Best bad podcasts we could find (Updated June 2018)
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Bad Voltage
Every two weeks Bad Voltage delivers an amusing take on technology, Open Source, politics, music, and anything else we think is interesting, as well as interviews and reviews. The show is presented by Jono Bacon, Jeremy Garcia, and Stuart Langridge.
One Bad Mother
One Bad Mother is a comedy podcast hosted by Biz Ellis and Theresa Thorn. Join us every week as we deal with the thrills and embarrassments of motherhood and strive for less judging and more laughing.
Very Bad Wizards
Very Bad Wizards is a podcast featuring a philosopher (Tamler Sommers) and a psychologist (David Pizarro), who share a love for ethics, pop culture, and cognitive science, and who have a marked inability to distinguish sacred from profane. Each podcast includes discussions of moral philosophy, recent work on moral psychology and neuroscience, and the overlap between the two.
Join TV writer, actor, and New York Times best-selling author Gaby Dunn (aka America's Deadbeat Sweetheart) for season three of Bad With Money. After two seasons of reckoning with her own financial identity, Gaby's ready to give the American financial system an identity crisis. Every week, Gaby brings a queer, feminist, unabashedly radical point of view to conversations with celebrities, journalists, politicians, authors, activists, and fellow deadbeats. If you're sick of podcast "experts" g ...
We Watch Bad Movies
This is a monthly podcast series called We Watch Bad Movies with John and Alex, two brothers who like to make fun of bad movies. We give you the link to watch along with us as we ridicule some of society's worst film failures.
Running is great, so why aren't the podcasts? Bad Boy Running is a podcast for runners who are bored of the dull and dry podcasts currently on offer. Hosted by friends Jody Raynsford and David Hellard, both running journalists, bloggers and lovable idiots, the show features the conversations they'd have in the pub focusing as much on the camaraderie and social side of the sport as well as the technical. Whether you're a 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon runner or ultramarathon runner, you'll ...
The officially unofficial podcast for AMC’s Breaking Bad. News, Episode Recaps and Analysis, your feedback and more, all about the Breaking Bad TV series.
Bad Publicity
Android: Netrunner - The Card GameBy: Fantasy Flight Games
Bad Science
Each week we pair a comedian with a scientist, to break down the scientifically inaccurate elements of popular movies and TV shows. Warning: There will be spoilers.
Stinker Madness is a bad movie podcast that loves horrible films that might actually be wonderful little gems. Or they could suck. Cult, budget and "bad" movies twice a week.
A discussion of AMC's Breaking Bad, from the entirety of Season 1-5 to weekly discussions of the final eight episodes.
The Infinite Bad
The Infinite Bad is a comedy-horror roleplaying podcast from Definitely Human. In the aftermath of World War I, four strangers find themselves caught in a web of evil beyond their reckoning. To survive, they must band together despite their differences and unravel the grisly mysteries that entangle them. Written and games mastered by veteran roleplayer Giorgio Mariani, The Infinite Bad is a weekly descent into horror and silliness. The nightmare begins with The Secret of Drakelow Hall.
One Star? We're In!
Jeff, Blake and Jason are your podcast hosts discussing everything from comics to movies to television shows (Walking Dead, Community) and all things geek and pop culture related!
Very Bad Words
As long as there’s been language, there have been forbidden words. What gives these words their power? Why are they considered “bad”? Producer and Host, Matt Fidler, reaches out to experts, linguists, and historians to explore these words and their cultural significance. From diving into specific bad words to exploring what language has the “worst curses”, Matt weaves personal stories and interviews to help shed light on the power of very bad words.
Technologists and crypto-enthusiasts Joel Comm and Travis Wright attempt to demystify the world of bitcoin, blockchain, litecoin, ethereum, alt-coins, token generation events, and ICOs in this podcast for cryptocurrency newbies.
where the naughty dogs train
Bad Psychology
Professional advice is hard to come by. Unfortunately, this won't be the place you'll find it. Each episode, co-hosts Jason Stamey and Jeanette Benzie dive deep into topics we want to scream, laugh, cry and complain about. Human behavior is interesting and infuriating at the same time... as is this podcast.
Bad Fodder Figures
A high energy, informative yet humorous weekly gaming centric podcast. Featuring former co-hosts of past podcasts such as: Gamers In Beta, The 40Cast, and Dads Getting Grounded.
The Age of Sigmar Podcast | All About Warhammer
Bad at Sports
Bad At Sports is a weekly podcast about contemporary art. Founded in 2005, focuses on presenting the practices of artists, curators, critics, dealers, various other arts professionals through an online audio format.
Bad Asians
David Nguyen and Imran G are two stand up comedians in the San Francisco Bay Area who provide weekly colorful commentary on current events, culture, and/or the mundane.
Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad's creator) and Kelley Dixon (Breaking Bad editor) host a weekly conversation with the cast and crew of AMC's original series Breaking Bad.
Bad Yogi
Yoga, wellness, & healthy living for real people. Minimal hippie weirdness and zero pseudo "inspiration."
Actor Jerry Ferrara gives commentary on the daily things that make you wanna laugh, cry and punch people. Oh and we should have some pretty cool guests barring this show isn't a total disaster.... Is it bad 4 business for your girlfriend (now wife) to produce your podcast? Is it bad 4 business to hire your friends as well? Is it bad 4 business for your title to be "Bad for Business"? Or for your 5 year old nephew to draw your graphics? Tune in...
Two Bad Neighbors - A Simpsons PodcastGreg and Alan are two of the biggest Simpsons fans on the planet - this will be an encyclopedic compendium of all things Simpsons. A boathaus studios podcast.
Critical analysis of each episode of AMC's "Breaking Bad" by Robin Pierson (The TV Critic)
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
Two Bad Pagans
Recording our journey towards our path.
A weekly discussion of the plots, themes and highlights of the AMC series "Breaking Bad." Your hosts Dave Chen (The /Filmcast and The Tobolowsky Files) and Joanna Robinson (Features Editor for will cook up praise and criticism. Questions, comments or a brand new recipe for crystal? Email, yo.
Bad Voltage
Every two weeks Bad Voltage delivers an amusing take on technology, Open Source, politics, music, and anything else we think is interesting, as well as interviews and reviews. The show is presented by Jono Bacon, Jeremy Garcia, and Stuart Langridge.
The boys from Give That Some Thought are here to consider the final 8 episodes of Breaking Bad.
Bad Melee Podcast
Couple of lads talmbout the greatest competitive party game for children ever made.
A podcast about the Detroit Pistons, with completely fair and unbiased opinions on 29 of the NBA's 30 teams from the staff at SB Nation's
Opinions and ideas from people you shouldn't listen to.
Bad Romance
Terrible first dates, embarrassing kisses, awkward threesomes. Everyone has these stories. And Bad Romance is the place to hear everyday people tell theirs.
Good Bad Show
Podcast by Matt McInerney and Andy Mangold
A weekly podcast about terrible movies and the people who love them. Hosted by Tom Reimann and David Christopher Bell. Part of the Unpops Podcast Network.
For a Bad Time, Call... is a podcast dedicated to women's anger. Our hotline voice-rage-box is open 24/7 at 669-BAD-TIME to receive any negative feelings you may want to vent. Each fortnight, we take the best of those calls and release a podcast episode filled to the brim with frustration, exasperation, and displeasure. It's fun, we promise! For a bad time, call 669-223-8463 (BAD-TIME).
Bad Zoology
The show in which we discuss and give our fun take on some of the best animals the world has to offer. Don't quote us on the facts though, we are not scientists.... Join us each week for new animals, special guests and more opportunities for us to make fools of ourselves!
Contemporay art talk without the ego
Bad Fat Broads!
Podcast by Bad Fat Broads
Those Who Can't Do, Whine
Caroline Barker and Peter Allen delve into the personalities behind the headlines as they profile the people who are making things happen.
Your source for Ricin-centric Breaking Bad analysis, fun, and games focusing on the final episodes.
Good Sex Bad Sex
How do you have good sex and why do we have so much bad sex? Join Bibi Lynch and Miranda Kane, a Professional Prude and ex-Sex Worker, in conversation with sexperts, sex-haters and sexy muthers. Think good cop bad cop… But with more handcuff action. A podcast from
A show where real climbers talk about things that the mainstream climbing media don't want you to know.
Bad Ideas Podcast
A podcast about the worst ideas in history. Albert Berg and Tony Southcotte take on some of the biggest historical flops, mistakes, and blunders. From Cop Rock to the Yugo.
Bad Storytellers
Bad Storytellers is a podcast about writing and things that are written.Follow Josh, Doug, Maxx, and Liam, four friends on the road to becoming professional writers, as they embark on the perilous and often hilarious adventures of reading each others’ work for jollies and cynical critique (posted so you can read along too). All of the media they consume is subject to dissemination - both the good and the bad - and every episode they workshop a movie idea and record a full trailer for it. New ...
Welcome to the complete collection of Yeah, It's That Bad, containing every episode previously uploaded to iTunes, as well as every premium episode and After Dark special. Yeah, It's That Bad was a movie podcast that reviewed movies that are considered to be awful remakes, box office bombs, useless sequels, and other critically hated films. At the end of each episode, Joel, Martin, and Kevin ask the question: "Is it really that bad"?
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What’s up everyone? Your sensei is back. Finish the morning up, $5,700 dollars. Best trade of the day, up $9,500 dollars. That was my best winner of the day. I needed it! Finally, first big win in like a month. We’re going to break it down in today’s mid-day market recap. All right everyone. We’re going to do our mid-day market recap here. And ...…
Welcome back to season 3 of Sequelisers, the show all about fixing bad sequels to good movies. If there’s a good movie that was followed by a terrible sequel, we’re going to try and fix it.In this episode, it’s #WhenThisBabyHits88mphYoureGoingtoSeeSomeSeriousShrek vs #ChrisFarley and we're fixing our most critically acclaimed sequel to date – S ...…
I’m so happy to share this wonderful conversation with Charlie Hoehn, dad, podcaster, person who helps people publish books, and (most important for our conversation today) author. Charlie’s book, Play It Away, shares his experience with soul-sucking anxiety, and the simple cure he found. The thing about this cure is, it’s something humans all ...…
Some people think that there is no Satan. That he is just some red-suited Halloween costumed figure who only comes out in October. The Word of God teaches otherwise. Perhaps the following story will be instructive to them. Once there was a boxer who was being badly beaten. Battered and bruised, he leaned over the ropes and said to his trainer, ...…
I once saw a puppy encounter a new toy for the first time. He ran to it, but then quickly jumped backwards, suddenly afraid of it. But he couldn’t help but be curious. He wanted to have the toy so badly. So he crept closer and closer. He was braver this time, and he finally grabbed it. That toy became one of his most treasured possessions. You ...…
Devil worshippers love their kitties, game developers take copious amounts of acid and E3 is duller than dull. The world is flipped upside down yet the guys still attempt to give it a glass is half full chat. A full run through of all the pressers and games announced during E3 and a Side B jammed full of new bands to discover from recent gigs t ...…
On this episode, Mike is joined by Chris and Dan to discuss the N64 classic WWF No Mercy. The goods, the bads and how this game shaped our childhood/friendship. There's a healthy dose of talking about the game and random nonesense because this podcast is really bad.
On todays show, Jason reveals the reason why we just keep coming back to junk food, even though we know it’s bad for us, plus ways to shake the Monday morning blues. Kanye West, Blink 182 and Kurt Cobain are featured on music news. Mindy shares the Most hated retail store chains, plus 10 stores people really love and finally Jason discusses the ...…
Ecclesiastes 1–6 Ecclesiastes 1–6 (Listen) All Is Vanity 1 The words of the Preacher,1 the son of David, king in Jerusalem. 2 Vanity2 of vanities, says the Preacher, vanity of vanities! All is vanity. 3 What does man gain by all the toil at which he toils under the sun? 4 A generation goes, and a generation comes, but the earth remains forever. ...…
Traveling is a curious action. It is done for every reason imaginable and has all sorts of stories. Most of them are good, but somehow only the bad eggs get noticed. That is why when I mention I have travelled alone, most people are surprised. The most common question that I get is “how safe will it be?” as if I’m not concerned for my own perso ...…
In this episode I am joined by one of my closets friends Aubrey Davis, listen as we discuss our current states, shed some advice on coming up, touch on the Incredible's 2, and more.
Andra is not only a bi-lingual lawyer, but a marathon runner, painter, and fellow podcast enthusiast! In this episode, we chat about everything from her early involvement in privacy law [@13:40] and the considerations of consumer claims testing (read: she gets to hang out in the lab!) [@3:50; 12:30], to a wild post-bar story [@25] and why takin ...…
Maeve Marsden is a writer, producer and theatremaker, focusing on comedy, cabaret, live music and storytelling. Mother’s Ruin: A Cabaret about Gin, a theatrical cabaret Maeve wrote and performs in has sold out seasons at Sydney Festival, Perth Fringe World, Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Adelaide Fringe, Festival of Voices (Tasmania), Melbourne Cab ...…
Today on GeekFest Rants, Carlos looks at both sides of the Star Wars fandom coin, the positive fan gatherings like Star Wars Celebration and the flip side with the ugly newer toxic fandom incidents. This non traditional Star Wars fan behavior seems to have been gathering steam most recently with the new Disney/Lucasfilm films like The Force Awa ...…
Today on High On Healthy Bethany is joined by Peggy Noonan, founder of Copia Infusions and Concentrates. Peggy knows a thing or two about marijuana. She was a drug runner between Mexico and the U.S., before earning her living as a dealer in Arizona. Both stints ended badly, with Noonan serving time in a Mexican jail and slapped with federal pro ...…
Welcome to the Real Retirement Financial Planning Podcast. This series covers the 21 Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor. The list of questions was inspired by Jason Zweig of the Wall Street Journal, and his blog post: The 19 Questions to Ask Your Financial Adviser. Responses to Jason’s questions I read from other advisor websites lacked de ...…
Gaming Section E3 - Here’s the highlights EA - VIDEO - ; Website Highlights - Battlefield V Battle Royale ModeNew Star Wars “Fallen Jedi” game, awkward announcementCommand and Conquer is a mobile esports game now that everyone absolutely ...…
A podcast where two friends struggle to remember well known films, who was in them, what the point was and why they started this whole thing in the first place.
There are rumors that the Lakers are poised to make a new Western conference super team. There is also an interesting QB situation in Baltimore. Dukes talks to Dan Devine, Vinny Cerrato and the Fruitcake Emporium in the 1st hour. Open – 00:08 Dan Devine – 6:44 Vinny Cerrato – 22:34 Bad Calls & Fun Facts – 34:18…
Thrill to exclusive coverage of the sport that America swears by. It's exciting Squatball action - The Cincinnati Short Pants vs. the Bismarck Bulldozers. All the action and pageantry comes your way. You won't miss a thing, except maybe the cheerleaders clad in their sparkly hardhats and peek-a-boo overalls. If you like hurly-burly action and j ...…
What compellingly comes through in a give-and-take with Reverend Rob Schenck, author of the recently published 'Costly Grace: An Evangelical Minister's Rediscovery of Faith, Hope and Love,' is his singular thoughtfulness and exceptional introspective capacity. Rob's is a quest for honesty, and of a sort that can be transformative both for self ...…
In this episode the Leftovers are joined by Tristan Brown. We discuss some movies in Good Pop Bad Pop. Brian talks about Superfly and Action Point. Tristan gives his thoughts on the Fred Rogers documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor? and then we all discuss Disney/Pixar’s latest animated installment that was 14 years in the making with The Incred ...…
We would love you to join us; the Up for a Chatters, along with our mindfulness expert Vikki Kelly, in a life long experiment. To live as openly, connected and passionately as you can, day to day, moment to moment. In the good times and the bad. Vikki wants to explore the depths of compassion for everyone. To cultivate and deepen awareness and ...…
Sydney comic Cameron Duggan gets in on the awkwardness of swapping phones with the guys. An offensive show poster is discussed, Mike struggles to comprehend time zones and Capper gets roasted when he's not even in the room. Another great podcast with bad friends! MERCH! Nick Capper is on Redbubble Mike Goldstein's got limited edition MAGA hats. ...…
Is your food making you sick? Anything from simple indigestion to inflammation could be a result of a food sensitivity. If you're eating something your system can't handle, get ready for chronic pain and many other ugly symptoms. Environmental hazards can contribute, too. But to make yourself healthier, you first have to know which foods may be ...…
We need to sleep more. We're getting dumber. Chris Hardwick is bad and Chris Brown is worse.
In this episode, Sarah digs deep into a bad habit that too many of us have—that of denying ourselves the things that make us happy. Are you doing this? You may be surprised that you ARE, but you didn't know it. Sarah will break down what's happening and why so you can recognize it in your life so you can chant it. Sarah shares a simple story ab ...…
Be You Parenting with Mary Dravis-Parrish Do wonder if you are doing a good job being a parent or do you worry that you have done or said things that will affect your child’s future? Are you trying to be like other good parents and feel like you don’t measure up? Do other people comment on how good of a parent you are or are not? This week Mary ...…
Happy Fathers Day! It's the week for dad's but a lot of men were down bad in these streets and we're here to discuss it! Congrats to Dallas Native Errol "Man Down" Spence Jr.on his 1st round KO keeping his belt and undefeated record! Shida Cloud 9 experience that left her down bad, Offset allegedly cheating on Cardi B (again). Trump Meets w/ Ko ...…
This Podcast was designed for people with an addiction or know of anyone who has had an addiction. Do you want to break bad habits? Do you feel the need to get motivated about life? Do you need a motivational push? Are you looking for guidance on how to get started? Send me your story………
TEEN RETURNS FOUND WALLET Improving your life with Modern Positivity. This is Dan Place with way to much to fit into today’s show, lets get at it. Today we explore a YouTube video about a TEEN RETURNS FOUND WALLET video. Enjoy Remi’s trivia, and throw the Laughing skull dice game. Today’s YouTube video review It’s an inspiring TEEN RETURNS FOUN ...…
Show intro: 00:01Intergalactic: 00:54World Cup Talk: 01:27Baseball/Mariners: 6:12US Open/Bad Time for Sports: 09:15Interview Into: 13:57Interview with Juarbe of OpSecGaming: 15:04Post Interview info: 44:04Shouts and Shots: 45:31India Watch: 53:57Dog Talk: 57:46The FatUniverse Continues: 59:32 Wrap up: 1:01:11BOTW: 1:05:53Bonus Post-show Pre-sho ...…
On today's show: Beyoncé and Jay thrilled their fans by dropping a surprise album over the weekend; playwright Stephen Karam turned a bad family Thanksgiving dinner into "The Humans"; real life paleontologist Jack Horner inspired the Sam Neill character in the "Jurassic" franchise.
On today's show: Beyoncé and Jay thrilled their fans by dropping a surprise album over the weekend; playwright Stephen Karam turned a bad family Thanksgiving dinner into "The Humans"; real life paleontologist Jack Horner inspired the Sam Neill character in the "Jurassic" franchise.
Jill Schiefelbein is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, and recovering academic. She taught business communication at Arizona State University for 11 years before venturing into entrepreneurship. Jill’s business, The Dynamic Communicator®, helps organizations navigate the digital communication space to attract customers, increase sales, and ...…
This week sees the release of a show recorded a short while ago, We talk about E3, and what happens when Fandom goes bad.if you want to be on the show then Get in touch with Cam at:
Playlist: The Grateful Dead - Cryptical Envelopment > Drums > The Other One > Me And My Uncle > The Other One > Wharf Rat The Grateful Dead - Not Fade Away > Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad > Not Fade Away The Grateful Dead - Truckin' > The Other One > Stella Blue The Grateful Dead - Scarlet Begonias > Fire On The Mountain > Good Lovin' Dead & ...…
Take a trip back to the 80's for all of the lawsuit inspiring strangeness that is Neil Young's Reagan era output. Sledgehammer drums, walls of synth and all the BONK PLINK percussion this side of Fine Young Cannibals...but is it really that bad?
Hello everyone!! Welcome to another episode of the profitable practice podcast. We are gonna get down in dirty with your numbers today peeps. I do this every 6 months with my MAXIMize Your Clinic members. We have a half-day intensive call. It’s 5hours long. And one of the biggest profound outcomes that people have is when we actually start play ...…
We go on bad dates so you don't have to. Part I of II - Kate and Kaitlyn needed a chicken break and Liana spilled wine on her duvet.
The longer we carry around the burden of anger and resentment toward others, the more it weighs us down, like a 50-pound rock strapped to our back. What can we do to forgive, no matter how bad the pain is that was put upon us?
East Coast Radio — Deadbeat dads are problematic, but Bongani insists that women should also take responsibility for choosing these bad dads.
Bad Blood Part III 06/17/2018 (Speaker: Mike Mylin) by Reality Church
Pitching The Truth: Donald Trump President Donald Trump regardless of what he says many people say he does appear somewhat believable and we need to be believable in a pitch. How does Donald Trump appear to be so very convincing? Before and After Before we look at what Donald Trump does so well first things first let’s dispel the myth that Dona ...…
Wednesday morning, Mark was working on his sermon in the office when a deep voice at the door interrupted his thoughts by calling his name. He looked up from his desk to see a strongly-built man he thought he recognized from Sandra’s circle. He hadn’t learned the man’s name that night, but he thought now that this must be Vicente, the owner of ...…
Talking about my dad, the good the bad and the ugly.
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