Stone book, this is where you’ll find the ‘DVD Extras’. Johnny, Sean and Dave divulge their secrets, and share the trials and victories they had while writing.
BackStory is a weekly public podcast hosted by U.S. historians Ed Ayers, Brian Balogh, Nathan Connolly and Joanne Freeman. We're based in Charlottesville, Va. at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities.Each week we take a topic that people are talking about and explore it through the lens of American history. Through stories, interviews, and conversation with our listeners, we make history engaging and fun.
Legendary radio host Colby "Colb" Tyner takes us back to where it all started with the biggest names in the music business and the world. Each episode is a narrative journey and in-depth conversation with the men and women that shaped hip hop. Colby is an accomplished on-air talent best known for his compelling interviews with Jay-Z, Will Smith, Quincy Jones, President Obama, President Clinton, and more.
Giving every RPG a shot, one adventure at a time.
The Backstory
Telling the human stories that are happening all around us - stories that may be unusual but could be happening to your neighbour or the person next to you on the bus.
Backstory Scripts
Jack and Harrison break down the scripts of Hollywood that were never made or drastically changed. Twitter: @Reel_Opinions Jack: @JackCGracie Harrison: @haribo217 E-Mail:
Urban Tellers® Backstory features a story followed by an in-depth, unscripted interview with the storyteller. Listeners get to hear the story, plus an inside view into the person, their process, and the story behind the story. Produced by PDX Story Theater and Sweetlime Productions,
Jack and Harrison break down the scripts of Hollywood that were never made or drastically changed.
Every week host Todd Wheatland, Global Head of Strategy for King Content and author or "The Marketer's Guide To Slideshare", sits down with some of the world’s great marketers to get behind their public profiles and learn their real marketing backstories. In this fireside chat format, Todd gets his guests to open up and share not only some valuable marketing insight, but also a peek into each person’s real life story. If content is all about telling a great story, you won’t want to miss an e ...
From KOB-TV in Albuquerque, New Mexico, our investigative team examines, discusses and reports on topics with relevance not only in our state, but across all 50. These are the extra details, extra soundbites and extra tidbits of information that may not have fit into our TV coverage, straight into your ears.
Hosted and created by Brandon Dais, "Backstories" takes the latest political news and current events, and tailors it to engage all people. No matter who you are, where you're from, or what side of the aisle you identify with, all are welcome to discussion.
The Bishop Ryan Backstory dives deeply into the patrimony of Catholic education: the ideas, practices, personalities, and spiritual and practical wisdom that shape the way that we go about the tremendous gift and responsibility of providing a Catholic education to our children.
Highlights of Princeton history from the magazine and at PAW Online, along with history-themed interviews
Issues facing journalists and media organisations throughout the world, from safety & security, to changing business models, censorship, etc. New episodes out each month. For journalists, editors & anyone interested in the backstory of how news is reported, presented & published. #Press freedom #Media freedom #Protect journalists
America Innovates shares the backstories of entrepreneurs and investors who are transforming industries. Produced by Sean Young. Co-hosted by Christine Lu.
The Backstory to Great Radio Storytelling
Imaginary Worlds
Imaginary Worlds is a bi-weekly podcast about science fiction and other fantasy genres -- how we create them and why we suspend our disbelief. These are the backstories to our stories.
The Irish Passport
A podcast on Irish culture, history and politics by Naomi O'Leary and Tim Mc Inerney. We bring you the backstory to today's news at a moment of geopolitical upheaval with plenty of lighthearted moments. It's your passport to Ireland.
Where do you draw the line? Each week, we examine a cultural icon’s back story and weigh up the good against the bad.
The Book of Life features interviews with authors, illustrators, musicians, filmmakers, web creators, and others to bring you the backstory on the Jewish arts. Host: Heidi Rabinowitz Sponsor: Feldman Library at Congregation B'nai Israel of Boca Raton, Florida
Into the Music is the place to hear the back story behind the music you love - from Cuban hip hop to Mississippi blues or Stravinsky's Rite, we've got the low down on the beats, bars and basso profondos.
In The Uncertain Hour, host Krissy Clark dives into one controversial topic each season to reveal the surprising origin stories of our economy. From the Marketplace Wealth & Poverty Desk, each season goes beyond buzzwords to bust longstanding myths and uncover surprising backstories. Because the things we fight the most about are the things we know the least about. Listen and subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Twitter: @UncertainHour
Broken Record
From Rick Rubin and Malcolm Gladwell, liner notes for the digital age. Digressions, arguments, back-stories, and random things to disagree with about music.
Haunted Places
You’ve heard of haunted houses, haunted cemeteries, haunted islands...but do you know how a normal place can become a paranormal minefield? Every haunted place on earth has a frightening, real backstory. Greg (Co-Host of Serial Killers and Cults) takes you on an audio tour of a new haunted place, and it’s haunted history, every Thursday. Spooky legends, weird histories, and tales of the supernatural... Listen at your own risk. Haunted Places is a production of Cutler Media and part of the Pa ...
Jo Graham will be guided by wrestling expert and host of the Attitude Era Podcast, Kefin Mahon, as they explore the weird and wonderful world of wrestling. Looking at the horrible history and bizarre backstories of world famous and more current champions such as The Undertaker, John Cena, Steve Austin and wrestling itself.
Home of the Backspins, Beats & Backstories
We discuss the writing, production, recording, and back-stories of your favorite songs.
The History of Fun
Each week, a new exploration of the hidden backstories behind the things you love to do. Whatever happened to the thimble in Monopoly? Where do all the terrifying Chuck E Cheese robots come from? What’s the story behind the helpful cloud turtle in Super Mario Kart? Join Polygon's Russ Frushtick, Allegra Frank and Chris Plante on a hilarious weekly journey through a variety of time-wasting activities.
Just Cases
Every day, law courts make decisions that change the lives of those present in the courtroom. Some decisions change society itself. JUST CASES tells the backstory to some of the biggest court cases you've never heard of.
In 2016-7, Ian McDonald tells one epic tale - the backstory to today's vegetarian and vegan movements. From the Ganges delta to the hills of New England, from the iron age to the present day, voices challenge the idea that other animals exist soley for humans. Discover philosopher kings, rebel poets, and forgotten heroes. Stories from vegan perspectives. Great radio that just happens to be vegan. This is The Vegan Option.
Comedian, actor and writer David Mitchell discusses Back Story - his frank and funny memoir in which he reveals how to become a comedian, how to buy underpants, the danger of lobsters, and much more. Moderated by Boyd Hilton at the Apple Store Regent Street.
Our Sexual History
Our Sexual History, where we explore the different backstories to one of the most universal aspects of being human - SEX.
The Story
The Story tells the unknown backstories of people who changed the world. Each episode is a mini-historical biography, and includes life lessons and actionable insights from the most courageous and successful people in history. You’ll get to walk a mile in their shoes, and the person’s identity is a mystery until the climax. Subscribe to The Story today!
Deconstructing the science, backstory and characters of Rooster Teeth's "Red vs. Blue" (or 'RvB') web series.This Podcast was created using
Join the original Monty Pythons Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam and Special Guest Carol Cleveland as they introduce and discuss their first official app. The Monty Python’s Flying Circus Python Bytes App includes 22 of the Python’s best sketches from the first series of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Also included are exclusive commentaries and back-stories from the creators, as well as a digital autograph feature.
We sit down and talk with interesting professional guitar players, and find out what makes them tick. Uncover the backstory behind your favorite guitar players and behind the "sidemen" who make the wheels spin for artists worldwide. If you love guitar, stick around… you’re in the right place.
Comedian Chloé Hilliard sits down with folks from all walks of life to get the backstory on some of their crazy, powerful and bizarre social media posts.The former journalist has written for The Village Voice, Huffington Post, Essence, The Source, VIBE Magazine and more. When she's not taping this podcast at her kitchen table, the comedian and TV writer, travels the country entertaining a wide range of audiences.
Jo Graham will be guided by wrestling expert and host of the Attitude Era Podcast, Kefin Mahon, as they explore the weird and wonderful world of wrestling. Looking at the horrible history and bizarre backstories of world famous and more current champions such as The Undertaker, John Cena, Steve Austin and wrestling itself.
Discussions with Battle Rappers on their performances, backstory of matches, history, unanswered questions, recaps and exclusive insight on all things Battle Rap.
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Backstory – Only Then Understand Don’t you just love it when you tell one of your children how things will be – and then they are? That’s what happened with this story. My daughter wanted me to convey all my motherly knowledge. She wanted it all at hand, the moment her baby was born. I […] The post Only Then Understand appeared first on CONSIDE ...…
I headed to the northwest side of Chicago to interview my good friend, Rees Urban. Rees has been involved with Chicago’s house music scene for over 2 decades. He started out as a DJ in the mid 90s playing at clubs and raves across the midwest and has since played all over the world and produced well over 100 releases. This episode of FMP includ ...…
In this episode, Bridget and Jason are joined by Rick Solari. Bland branding is bad branding. Allow your personality to shine. Let’s chat about taking a different approach than the norm. Bridget Willard Jason Tucker Rick Solari Bridget: Don’t be so stuck on your business model that you’re not willing to ‘shift’! Rick: Media Producer and consult ...…
Anddddddd welcome back to another installment of Baltimore County Forever Podcast. On this weeks episode we keep the series “Early Days Of The Roc” going with part 3. We got the OG Aleem back and Cristin too, boy oh boy no more crown for her 😂😂😂. We discuss Hov 2001 classic “The Blueprint”, where we were during the 9/11 attacks. We analyzed the ...…
::: ^ clickable ^ ::: ::: DØWNLOAD | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE TO "LIQUIDE SESSIONS" ON ITUNES PØDCAST OR GOOGLE PLAY ... ENJØY! *** if yøutube & pødcast links are not working >>> live recørding is in process *** |:::|:::|::: :::|:::|:::| ::: 2016 HONORABLE MENTIONS::: Waterparks: Double Dare So I am a sucker for pop and when I heard the beginning of # ...…
Michelle and Mathieu lay down the laws Chris Harrison has set forth for ABC's The Bachelor(ette). We talk about the structure of the show, dates, villains, fantasy suites, Bachelor in Paradise, and explain the rules of the Fantasy League for all beginners to the franchise. Next week, we'll be discussing current Bachelorette Becca's backstory an ...…
On this episode of the Holy Nerdy Podcast, we are recovering from a very eventful weekend of Super Dragon Ball sized proportions. I am talking about KamehaCon. This was the first ever Dragon Ball centric convention in history and we are here to tell you about our experience. We met some of our childhood heroes as well as some other very cool pe ...…
Free ice cream, live music, pirate fun, Kayak rentals – there’ll be something for everyone at the grand opening of the new Waterfront Park Dock on Saturday afternoon, June 2nd, from 3-5 pm. In this podcast, BCB host Diane Walker talks with BI City project manager Mark Epstein about the problems with the old dock, the years of planning that went ...…
Talk about backstory? Matthew’s background is incredibly interesting. The now best-selling author joined the Marines after finding his calling soon after breaking up a fight at a movie theatre. He became an author after realizing he could write a better novel than the “boring” best seller he was reading at the time. He talks about finding the r ...…
Hey friends! I am excited to share today's episode of the podcast with you! It features one of my favorite people--my beloved cousin Jodi--and discusses a SUPER important topic: Praying for Priest. But, instead of just generally trying to inspire you to pray for priests (which we all should be doing) this episode discusses a super specific and ...…
"Did you know?" Those three words, when overheard at Walt Disney World, always pull us in. We either want to learn something new, or we want to be able to debunk whatever kind of nonsense we're about to hear. While many Disney fans have heard just about every "fun fact" there is to know about the Vacation Kingdom of the World, some facts and hi ...…
David Troy and Vincent Minnucci cover each and every episode of The Terror in depth. Inspired by a true story, The Terror centers on the British Royal Navy’s perilous voyage into unchartered territory as the crew attempts to discover the Northwest Passage. Faced with treacherous conditions, limited resources, dwindling hope and fear Deaths unde ...… Don't Give Up The Ship PodcastInstagram: @dgutspodcastEmail: dontgiveuptheshippodcast@gmail.comWeekly podcast for the professional and leadership development of junior enlisted Sailors and military members.Spin the Yarn – Setting the Standard- Backstory (Pre-deployment Preps)- Parking Spots ...…
Album Review On this episode of Follow the Sound, we review the debut album from the dynamic sister duo known as Heart! Dreamboat Annie was released in 1975 a few years after the band formed and would establish the band as one of the great rock bands of the 70’s. So, join us as we go through every track and give a little backstory to this great ...…
Need a little inspiration? Looking for a template or some tips on how to better utilise time and organise your business? Want to become a better leader? Today’s episode of That Bad Review checks all three of those boxes with a powerhouse of a guest, April Whiston. April is an ambitious entrepreneur, a business coach, a mother, and the owner and ...…
Backstory – Mother’s Magic I had just hung up the phone after talking with my mom. It had been a rather short conversation this time; she was busy and had to rush off. I had called her, not for anything special. I just wanted to hear her voice. OK, let me tell the truth. I […] The post Mothers’ Magic appeared first on CONSIDER THIS Radio Show w ...…
Hello there! This episode is DEEP. A huge shoutout to James Ridgers for giving me a shoutout on Twitter. Thanks man, you rock! This episode is 40+ mins of backstory on how I got into Warcraft, how Blizzard changed my life, and how Overwatch continues to impact me.
So the audio quality on this and, most likely, the next few episodes will be shit, because I couldn't record them on my nice recorder. But I rant about why Solo: A Star Wars Story is a bad idea, and why I probably won't watch it - not to boycott it or something, but because I personally just don't want to know Han Solo's backstory.…
Joe Dugandzic talks about the time he got to interview the legendary George Takei on his podcast. Check out Joe’s George Takei interview here: A little back-story on QTalk: Joe Dugandzic launched QTalk Arizona as a single podcast in the summer of 20 ...…
If you grew up in the San Jose Area, you may have attended a conference, dance or special event here, but most people are unfamiliar with the Hayes Mansion history. Spend a few minutes learning about this beautiful, sprawling, historic estate located in the Edenvale neighborhood of San Jose. Links to everything mentioned on today’s… The post Ha ...…
In the latest episode of the Herald & Review Outside the Box podcast, sports sports reporter Joey Wagner and Meridian senior Connor Hurelbrink sit down for a conversation with Meridian JV baseball coach Ponce ‘De’ Leon Palmer. Palmer talks about how he got involved in coaching, his interesting backstory of switching sports, and schools, in coll ...…
Happy Mother’s Day! Show notes: This Sunday is Mother's Day, so to honor all mothers we've done an episode highlighting the best and worst (in our opinion) mothers of the nerd world! Mothers are, unfortunately, in short supply in a lot of fandoms, since dead parents are often the easiest way to facilitate a tragic backstory. However, in the mot ...…
It was fun talking with Nick about his unique path to World Long Drive, involving the PGATour Superstore, a golf ball getting stuck in a driver, and a long drive (pun intended) from Chicago to New Hampshire. Nick's backstory in very intriguing, from almost making it to the majors in baseball to cheerleading... yes, cheerleading. After discoveri ...…
Tonight we revisit Urban Legends! Some we found and some that were submitted by y’all! A couple of these are super creepy, a couple are funny and a couple are just odd. So sit back and enjoy URBAN LEGENDS 2!! Poddy Break Cryptid Crate True Crime Fan Club Patreon Do you want GraveYard Merch?!?! WWW.GraveYar ...…
Join Olivia Gabaree as she sits down with AfterBuzz TV hosts and gets the backstory, future plans, and all around info surrounding their life in LA and within AfterBuzz TV. This week Olivia is sitting down with AfterBuzz TV host Lina Noory. Follow Lina on Twitter: @LinaNoory The post How To Be A Host: Lina Noory – Host Highlights appeared first ...…
This week, Brett is on hiatus, transforming the Warriors Three into the not so dynamic duo as Mike and Derrick carry on without their fallen comrade. Topics discussed in this episode include: 1. Who is really to blame when a Con goes wrong? 2. Bill And Ted 3 is finally a go! 3. A new clip from the Solo movie sheds some interesting light on some ...…
I talk about a weird Swedish word with a funny backstory, small people on power trips, and Guitar Hero!
Podcast highlights: 08:10 Does Dan see his previous work experience for the US Air Force and NASA relevant to building an eyeglass company in the context of what he is doing? 25:20 Did Thai people - or Dan himself - not know where he fitted in when he moved to Thailand? Also, did that put doubt in his mind? 45:20 As a mountain climber and an en ...…
What is the "Off The Floor" podcast all about? Where did it originate? Who is Chris Lynam? Listen as Chris tells a bit about his backstory, how he arrived at the name "Off The Floor" and what you can expect in the shows to come. You can catch regular episodes of Off The Floor on iTunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher and exclusive content on Instagra ...…
On this episode of the Holy Nerdy Podcast, Caleb has finally arrived in Dallas to join me in the same studio, and let me tell you we had a blast. The trip though wasn’t easy and Caleb had a very humorous, yet kind of creepy story about the woman who sat next to him on the plane. We got this “Friend’s Weekend” started off right by spending the f ...…
Is WordPress a suitable platform for running an online store?Yes, it's simply great more often than not. And there are specific things you need to understand upfront. Listen to the backstory of EDD and WooCommerce, their business models, how they differ and what could be done with them.
Today's guest on this episode of the Boomtank Business Show Podcast is Don Osmond, Jr. of the iconic 'Osmond Family of Entertainers'. Don chose a different path. He heads OZComm Marketing - his own company - helping large corporations and small business owners develop genuine story-based marketing and authentic marketing based strategies, from ...…
In today's episode of Shut Up And Show Up: Forging Elite Teams: The backstory behind "We all have purple hearts" The 6Cs of chaos 4 Drivers of team performance What you need to know about the 3 team breakdowns Show Notes Head to to get your free guide Sign up for next week's evolution on Team Building For New Man ...…
Welcome back the Filmmaking for Change podcast. This week, we’re excited to have film producer & Cinematographer, Mike Esposito, share his words of wisdom on social impact filmmaking, as he and his team prepares to bring their Award winning documentary – The Rebound – into the world. Mike shares the backstory on how this project become a realit ...…
On this episode: Back from Italy. Sharing insights from a special pilgrimage to Rome, Assisi, Florence, Venice and more. Looking for great new music? Brooke shares the backstory behind Resurrection Letters Vol. 1 by Andrew Peterson. Parenting moody teenagers, and much more! Let's connect! Instagram: 1BrookeTaylor Facebook Twitter: 1BrookeTaylor ...…
Tippi Hedren recently compared Alfred Hitchcock to Harvey Weinstein and we discuss the backstory surrounding this Hitchcock #MeToo controversy. Are things being misrepresented in the press? We are also joined by John Trigonis, author of 'Crowdfunding for Filmmakers.' John gives indie filmmakers basic steps for setting up your crowdfunding campa ...…
We’ve got a new episode of MuggleWatch for you and it’s a good one! In this installment we go pure evil with a discussion about one of the Dark Lord’s most powerfully dangerous and loyal servants. Barty Crouch Jr. has a tragically compelling backstory and family dynamic, making him one of the most interesting characters we meet. Furthermore, he ...…
The penultimate Star Crossed Story Time features Sarah Lynne-Bowman and Jessica Schoolman reminiscing about a truly bad romance - bad for their stuffy business careers, to say the least. Star Crossed is on Kickstarter until May 10th! Thanks to all our backers for making this mini-series possible <3
Mitch Moss (@MitchMossRadio) & Pauly Howard (@PaulyHoward) bring in's Anthony Curtis (@LVA_Tweet) to talk how the parking & resort fees are hurting #LasVegas & his surprise at the almost universal hate for the fees. Plus how poker players are reacting to two stories mentioned on the show last week where a woman wanted to dre ...…
This week we are joined by the hosts of Weed + Grub podcast, Mike Glazer & Mary Jane Gibson and we hit up The Cheesecake Factory! This place is well known across the country, but do you know its backstory? Do you know how their tenders are made? Do you know that they will gladly serve you more food than they damn well know your party can handle ...…
First mate Zach Kohn (@kohnisrad) returns to break down chapters 12 and 13, "Biographical" and "Wheelbarrow". Queequeg teaches us about his backstory and demonstrates how cool smoking is! Visit our website! Follow us on Twitter! @WhaleThreeTimes Like us on Facebook!By (Kevin Flynn).
Backstory – Mother’s Day Gift Lilacs always remind me of Mother’s Day. As a kid, I would gather bunches of the sweet-smelling flowers and bring them to her as one of my Mother’s Day gifts to her. The wonderful fragrance of lilacs in bloom will always remind me of my mom, for that reason. Seemed […] The post Mother’s Day Gift appeared first on C ...…
part 7 : this time I’m joined by Vanessa McEnery, host of The V.D. Clinic and co-host of Devour the Podcast. I had not met Vanessa before joining the Legion Podcasts family and this gave us an opportunity to talk freely and get to learn a little about her backstory. We attempt to find out how someone who is a lesbian and a feminist can laugh at ...…
This episode was just an episode for you, the audience to get to know the 4 of us just a little better. We are all friends ( except Paul and Liz, their married) We Love to hang out and B.S. about life. Jake unveils his new podcast idea, Rob took his first attempt at making a prank call, it was a Chinese cat ransom, And Liz gives us dudes some h ...…
Blue Yeti Microphone: (where my podcasts are stored): http://spreaker.comPodcast Page: Grimecraft Music: Subscribe to iTunes: playoff tree talk continues. Washington wants to make their cheerleader rep ...…
In Episode Two, Chris and Jeremy (two very "ordinary guys") share their backstories of how and why they became focused on cross-cultural ministry. Could it be that you have a role to play in God's global mission--how will you spend your life? Permalink
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