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Bad Dates Podcast | Stories about dating that didn't go so well
Nick Shelton re-entered the dating world after his divorce and quickly learned that he really sucks at dating. It was no big suprise because he always sucked at dating. It's true that anyone who has ever been on a date has at least one good bad date story. Well, Nick has been on a lot of bad dates and on the Bad Dates Podcast shares those stories with YOU. In addition to Nick's crazy tales, guests of the show and listeners share their bad date stories as well. It's all in good fun! Every Tue ...
MEAL Uncensored
Melissa Trippy and Allie Wesenberg here talking about whatever the hell you guys want!
DuBl D's Podcast
Dom and D.Respect talk every week. Broken dicks. Bad Dating Advice. Rap. Comedy. Sports. Video games. Anime. Dominicans and Haitians. HRRRLLLLGHHH!!!
Queens of NC-17
Crude, lewd, with major attitude, the Go Go Ghost Girls are here to talk the best and rarest of NC-17 and every gem in-between. Oh, what's that? You also needed really bad dating advice, too!? Well you've come to the right place, because these girls have lots of horrible advice to share with you at the end of each episode! Stay tuned and stay nasty. (WARNING: FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY. UNDER 17 REQUIRES ADULT SUPERVISION.)
Outside of the Classroom: Careers | Entrepreneurship | Education | Your Useful College Degree
The Outside Of The Classroom Podcast is where curious, self-motivated, and ambitious young people come to learn from a mix of teachers, mentors, and experts. I'm Tam Pham, your host, and I promise you that there will never be any BS or fluffy material on the show. We're tired of learning theory and non-practical information. And I hope you are too. Everything we do will be authentic, actionable, and relevant to improving YOUR life personally and professionally. Listen in to the "#1 podcast f ...
One Day We'll Laugh About This Podcast
Join host Christianna Wiggins and a guest every week as they discuss all the weird, crazy and downright bad dating experiences they've had. To keep from crying, we'll laugh about it!
Bear with Leif
bear with leif is a weekly comedy podcast hosted by Leif Enoksen. leif sits down with comedians, writers, and interesting individuals from NYC to talk about Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll, or in Leif's case bad dates, anti-depressants, and comedy. The guests are super talented, hilarious, and criminally unknown. Find Leif on Twitter @saidleif and the podcast @bearwithleif. Subscribe on iTunes, rate on iTunes, listen again on iTunes. In fact i dare you to subscribe and get 10 more of your frie ...
Design Your Life
Are you tired of life slamming the door in your face? Did you get another rejection letter, pink slip, foreclosure notice, or go on yet another bad date? Does it seem like the older you get, the more hopeless life seems? Are you ready to stop taking NO as your final answer? Listen in to Design Your Life, a talk show with Kevin Kitrell Ross, the coach's coach! Go into the locker room for one full hour with the championship coach every week and start designing your winning playbook that will m ...
Playful and Confident
We are a special group of kids... the kind that can't sit still and get diagnosed with ADHD. The ones that chased your little sister on the playground growing up.We are a group of coaches dedicated to making better men in the world by sharing with them the social skills they need to have all the success and happiness with the women they desire.Our aim is to change the world by avoiding one bad date at a time by sharing the best of the best, field tested dating advice we can offer.
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We've made it to Episode 10 and we ain't looking back! In this very jolly episode, we explore a surprisingly not horrible chapter of our book. The Book - Swipe Right The Author - Levi Lusko Couples Therapy - We take a short look back into our relationship, and we discuss James skills, or lack there of, in gift giving/wrapping. Book Review - We ...…
A Woman's View with Amanda Dickson
After Senator Al Franken stepped down from the Senate, Amanda Dickson asked her guests on a Woman's View what they thought. Author Linda Eyre was impressed with him. From the beginning he stepped up and said, "This is wrong. I understood this differently." Sharla Jessop, President of Smedley Financial, said that throughout the process he was co ...…
Tee and Ali discuss some bad dates, some new FWBs and loves, Action Bronson, and just so much more. There is also an update on Danielle's travel through Asia!
I Think I Love You
Have you ever had a bad date? How about multiple ones or maybe you went on a date with a man child. Well Limor and Jenny got your back and they're here to explain went wrong on these dates and the good things that have came out of them. Also check out their instagram page for more fun content!@limorandjenny…
Woody and Jim have been muted for the Christmas Parade. Positive Pants. Woody's dog is learning from Home Alone. Gender Wars. $1 Long Island Iced Teas! How to escape a bad date. Nashville's new reality show is from the producers of "The Hills" and Laguna Beach".
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James and Mariah Learn to Date
The eighth episode, of this gloriously awkward trip back into the dating world. Things are not looking up for this book. The Book - Swipe Right The Author - Levi Luskpoo Couples Therapy - We had a real date night this week. James probably had something weird happen to him, that he is excited to talk about. Book Review - More airplanes, black bo ...…
In the seventh episode of this dating adventure, James and Mariah continue to drudge through Levi's tumultuous tinder-esce book. The Book - Swipe Right The Author - Levi Lusko Couples Therapy - Some awkward shout outs are given. Also Disney World is a crazy place. Book Review - Some good...LOTS of bad!! James sighs a lot, it's that bad. (We als ...…
James and Mariah Learn to Date
We are back at it again, Episode 6, and we continue into chapter 4 of our book. Levi doesn't disappoint to disappoint. The Book - Swipe Right The Author - Levi "the analogy man" Lusko Couples Therapy - James raps and talks big burgers. Mariah talks about baby pee. Book Review -! What is ...…
Special guest Grace McDaniel drops by the studio to talk about the LIVE performance of her radio play, “The Bad Date,” happening on Sunday, Nov 5 at 7pm on the station. Also, Dick and Skippy discuss bad first dates, dog ownership, the importance of weekend parades, and the continued mangling of the English language by Congresswoman Sheila Jacks ...…
James and Mariah Learn to Date
The Fifth, yes fifth, episode of this sweet couple talking bad dating books and awkward dating advice. Today we take a short detour from discussing the book (we desperately need this little vacation episode). We take this opportunity to: -talk about James' pants. -celebrate the fact that we've made it this far, maybe share a little, non-alcohol ...…
Just when you thought the bad dates are over there’s another one waiting around the corner. Just like any horror scenario there is an unrequested sequel. And our podcast isn’t any differently. Leilani and Andrew are back at it again with the second and final installment of scary bad date stories…for now. Who knows, we can do a Friday the 13th k ...…
Episode 4 of this awkwardly adorable couple talking about the awful and delusional Dating Advice book- Swipe Right. The Book - Swipe Right The Author - Levi Lusko Their Opinion - it too much to handle? Couples Therapy - We talk demons and body art...weird things have happened lately Book Review - Did Mariah literally throw the book this w ...…
Today on The Big Fun Morning Show
Nailed it news, and bad dates!
James and Mariah Learn to Date
In the second episode of the smash* hit podcast, the best* couple in the world discuss Christian dating books that could be defined as problematic. The Book – Swipe Right The Author – Levi Lusko Their Opinion – Good Golly Miss Molly (Not good) Couples Therapy – Mariah talks budgets and babies. James only does podcast stuff now. Book Review – Ma ...…
Unreasonably Handsome with Michael and Danger
THIS WEEK: Bad dates. Blood transfusions. Sad French girls. Public restroom etiquette. Jackets made of human hair. Country clubs. Taco Bell. Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan movie pitches. Hot pizza with extra sausage.
In this premier episode, a married couple discuss a dating book for teens and young adults. So, stuff they don't know anything about The Book - Swipe Right The Author - Levi Lusko Their Opinion - Pretty Lame, but has good intentions Couples Therapy - James thinks he's being bullied for liking Star Wars. Mariah likes to hang with their baby. Nei ...…
We are back with episode 5! This week we discuss dating, relationships, and all that trash that comes with. Topics: match dot com, eharmony rejects, being open minded, genuine dudes on match, bad dates, "nice" guys, bet you never dated a guy with a jet ski!!!, nacho interlude, she's just not that into you, emo Lynxi, fuck boiz, the dog dies, ep ...…
(1:00) All-In ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’… it’s been six years since the last Curb episode aired, Curb is back and Super-Sized, Josh’s vague tweets, Ozark (3:34), enjoying Jason Bateman in a different role, walking the tightrope, YES! ‘Ozark’ has been picked up for season 2! (8:58) ‘Young Sheldon’, (9:20) ‘Star Trek: Discovery,’ ‘Law & Order: Mendez ...…
Tripping Over the Broom - Podcast
Love: This debut episode talks about our generation's definition of dating, good and bad dates, and what happens when women pay for their portion of the first date.
Anastasia & Warren ask listeners what lesson should be taught at schools to prepare kids for life. They discuss their bad dates after a UK woman gets into a predicament in her date’s bathroom. Also: Once a cheater, always a cheater? Do elite schools breed sexist men? Is financial responsibility more attractive than good looks? Can travelling al ...…
On this episode of The Tap, we’re back as a summer 2-piece! The guys also talk about bad dates, back to school, and don’t forget that we have a cookout coming up!By (thetap).
Minds Of The Astute
After some time off, We're back with episode 18! We'll cover a man trying to deposit a 1 million dollar bill. A 16 year old is running for Kansas governor seat. Conner McGregor's sparring partner quits. Lewd acts being performed at the movies. A former police officer looking at nude photos on the job. A Sugardaddy looking for Sugarbaby at the b ...…
Find out who underage Trish made out with. Jenny is a trooper when it comes to ending a bad date, and, on the Rock Report, we look back on my chat with Steven Adler of Guns n Roses.
I sat down with my friend, Jenna Lee Golden (@jennajennaboomboom), who's back from giving it a go in Florida and...yo...she's hilarious and this woman keeps it real. Why she's not a fan of Florida, BUIs, manatees, a special guest, appreciating life experiences, me laughing too much, online dating through Bumble, and the greatest bad date experi ...…
Janie and Dr. Ellen Stolar GET INTO the horrors of dating and the hypocrisies of body image with Janie’s BFF, singer-songwriter Matt Palmer (@MattPalmerMusic). Bad dates (and relationships) are dished about, including the time that Janie was provided a list of things to change about herself (like, an actual written list). Body image is broken d ...…
Alan and Jordan call up comedian Bob Smiley to join us on our latest STF™ episode! This is Bob's second appearance on STF™. Bob tells us what he's been up to and provides some fatherly advice to Jordan. He talks more about his dovorce and gives good advice for those going through it. We finish up by playing our latest round of Rapid Fire Questi ...…
Today’s show is another installment of Bad Date Stories. Our guests are Shalom and Desmond, our friends at The Not Historians Podcast. You’re about to hear one of the most gut-wrenching stories you can possibly imagine. Shalom claims this will top any bad date story previously told on the show. You be the judge, Greg. Thanks for listening. THE ...…
ON today's episode of the Stop Losing Women podcast, we talk about a phenom called "Magical Thinking" that can be affecting your dating life! Got a question for Harry? Write to me at!
Episode #2 Explores the dating lives of Lyndon, Trina and Kerry. Everything from Good and bad dating experiences to ways to improve your own dating abilities. If you have any questions for our host on this topic or any others you'd like to hear them discuss feel free to email them at…
01:21 - "Bad Date" at Leapfest with Stage Left Theatre. 07:46 - Another role of Shariba's, Mother Wit, in "Insurrection." 10:17 - What it's like to be an Instructional Coach at Betty Shabazz International Charter Schools. 15:17 - An amazing lesson plan witnessed by Sha ...…
The Fireside Chat
Shilling. Free burgers. Tory scum. Don Jr. Pakistan. Gaming. Flight. Bad dates. Banksters. Liberals.
Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso
Jenny Slate exudes honesty and feeling, her deep self knowledge is captivating. And this honesty comes through in the work that she does. Whether it's a film about a unexpected pregnancy or feeling stable in a stagnant relationship, the characters she plays have an emotional depth that is rare to see on screen. In this interview she and Sam tal ...…
Dexerto Says & Dexerto Podcast | Esports Entertainment
New Episodes Monthly
This is our latest installment of "Bad Date Stories". Grace and Scott join us again. This time Scott, a long-time contributor to the show, tells his story. Greg, you should skip this episode. It's kind of gross. Thanks for listening. If you have a Bad Date Story you would like to share reach out to us and we will have you on the show: contactth ...…
Megan get’s a little nervous this week realising that Love Island is an actual metaphor for life. We overshare details of complicated dating histories, high standards and low blows. Finally we ask why Beyoncé had stood by Jay-Z and discuss the magnitude of his new release.
Welcome to Tinder Tales! This is my podcast about the best and worst of Online Dating. Listen to my guest Comedian Stu Melton as we talk about ways to mess around if you're on a bad date, all the different bad dates Stu has been on and if a woman says she's a feminist she'll probably buy your drink.HOLY SHIT! We are on iTunes! Please Rate and S ...…
Tall Tales in the Big City
Marie teaches us that bad dates make for great stories. Our storytellers for this week are Sydnee Washington, who talks about the time her cab got hit by another car, Steve Clark, who tells a story about finishing the Philly marathon in last place, and Tony Bates, who shares family stories from his southern home town. We also take a call from a ...…
This week, Chris Sullivan (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2) joins Dumb People Town! The Sklars and Daniel Van Kirk discuss Chris's recent meteoric rise, before jumping into Story #1, in which a man files a lawsuit after a bad date. Chris tells the group how Steve Agee's character in Guardians got his name. In Story #2, a burglar has no shame whi ...…
Slings, Flings, and Dingalings - SFD Radio Network - Sex Radio
In this episode we discuss our sexcapades, Paige talks about fucking on the beach, we learn that Taryn's cum smells like Cherrios, then for some reason we start talking about peeing during sex. YIKES. Then, we talk about bad first dates - Paige and Lucas had a bad first date in their new triad relationship and it's HILARIOUS. We all talk about ...…
A case study on bad dates, the first appearance of convicted felon Andy Andy and a rousing rendition of the childhood game “I like you if you like me” are all mixed together into a fine cocktail that is episode 17, “Diane’s Perfect Date”. And for an added bonus, Norm will teach you how to pep up a résumé.…
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