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Battle Bards
A musical journey through MMO soundscapes, Battle Bards reviews and discusses the soundtrack of MMORPGs with a trio of engaging hosts. The Battle Bards podcast alternates with Retro Reprise, a half-hour podcast showcasing classic VGM from the ’80s and ’90s.
The semi-regular podcasts from Andy and Scott, the men behind Two Bards Productions. Listen in with each new episode as they talk about upcoming projects, pet peeves, include local and not so local guest interviews, rant about the proceedings of the day, and just plain entertain.
Chop Bard
The show dedicated to revealing the plays of William Shakespeare as tasty entertainment for today’s hungry audience. Be you actor or observer, this show offers a fresh look at some very old goods.
Want to hear more Bards and Nobles? Find us here!www.bardsandnobles.comiTunes: apple.bardsandnobles.comStitcher: stitcher.bardsandnobles.comPodbean: podbean.bardsandnobles.comJoin six friends every Monday as they play Dungeons and Dragons.If you would like the hear more, follow us on iTunes or Podbean. You can also listen to all of our episodes at
Bards Atlas
Bards Atlas is a narrative and lore-building podcast that follows Fox and Eli, two traveling bards who seek knowledge and stories across the universe. The podcast was created by Preston Richard and Abhinav Narain. If you'd like to get in touch with us or submit an image to inspire a future episode, send an email to or find us on Facebook and Twitter. Don't forget to leave a comment and a rating and please share the program with friends and family. DISCLAIMER: We do not c ...
No Holds Bard
The Shakespeare podcast Shakespeare would have listened to!* This weekly podcast comes in several flavors. Every other week, you'll get our regular episode features a lightning round on several intersections of Shakespeare and the present day, an underused Shakespearian phrase that you can roll into your everyday conversation to impress/annoy your friends, and a homework assignment currently being blown off by a lazy high school student from the internet. Once a month, we offer SO YOU'RE GOI ...
Le Bar des Sports
Retrouvez le Bar des Sports sur les ondes : l'actualité du sport et des paris sportifs, les interviews, les pronostics. Le meilleur du sport !
Bard Times
An Early Modern Theatre Podcast
No Holds Bard
The Shakespeare podcast Shakespeare would have listened to!* This weekly podcast comes in several flavors. Every other week, you'll get our regular episode features a lightning round on several intersections of Shakespeare and the present day, an underused Shakespearian phrase that you can roll into your everyday conversation to impress/annoy your friends, and a homework assignment currently being blown off by a lazy high school student from the internet. Once a month, we offer SO YOU'RE GOI ...
Shakespeare Sundays with Chop Bard, is a practical, and enthusiastic exploration of William Shakespeare’s work. Each episode will take on a single subject taken from his words, lines, poetry, themes, or resources, in order to better understand them, and find out what use can be made of them.
Spoony Bard Podcast
The first official podcast of that features retro games. Also probably the best podcast online about any amount of video games.
Podcasts of role playing sessions
Bards Logic is Your show, the People's Show. The Mission is to facilitate sending out information important to you the Grassroots. Send the host a message via the website.
Official Podcast of the Shakespeare Project
An episodic reenactment of older video games. Using the video games' original music and sound effects and using the dialogue as it was written in-game (for better or worse), we will "play" for you the entire game from start to finish.
Bard & Bible
A conversational devotional as a tabletop gaming missionary reflects on scripture, life, and the games we play
Party Bard
Welcome to Party Bard! Shakespeare uber-nerds Molly Booth and Jack Rossiter-Munley like to talk about the Bard. A lot. And they are bringing their party to you! New episodes post every other Wednesday.
A podcast from that loveable bardic duo playing folk music and novelty music with humor. No kidding!
Quilt, Book and Bard
bchalmer Family Friendly
Bible Bard
The Bible Bard is a weekly podcast for those interested in what history's best selling book has to say about life's greatest questions.
Demonic Bard
Podcast by Demonic Bard
Barbarian Bards
Hello and welcome, we're the Barbarian Bards. We write stories, be they good or no, we tell them all the same and talk nonsense. We hope you like this show as much as we like making them.
Join Jay, The Tavern Bard and various guests as they explore gaming. Part of the Brokn FM network
Bard on the Plains
From sitting around the campfire to the child sitting on Grandpa's knee, we have communicated by telling stories for ages. I want to give people a chance to tell their stories in their own voice so the feeling and emotions come through.
Librivox volunteers bring you six different readings of The Voice of the Ancient Bard, by William Blake. This is a weekly poetry project. (Summary by Annie Coleman)
Guests From All Walks Of Life, On A Wide Range Of Issues - Celebrity, Dignitary, Military, Lay and Religious Leaders - Israel, The Middle East, World Affairs, Cultural, Racial, Political and Social Issues - Testimony With Jensine Bard - Covers It All! A 14:30 Power Packed Show - Don't Miss It!
Two Vancouver gays have a few beer and chat about Xena: Warrior Princess. There will be bad puns, jokes, occasionally a cat and a lot of discussion about everyone's favourite Warrior Princess and her girlfriend.
We're T.C. and Brenna Michaels, professional storytellers, and owners of Genteel & Bard. We still can't believe we get to tell stories for a living. We love God, our sweet little southern gentleman, and our beautiful city of Savannah.
Series Podcast: The Oral Bard;Houston Storytellers' Guild newstape Mon, 21 May 2018 18:20:31 PDT
A Druid podcast brought to you by the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids
Pagan music and pagan talk, covering American Pagan communities. Dreams, Hopes and Fears of the modern pagan from 'meso-traditionalists' to neo-pagan fellowships in the USA. If you want to contribute to our show by doing an interview, listing a commercial, or sening us your pagan music to share and promote, you can!Send it orthedruids003@yahoo.comLeave us your comments, questions, or complaints! We care about our audince! Add Us! VitalPodcasts.comSubscribe Rmail
DFW band Lindby brings you a musical D&D adventure following the exploits of three bards. New episode every other Tuesday!
In this special edition of the KWB we raise our voices to praise our respective homelands as nine of the twenty kingdoms of the SCA come forward to sing of the prowess and glory of their lands. An Tir, Trimaris, Ansteorra, Atlantia, Aethelmearc, East, Middle, Northshield and Glenn Abhann all lend their voices to this 60 minute journey through Kingom Anthems. No panel this month but many songwriters and performers introduce the tracks from their homelands in great detail :) Hosted by Gideon a ...
Shakespeare High: Your Shakespeare Classroom on the Internet joins the podcasting revolution to enhance your study and enjoyment of Shakespeare!
MarcSONGS Podcast
Marc Gunn, author of the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine and the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast, presents the Irish Songs and Lyrics podcast. This is a weekly podcast where you can download a Celtic and Irish song by Marc Gunn. Learn Irish songs (and other songs from Marc) and share them with your friends. All songs are released under a Creative Commons Noncommercial ShareAlike License. This means if you like the music, please feel free to share it with your friends, YouTube it, or do whatever yo ...
Join Beverlee Jean, a Shakespeare super-fan, and Allison Powell, a bard beginner, as they go through Shakespeare's works along with special guests from the plays themselves!
Dungeons and Chill
Seridia is a dangerous world. But in dangerous worlds we can rely on heroes to rise up to any new challenge. Follow Dungeons and Chill a 5e realplay podcast and the adventures discovering the hidden perils in Seridia.
Charm and Trouble
Two sisters traveling the realms earning laughs with their comedic timing, and heart with their voices and wit
a silly podcast where Kageegee, Bindel, and GMV play with eachothers asses until we hit an hour mark
Plunders & Blunders is a live-play RPG where 6 friends sit around a table and tell a story together. Sometimes it's epic, sometimes it's silly, but it's always an adventure.New Episodes Mondays
Host Richard Aldous, contributing editor of The American Interest and professor of history at Bard College, welcomes you to TAI's books podcast.
The Unexpectables
Follow the travels and tribulations of Task the Kobold Ranger, Greckles the Kenku Rogue, Panic the Tiefling Bard, and Borky the Orc Barbarian, as they traverse the dangerous and mysterious lands of Alivast, and the Capital City that hosts a bungle of characters, magic and villains.
SaaS Insider
SaaS Insider is a show about SaaS - business, marketing, and sales. The host, Shira Abel from Hunter & Bard, interviews a new SaaS Insider every week on how they grew their company. We cover the learnings, mistakes, and best practices so you can learn, grow, and scale your SaaS business.
Poetry and Writings of Donna Lyon Rhose
Brutal, trippy, psychedelic, bloody, weird, nihilistic, intense & weekly, SKALD is Aubrey Sitterson's ongoing, serialized sword & sorcery fantasy narrative.Each week, he writes a new chapter that's meant to be heard, not read, then tells it to you in a single take...just like the Scandinavian bards known as skalds.Want to check out SKALD as prose? Buy the first volume as an ebook on Amazon! Get episodes 001-048 for only $6.99!
THE WANDERING WOLF is songwriter Yoni Wolf's ongoing collection of field recordings from the road, unscripted internal monologues, self-reflective moments, and in depth conversations with musicians, artists, comedians, and interesting people of all kinds. These episodes stand to chronicle Yoni's life as a traveling bard and those he crosses paths with out there in the wild world.
Originally an article in the US Edition of the London Quarterly Review, George Borrow offers a sweeping history of Welsh literature, beginning with the legendary origin of the Welsh people, then their major bards and poets, and then their works of prose. Many examples are offered. - Summary by Eric W. Metzler
Wastelands and Wyverns is a 5th edition real play dungeons and dragons podcast that takes place in a world destroyed by a magical cataclysm centuries ago. We have a rogue that turns into santa, an albino ranger, a bald elf bard, a hormonal sorcerer, and a barbarian who is pretty sure they're all idiots. Listen as they try to survive in a ravaged world. Spoiler : It does not go well
Dungeon Punks
Have you ever wondered what a D&D party made entirely of bards playing punk music would sound like? Well, GET OUTTA OUR HEADS 'cause that's DUNGEON PUNKS!!! Dungeon Punks is a real-play D&D podcast featuring music from bands we like.
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Tyler runs around CCR asking people what their 2nd favorite thing at conventions is! Find out the answers from Susan Lee, Mike Wellman, Fanbase Press, Ray Anthony Height, and so many more! Question: What is your 2nd favorite thing about going to conventions? The Interviewees Click to view slideshow. Michael Tanner (Writer, Junior Braves of the ...…
Our villains salvage what they can from the devastation of the Ashfell knight attack and head for the town of Southbend to cross the Black River. They get funny looks in the the peaceful village as a heavily armed and armored party. Juliet disguises herself as a priestess of Erathis and the take a room. The barkeep offers his condolences as he ...…
Learn about what deep learning is, how it can benefit your science, and what Debbie Bard (who leads NERSC's Data Science Engagement Group) has in common with some of the biggest-name bands in the world!
There’s a new Star Wars movie coming out, which means new STAR WARS TOYS!!!! At the suggestion of listeners, the guys sat down to discuss the new set of plastic goodness for Solo: A Star Wars Toy! Don’t forget our Patreon page at BIG Thanks to our Patreon supporters, you guys are the best!: Mr. Matt Moore ...…
Welcome to Episode 89 Both Skazz and Bard have been playing Shroud Of The Avatar, primary developed by Richard Garriott of the Ultima series. An MMO with offline features. The pair discuss the game virtues, and the annoyance of games trying to guess your preferred class. As well as crazy fall damage and weird looking NPC’s TheSuffolkRam has bee ...…
Ellen Condliffe Lagemann is the former dean of education at Harvard, a prolific author, and a distinguished fellow at the Bard Prison Initiative. In this episode, Ellen talks about her book "Liberating Minds: The Case for College in Prison" and her own experiences teaching in New York State prisons. Ellen persuasively outlines the many benefits ...…
This season of the Illinois Shakespeare Festival deftly combines the thrill of both a battle and a heart won, familiar faces revisiting cherished roles, and a chance to imagine "what if" about The Bard.By (Laura Kennedy).
L. Randall Wray is a a professor of Economics at Bard College. Randy is one of the pioneering academics in the world of Modern Monetary Theory. Randy and Adam discuss MMT, the state of the American economy trough the MMT lens, job guarantee proposals, and cryptocurrency.
Welcome to Episode 88 Bard has still been playing CRPG with Shadowrun: Dragonfall and Shadowrun: Hong Kong. A cyberpunk meet fantasy RPG based on the tabletop game. Featuring blind ghoul samurai and dragon business leaders. He talks about the differences between the games and his preferred game play style. Skazz has finally finished Doom 2016, ...…
Brummie Bard Benjamin Zephaniah joins the Daily Mirror's Kevin Maguire to explain why he is a republican. Zephaniah discusses his refusal to accept an OBE, his decision to refuse to bow to the Queen before an event at the Albert Hall and claims he would not play at Buckingham Palace for £1million. Labour MP Steve Pound also appears on the pod t ...…
If you want to follow Carolina , here are her links! - Dramatic Reel
We chose "The God You Know" for Sara's birthday podcast and we're not quite sure how to describe what happened, but it was a good, rowdy time. We (Chloe, Sara and special guest Grace) go from thirsting to confusion to ghost stories!Find us on Twitter: us a message on Tumblr: http://warriorsbardsnbrews.tumblr.comIf em ...…
(Recorded on 03-MAY-2018) Social Justice Bards Facebook: Random Encounters Group Page RavenCon Westworld (2016-2018) Verne Troyer, 'Mini-Me' in Austin Powers films, dies at 49 Avicii tributes pour in following Swedish DJ's death Bob Dorough, Writer and singer for 'Schoolhouse Rock' dies at 94 MoviePass restores its movie-per-day promise. Reddit ...…
After the devastating battle with the Knights of Ashfell, our villains regroup and take stock of the carnage. Their guide, a barbarian named Turin grieves for his wife before urging them on. Turin takes a horse out of the many Edel, the hellsworn paladin, has claimed for his own. Turin decides to put Edel in his place. Edel turns to the party f ...…
"Son I Love You" - The Heart Wrenching, Yet Hopeful And Miraculous Story of MIKE EVANS - A Jewish Boy Who Finds His Messiah - In The Midst Of Great Pain - Turning His Pain Into Purpose - Defending Israel, It's People and The World for YESHUA!
"Son I Love You" - The Heart Wrenching, Yet Hopeful And Miraculous Story of A Jewish Boy Who Finds His Messiah - In The Midst Of Great Pain - Turning His Pain Into Purpose - Defending Israel, It's People and The World for Yeshua!
April 17th, 2018 *NSFM* Kicking a$$ and D&D- the first 30minutes of us killing time and setting up are after the closing if your interested in our chit chat during setup and talk about the Oliver House in Bisbee and Wizard dice and Rogue dice Kickstarters. Join the vengeance seeking members of Circus Chimera! A real play D&D RPG podcast and soc ...…
Level Vibes LIVE on board the MV Dream Chaser for UNFORGETTABLE The Cruise Sunday May 6th 2018. Shout outs to (Bard De CEO, Glossy & Flexx)
In this episode, we spoke with Marieluise Hessel Artzt. Her wide-ranging collection of over 2,000 works, featuring international artists, is housed at the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College in New York, which she cofounded in 1992.
On our mission, though, things have gotten a little awry. What started as a simple escort mission has turned into a rescue mission. Our heroes have found a cave, and we wonder if Gundren might be in there. We haven't found Gundren yet, but we found these gals! We went arm wrestling, we beat up some jerks, and in today's episode, we show you tha ...…
Erin - GMJack - Ragnar - Dwarf PaladinJeremy - Click-Clack - Kenku RogueKat - Sca' - Wood Elven Cleric BarbarianNavarran - Alastar - Half-Elven Bard
Erin - GMJack - Ragnar - Dwarf PaladinJeremy - Click-Clack - Kenku RogueKat - Sca' - Wood Elven Cleric BarbarianNavarran - Alastar - Half-Elven Bard
The BibleBard podcast is a public service providing literary analysis of biblical texts so that those unacquainted with the Bible to hear key, easy-to-understand passages about God and humankind without sectarianism. This is the tenth podcast in the series. The content this week is what the Bible teaches about God's Holiness.…
El jueves 3 de mayo invitamos a Francisco Victoria a presentar un adelanto de su álbum debut que sale en junio con la producción de Alex Anwandter. Además realizaremos un especial de Alexis Taylor -uno de los músicos tras Hot Chip (en la foto)- que editó Beautiful thing (Domino) a mediados de abril. Con este pretexto recordaremos Made in the da ...…
After learning the location of their quarry, our heroes attempt to make contact with mixed results. Azlo changes his tune. Shabba improves his feng shui. Tokas tosses a sound grenade.
Chris Riddell is a prolific writer and illustrator who can turn his hand to children's artwork as easily as scathing satirical sketches. He distinctive line drawings grace his own stories as well as those of Neil Gaiman, Paul Stewart, Russell Brand and later this year his illustrations for JK Rowling's Beedle the Bard will be released. Well kno ...…
The Dark Rider and Sindell escape the Nine Hells, Billsby the Bard is up to his old tricks and the Tarragon fights for her life.
Mentioned in this episode, spoiler-free and in no particular order: James d’Amato Millenial Apartment Hunters Masks Pranks & Adventure D&D 5E Bards The Transgender Language Primer The ‘X’ Card System Listen to Get Hype: See Mel on the One Shot Twitch Stream (sometimes):…
Richard Syrett speaks with a practicing Druid who describes the neo-pagan religion and how he uses practical magick in his own life. He’ll also discuss the writings of Aleister Crowley, the most famous occultist. GUEST: Ian Corrigan has been teaching, learning, singing and playing in the American Neopagan movement since 1976. He has decades of ...…
Our party emerges from the cavern and make their way back to Jordan’s Crossing with Alon’s army hot on their heels. Our cast includes: TheGmTim – Dungeon Master and Creator of the campaign Josiah – Ezzir, the Drow Elf Monk David – Alfred the Weird, the Tiefling Bard Rob – Talon, the Half-Elf Sorcerer/Monk Shawn – Thaddeus, the Half-Orc Paladin ...…
The marooned adventurers Remy the Bard, Magnus the Artificer, and Wallo the Scribe must all work together if they are to escape a haunted isle off the coast of Chult. Follow our show and our cast on Twitter and on our awesome website!
Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day for May 2, 2018 is: palindrome \PAL-un-drohm\ noun : a word, verse, or sentence (such as "Able was I ere I saw Elba") or a number (such as 1881) that reads the same backward or forward Examples: The teacher asked the class if anyone could think of a single word palindrome with 7 letters. After a couple minutes, ...…
Our villains wake in the camp of the Prophet when they hear shouting. They discover the Talons assembled in front of several Ashfell guards who are there to arrest all in the camp. Alunodas makes an impassioned speech to get them to leave and is promptly rewarded with a crossbow bolt. The guards are ordered to kill everyone in the camp and the ...…
Ashes of Creation is an MMORPG that is doing things a bit differently as it focuses heavily on player agency. We caught up with lead game designer Jeffrey Bard to learn more...
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Male Costa’s hummingbirds create an elaborate visual and acoustic display to attract females. (Alan Schmierer Public Domain, via Flickr) BOB HIRSHON (host): Dive-bombing hummingbirds. I’m Bob Hirshon and this is Science Update. (Costa’s hummingbird dive sound) When male Costa’s hummingbirds dive through the air, they sound a little like the onb ...…
Your ears aren't deceiving you; that's not James at the helm! We've been holding onto this one for a while (hence the change in audio), but you've earned it! See what happens when the host gets put to the test: this week's guests are David Andrew Laws and James Rightmyer Jr. as Samantha Morrice pits them against each other in a no-holds-bard ba ...…
On this weeks episode Petey chats with his friend, artist, and comedy lover Jason Bard Yarmosky. Jason talks about how he linked up with Petey and Better Days to start up his weekly show. Going to art school, taking a liking to art at an early age through childhood tv and more. He also talks about working with his grandparents, helping with bra ...…
This week on Windy City Irish Radio Tim and Mike run the gamut from The Saw Doctors to Virginia-based singer-songwriter Ben-David Warner to Wexford brothers duo Basciville to Solas' Dave Curley & Mick Broderick. There's a brand new track from the Bard of Windy City Irish Radio, Rory Makem, off of his new self-titled EP, and a track from The Cha ...…
Published on 25 Feb 2018. The Blood of the Other series swings in to full gear by exploring the blood tie between the Starks and the Others. We'll consider the potential historical precedent of Gilly as a Night's Queen figure whose baby is smuggled away by the Night's Watch before being turned in to an Other. Theme music by Stanley Black. Flame ...…
The Bard and The Bird by Arden Heminway
Welcome to the continent of Aarde, a large swath of land in the world of Faerun. Aarde is a world that’s steeped heavy with religion. There’s a whole new pantheon of gods and goddesses to discover, and legends to learn and, more importantly, legends to create. Join our adventurers as they discover Aarde and what it means to be heroes. We open o ...…
The boys are found to be innocent, but now Lady Tressel has mysteriously gone missing. Despite their new pardons, some people in town think it's too convenient. Does Tjuringa know something that our heroes don't? DeWayne | Dungeon Master Scott | Kristoff the Sorcerer Alex | Rowan the Bard Devan | Atlas the Barbarian email us at: theboys@lawfuls ...…
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