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Justin Strawn, writer for since 2013, discusses all things regarding Mississippi State Athletics's Barrett Sallee keeps our fingers on the pulse of the conference with the twice-weekly show. He sniffs out truth from B.S. in his Coach Speak segment on Mondays, while giving the definitive word on controversial hot topics in his Ruling on the Field segment Thursdays. Powered by VSporto.
Barrett Sallee and Adam Kramer break down the fun side of college football. From breaking down what drinks coaches should enjoy, to tips on how to properly hate your team, to tweaking college football rules to improve the game, this show is dedicated to the fun side of a sport that’s supposed to be fun.
Real Talk for Real Male-Warrior-Entrepreneurs on the conversations of... * Sex, Power, Money & God and the new standard of HAVING IT ALL through the Art & Science know as "THE WARRIORS WAY".There are two episodes a week:EPISODE #1: "Warrior Talk"During this 60 minute show weekly, Garrett and a Warrior Guest will dive deep into the practical actions necessary to HAVE IT ALL as a Male Warrior Entrepreneur.Having it all in the area of...BODY: Fitness & FoodBEING: Spirituality & GodBALANCE: Sex, ...
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Barrett Sallee- March 29 -2018 by 103.7 The Buzz
You're a college football fan, you build your weekend around those Saturday afternoons on campus, not Sunday with the pros. So how do you say goodbye to football until August properly? Barrett Sallee and Adam Kramer give you the do's and don'ts to enjoy the Super Bowl as much as any NFL diehard.
Nothing gets a college football fan riled up in January like the deluge of Top 25 rankings after the national championship game. But those polls aren't just guess work, there is an art to creating a top 25 that is guaranteed to upset the world and thereby guarantee those precious clicks on your article. Barrett Sallee and Adam Kramer give you t ...…
One of the treats of crafting a way too early top 25 poll is getting to be the guy who can say I told you so when the Group of Five team you rank in January pans out in November. Barrett Sallee and Adam Kramer discuss this year's candidates.
Nobody had a worse bowl season than the PAC-12, and that lingering aftertaste will no doubt affect the conference's standings in the early polls. Barrett Sallee and Adam Kramer debate where they would rank the top teams of the West Coast, and how confident in those rankings they would be.
Every year, there is some team that rides a groundswell of support into a high ranking in the way too early top 25 polls. Barrett Sallee and Adam Kramer say you have to identify that team as one you will not support, and for Kramer, it's Miami this year.
Ask Bernie - Binge watch any shows on vacation? Barrett Sallee joined Bernie Miklasz to talk about the SEC hate, the pounding of the table for a playoff expansion, UCF's argument, and his thoughts on the National Title game. The Bernie Miklasz ShowBernie MiklaszBarrett SalleeCollege Football National Championship The Backpage looks back at the ...…
Barrett Sallee - CBS Sports Radio - @ 1:24:30Will McKay - - @ 1:46:47Jim Eichenhofer - - @ 1:56:58
9:59 Sink or Swim: Confident Saints Win NFC South21:25 Barrett Sallee talking SEC coaching hires42:25 Justin Vincent talking LSU53:13 Trev Faulk talking LCA's Division IV State title win
College football's final month provides some of the most incredible enjoyment of the entire year as the bowls wrap everything up. Barrett Sallee and Adam Kramer say, don't be a Scrooge and embrace the madness, the swag, and the sheer number of bowl games before college football calls it quits until next fall.…
Sean McDonough says he doesn't believe Jon Gruden is going to leave the broadcast booth for Tennessee. Who is McDonough? He's Gruden's broadcast partner on ESPN. McDonough explained on 710 ESPN Radio in Seattle why he doesn't believe Gruden will coach the Vols. Who is a realistic candidate to pay attention to later this week? Barrett Sallee of ...…
It may be gone, but the memories remain. One day after the Georgia Dome was imploded, Barrett Sallee gives thanks for the great memories of SEC Championship games past in that facility.
Thanksgiving stands for three F's, family, food and football. In that spirit, Barrett Sallee and Adam Kramer tell you what about the greatest sport on earth has them feeling thankful, from great plays to great characters and everything in between.
College football is way too often a sport that takes itself more seriously than it has any right there. That reason is why Barrett Sallee is thankful for a coach like Lane Kiffin, a guy who has no problem saying what he wants and having fun with his job.
1:21 John Adams talking LSU-Tennessee13:58 Sink or Swim: LSU and Saints Over/Under22:58 Barrett Sallee43:26 Justin Vincent57:54 Throwin Shade: Lane Kiffin
The Panthers looked good and Barrett Sallee tries calling in.
22:02 Barrett Sallee talking SEC football33:53 Sink or Swim: LSU and Saints Over/Unders43:14 Justin Vincent talking LSU football1:13:27 Throwin Shade: Ben Simmons
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