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Your new favourite podcast starring your least favourite person.
Bad Fat Broads!
Podcast by Bad Fat Broads
Want to hear more Bards and Nobles? Find us here!www.bardsandnobles.comiTunes: apple.bardsandnobles.comStitcher: stitcher.bardsandnobles.comPodbean: podbean.bardsandnobles.comJoin six friends every Monday as they play Dungeons and Dragons.If you would like the hear more, follow us on iTunes or Podbean. You can also listen to all of our episodes at
No Holds Bard
The Shakespeare podcast Shakespeare would have listened to!* This weekly podcast comes in several flavors. Every other week, you'll get our regular episode features a lightning round on several intersections of Shakespeare and the present day, an underused Shakespearian phrase that you can roll into your everyday conversation to impress/annoy your friends, and a homework assignment currently being blown off by a lazy high school student from the internet. Once a month, we offer SO YOU'RE GOI ...
Spoony Bard Podcast
The first official podcast of that features retro games. Also probably the best podcast online about any amount of video games.
An episodic reenactment of older video games. Using the video games' original music and sound effects and using the dialogue as it was written in-game (for better or worse), we will "play" for you the entire game from start to finish.
The Flop House
A comedy podcast examining the worst in recent film. With your hosts Elliott Kalan, Dan McCoy, and Stuart Wellington.
The officially unofficial podcast for AMC’s Breaking Bad. News, Episode Recaps and Analysis, your feedback and more, all about the Breaking Bad TV series.
BAD BAD MARIA is a happy event planner, who pays attention to love, detail, simplicity and original decoration. As an alternative weeding organizer Bad Bad Maria ensures a memorable and passionate ceremony according to the couple special wishes.
MadBrad Smith
Videos of my film and video work
Join writer Donald Conrad and comedian Brad Lawrence for Cartridge Based Radio - a humorous podcast about classic video games that goes beyond the typical fare by asking the really important questions: Why did M. Bison's plan to take over the world involve winning a karate tournament? How does the Umbrella Corporation possibly make any money? Is Mega Man actually the bad guy?
Talk Radio 49
Covering the world of Independent Wrestling and the ASWF out of Tuckerman, Arkansas.
We Hate Movies
Each week the WHM gang force themselves to watch bad movies that were better left forgotten to fuel off-the-wall tangents, inane impressions and unabashed comedic silliness. This is a comedy podcast for movie lovers that can't help but relish pure trash.
We Watch Bad Movies
This is a monthly podcast series called We Watch Bad Movies with John and Alex, two brothers who like to make fun of bad movies. We give you the link to watch along with us as we ridicule some of society's worst film failures.
Barbarian Bards
Hello and welcome, we're the Barbarian Bards. We write stories, be they good or no, we tell them all the same and talk nonsense. We hope you like this show as much as we like making them.
After failing to find the one via online dating, Chicago musician Alen Khan enlists help from friend and former escort Samantha Acosta to yell advice in his ear as he struggles through a first date.
A weekly discussion of the plots, themes and highlights of the AMC series "Breaking Bad." Your hosts Dave Chen (The /Filmcast and The Tobolowsky Files) and Joanna Robinson (Features Editor for will cook up praise and criticism. Questions, comments or a brand new recipe for crystal? Email, yo.
Critical analysis of each episode of AMC's "Breaking Bad" by Robin Pierson (The TV Critic)
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
Acquired Taste
Here’s how it works: Each episode we watch an episode of an old TV show, and insult it in real time. If you’d like to play along, find a stream of the episode we're watching, fire up the podcast and hit play when we tell you to. Be warned, this is outrageously NSFW.
Join Les and Tanner as they talk theology, craft beer, video games, science and pop culture, all through a Christian worldview. Grab a brew and pull up a stool, it's the Reformed Pubcast!
Pop Everything
From the creators of The Complete Guide to Everything, Pop Everything is a weekly podcast covering pop culture in a humorless way.
The boys from Give That Some Thought are here to consider the final 8 episodes of Breaking Bad.
B. Bad Bits, The Podcast was created for the brown girl as she navigates the various complexities of her world and existence. While helping her to discover the power and strength through self-actualization, and thus becoming her best self.
Bad Bad Book Club
Knuckleheads Kelly Hannah & Brent Flyberg invite one of their knucklehead friends to share a favorite book. Kelly reads the book, Brent does not, and they both judge the guest for choosing whatever dumb book they like.
A discussion of AMC's Breaking Bad, from the entirety of Season 1-5 to weekly discussions of the final eight episodes.
Crushed Celluloid
A podcast about forgotten films, movies, and flicks of all types.
Dr. Ben Tippett and his team of physicists believe that anyone can understand physics. Black Holes! Lightning! Coronal Mass Ejections! Quantum Mechanics! Fortnightly, they explain a topic from advanced physics, using explanations, experiments and fun metaphors to a non-physicist guest. Visit the website to see a list of topics sorted by physics field.
Derwin, Pat, Dick and Valerie are so conceited that they record themselves watching and reviewing movies. Hilarity will ensue and temper will flare. Well, hopefully the first part...
Podcast for the Modern Nerd!
Stinker Madness is a bad movie podcast that loves horrible films that might actually be wonderful little gems. Or they could suck. Cult, budget and "bad" movies twice a week.
Movie Mastery
The fellows from System Mastery and friends take to recording bad movies upon request!
Your source for Ricin-centric Breaking Bad analysis, fun, and games focusing on the final episodes.
Two Bad Pagans
Recording our journey towards our path.
Matt, Toby and Joey discuss funny, controversial, and personal stuff with guests from the music business, leaders in the Christian world, and interesting folks from well outside of the Christian world. In other words... REAL TALK. | Bad Christian The language and topics used in this podcast are for mature listeners. Listen at your own discretion.
Welcome to the complete collection of Yeah, It's That Bad, containing every episode previously uploaded to iTunes, as well as every premium episode and After Dark special. Yeah, It's That Bad was a movie podcast that reviewed movies that are considered to be awful remakes, box office bombs, useless sequels, and other critically hated films. At the end of each episode, Joel, Martin, and Kevin ask the question: "Is it really that bad"?
We're T.C. and Brenna Michaels, professional storytellers, and owners of Genteel & Bard. We still can't believe we get to tell stories for a living. We love God, our sweet little southern gentleman, and our beautiful city of Savannah.
Natter Cast
Jason and Sion natter about Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Game of Thrones, Nurse Jackie and much much more!
Hypothetical Help
Scott Johnson and Mark Turpin, making a show until every last important question you have has been given a completely inappropriate, and most likely, unhelpful answer.
A Weekly podcast about AMC's Original Show "Better Talk Saul" with Dylan Schuck, and a rotating panel of co-hosts discussing what they liked, didn't like and everything in between! Some music and drops produced by Jason Shaw at
The BEST fan podcast for the hit AMC series Better Call Saul
The BEST fan podcast for the hit HISTORY series Vikings
House Podcast from Ricky Simmonds. Follow on twitter @RickySimmondsDJ. Official DJ for Ministry of Sound and Capital FM. Label Manager to “the world’s biggest smallest label” Love & Other - DMC world magazine.
MEAL Uncensored
Melissa Trippy and Allie Wesenberg here talking about whatever the hell you guys want!
Stupid for Better Call Saul is the go to fan podcasts dedicated to AMC Better Call Saul. Hosted by Elaine Ewing (Producer of Stupid for Dexter and Stupid For Game of Thrones) and Travis Rink (2 Roger Corman Produced Films, Writer National Lampoon, Weekly World News) Stupid For Saul is more than just a typical recap podcast show. SFS will feature special guests including actors, writers and producers of Better Call Saul as well as recaps, rumors, predictions and Travis and Elaine use their va ...
The Solomon Success podcast is dedicated to the timeless wisdom of King Solomon and the Book of Proverbs in order to maximize one’s business and life. To our advantage, we can find King Solomon’s financial strategies in addition to many life philosophies documented in biblical scriptures. Focusing on these enduring fundamentals of success allows us to bypass the “get-rich-quick” schemes that cause many to stumble on their journey toward success. Our concern is not only spiritual in nature, b ...
For a Bad Time, Call... is a podcast dedicated to women's anger. Our hotline voice-rage-box is open 24/7 at 669-BAD-TIME to receive any negative feelings you may want to vent. Each fortnight, we take the best of those calls and release a podcast episode filled to the brim with frustration, exasperation, and displeasure. It's fun, we promise! For a bad time, call 669-223-8463 (BAD-TIME).
Those Who Can't Do, Whine
Omar Pinto is an Addiction Specialist, Recovery Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker. Omar will help you find the joy and happiness in recovery, help you destroy your bad habits and then teach you how to crush it in life by achieving your dreams and life goals. This podcast showcases the most heartfelt and inspirational success stories of recovery from addiction. It will change your life.
B Movie Breakdown
B Movie Breakdown is a weekly podcast about finding humor and enjoyment in awesomely bad films of the past and present. Home of the good, the bad, and the wtf. Each week's selection is announced on the prior episode so listeners can experience the mayhem along with us. You can reach us at, @BMBPodcast on Instagram & Twitter, on Facebook, or on our website
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OMG!! They're back again and so is Ebola. The Brads bring back the Ebola update and then venture to the intersection of history, science and culture as they discuss some recent and not so recent examples of good science produced by bad people.They also discuss the recent story about memory transfer in snails, a nice little story about mapping c ...…
On this episode of HuddleBuddiesPodcast we have a treat for you. The Huddle is full and a have a special guest Lamar( @bounceback9800 ) in to break down Steph/KD comparisons from twitter (5:15). Staying on Steph/KD we break down what they must do to take this series, and on Houston’s side we discuss what Houston must do(13:55). Shifting to the ...…
The Hosts return this time with another topic episode! They start off with discussion about the Trick 'R Treat Halloween Horror Nights announcement, then delve into a lengthy and fun debate about several different subjects. This time Travis talks about how it feels like the domestic parks often get the short end of the stick as far as themepark ...…
The HMB gang sits back to bring the scary, and fail hilariously. Yams discusses possible dating prospects for Troll and B-Rad talks about a demon house as Danny yells about the G.O.A.T. and Chris dies. Hold My Beer RSS
Life Without A Manual Podcast EP 008: Learning From The Good And The Bad Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by S. F. Shields @ Media Smoothie LLC. Business and Web Services provided by Bradly Shorts @ Media Smoothie LLC. Original music, "The Desperate Sigh Of Dreadful Exhilaration" written by S. F. Shields, all rights reserved and used by p ...…
Your boy Poutinho is finally catching up with modern cinema! 📹What's up with mascots, and why don't they talk? 😼Betting on sports is legal again! Good or bad? 🤑Robinson, what are you doing, bro? 💉Lebron, no luck with the Celtics. 🍀Is Brad Stevens the new Pop? 🤷‍♂️The NHL Conference Finals got Edlose all hot-n-bothered. 🏒The #SummerOfSoccer is u ...…
Your boy Poutinho is finally catching up with modern cinema! 📹What's up with mascots, and why don't they talk? 😼Betting on sports is legal again! Good or bad? 🤑Robinson, what are you doing, bro? 💉Lebron, no luck with the Celtics. 🍀Is Brad Stevens the new Pop? 🤷‍♂️The NHL Conference Finals got Edlose all hot-n-bothered. 🏒The #SummerOfSoccer is u ...…
Jim Bentley (@jimbentley22) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today! There’s a great new documentary on the “Pizza Bomber”, it’s Royal Wedding week and the father of the bride is cashing in, the Q Line has terrible finances, a dog reappears after escaping for 4 years & Drew discovers Elizabeth Olson. Happy Mother’s Day. Bentley makes othe ...…
On today's show, Brad celebrates mother's day with giving out the first annual "Bad Mom" award and talking about the many ways in which mothers could find themselves in legal trouble,
In this episode we discuss epistemology and the possibility that we are not living in base reality. We filter our discussion through pop culture as we talk about Rick and Morty, The Matrix, The Truman Show, and video games. Enjoy!Follow us on Facebook: page: ...…
Guests Bradley Edward Davis Founder of @Podchaser, #11 on a BuzzFeed list, unfollow if your favorite show isn't Breaking Bad Podcast Episodes on Podchaser Bradley Edward Davis (@beradleydavis) | Twitter Podchaser The IMDb/Letterboxd/Fazoli's breadsticks of podcasts. Beta is live at Podcast Episodes on Podchaser Podchaser ...…
Good Joke / Bad Joke What does it mean to be GOOD? Psalm 34:8 Story of Brad and Jeff What does it mean to BE good? Everything that God does is good The Euthyphro Dilemma: Is an act good because God says so, or does God command it because it’s good? The fact is that […]
Segment 1: NFL Draft favorites plus the clickbait fallacy of mocks and draft grades. Failbucket cutout jeans. An all-time bad bet, Cleveland Browns edition (of course) – when the horse poop hits the fan. Hitting the magical sports do-over button, OKC Thunder edition: Westbrook or Harden. NBA playoffs, 76ers turnaround, plus dap for Brad Stevens ...…
Flex Zone Nation, we've got a certified bad ass on with us this week! We are talking to inventor, UFC veteran, knockout artist, and speedster collegiate running back, Mr. Brad Kohler. We discuss the golden era of MMA and the UFC, how wrestling may be the best sport for future entrepreneurs, the process behind the invention of the Combo Hitter a ...…
In Episode 306, Trev and AJ talk about maturing in the industry and handling freakout moments. Then Trev sits down for Part 1 of his conversation with the godfather of the modern intermittent fasting movement, Brad Pilon. Brad is a nutrition and sports science writer best known for his seminal book on fasting, Eat Stop Eat. He’s also the author ...…
Capper's in the front, Tulky's in the back. It's another double-header on the way back from Gippsland. Nick Capper's Melbourne International Comedy Festival show... Quantum Bad Boy - get tickets here. So many big questions in this epside... Did Capper ever have cows on his bedroom wall growing up? Wasn't Brad Oakes supposed to be along for this ...…
We’re talking love vs. infatuation and just how terrible love potions really are for episode 6 of Rick and Morty, Rick Potion #9! SHOW NOTES – Rick Potion #9 Semi Pertinent News Run Jewels Video Animated by RaM team Adult Swim Festival Dan Harmon not tweet minute Season 4 not happening??! Justin Roiland – For everyone telling me to get back to ...…
On The show this week: Facebook on the chopping block, starting with Brad; Tech support goes felony; Those public resources aren’t for the public; And When monkeys go bad. Be sure to find the whole show at
Season 1 Episode 004 Travel Injuries and Illness Tips Show Notes: Jaynie: In this episode, we will discuss different travel injuries and illness tips and situations you may encounter while traveling. We will talk about each situation and determine the best way to handle something like it in the future. It’s a learning experience for everyone. ( ...…
Season 1 Episode 003 Millennial Group Travel Show Notes: In this episode, Scott and I interview our daughter Celeena Wall about her experience with Millennial Group Travel. You can find plenty of information all over the internet about solo travel, but solo travel isn’t for everyone. Celeena shows us another option. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbyg ...…
Brad and John talk about the new avengers movie coming out. Both have their speculations as to who is going to die? Will it be Iron Man, will it be Vision, or will it be everyones favorite Captain America? Who do you think it will be? They also talk Justice League and the bad CGI, and how brad thinks its time for a fat, bald, and poor batman. A ...…
Welcome to episode 13 of OMPS! This week Brad and Kurt take on the genre of Romance. While everyone usually thinks about a Julia Roberts, or Meg Ryan rom-com (Romantic Comedy), there are a lot more choices that could count for a specific genre. And romance has many different, very diverse possibilities in film, and certainly film scores. Brad a ...…
The Real Krazy Kraz presents you with 90 minutes of phone calls and voicemails, mostly involving underground tunnels but sometimes Karrot Top instead. Intro song by Reefer Badness. Get it from YouTube or Bandcamp Thanks for today’s show art, Jack Helliquinn Listen to Stick It With Mr. Biggs Suggest some ideas for Snow Plow Show radio drop thing ...…
BoboBob the HoboBob is fully to blame for making you sick of all these trailerpark calls. Thanks for the new PLA song, Reefer Badness! Here’s the YouTube page for that song, and here’s the Bandcamp. It’s name your own price to download it, so you should pay at least $30 for it if you like the song. Listen to the 3 latest Hobosodes on our Patreo ...…
FILMATION FEBRUARY concludes with DTPC’s look at the very special BRAVESTARR anti-drug episode, “The Price!” Addiction, chicken, crime, bath salts, death… all wrapped up in a space western burrito! Laughs are had and life lessons are learned.
This week, we chat about 2013's Formula One film Rush directed by Ron Howard. It did not exactly tear up the box office, but did it get our checkered flag? Tune in to find out. We also chat about Black Panther, Daddy's Home 2, Bad Moms Christmas, Brad's Status and Topaz.…
After the boys get some upgrades, they head out on the road to a snowy resort with a request from their new friend, Victor Frankenstein to find some precious and rare gems. While up there, Chuck steals valor, Simmon practices Conflict Resolution, and Balor also does a thing. And nothing bad happens at all....not a single...thing.... ----------- ...…
Here is the in-depth conversation… #fusion-testimonials-329 a{border-color:#747474;}#fusion-testimonials-329 a:hover, #fusion-testimonials-329 .activeSlide{background-color: #747474;}.fusion-testimonials.classic.fusion-testimonials-329 .author:after{border-top-color:#f6f6f6 !important;} Hello everyone! Ashley Stamatinos here. I have a special t ...…
The Brad Bird bombardment continues as we check the pedigree of animated short and TV spinoff Family Dog! Click Here To Download (Right Click, Save As) After a lot of hard graft in the 80s Brad Bird finally broke through and landed a life-changing job working on The Simpsons. Everybody wanted something from television's new golden boy, such tha ...…
Former Zappos Chairman & COO (and current Partner at Sequoia Capital) Alfred Lin joins our heroes to kick off Season 2 with a classic: Amazon’s 2009 acquisition of the internet’s quirkiest online retailer for $1.2B in stock. How did three Harvard undergrads go from delivering pizza to their dorm to delivering happiness to the world — and become ...…
A very special BDYST! WRAPPED CRAP: A live episode, with a video edition. What’s become of some of the stories we’ve looked at in the last year? How’s the creator of ‘Bad Bad Boy’ doing? What about the legendary Tonowanda sub eater? How about Cracker Barrel, home of the $5.99 lunch special? Well bro, watch (or listen) to these updates. Did you ...…
Patty Schmucker’s guest on RadioAMB, Andrew Bartfield of Celeb Luxury, is one of the people who has not only inspired the new trend in hair color but is providing the tools, techniques, and education to make it happen. broadcasting from Manhattan Beach and the World Wide Web you’re listening to CHS our healthy life dotnet as a service to our li ...…
Playlist: Samantha Fish, Chills And Fever, Sean Chambers, Trouble & Whiskey, Johnny Mastro & The Mama’s Boys, Snake Doctor, Ken Valdez, Rio Grande Blues, Hector Anchondo Band feat. Amanda Fish, Dig You Baby, Eliza Neals feat Howard Glazer, Call Me Moonshine, Chris Antonik, I’d Burn It All Down (For You), Anthony Rosano & The Conqueroos, Give Me ...…
This week we discuss Terrence's early experience with the Xbox One X, Micah and Brad's impressions of Destiny 2's Curse of Osiris expansion, the announcements of the Devil May Cry and Street Fighter Anniversary Collections, Sony's latest milestone in PlayStation 4 sales, Bungie locking previously accessible prestige content behind the new expan ...…
Brian swapped out his new TV, Jim got a new (to him) car, Jimmy Iovine questions Spotify's business model, Apple has a bad week with security, Brian hates movie theaters, Brad hates noise, and is the HomePod worth it? Links: Apple Music's Jimmy Iovine: 'Streaming Services Have a Bad Situation' - Mac Rumors Major macOS High Sierra Bug Allows Ful ...…
In this episode we reflect on the highs and lows of the first season of Brad is a Bad Person. We provide an update on the current research going in to the flat Earth theory and answer all of your questions, even the ridiculous ones.Episode Page:…
In this series, we formed a panel from our staff to answer questions about faith and God that were submitted to us online. Panel members include: Clay Monkus, Lead Pastor; Joseph McMurry, Teaching and Family Ministries Pastor; Brad Medford, Student Ministries Pastor; Bruce Jones, Discipleship and Groups Pastor; George Estes, Pastoral Care Pasto ...…
In this series, we formed a panel from our staff to answer questions about faith and God that were submitted to us online. Panel members include: Clay Monkus, Lead Pastor; Joseph McMurry, Teaching and Family Ministries Pastor; Brad Medford, Student Ministries Pastor; Bruce Jones, Discipleship and Groups Pastor; George Estes, Pastoral Care Pasto ...…
Pappas finally shares his theory with Utah. Yet more about butts. Jarf turns it around and interviews us. And, yes, we know the kinky stuff line is in the next minute. Our bad. Guests: Brad and Jarf from Cosmic Geppetto. Recommendations: Ghoulies, Hard Target & Hard Target 2, Ragnarok (Walt Simonson)…
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