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SF Barkast
Jeff Cleary and Andrew Lowder, a couple of alcoholic idiots with years of San Francisco drinking experience, take on the city of San Francisco, broadcasting from a different bar every week!
Bienvenue dans TOKU SCOPE, le webshow consacré à la science-fiction japonaise et au tokusatsu. Si X-OR, BIOMAN et GODZILLA sont vos héros, alors cette émission est faite pour vous
BACast - The BadAss Cast
This is a podcast that will describe all of the things that are badass.Well, the things that I think are badass.Look, you do your thing, I’ll do mine.
Shekhinah Embassy International Synagogue Podcast
Stay in the boat
Business Analyst Mastery: Business Analysis Information and Techniques
Listen in to the premiere Business Analyst podcast to learn Business Analysis tips, skills and techniques to help you master the Business Analyst role, faster. If you want to learn to be a better Business Analyst, join the BA Master as he provides the information you need to improve your Business Analysis skills, and help you in your Business Analyst career.
HaShem’s 7 Commandments for all Mankind
HaShem's 7 Commandments for all MankindRabbi Zvi Aviner takes you step by step, up the ladder of Noah’s Seven Commandments, which is the moral fabric of civilization. The classes are on IDOLATRY, ADULTERY, BLOODSHED, THEFT, INJUSTICE, BLASPEHMY and MERCY (the Prohibition to eat BLOOD and more.
Torah Topics
This program is a compilation of Torah related topics that can be used in our day to day lives. Issues such as knowing God, celebrating holy days, marriage, following God’s Commandments, elevating closer to God and much more will be discussed in detail
Reach For Truth with Rabbi Tovia Singer
Rabbi Tovia Singer responds directly to the issues raised by missionaries and cults, by exploring Judaism in contradistinction to fundamentalist Christianity and helps us to sort through the maze and mystery of all the confusion in the world today on who
Torah in The Garden
Take a journey into the Garden, where one may partake of the Tree of Life-- the four levels of Torah, all necessary for full understanding, represented by the acronym PaRDes, which means “garden” or “orchard” in Hebrew.
Ashirah Yosefa teaches about returning to G-d … the G-d of Israel. It is about returning in truth and clarity, looking back to the foundation of faith for all nations of the world, the Noahide Commandments, and forward to the Torah given by G-d to Mose
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Say Goodbye To The Keto Flu 15% OFF WITH COUPON CODE “KETO1515” NOTICE OF DISCLOSURE: Paid sponsorshipIn Episode 1346 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we have a special Q&A with our non-medical panel as our special 2017 Low-Carb Cruise coverage. Have you heard about the annual Low-Carb Cruise that our host Jimmy Moore hel ...…
Join us with our guests Bruce Rippe, CEO of Trinity Guardion and J. Darrel Hicks, BA, Master REH, CHESP as we discuss HAIs and how they lead to more than 720,000 illnesses and 75,000 deaths a year. In fact, more people die from HAIs each year than from automobile accidents. Furthermore, HAIs are a huge financial burden, adding $30 billion to an ...…
Hope you're all enjoying your Memorial Day. In case you are, but feel the need to ruin it, we bring you a new installment of our show. This is a "hoppy" episode featuring two IPA's. We have here the 450 North Scarecrow IPA and the Balast Point Sculpin IPA. (We apologize for some sound inconsistency on this episode. Seems like it's time to upgra ...…
Kristine Blond - Love Shy (Sam Divine & CASSIMM Extended Remix) Juliet Sikora - Did You Take My Money (Original Mix) CamelPhat - Get up Supernova - Get Hot Mark Knight, Green Velvet & Rene Amesz - Live Stream Cookie Crumbles - Where are you now J Majik - Love Is Not A Game, Kathy Brown (Full Intention Remix)…
Throughout a person’s life they will learn from many things. Their schooling. Their parents. Even the experiences of their very life itself. But the most important lessons come from animated japanese school girls with really big . . . lessons to teach us. This week the boys of Baka Baka Baka set out to discover what lessons they’ve learned from ...…
Come listen to our sit down and talk with Mr. Bakasa Martins and learn how he got into fashion and while your at visit our website
Back from Jeff's fact-finding mission in Reno (Found the fact that he sucks at sports gambling), Barkast goes out exploring again in Beautiful Downtown Sacramento! R15, strangely located at the corner of 15th and R, provides the drinks and happy hour pizza. Up until now, the only thing that Jeff and Andrew knew about Sacramento before is that i ...…
Top o' The Tournament to ya! The Barkast is back in RENO at 1864, celebrating Nevada's Statehood, Abraham Lincoln, and a quality Kentucky Mule. Also, Jeff finds himself having bad luck with sports gambling, which is a shock to everyone I'm sure. Go Villanova! (Now then, let's refresh that scores page) NOOOOOO.....…
”Hann má fáa professionella hjálp til konuna, tí hatta klárar hann ikki at loysa sjálvur!”. Soleiðis sigur Sveinur um brævið frá manni, sum ikki orkar meira, tí konan hevur reingerðisørskap. Eisini kjakast panelið kynslív, málburðin í Also og at sova leingi.
Here Is Information. Mobilise.Selected Writings by Ian WhiteBook Launch & Readings DocumentationTuesday, February 14, 2017Artists Space Books & Talks55 Walker Street
The show gains a new member! We talk Beer hotels, the Nintendo Switch and The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild!Beers:Cueing BrewingCycle Brewingbrew dog sierra nevadaBalast PointIntroductions and Description of the episodeWe are the Official podcast of the Brewmasters Club but here on Craft Brews & Geek News we talk about national stories, lo ...…
The show gains a new member! We talk Beer hotels, the Nintendo Switch and The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild!Beers:Cueing BrewingCycle Brewingbrew dog sierra nevadaBalast... Welcome to the BMC! A network of craft beer and geek news tied together, loosely... This podcast is intended to top off your mug with great craft beer and geek news sto ...…
The Buckeye SloopCast - THE Ohio State Buckeyes Podcast
Episode 113 – Don’t Eat Your Nintendo Curtis Samuel runs 2nd fastest 40 among offensive players Why do we care so much about the 40? Adidas… feeling stranded You can, in fact, put a boat on a river Noah Brown skips his 40… red flag? Punters run 40s too Jaelen Gill chooses #OhioState How does Gill fit into #OhioState’s scheme? Can Bama steal one ...…
Brian and Javier interview MinnPost's Briana Bierschbach and MPR's Brian Bakst LIVE at Tin Whiskers Brewing Co. on Fat Tuesday.
You knew this was coming. SF BarKast reunites at the relatively new sports & beer bar, Buzzworks on 11th & Folsom to discuss the superb SuperBowl last weekend. In addition, we discuss movies, music, television, and what it feel like to impersonate Dan Harmon just in order to score some free beer. Yeah, this episode is a "return to the scene of ...…
The Spooks by The Door
SpooksPod is back with a bonus episode to get you through.Baka sits down with Justin Nicholson aka Master Peace to discuss inauguration, musical influences, and why we as a people should take care of home. Just Brothas building.Follow Justin on IG at @MasterPeaceBeats and look out for his new tape coming soon. Subscribe and review SpooksPod on ...…
Deep House
Det är dags att avsluta 2016 med en liten tillbakablick i form av en lista. Ola och Tobbe listar tre händelser eller lärdomar de fått under året och blickar sedan framåt mot 2017 med några önskningar. Några hållpunkter: 5:45 Världens bästa jingel 12:41 Jingel igen... 18:00 ...och igen 26:30 Vi blickar framåt…
The Barkast is back at full strength, but unfortunately still stumbling through the living nightmare created by everyone's racist uncle that never thought their lives might be better if they moved away from the coal mines to where the jobs are. ANYWAY, Jeff and Andrew go to HOLY MOUNTAIN on top of acclaimed Thai restaurant HAWKER FARE. There th ...…
So, we tried to wait long enough for all the post-election vitriol to subside but, guess what? -It just hung around. Therefore, in the interest of posterity, here is Jeff and Kevin Montgomery loudly commiserating about Election Night 2016. WARNING: Explicit Language SPOILER ALERT: We're all gonna die Enjoy!…
Guess who's back in San Francisco in the Mission where they belong? It's the Barkast, and this time they head to BAR SAN PANCHO (formerly Chino, formerly Andalu, formerly Maya Taqueria). Plus, it's the last episode recorded before our uninformed electorate decided to 'Let it Ride' on an ignorant demagogue. Listen to what optimism sounded like! ...…
We were off for a while, but sat down in Las Vegas last month for the Life is Beautiful music/culture, comedy festival. This time, we sit down at Commonwealth on Fremont street in Downtown Las Vegas, where we describe what it feels like to be WAY too old to be at a music festival.
Recovering from a brain injury – a topic that many of are affected by – can also come down to what you're putting in your body. My guest tonight, Cavin Balaster, actually had to rebuild his brain function after a shocking and devastating brain injury. And through functional medicine and nutrition, he was able to recover amazingly from his tragi ...…
Michelle Malmberg tells the first part of her amazing, inspiring, and resilient acquired brain injury story on the Adventures in Brain Injury Podcast with Cavin Balaster. The post Podcast 15 – Brain Tumors, ABI, and Plasticity with Michelle Malmberg (Part 1) appeared first on Adventures in Brain Injury.…
Join us as we check in with our very own host, V, aka PALEOBOSS LADY, about her "Taking It To The Streets" Tour and how she is preparing for her TEDx Talk in Wilmington, Delaware next month. She has already driven from California, to Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Nebraska! See how many lives she is affecting, who she is meeting along the w ...…
Bak USA Director of Products Christian Bak sat down to talk about the company's expansion, new investment, new products and how things are going at the Buffalo based tablet maker.
it's OUR show: HIPHOP for people that KNOW BETTER
Full show: Mike De La KastArtist Played: Michael Jackson, conshus, MyGrane McNastee, Elzhi, Dar-1, Banks and Steelz, RZA, Paul Banks, Method Man, Masta Killa, Sa-Roc, Soul Messiah, LOrange, Mr. Lif, Akrobatik, Gonjasufi, Frank Ocean, Andre 3000, Mike Dean, Shirazee, De La Soul, Estelle, Pete Rock, Mad Sexual ...…
Nymodigheter i all ära, men visst var det bättre förr? Luften var friskare och polisongmodet djärvare. Torsdagens kvällspass handlar om bakåtsträveri och sånt som får oss att längta efter gamla tider
We're finally back! From deep inside the crown jewel of Mission Gentrification, BEAR VS. BULL inside the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Jeff and Andrew pick up the pieces from late spring/early summer, recap the NBA finals and free agency, talk movies and TV shows, and much more. GOOD TO BE BACK.
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