Best ballistic podcasts we could find (Updated November 2017)
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Ballistic Radio
Just facts...
Going Ballistic with Ryan Cleckner
Former special operations (1/75) sniper, bestselling author, and firearm industry executive and attorney Ryan Cleckner discussing all things firearms. The episodes will include classroom/lesson format shows which will explore firearm and shooting theory and technique and talk-show format shows which will discuss all topics firearm related.
Ballistic Strength Radio - Kettlebell Sport Podcast
This program features news about kettlebell sport on the Canadian west coast, as well as featured episodes about all aspects of training, nutrition, and personal development.
Ballistic Mission
Talking about anything.
Ballistic Missile Defense SD
Ballistic Missile Defense SD
Bent N Ballistic Outdoors
Hunting, Fishing, Hiking, Shooting, ATVs and more. Covering the West Coast and 11 Western States
DJ Ballistic Official Podcasts
DJ Ballistic's part of Entertainment Cartel
Ballistic Missile Defense HD
Ballistic Missile Defense HD
MYY Podcast
My Amazing Podcast
Anime Pacific Podcast Feed
A podcast with a foundation in Anime and Pacific related material, with a healthy dose of pop culture. The dynamic of the show lies with Dane’s encyclopaedic fan-boy attitude, and Alex’s average joe anime-ignorance. The banter back and forth with Dane's ballistic, quick thinking quips and Alex's irreverent laid back Norm Macdonald-like snark make for an entertaining counter balance.
Little Indie Night
The first hour at The Little Indie Night Runcorn, 9pm until 10pm ish - Before it goes ballistic.
Run the Bolt
Run the Bolt is a podcast about competitive precision rifle shooting, hosted by Travis Derouin, a relative newcomer to the sport. The podcast is born out of Travis' desire to learn everything there is to know about competitive tactical/sniper style shooting events. His hosts will be a wide array of subject matter experts, from match organizers, to shooters, to ballistic experts and more. The podcast will document a journey as Travis learns and experiences more about his love for shooting rif ...
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“That righteously indignant social justice archetype… It’s interesting to watch guys with guns negotiate that space because it’s not criminal, it’s aggressive and persistent but is it something that even rates putting your hand on your gun? No.” — Craig Douglas Have you noticed that people are more likely than ever to insert themselves into con ...… We need your help to keep the show going! Check out to find out how you can help! This episode of the We Like Shooting show is brought to you by Second Call Defense, Manticore Arms, DEZ Tactical Arms, the Sonoran Desert Institute, JC Arms and Ammunition and Patriot Patch Company! Welcome to the We Like Shooting show, Epi ...…
The #Fumblegate crew discuss the changes in the College Football Playoff rankings, who has a clear path and why Notre Dame is out. We also touch on the rumored demands of Roger Goodell in his contract negotiations, the tragedy & triumph of 49ers WR Marquise Goodwin, a crowded NFC playoff picture, & the dangers of Thursday Night Football. The Of ...…
Dr Bill Deagle MD,,,, John W Spring, NORTH KOREA ABLE TO REACH WASHINGTON, D.C WITH WARHEADS,ARMISTACE DAY, VETERANS DAY, Preparing America for Surrender DAY, Unbirthday of Aborted USA World Babbies, NSA WikiLeaks of Hacking Tools On Purpose, Lack of Missle Shield On Purpose, 2018 ...…
Kieran Young is currently the Head of Sport Science for an elite tactical organisation where he oversees all aspects of the physical preparation. Prior to this, he was the Head of S&C at the Queensland Academy of Sport and the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific working with numerous national, world, Commonwealth and Olympic medallists, most notab ...…
X22 Report: Economic Collapse News & Analysis
In this episode of the X22 Report: UK retail sales decline. The initial jobless claims are back to 1973 level. Every time this happens where the initial jobless claims drop low we end up in a recession. Illinois pension system is in trouble and there is nothing that can be done about. It has been proven that GDP is completely manipulated, just ...…
ASCA Podcast #13 - Ashley JonesAshley Jones is a rugby strength and conditioning coach who has worked with the elite of the game. He was involved with the physical preparation of the Crusaders (Super XV competition), New Zealand All Blacks, Australian Wallabies, Panasonic Rugby in Japan and most recently with Edinburgh Rugby and Scotland. He wa ...…
Friendly neighbors and wide oceans. That, in a phrase, is America's fallback security plan. It happens to be a very effective security plan, says Michael Desch, although you wouldn't know it by listening to politicians. Their squawking about threats to America are more the result of what President Eisenhower called the military-industrial compl ...…
Guest: Rob Bell Site I Books I Facebook I Instagram We continue our discussion with Rob Bell (Bulldogs Futsal Club & Ballistic United SC). Part 2 focuses on the 2-2 vs 3-1 formation, pavement vs grass for development, and the growing question of Futsal vs Soccer.
Another variety show! This time we listen to clips from U.S. media specifically from the first year of Putin’s first term as president, resuming our peanut gallery position with light commentary and analysis. The clip topics range from Clinton and Bush’s brief overlap, to Bush musing about Putin’s soul, to the thorn in the two men’s 8 year rela ...…
North Korea will soon test another intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capable of reaching the United States, according to a Russian lawmaker who returned Friday from a four-day visit to the reclusive country. James Valles reports. (BNO News)
Guest: Rob Bell Site I Books I Facebook I Instagram Rob Bell from Bulldogs Futsal Club & Ballistic United SC shares his story, discusses topics from his book, and offers advice for new Futsal coaches.
Crosstalk Home Show Information Air Date: September 29, 2017 Host: Jim Schneider Listen: MP3 ????| Order? ?This week's program featured information concerning the following headlines: --Yesterday, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed a bill to keep abortion on- demand up to birth legal, establishing the state as a safe haven for women seeking ...…
In this episode, Marcello Sukhdeo talks about Vanguard’s Game Changer series focusing on our latest Game Changer Jim Quick from AIAC and U.S. policy directs the American military not to defend Canada if it is targeted in a ballistic missile attack.
Harvard Lunch Club
Welcome the to the HLC podcast for September 26, 2017; It's the Trump and the SOBs edition of the podcast with your hosts, Hartford radio talk show host Todd Feinburg and Boston nanophysicist Mike Stopa. This week we will discuss the NFL protest of, um, of, oppression of African Americans in our society. Right? That's what it is all about, righ ...…
3 Killed In Terror Attack Near Jerusalem 3 Israelis have been killed and another seriously injured in a shocking terror attack near Jerusalem. 37 year old Palestinian terrorist comes from West Bank village. How The Har Adar Shooting Affects Us All Dr. Martin Sherman, Founder & Executive Director of the IISS speaking at ILTV studio to discuss th ...…
Esoteric Oddities
Join us as we 'dig in' to the barbaric behavior of 2 crazed killers - Stephen Griffiths' Bradford murders, and Omaima Nelson's ballistic buffet. - Connect With Us - Instagram - @ EsotericOddities Twitter - Facebook - Email - Soundcloud - https:// ...…
Israel Sends Help In Wake Of Mexican Earthquakes Mexico is thanking Israel for the extensive help in the aftermath of a devastating series of earthquake that have hit the country. Dozens of Israeli rescuers are taking part in the search for survivors in the rubble, as part of one the biggest contingencies working in Mexico. Iranian Regime Tests ...…
Israeli Basketballer Omri Casspi Blasts Trump Israel’s favorite NBA star Omri Casspi is taking an unlikely political stance against US President Donald Trump. Trump has come under fire for his decision to dis-invited Casspi’s Golden State Warriors teammate, Stephen Curry to a White House reception to celebrate the team’s NBA title. Iran Shows O ...…
Rogue Ballistics, Nations and Hurricanes
Kilos of Craic
In this epic episode of Kilos of Craic, we discuss everything from DACA to Kim Jong-Un. Topics: DACA was created on August 15th, 2012. In 2014, MPI published an article citing a 90% uptick in unaccompanied children cross the US/Mexico border. Matt O’Brien, a former manager of the investigative unit of USCIS, estimated that up to half of DACA ap ...…
Power Problems
Tensions are rising on the Korean peninsula, between North Korea’s nuclear and missile tests and Trump’s inflammatory tweets. We discuss the situation with Joshua Pollack.Show notes: Guest Bio: Joshua Pollack What Does the Timing of North Korea’s Missile Tests Mean? Is Ballistic Missile Defense the Answer?…
In this episode, the Russian President is opened to the idea of having UN peacekeepers in Ukraine, also the U.K. Prime Minister asked U.S. President Donald Trump to intervene in a court dispute between Boeing and Bombardier. And lastly, North Korea issued warnings of “forthcoming measures” against the United States after the latest round of san ...…
TheManko Show
I saw Wonder Woman, the change of director for Star Wars Ep 9, our fatigue with franchise films, I finished Yakuza Kiwami, Dave played more Yakuza 0, and then we go into Universal Basic Income, Education, and how Samsung software sucks.
North Korea has fired a ballistic missile that has flown over northern Japan, less than two weeks after the country carried out its sixth nuclear test, Japanese and South Korean officials say. Residents in Japan were briefly told to seek shelter. James Valles reports. (BNO News)
More than one million people are without power in Puerto Rico and at least ten people are dead after Hurricane Irma smashed into the string of Caribbean islands. The massive Category 5 storm, dubbed the most powerful Atlantic storm in a decade, took direct aim at the tiny island of Barbuda, and thousands are homeless on the island territories o ...…
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