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Virtual Vice - a new technology crime novel based on true events
jmkays thriller ISBN-10:1439201315
Slugger O'Toole
Slugger O'Toole talks politics from Northern Ireland.
Off the Block
A trip to jail, even a short stint, can upend many lives -- the inmate, their loved ones, and their children among others. And Los Angeles has the largest jail population in the country. So what is it costing our city to lock up so many people? In this series, reporter George Lavender brings you stories from the city block to the cell block and back. What's it like to bail out a family member? To stay connected with someone in jail? And finally, to return home?
Jimmy Flowers
Film/tv actor and registered independent Jimmy Flowers talks about all things -- no topics are off limits! What do you have to say? Call and join the discussion!
Love Among the Chickens by WODEHOUSE, P. G.
Jeremy Garnet, a second-rate novelist, gets talked into joining his old pal Stanley Featheringstonehaugh Ukridge in an insane plan to start a chicken ranch. Garnet should bail out on his crazy friend, but he falls in love with one of Ukridge's neighbors, Phyllis. Soon he is up to his neck in sick chickens, bad debts, a hostile future father-in-law, a sinister plot, and dirty golf. It all gets a bit thick, what? (Summary by Mark Nelson)
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Stamford Chidge is joined by Jonathan Kydd, Mark Worrall and Clayton Beerman to wallow in the misery of back to back defeats to Bournemouth and Watford. Sounds like fun :) On the show tonight we ask was Bakayoko’s performance one of the worst we’ve seen from a Chelsea player and should he have been protected more by Conte and not hung out to dr ...…
Every January, Ian Bremmer, president and founder of the Eurasia Group, releases his top 10 risk predictions for the year ahead. "If we had to pick one year for a big unexpected crisis — the geopolitical equivalent of the 2008 financial meltdown— it feels like 2018. Sorry," the report says. In 2017, Bremmer was most concerned about "America Fir ...…
Liberals keep repeating these debunked talking points about tax reform. No more government bailouts! This MSNBC host said one ...…
Ukraine has promised to step up efforts against corruption in an effort to resolve an impasse with its international lenders. A bill establishing an anti-corruption court will be put to parliament in February, according to the country's justice minister. Stephen Carroll asks Ukraine's Finance Minister Oleksandr Danyliuk whether it will satisfy ...…
Jason Hartman's Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing & Income Property
Jason shares his views of the socialistic policies adopted in Europe with regards to immigration and economics before welcoming returning guest, Nick Giambruno to the show. Nick details the problematic pension crisis and shares how it will affect state and local governments. And, he talks about how decentralized cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, ...…
John Adams Afternoon Commute (Nov 25th) Hosted by: Chris From OK Episode Notes: Science is Science Fiction, The Big Cult, Religiousness, The Decline of the West by Oswald Spangler, Peer Review, The True Believer Eric Hoffer Banker Bailout, Sexual Harassment Gate, Clarence Thomas Scandal, Monica Lewinsky Scandal, OJ Simpson Trial, Trump Allegati ...…
Welcome back to the 54 Episode of the ModState Podcast. Today John and Nate dive into President Trump's honoring of the Navajo Wind Talkers, a bailout to middle America and then Mark Cuban's response to Net Neutrality and who owns the Internet!Thanks for tuning in!Show-Notes1) ICANNhttps://www.icann.org2) Mark Cuban Twitter ...…
Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory?
Science is Science Fiction, The Big Cult, Religiousness, The Decline of the West by Oswald Spangler, Peer Review, The True Believer Eric Hoffer Banker Bailout, Sexual Harassment Gate, Clarence Thomas Scandal, Monica Lewinsky Scandal, OJ Simpson Trial, Trump Allegations, Pussy Hats, Media Bias, Whoopi Goldberg, The Maypole, The Joos, Jonas Salk ...…
Chris Manzo is joined by his foul mouth panel of Markus Kuhn, UFC bantamweight Aljamain Sterling, "The Fantasy Executive" Corey Parson, and Maria Marino as they break down Chris' altered sports thoughts. From Grayson Allen to Thursday Night Football to Big Bailout Brand, the crew discusses (and debates) the latest sports topics... and other stu ...…
Norma Sheahan. "Moone Boy" "The Bailout" "Damo and Ivor"Norma trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, graduating in 2000.In 2000 she won Best Actress at the Evening Herald Irish Theatre Awards for her role in the world premier of Enda Walsh's play Bedbound. She was also nominated in the same year for Best Actress in the Irish Times/ESB Th ...…
Have you ever seen a video of someone jumping off a diving board into a swimming pool, but somehow end up doing a BELLY FLOP? It’s funny unless of course, it’s you, right? The same goes for retirement and income planning. It’s not so fun if you are the one that runs out of money and more and more retirees face that horrific event. But it doesn’ ...…
What's the best way to make the Post Office faster and cheaper? Pull the government's tendrils out of it and let it loose in the private sector. That's what countries like Britain, Germany, and the Netherlands have done as email and social media eclipse traditional snail mail. In the latest Mostly Weekly Andrew Heaton explores why the Post Offi ...…
The Economist: Editor's Picks
No one could mistake the past eight years for the roaring twenties, but the prices of assets, from stocks and bonds to property and cryptocurrencies, are high and heading higher. Should you celebrate or prepare to bail out?
Official Sicart Associates's Podcast
THE ENTREPRENEUR AND THE STEWARD OF CAPITAL The transition from one to the other is less intuitive than it seems As we work with more and more entrepreneurs around the world, we find a number of key differences between them and portfolio investors. By nature, entrepreneurs feel that they can succeed at anything if they put their minds to it, so ...…
NoNamers podcast
This week on the #Nonamerspodcast we talk about and play with the notions of what if. For example what if you won the lottery but had to bail out your friend. Then it gets deep its a nice and introspective episode. Check it out and subscribe and also support us on Patreon
BetOnline.Ag Bonus Codes: 75BTB first time deposit (75% Bonus); 50BTB for reloads (50% Bonus)Monday Night Football is HERE! The Dallas Cowboys travel to Arizona to take on the Cardinals in the bailout game of the week. Can America's team rebound off a poor performance in Denver? Will the Arizona injuries deter professional bettors from helping ...…
In this edition of the Old Firm David Shapiro and Alec Hogg highlight some worrying issues for the South African economy which is taking little notice of the way the world is transforming. With divisive politics and an obsession for the past continuing to absorb SA attention, most of the world is positioning itself for a very different future. ...…
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