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Slate's Negotiation Academy
A series of short podcasts that reveal the secrets of everyday haggling, whether you’re negotiating in the board room or your child’s bedroom. Part of the Panoply Network.
Share Your Buzz
Soar with Tony and friends through the ever saturated Nashvillian ether. Wether it's interviews with local artists and entertainers or just talking about nonsense at a bar Share Your Buzz promises one thing, we have no idea what we're doing. Salute!
The FADEAWAY podcast
The FADEAWAY is The FADER’s 2016 NBA playoffs podcast. Every week, Amos Barshad and the FADER Family will get together with rappers, friends, smart people and more to talk hoops and answer the tough questions. Like: has Kyle Korver ever been inside Magic City?
Mohammad Almonshed
Shaykh Muhammad Bin Muhammad Bin Ahmad Al Barshaoui Al Minyawi, going by the pseudo name “Almonshed”, is touted to be probably the Kohinoor in the crown of Qur’an reciters. Born in 1962 and brought up in Barsha, Egypt.Sheikh Mohammad Almonshed received his formal education in the Seven Readings and Ten Readings from stalwarts like Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdul Aziz and Sheikh Abdul Wadood Bin Shehata Al Malwani respectively.Mohammed Almonshed has had a good career graph with him overseeing the Q ...
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Sounds of Berklee
By Adam Olenn | May 3, 2012Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Hey Rim Jeon began playing piano at the age of four. An interest in jazz led to a scholarship at Berklee. She graduated summa cum laude in 2001, and became Berklee's first Korean faculty member in 2003.In addition to her international club tours, she has performed at Lincoln Center, ...…
Born in Barcelona, our guest on 11/19/2014 has made QUITE a splash in his adopted country. Besides the fact that he just voted for the first time - as an American citizen :) Oscar Penas (I can't wait to say his last name: PEA Nyas!) is a gifted guitarist, composer and bandleader with a new CD that is, indeed, bragworthy. "Music of Departures an ...…
Straight No Chaser - A Jazz Show
Noah Preminger was just a teenager when word of his saxophone skills was making the rounds in Southern New England. Then he was another in a line of wunderkind musicians from the West Hartford, Connecticut Hall High School Jazz Band, alumni of which include Brad Mehldau, Richie Barshay and Joel Frahm. Now Preminger is an experienced player, ban ...…
Straight No Chaser - A Jazz Show
Trumpeter Ralph Alessi seems to be everywhere these days. Over the summer, there was his collaboration with long-time bassist Drew Gess on Gress' CD The Sky Inside as well as his duo recording with pianist Fred Hersch, Only Many. September has seen two releases - one on ECM, the quartet CD called Baida; and another from the wildly improvisation ...…
This month we ease into Autumn with some relaxing, introspective and modern jazz from Jacksonville and Maitland; a holiday for trombones in Tampa, Miami offers us some serious swing & skillful playing; and there's an ode in 3/4 time to all things Fall from Sarasota! Pictured - JB Scott at the NEFJA Legacy Jazz Festival - Photo: Jon Hardison vis ...…
Straight No Chaser - A Jazz Show
Hey Rim Jeon has been on the radar for a number of years as a pianist, composer and educator to watch. That promise is being fulfilled as Ms. Jeon has just released Introducing Hey Rim Jeon, her first set for NCoded Music and distributed by RED, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. In conjunction with the release, Hey Rim will present "An Ev ...…
A special edition of Palm Coast Jazz with extra music; including a track from pianist extraordinaire Lynne Arriale's brand new "Solo" album - courtesy of Motéma records! This month we cover Maitland, Alford, St. Petersburg, Dania Beach and our own Palm Coast with lots of straight-ahead & contemporary jazz, plus a splash each of Brazilian bossa ...…
In the final episode of the series, business journalists Jill Barshay and Seth Stevenson discuss one of the most important negotiations many of us encounter: bargaining for our own salaries. Guests this week include Columbia Business School professor Aaron Wallen, human resources expert Greta Green-Gentile, and employment negotiator Jotham Stein.…
In Episode 9, business journalists Jill Barshay and Seth Stevenson discuss when and how you should negotiate with children. Like it or not, they know the basic rules of haggling almost from birth. We hear from child psychologist Mark Sossin and Lt. Jack Cambria, of the NYPD hostage negotiation team.By
In Episode 8, business journalists Jill Barshay and Seth Stevenson reveal the tactics you should know when buying and/or selling real estate. It turns out these transactions can be some of the trickiest, and most emotional, you'll ever face. Their guests are real estate agents Melissa Chen and Sam DeFran.…
In Episode 7, business journalists Jill Barshay and Seth Stevenson examine the particular challenges and advantages women have when they go into a negotiation. They also consider what men should keep in mind when facing a female negotiator.By
In Episode 6, business journalists Jill Barshay and Seth Stevenson give you tips on how to close a negotiation and get the best overall deal. Their guest this week is Lt. Jack Cambria, who heads the NYPD's hostage negotiation team.By
In Episode 5, business journalists Jill Barshay and Seth Stevenson discuss how to haggle with jerks, liars, and stubborn mules. Their guest this week is Columbia Business School's Donna Hitscherich.By
In Episode 4, business journalists Jill Barshay and Seth Stevenson discuss how the physical setup of a negotiation, including the room, the refreshments, and a timed deadline, can help you get what you want. Their guest this week is veteran diplomat Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations.…
In Episode 3, business journalists Jill Barshay and Seth Stevenson discuss several key persuasive techniques you can use in the heat of any negotiation. Their guest this week is H. Rodgin Cohen, a legendary corporate negotiator.By
In Episode 2, business journalists Jill Barshay and Seth Stevenson discuss crucial things to do BEFORE you start batting numbers around. Their guest this week is Columbia Business School negotiation professor Aaron Wallen.By
Episode 1. Business journalists Jill Barshay and Seth Stevenson bring you a series of short podcast designed to make you a better negotiator, whether you're brokering big deals or haggling at the swap meet. In the first episode, they discuss who should set the opening price, with a little help from Duke behavioral economics professor Dan Ariely.…
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