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B-Boy Document
www.bboydocument.comThe only Podcast that aims to document Hip Hop music, culture and history. Unlike other broadcasters, who suffer from tunnel vision, we will substantiate the whole kaleidoscope of our glorious community ensuring all aspects are covered in our in depth
Fresh Bboy Tutorials
Beginner's Breakdance tutorials taught by Bboy Fresh, coving the basics of top rock, bottom rock, and power moves.
B-Boy Productions
Company Podcast
Bboy music classics and originals! Radio Breaks Worldwide Podcast A podcast from original bboy music from djs and producers around the world http://bboysounds.comLike us @ us on twitter! @bboysoundsSend your music & requests
Techtonic Funk Brigade (Breakbeat podcast) with DJ Justin Johnson
Techtonic Funk Brigade is a podcast featuring the freshest Breakbeats mixed by DJ Justin Johnson and often includes special guests from all over the world. Frequent episodes can be live recordings from his monthly Breaks party in Oakland every first Friday called "Faultline".
DJ Vajra's podcast
Podcast from world renowned turntablist and producer, DJ Vajra.
DJ Elliot Sunn's Deep House Sessions
Keepers of the Funk -
Hip-Hop spanning all eras and represented in all its elements via discussion, mix shows, interviews and the personal recollections of Ghost (beatmaker/producer) , illy (DJ, former b-boy) and J. Millz (freelance hip-hop writer, photojournalist)
TalkDance is a Podcast where host Chris Rainey chats with today's most successful Dancers, Choreographers and Inflencers. If you're looking for ACTIONABLE advice during your daily commute, workout, or ‘me’ time, TalkDance has it all. Each episode details the journey of a successful Dancer/Dance Influencer who share their WORST moments, GREATEST moments, lessons learned and how they turned those experiences into success, and much more.
Chris Karns' Podcast
~ 2011 DMC USA & World Champion ~ 3x Red Bull Thre3style WInner ~ 2013 VH1 Master of the Mix competitor ~
Dj Deeko Podcast
Dj Deeko in the mix. Spinning everything from Bboy mixes to Popping and Locking jams. As well as Party Grooves. Download and enjoy!
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This episode i share with you some of my go to teachers of hip hop dance history!Website: www.mrchrishiphopdance.comEmail: chris@mrchrishiphopdance.comTwitter: @mrchrishiphopSnap: MrchrishiphopInsta: @mrchrishiphopFaceBook: Zonda FlexLinks:Here are some of my go to's for history. I try to stick with a lot of the OG'z because they have a lot of ...…
B-Boy Document
We were privileged to interview one of the hottest best producers in the game right now, Ras Beats. In this interview we dissect the state of modern Hip Hop; in tandem with analysing his classic album, Control Your Own. In our experience producer lead albums don't amalgamate structurally creating a dichotomy with the MC's, but due to Ras' chutz ...…
B-Boy Document
Lindsay's career demonstrates he is a media God with the Midas touch. Not only is Lindsay an international Soul DJ, author and a prominent theatre director, he is also responsible for introducing people to early Hip Hop via his journalism in the wonderful, Black Echoes magazine. After laying the foundations for Hip Hop in the UK, Lindsay aided ...…
On Thursday night, I was transported back to a time when I had a bowl haircut & dressed like action man. Like most other kids in the 70s my long summer days consisted of adventures with friends on our bikes. For me this was on the disused section of the railway on Chawton Park Road in Alton. Tonights ABU! made me sink into the deeper realms of ...…
The Thirteenth Hour Podcast #100: A Trip Down Memory Lane with an Old Ideas Notebook and New EP I recently uncovered an old notebook that had ideas for a Thirteenth Hour game (which I wrote about here). Since I was trying to do it from the ground up, I wrote a number of songs (or ...…
www.startinfumskratchrecordswest.comFor our 69th podcast we were privileged to be joined by the legendary, Mike T. The Compton's Most Wanted DJ tells his opinion on the excellent MC Eiht's latest album and informs us about his exciting new business venture, Startin' Frum Skratch Records (West). Menace Burna is the first artist to work in tandem ...…
We talk to CASPER SKULLS outside the Ottawa Explosion festival! After witnessing a minor fender bender, we discuss the time they hit a deer (the same deer FLASHER hit in episode 140?!), the alt-right's most hated venue, and working in the lard business! Plus we play these tunes: Casper Skulls - Lips & Skull - Lips and Skull Casper Skulls - Lips ...…
Surrounded By Details Podcast | Photography, Travel, MMA & Life In General
Johannes Hattunen, aka B-boy Hatsolo (FlowMo Crew), is a Finnish artist and performer within the Hip Hop culture. Over the passed years he has become a pioneer within the scene by winning several of the worlds most important and prestigious battles.
Check out ep 0.0 of PINOYSTRALYANO where all matters concerning being Filipino-Australian are discussed in and around the random rants of b-boy Lamaroc. Maraming salamat sayo lahat! ENJOY!
B-Boy Document
Our Death Row Records week commences with the legendary, Chris The Glove. In this podcast, the iconic musician not only tells us how his rivalry with the Egyptian Lover developed his DJing, but about the early Hip Hop scene in LA. As the conversation progresses, we discover intimate facts about his time working for Ruthless, Death Row and After ...…
Disco Scratch v2.0
So last night LG was in the chair with a glorious 2 hour show jam packed with juicy tunes… my missus was in the POV with me, glass of wine in hand & singing along to many of the jazz, fusion, soul and other stuff he threw in the mix… chat was busy too and you can grab the show below… If you are new to either Disco Scratch, Digging 4 Victory or ...…
Hardest working man i know! Finally we have Kahlee on the show! We talk about his career path, past and present work and how he got to where he is today. A long journey and i intend to interrupt him with all sorts of little jokes and phrases i have. Very proud and Honored to have Kahlee on Pretty Fresh because he is Pretty Fresh. First Track: K ...…
DNBRadio 24/7 - Main Channel
Recorded 2017-06-26 12:42:20 Tracklisting: * CHILL COLLECTIVE saturn skies [PLUSH] * Fanu - Fanu - Five Ounces * InTake & Shivaxi - Calibruh [DUB] * Codeshaper - Definitions * chill collective - non focus * Spirit - International * Version, Decimal Bass - Reese Fiend * Richie Brains - B Boy 900000 * Bane & Earl Grey - the prowler [PLUSH] * Ulte ...…
The Cella Dwellas' music was ahead of its time! Phantasm explains the origins of the group as he recorded early demos as part of Realm 3 before migrating with UG to form The Cella Dwellas. He explains how Stretch Armstrong was responsible for the group signing to Loud and how Dante Ross utilised their potential to be the backbone of his Stimula ...…
*** LIVE THIS SATURDAY 6/24/17*** UNSIGNED HYPE RADIO SHOW !!! 5pm ( Westcoast) 7pm ( mid WEST) 8pm ( Eastern) WE WILL BE DOING A TRIBUTE TO ( MOBB DEEP ) !!! R.I.P #PRODIGY Hosted by : #PHATMAN aka #WESTCOAST Co host: #KenjiMcwen Co Host #RobertAllenParker Field advisor : Robin Cunningham ****LIVE ON THE ...…
B-Boy Document
The King of Cut-N-paste breaks down his plethora of mix-tapes from the mid-nineties to present day. Yoda explains how he became a member of Hip Hop version of Viz, Fat Lace Magazine and how his Fat Lace tapes are his version of stand-up comedy: littered with jokes, nostalgia and music. We reminisce on the legendary Spine Magazine and the mixtap ...…
Ride — Lannoy Point / Rips — Losing II / B Boys — Walking / Daniel Romano — Ugly Human Heart, Pt. 1 / This is the Kit — Moonshine Freeze (Rough Trade session) / She-Devils — Come / Chain & The Gang — Free Will / Tobin Sprout — A Walk Across the Human Bridge / Deer Tick — It’s a Whale / Kevin Morby — City Music / Skating Polly — Louder in Outer ...…
Playlist: Jon McKiel - Conduit Garrys - Druscilla Beach House - Baby Drums - I'll Fight For Your Life Slingshot Miracle - The Game of Hide and Seek Psychic TV - Just Like Arcadia Palm - Walnut Various, Century Palm - Echo Divide Courtneys - Tour King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Rattlesnake B Boys - Fear It Crystal Eyes - From Me To You/From Y ...…
Playlist: Bats Pajamas - Up Above Morbid Opera - Love Is Death The Bomb Party - Harry Was A Babysitter Gene Loves Jezebel - Pop Tarantula Wall - River Mansion B Boys - Fade Elan Vital - Possession Various, featuring Teledrome - Zero Hour Honeybeard - This Might Be Something King Pong Dub System - Urbancentric Threat Mountain Goats - Abandoned F ...…
63) Tash (Tha Alkaholiks) by B-Boy Document
whoa yes we had one of my new favorite local bands LITTLE B!TCH play live! so stoked on how catchy and clever these songs are. they’re a four-piece health punk band writing songs about food mostly. look out for future recordings here and come see them at the hard to find in goleta on june 28th! DOWNLOAD RECORDING subscribe to the podcast here: ...…
B-Boy Document In a world exclusive interview we get the lowdown on the hottest mash-up right now, Nasimoto. David Begun amalgamates Nas' lyrics from Illmatic with Madlib's beats from The Unseen creating one of the greatest mixes of all time! N Bars Queen Curator tells us about her fantastic Hip Hop event that takes in the wonderful city of Durham, North Carolina. Home of Little Brother, Durham has always enrich B-Boys lives, yet it has never received positive media recognition. But Crystal Taylor and he ...…
INVSN — This Constant War / Little Star — Mood / B Boys — I / The Front Bottoms — Get Numb / Cayetana — Follow (edit) / The Specials — Rat Race (BBC in Concert: Live at Paris Theatre, December 15, 1979) / Oh Sees — The Static God / Dream Machine — All for a Chance / Imaad Wasif — Carry the Scar / Ariel Pink — Another Weekend / Oneohtrix Point N ...…
Mike Prosserman knows a thing or two about learning on his feet. After falling in love with the freestyling nature of breakdancing at a young age, Prosserman began travelling the world as one of Canada’s top breakers by the time he reached high school. Now the founder and executive director of UNITY Charity, Prosserman — also known as “Bboy Pie ...…
Playlist: Stand GT - Away from your Sway Deep Covers - Christmas Tree Deep Covers - Always Watching out for the Next Storm Deep Covers - Live Song #3 Deep Covers - Animal Nature Napalmpom - Ghost Bike Evaporators - Ogopogo Punk The Nils - Young Man in Transit R.V.Raucaus - Jumping! Screaming! Fucking! Cigarettes After Sex - Each time you fall i ...…
This week we delve into Liz's creative past by reading (and singing) her childhood writing works!P.S. All the music is from Incompetech!
If There Is Hell Below...
Rob and Callum present a podcast which sits in a limbo that is the positivity of the unknown, it was recorded on a Thursday so it's a little snapshot of a simpler more naive time. They play some music songs too, which is the important thing because every tune KILLS this week; with blockbuster disco funk from Louis Cole, brooklyn post-punk swag ...…
B-Boy Document
Prediction: Juju Gotti is going to smash 2017. The Atlanta rapper, honestly and openly, informs us about being homeless; this situation made him stronger and whilst sleeping on the streets his music caught the attention of Wiz Khalifa. Utilising the promotion of one of rap's biggest names, Juju's music soon migrated from small venues in Atlanta ...…
The poet and playwright sits down with us to discuss her love of James Brown. Naturally, our interview tangentially moves to politics, as we dissect Trump trying to dissolve Obama care as well as the evil Torys destroying the UK. We segue back a discussion on the arts and how white literature dominates libraries globally, vis-a-vis her passion ...…
Kevin Morby — 1234 / The Interrupters — Babylon / RIPS — Malibu Entropy / TOPS — Dayglow Bimbo / B Boys — Sound Frequency / Single Mothers — Leash / The Hooks — My Window / Chastity Belt — Different Now / Smidley — Dead Retrievers / Big Fresh — Paralyzed (feat. Robert Schneider) / School Damage — No Ideas / Duncan Lloyd — You Seem Confused / Ra ...…
Long Weekend
Night Birds: Unavoidable Filth Tony Price: I Prefer Coca Cola La Luz: Easy Baby Lasso Spells: Nu B Boys: Another Thing The Pretty Littles: Pride Sprinters: Weekend Hundred Visions: Aura Shave Preorder Dada: Captured Tracks | Bandcamp B Boys on Tour Shallow Waves Stream selections from past Long Weekend episodes and bonus songs on Spotify. Subsc ...…
B-Boy Document
The uber dope MC joins us as we dissect not only her career but how female MC’s are starting to dominate the rap scene. Likwuid transparently discuss the pros and cons of being an indie artist. Both of us pay tribute to the legendary producer, Willie Green. Naturally, we dissect Fay Grim one of the most mature and adult orientated albums of 201 ...…
B-Boy Document
For the past year, Shay’s 'A Figure of Speech' album has marinated into our brain and we needed to get one of the greatest UK artists onto the podcast. This interview is brimming with how life is in the UK: politics, education and youth deprivation are prominent themes. Be warned, this is conversation for grown folks!…
THE MIGHTY MAD HOUR Fresh out of the tour van Mad Macks and the East Of The River crew is back home! We talk about the road less traveled, the future and anything in between. Enjoy! Follow us @madmacks_ and @mightymuds Innate & Ep - Early in the Morning Socialeyes - For The Soul Kahlee - Stick Em Up B-boy Shit Revolutionary Rhythm - Rock The Be ...…
56) Benjy Melendez Of The Ghetto Brothers by B-Boy Document
B-Boy Document
Writing a brief synopsis for Walasia Shabazz is tricky because her longevity and role in our culture has been paramount. The owner of the fabulous Golden Nutrients discusses her role as a celebrity chef catering for the entire Likwit Crew, Hiero and Doom. In addition to being a top chef, Walasia has edited both Stress, Complex and The Source ma ...…
Tall Juan — Time Bomb / Guided by Voices — Overloaded / Black Lips — It Won’t Be Long / Dude York — Bit Saloon / Little Star — Calming Ritual #2 / Jay Som — Rush / Sacred Paws — Stars / BOYO — Entertainment / Pastel Felt — Cum On / B Boys — Other Head / Eyelids — Moony / Porches — Even the Shadow / Tears for Fears — The Marauders / Cayetana — W ...…
The Wretched Segment of the Day - May 24, 2017
The Wretched Segment of the Day - May 24, 2017
Eavesdrop Radio
Stevie Wonder - Love On Fire (DJ Spinna Remix)Simpson Uniquity ft. Diplomats of Soul - Running Away - King Most - Turn The Music Up, MarvinFlipout - Flippin’ BobMr President - The Best is Yet To Come (ft. Hawa and Mr Day) B-Boy MixLiving Funk - Silver Black Summer DayPower to the People - Power to the PeopleAretha Franklin - Mr. DJ (5 For the D ...…
Hickory - KOOL A.D, Talib Kwali | Easy - Mata Hari | Shine On Me - Dan Aurbach | Christine - J.K. & Co. | Snowqueen of Texas - The Mamas & Papas | Hotel Lullaby - Cassandra Jenkins | PRIDE- Kendrick Lamar | Power Moves, B Boy - Inf | We The People.. - A Tribe Called Quest | Walk On By - Thundercat | Hey Joe - Lee Moses | Red Red Wine - Tee-Set, ...…
B-Boy Document
We were privileged to be joined by one of the greatest mash-up DJs on Planet Rock, Cosmo Baker. The Philly native explains his progression from a bedroom DJ, to playing at local clubs for $30 per night, to being one of the world's most talented party DJs. Cosmo transparently talks about his early Philly parties where he struck up partnerships w ...…
During the recording of his modern day classic, Skillmatic, we had the pleasure chatting to one of underground Hip Hop's superstars, Thirstin Howl III. In part one of the interview we chat to legendary MC about his obsession with fashion, his famous appearance in The Source's unsigned Hype and Wendy Day's Rap Olympics. Part 2 focusses on his di ...…
Hotel Arizona en Radio Enlace
Plásticos de la semana "In Phrases" ZEBRA HUNT (Tenorio Cotobade-2017), "In Mind" REAL ESTATE (Domino-2017) y "Living Right" GLACIERS (Meritorio Records-2017) y "Smokescreens" SMOKESCREENS (Meritorio Records-2017) "I Won't Blame You" ZEBRA HUNT "What I Am" ZEBRA HUNT "Fill Me With Ease" ZEBRA HUNT "Follow" ZEBRA HUNT todas extraídas de "In Phra ...…
On this episode, Michael Prosserman (Bboy Piecez) talks about 10 + years of UNITY Charity and breaking, what he'd tell himself 10 years ago as a dancer/entrepreneur, and his ultra-secret cereal combination.(4:00) What can we do in 10 years?(10:10) "Each one, teach one"(18:36) You haven't achieved it...yet.(37:31) What are you running towards?(4 ...…
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