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Föda barn
Föda barn tar upp aktuella områden inom graviditet, förlossning och eftervård som det finns många onödiga myter kring. Vi vill med hjälp av specialister från Danderyds kvinnoklinik berätta hur verkligheten ser ut ur ett medicinskt perspektiv. Avsnitten kommer att handla om när du är gravid för första gången, vad som händer på förlossningen, förlossningsrädsla, kejsarsnitt, att bli regnbågsförälder, vilken smärtlindring och olika förlossningsställningar som finns, bristningar, amning, anknytn ...
Award-winning comedian Angela Barnes and nomination-collecting Ray Peacock delve into the multifarious world of sex.From the vanilla to the deviant, the frigid to the filthy, the erotic to the neurotic, they leave no sexual stone unturned.They speak to therapists, fetishists, swingers and shakers, all against a hilarious backdrop of unresolved sexual tension.
Comedy Barn
Groucho Marx Show , and more!
Just a bunch of friends hanging out in the barn discussing NASCAR, NFL, NBA, Movies, TV and anything else that comes up. Often featuring cool guests & interviews, and we're not talking about "the couch". Hosted by Austin Dillon, Paul Swan and Justin Voss.
Poddery Barn
- Poddery Barn is part of the Spitwads family.
Barn Chatter
Barn Chatter is a series focused on the Indiana 4-H Animal Science Projects. Inviting special guests, host Aaron Fisher interviews practitioners, faculty, volunteers, and Indiana 4-H members to share valuable perspectives and information that influence Indiana 4-H animal agriculture. Barn Chatter aims to answer commonly asked questions, provide helpful tips and practices, and keep listeners up to date on best practices and policies regarding Indiana 4-H Animal Science. Join us for Barn Chatt ...
Barn Bloc
Podcast by Barn Bloc
Em Barnes
Richard Barnes
Richard Barnes is an IT Geek, Podcaster, Writer, Martial Artist, Photographer, Bon Viveur, Buccaneer, Modern British Adventurer
The Hollisters, a bright, spirited, wholesome family, are compelled to move into the country. After many efforts to secure a home, Shirley, eldest of the Hollisters, contrives a way out by renting a magnificent old stone barn at a ridiculously low price, transforming it into a house. The owner of the barn is not an ordinary landlord, as you will see, for he is a young man with fine ideals, and he is not content with establishing Shirley and her family in the quaintly beautiful old place, but ...
Barnens Pod
En podcast för barn av Farzad Farzaneh.
Battle of the Barnes
Tacarra & Terrell Barnes go head to head on relationships, sports, current issues & many other topics. See who wins the Battle of the Barnes
Teaching people how to kick the devil's butt with the Word of God.
God's Barn Church
Rev Michael Mitchell discuses topics for today's Christians
Velkommen til Foreldremøtet - en ærlig podcast om barn, ungdom og oppvekst!
Pastor Jim Barnes
Jim Barnes is currently the Senior Pastor at Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church, a PCA congregation in Knoxville, Tennessee.
The Tacoma Barn
Sermons and live worship moments from The Tacoma Barn Church
Following Jesus in the Real World -- For Those Who Are Tired of Doing Things the Same Ol' Way
DJ Mike Barnes
For Mike Barnes the music always comes first. The American born and German perfected hit DJ/producer has always found the way over the years to evolve electronic dance music. Simply listen to his work to hear him continue to push the musical envelope.
The Pony Barn and Butterfly Meadow in Reston VA
Messages from Worship Barn Ministries
Helping local food suppliers to grow and manage their customer base. Working with farmers, distributors, foodhubs and more!
The Old Barn Hockey Show is a weekly radio show recapping the past weekend's stories on the Hershey Bears and NHL, along with commenting on future games ahead while highlighting current storylines.
The Rural Educators Podcast! An international team talks about the challenges and joys of being an educator in the most remote parts of the country.
Titans Talk. Sports talk.
The Voice of the Event
Ben Barnes Online talk about their thoughts on the latest Ben Barnes News and Films.
Here is the description for the overall feed.
Guy Barn Radio Show
Radio show on Outdoors, hunting, fishing, recipes, reports, funnies
Dr. Susan Barnes
Now Every Friday at 2pm pt / 5pm et /10pm uk - Psychic Professor's Show with Dr. Susan Barnes - The Voices of Spirit Radio.Psychic Professor is a program that will answer any questions about spiritual communication, including personal questions through readings and spirit artistry. The show will feature guests, mediums, artists, and authors on a wide variety of spiritual topics, such as psychic art, spiritualism, EVP, psychic development, and mediumship. This hit call-in show provides listen ...
We talk love, sex, marriage, raising kids, career and money.
My opinion on the American dream
Jennette Barnes brings you insights from people behind the news and people like you.
Arrangementet Det vi skrev som barn holdes på Kulturhuset i Oslo! Her leser forfattere tekster de skrev lenge før de ble forfattere. Vi håper at du finner frem det du skrev som barn, etter du har hørt disse episodene. Illustrasjonsbilde: Linda Heggen
Denis brings his own flavour of joy, laughter, learning and love to many as he channels and transmits messages of higher learning and advice from a group of highly initiated masters called "The Council of Twelve". This beautiful group of Twelve nonphysical Ascended Masters (named The Council of Twelve) consist of highly adept teachers who oversee and once walked upon the earth realm: Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, St Germaine, Kwin Yin, Paramahansa Yogannanda, Master Kuthumi, ...
Jim Barnes is Senior Pastor of Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church in Knoxville, TN. His messages are broadcast on WRJZ Joy 62 AM at 4:30 p.m. each weekday. Check the Broadcast Archive for past broadcasts.To download the audio file to your PC or Mac,right-click (PC) or hold down mouse button (Mac) on "Listen" and then choose "Save Target As" (PC) or "Download Linked File As..." (Mac) from the pop-up menu. Click the orange icon on the right to subscribe to the RSS feed.
The Word in your Language. Taking the Word of God to the Streets. Every Wednesday 2pm & 9pm and Friday 2pm EST on
Dr. Ben Tippett and his team of physicists believe that anyone can understand physics. Black Holes! Lightning! Coronal Mass Ejections! Quantum Mechanics! Fortnightly, they explain a topic from advanced physics, using explanations, experiments and fun metaphors to a non-physicist guest. Visit the website to see a list of topics sorted by physics field.
Here we explore what we believe and why we believe it
Barnes & Heatcliff present their new radioshow Lentos Live
Motivational & Inspirational content to give you the push you need to become your best self.
Actor Ben Barnes (The Chronicles of Narnia, Dorian Gray, Stardust) and director Nick Hamm (Godsend, The Hole) discuss their new film, Killing Bono -- a comedy about two Irish brothers struggling to forge their path through the 1980's music scene whilst the meteoric rise to fame of their old school pals U2 only serves to cast them deeper in to the shadows. Moderated by Chris Hewitt from Empire magazine.
It's All True!
This conversational storytelling podcas features interviews with a wide range of guests who are prompted to reveal a headline for a funny personal true story. Hosted by comedian Tim Barnes, "It's All True!" is quick, sonically rich and always fun.
Sermons by Pastor George Barnes that explore theBible as truth and as a meaningful book which provides guidance for life.
A sheriff's deputy. His 10-year-old son. A bitter custody battle. A haunting death. Was it suicide? Or something more sinister? Twenty-five years later, authorities decided to take a closer look. So did Mercury News reporter Julia Prodis Sulek. Join her on a whirlwind journey from Silicon Valley to Oklahoma’s cowboy country as she explores a brutal question: How did a 10-year-old boy end up hanging on the family farm?
Reaching People for Christ...and Helping Believers Grow to be Like Him
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Drafting The Circuits May 24, 2018: Memorial Day Preview – Frank Santoroski and the DTC panel discuss Indy 500 qualifying and the unexpected bump, analyzes NASCAR’s new package that debuted at the All-star race in Charlotte, and previews the Monaco GP. With Gray Warren, Joey Barnes, Richard Youden and Seth Eggert. #DraftingTheCircuits #DTC #dtc ...…
Erik & Kevin shoot with Nashville Recording Artist - Dustin Collins. we talk some history, the upcoming full album, gigs & more. Check out his new single "The Barn" at 12:59. Listen to our shows on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, iHeartRadio, iTunes, SoundCloud & YouTube.
Apostle Peter Barnes was back with us. He breaks down scripture and teaches the principles of healing that's tied to the new covenant. We must understand what is our right as believers of the new convenant healing is one of them. - 5/20/2018 - "On Earth as it is in Heaven"
Walter Barnes Jr. and Men of Ministry – Whatever you NeedMatthew Schultz ft Gyptian & DJ Surinder Rattan - Promise For Keeps (Remix)Larry Borden - Four Feet Of RainMarco Cignoli – Can you love meJonathan Hay & Mike Smith - Daddy's Little Girl Ft.liana Eve & Inspectah DeckThe Dream Box Mechanics – Good Van ChemistryCale – Good day…
Creating content for your business can be touch when you are busy doing everything else. In todays episode, we talk about how to get content written for your site so you don’t have to do it yourself. Resources for this Episode Online version Website Planning Guide Buy ebook or paperback version (and get access to the closed FaceBook group): The ...…
Seán talks to Kirin J Callinan about his latest record, Bravado, collaborating with Jimmy Barnes, & much more.+ Seán calls Alex to discuss Hypnagogic pop.
THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS LIKE … WHEAT & WEEDS The Royals (Continued) Scott – Pastor of HOPE Matthew 13:24 - Another parable He put forth to them, saying: “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field; TWO LIFE INPUTS 1. The Good Seed :: God’s Word Matthew 13:37 - He answered, “The one who sowed the good seed is th ...…
Today starts with Tom Noeker and Amber Nelson from the South Summit Trails Foundation talking about projects short and long term. They are partnering with the National Forest Service to create a trails network in the Uinta Cache National Forrest with ground-breaking slated for 2019. The second guest is Democratic primary candidate Eileen Gallag ...…
Out with his newest book “Payback is Hell” the 3rd book of the Evil Stryker Series, welcome Mr. Scott Johnson better known as Wes Rand. We dive into his inspiration for the book, how to get started writing if you are a future writer and what it is about writing that is self soothing for him. You can find all of his books on Amazon and Barnes & ...…
How to change your culture and exponentially grow your maintenance plans. Bob Barnes tells you how he grew his base from 750 to over 4,000 maintenance plans.
Alex and Wes discuss how all of their favorite old businesses such as Barns and Noble and Blockbuster have gone the way of the dinosaur, yet years later you can still remember the smells. Discussion on Top 10's list and conspiracy theories are on they rise and what are the pro's and con's of this new age. Once again Wes calls out the Alt-right ...…
We welcome in writer Jessica Chapel to talk about her article from SB Nation about the new sports betting law, how racing can/should deal with it, racing data, Massachusetts racing, and so much more!
PART 2 Who hasn’t seen “The Sound of Music”? It’s on TV several times a year on multiple networks. In fact, this Sunday, it’s being re-released in the theaters. Did you sing the songs in school? Maybe you got a part in your High School play. What could be more iconic than this film etched into our memories? It defies introduction, so I won’t tr ...…
Colorado Vistage Executive Summit Kelly Condon, Michelle Barnes, Tim Brainerd, and Ian Patterson
Claytron and Chet talk losing weight, appendicitis, entrenpreneurship, working for ‘The Man’ versus working for yourself, the grind, DJing, nuggets, and more before Clay closes another barn-burner with Clay’s Reviews.Send questions, topics, Poor Posture of the Week/Listen to this Fxck Shxt suggestions to welcometothepoddy@gmail.comWebsite:https ...…
Erik Marcus is the founder and publisher of the very popular website He has been vegan since 1986 and blogging on Animal Rights issues since 1997, totaling more than 3,000 articles. He has also written five books related to veganism and animal advocacy and traveled to more than 100 cities to speak about vegan topics. His newest addit ...…
Larry Borden - Four Feet Of RainKing Vicious Assasin – This so litBosna Dani – Blue GravitySojo Mojo - Something To Smile AboutWalter Barnes Jr. and Men of Ministry – Whatever you NeedCollegians – Black MassGold Standard Ltd – Lunar EclipseCap – Psycho
Telegraph Hotel Molong - This SUNDAY! $10 cover charge, All day BBQ Interviews with Brett Kenny & Eric Growth (compare will be Sid Barnes) Sporting memorabilia for auction on the day. Eric Growth & Guru’s will play in the beer garden. Raffles all day.
May 20th, 2018 Pentecost "Pulling Weeds in God's Garden" Matthew 13: 24-30, 36-43 The Rev. Dr. Dave Melton 24 Jesus told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field. 25 But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away. 26 When the wheat sprouted and fo ...…
In this episode of NacChat, Amy visits with Sherry Morgan from the Nacogdoches Convention and Visitors Bureau to discuss the Pineywoods Barn Quilt Trail and our newest employee, Charlie Doches!
Magic! Friendship! Gratitude! Tom Petty! We may have thought fantasy wasn't our thing, but it turns out... we were wrong. (First time for everything!) Read the show notes here: Book Minimum:Human Acts by Han KangNo Time To Spare by Ursula K. LeGuin ("The direction of escape is toward ...…
Accidental Party Crasher Do you remember the infamous party crashers—Michaele & Tareq Salahi—who, in 2009, ‘gate-crashed’ a White House State dinner for the Indian Prime Minister? The Virginian-socialite couple managed to not only enter a private event—uninvited, of course—but bypassed two secret service checkpoints, one which even required a p ...…
I talk about my kids going for swim lessons again! My kids must not have trust me, they will not even get in the pool!We have a great example of someone having faith in Jesus. So much soLet's make God a priority again!John 4:50“Go,” Jesus replied, “your son will live.”The man took Jesus at his word and departed.Matthew 6:25-27"“Therefore I tell ...…
In this episode Noah sits down with one of his biggest personal influences and confidants; Dustin Herrmann (D$). Noah and D$ met in high school and wrenched on BMW e30's in the sanctuary of D$'s parent's garage/barn. Dustin has gained a mastery over the e30 by completing numerous projects and road trips requiring full commitment; over the years ...…
Rich and Josh discuss faces on faces, punctuality, sobriety, losing your hearing, doing the washing, becoming a mover, helping the community, fiddles, secret barns, Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks, singing with contestants, hanging out in Camden, authenticity in music, two-a-days, money rooms, hammy02 and JamesLove, Ben Folds Five, shouting into ...…
Dr. Edward White, Jr. (Eddie) has lived in the Lowcountry for most of his life, graduating from Wando High School in 1978, then Furman University in 1982. He completed his degree at the Medical University of South Carolina College of Dental Medicine in 1986. Eddie also runs a weekly music band jam at Awendew Green, a low-key and friendly enviro ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Fellowship Presbyterian Church is now available on with the following details: Title: A Voice from Heaven Subtitle: Easter 2018 Speaker: Lonnie Barnes Broadcaster: Fellowship Presbyterian Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 5/20/2018 Bible: Revelation 14:6-13 Length: 41 min. Overview: In these verses we see ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Fellowship Presbyterian Church is now available on with the following details: Title: A Voice from Heaven Subtitle: Easter 2018 Speaker: Lonnie Barnes Broadcaster: Fellowship Presbyterian Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 5/20/2018 Bible: Revelation 14:6-13 Length: 41 min.…
In this podcast, we're joined by Dave Burgess. Dave is a prolific educator who has written Teach Like a Pirate, co-written P is for Pirate, and has transformed his works into the organization Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc. - which focuses on inspiring educators through motivational public speaking and workshops, as well as a publishing company o ...…
05-20-18 Visionaries: Perspective On Our Calling Part 1 - Dr. Bob Barnes by West Pines Community Church
It's our ode to the most Canadian Holiday of them all, the TOOFOR weekend! We're all about bonfires, barn dances, beach blasts and backwoods bunkies. Party down with tunes from Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer, The Slocan Ramblers, Fred Penner, The Hut People, Beppe Gambetta, Julian Taylor, Bahamas, The Urban highlanders, The Boxcar Boys, Samantha ...…
Pastor Hunter Barnes speaks at Zarephath Christian Church with a message titled "Out of the Pit".
ShaQ:Muzik – My one and only loveBryan Deister – Into the SkyNovich – Me and my headLady Queet ft. Mr Flamboyant – One hell of a dayMatthew Schultz - Promise For Keeps (ft Gyptian)Walter Barnes Jr. and Men of Ministry – Whatever you NeedThe Dream Box Mechanics – Good Van Chemistry
Honoring Heroic Officer's Mark Dallas and John Barnes, tragedy, smarten the hell up America, thinking for yourself, being brutally honest with how successful things are working. 2nd Amendment.
Presented by The CSPN… Welcome back to another exciting episode of The KLIQ Nation Comic Book Chronicles! This week, PCN_DiRT and Roddykat man the ship and Agent_70 may have been kidnapped by the release of Deadpool 2 and Tim is on his Tim-batical (it’s a real word if you believe it hard enough). Speaking of... Read More…
Abi and Noah talk about their musical ideas, Abi reveals that she is actually Bucky Barnes, and Abi and Noah (who are a vampire and werewolf respectively) get into a fight.
In today's podcast, we'll talk about something called The YOLO Principle, and how it can help your hiring process. Our guest today is Rebecca Barnes-Hogg, Founder and CEO of YOLO Insights, helping organizations hire the talented people they need to grow their business. Rebecca is a Society for Human Resources Management Senior Certified Profess ...…
On Episode 53, we complete the three city Florida Tour as Prime Time returns to Corona Cigar in Orlando, Florida. We will have Jeff Borysiewicz, owner of Corona Cigar and the Florida Sun Grown Tobacco Farm. This week his farm is hosting the big Drew Estate Barn Smoker. We will get insights from Jeff on what’s happening at the Farm, what’s happe ...…
On Episode 53, we complete the three city Florida Tour as Prime Time returns to Corona Cigar in Orlando, Florida. We will have Jeff Borysiewicz, owner of Corona Cigar and the Florida Sun Grown Tobacco Farm. This week his farm is hosting the big Drew Estate Barn Smoker. We will get insights from Jeff on what’s happening at the Farm, what’s happe ...…
This week I sat down with Alex and Vanessa Troche, they own Refurnish CT a variety new and used furniture store in Plainville CT. The Troches’ walk us through the start of their business and how they manage their family and relationship. You will love this family as much as I do. Enjoy! Refurnish Ct is located at 13 Whiting Street, Plainville, ...…
John Ritter, Joyce DeWitt, and Priscilla Barnes star in Three's Company, "Mate for each other" (1982). Learn the answers to: What is the history of computer matchmaking? Why was Scott once scared of Three's Company? And, why are Scott and Mike discussing Rocky V again? Listen now to find out! When Jack and Janet secretly sign up for a computer ...…
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