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Fresh Bboy Tutorials
Beginner's Breakdance tutorials taught by Bboy Fresh, coving the basics of top rock, bottom rock, and power moves.
B-Boy Document
www.bboydocument.comThe only Podcast that aims to document Hip Hop music, culture and history. Unlike other broadcasters, who suffer from tunnel vision, we will substantiate the whole kaleidoscope of our glorious community ensuring all aspects are covered in our in depth
B-Boy Productions
Company Podcast
Classic hip hop from the 80's and 90's. Old school hip hop from back in the days!
Bboy music classics and originals! Radio Breaks Worldwide Podcast A podcast from original bboy music from djs and producers around the world http://bboysounds.comLike us @ us on twitter! @bboysoundsSend your music & requests
Podcast from world renowned turntablist and producer, DJ Vajra.
Kinetik the Jointman and @Large have joined forces to keep you on point with Hip Hop's dopest joints!
This blog requires Quicktime 7 to view the movies. If you want to contact me, do so at I'm always looking for good story ideas.
Hip-Hop spanning all eras and represented in all its elements via discussion, mix shows, interviews and the personal recollections of Ghost (beatmaker/producer) , illy (DJ, former b-boy) and J. Millz (freelance hip-hop writer, photojournalist)
~ 2011 DMC USA & World Champion ~ 3x Red Bull Thre3style WInner ~ 2013 VH1 Master of the Mix competitor ~
Born in the 80's, Raised in the 90's. We're Hip-Hop heads, gamers, anime fans that like talking about things geek and things from our yester-years. Follow us on our journey down the rabbit hole and you too will be asking.. "Why couldn't it be 6?".Join the movement.Twitter:
BoxWon's Mean 16
Your #Won station for Bboy culture.
Inventing Hip Hop
DJ Johnny 5 hosts this show to represent a celebration of the past accomplishments of hip hop and the current movements to keep its spirit alive. Each week a different theme is dissected and analyzed through the lens of hip hop culture.
Techno sound architect, DJ, producer, cozmick b-boy and praying mantis. Man of many pseudonyms; Mystic Letter K, Mr Barth, Fred, Braincell, Jade Mantis, C-Blast .... See all at
Get the Knaak
Published author, writer/blogger, sports fanatic, voracious reader, Gothic horror/weird tales fan, movie buff, exercise addict. B-Boy for Life. Nouveau Beatnik.
Welcome to Inspirasoul! The place where all the enlightened treehuggers, b-boys and girls, cultural creatives, earth angels, lightworkers, urban alchemists, and real life superheroes come for their dose of spiritual mojo. Inspirasoul Talk Radio is a mash up of collaborative heart to mind conversations between Interfaith Minister Rev. Jennifer Rogers, her weekly special guests, and soul epiphany filled music. Tune in every Saturday at 12PM EST. New season kicks off October 5th!!!
The Hip Hop Spot
This is The Hip Hop Spot where I interview inspiring entrepreneurs in the hip hop game. Which includes; MC's, Producers, DJ's, Promoters, Artist Managers, Clothing/Apparel Owners, Tour Managers, Label Owners, B-boys/B-girls, Freestyle Battlers, Venue Owners, Engineers. Stay tuned, Stay motivated and overall Stay DOPE...
Podcast about all things hip-hop: MCs, DJs, B-Boys, Graffiti.
In this podcast where all music lovers are welcome, hosts Showtime and Eesh Rock do what they music! The B-Boy at heart and the Dope Chick provide thought provoking conversation, fun debates and informative interviews. Wipe your feet really good on the rhythm rug and settle in as they kick it with some of the most interesting people in Hip Hop culture and in the music business!
Dj Deeko Podcast
Dj Deeko in the mix. Spinning everything from Bboy mixes to Popping and Locking jams. As well as Party Grooves. Download and enjoy!
This is Indian Hip Hop where India's finest artists/emcees/djs/bboys-bgirls/beatboxers/graffiti reppin the Hip Hop culture/movement are revealed both from underground and mainstream scene.
Pretty Fresh
Pretty Fresh with Mighty Muds is a conversation with an artist whether it be from Graffiti, B-boy's/girl's, Dj's, Beat Makers/Producers, Musician's, Photographer's, Director's, Graphic Designer's, Podcaster or a Rapper. I talk to everyone because everyone has a story. Most Musician's, Beat Makers and Rappers are encouraged to perform at least 3 songs of theirs to showcase their talent live! Hope you enjoy every episode they're all Pretty Fresh. Brought to you by
SAHipHop Fix
HipHop Fix' is a podcast dedicated to South African HipHop. Besides the South African flavored music listeners get insight into the South African HipHop scene through interviews with artists, activists, bboys, graf artists, DJs and also forgotten pioneers who contributed to what the South African HipHop landscape is now.
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HAPPY FATHERS DAY! We are coming up on the 20th Anniversary of the Black Star Album. It was released in Sept 1998 by Rawkus Records. Mos Def (Yaasin Bey) and Talib Kweli with a slew of dope producers and other EMCEES deliver a dope album that has aged very well. My oldest, B-boy Cabi and I get it in. Check out our review. We have alot of fun an ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Generations Radio is now available on with the following details: Title: America is a Mess – Boy Scouts, Fiscal Chaos, Etc Subtitle: Boy Scouts, Fiscal Chaos, Etc. Speaker: Kevin Swanson Broadcaster: Generations Radio Event: Current Events Date: 6/15/2018 Length: 34 min.…
Lamonte Goode is the creator of CyberYoga, a blend of b-boy, Yoga, dance, and other methods of movement, including his own way. He goes deep into his method and story in this episode.
Miguel Aragoncillo is a strength coach and personal trainer based out of Boston, MA. He has experience working with professional athletes in many different sports, including NHL, MLB, MLS. He has also worked with youth athletes from under 10 years old to high school and college athletes. He speaks at several different seminars, and assists with ...…
Just needed to get this documented on voice. I’m currently hacking the Breakin’ culture with my year long creative project. Hopefully this can inspire you to find your avenue of changing the game.
Interview with BBoy & Filmmaker ChazB. We chat about some upcoming projects he has in the pipeline aswell his wave of Hip Hop nights under the Umbrella of Resurgance. Alongside some of the community work he is also involved in.Connect with Chaz: Louie - (Glasgow) F ...…
Like many of the things born in Silicon Valley, you might say Strava, the favorite app of millions of athletes, is a happy accident. Strava’s co-founder Mark Gainey, set to run cross-country as a freshman at Harvard in 1986, was sidelined by an injury. This led him to the crew team, where a junior rower named Michael Horvath took him under his ...…
Affiliations: Devi8tors; Zulu Nation; *1000 NetworkPoints of interest: Jersey Scene; Hip-Hop, B-Boying, Zulu NationTags of interest: #ABthaGod #Devi8tors #1000Network
So this year we were in Miami for my birthday, which meant that the Soul Shack Birthday edition took place in Miami...under the palm trees, sipping on quality cocktails! So now just in time for the long weekend up here in Canada, I give you the full night recording from the party!Subscribe on iTunes: ...…
What up everyone, Welcome to another episode of LEMeKNOWMy guests on today's episode is Ben AvilaBen is a street artist from them city of Wilmington, he is known as Natus after him finding the name Satan intriguing. He has been making art since a young age and has sole his work to people that own pieces by Pablo Picasso because his work resembl ...…
MG Gilian is always on the go. It’s hard to keep track of his travels. He’s a bboy, judges breakdancing competitions all over the world and organises one of the biggest street dance festivals worldwide – The Legits Blast. In Banská Bystrica… He’s also a co-owner of The Legits. You might have never heard of the brand but if you ask any bboy anyw ...…
I got on the phone with one of the godfathers of Black LGBT fiction, James Earl Hardy! We talk about his book, B-Boy Blues, his special relationship to E. Lynn Harris, and how it felt to see his characters brought to life on the stage. There's also a ton more! Listen in on a great conversation!
A new MP3 sermon from Frontline Fellowship is now available on with the following details: Title: Boys & Girls Brigade Presentation on African Animals & the Gospel Presentation Subtitle: Australia Mission Speaker: Peter Hammond Broadcaster: Frontline Fellowship Event: Teaching Date: 3/9/2018 Length: 19 min.…
A very special TAKE ME BACK the days of Uprockin' and Pop Lockin'. B-Boys and B-Boys breakin’, poppin’ and lockin’ almost 30 years ago...and still making a mark. #70s #80s #hiphop #breakers #poplocking #bboy #bgirl
First off, if any of you have seen this/heard this before… well, it’s because it was first broadcast in March 2013… exactly 5 years ago. Reeps is doing bi monthly new podcasts but lets face it, none of us can remember 5 minutes ago let alone 5 years so it’s like a new podcast anyway! Thanks to all who listened in live and got in the chat room… ...…
From Bossa Nova to Jazz Fusion, My Favorite Things is back with some heat featuring deep music from my last digging excursion. I’m happy to spread with you the Live Version of “Long Way Home” from Ill Considered – for sure Spiritual and Free Jazz is very hot in London right now. I’ve also included the French nugget “Maderai” by Tipsy on this lo ...…
In the exposition of the interview, the Reading MC informs us about his views on modern day Hip Hop and why UK Hip Hop is killing it right now. The conversation switches to chopping up his excellent EP, Two Man Band, whilst we also discover his roots in the Rap game.
LA TOURNEE Playlist Samedi 3 Fevrier 2018 ANTOINE ZEBRA avec CLAUDE NOUGARO "Ma ville" (bootleg) BROWNOUT "Flaxilmus" (Renegades of jazz Bboy edit) THE GO! TEAM "All the way live" EELS "Saturday morning" BLACK BOYS ON MOPED "Liar" ROY BROWN "Hurry hurry babe" BOBBY MITCHELL "Hearts of fire"' JAMES WEE WILLIE WAYNE "Junco partner (worthless man) ...…
UK Hip Hop has never been in a stronger position - FACT! After numerous false dawns and hype, 2017 witnessed UK Hip Hop pushing boundaries of Hip Hop musically, creating an excitement that our Americans cousins can only dream due to their diluted mainstream scene. At the pinnacle of the UK renaissance is Tha Force whose ‘Setting Standards’ LP s ...…
Nicholas Craven is not only a connoisseur of Hip Hop but whiskey too. Whilst we were drinking cherry Pepsi he was sipping Glenfiddich to celebrate the success of his phenomenal album, Craven N. Interestingly, Craven hints that he has music hidden in the deepest darkest corners of the internet, but only real fans will be able to access it. The m ...…
The Toronto trilogy is complete with the dope producer, Bozack Morris. In the expedition of the interview Bozack divulges his love of the teacher, KRS 1. There is no doubt that Bozack’s knowledge of Hip Hop runs deep and he kindly shares his wisdom on vinyl resales, dope emcees and the current scene. We also clear up the rumour that The Big Gho ...…
Death Lens: Bombshell Soaked: Don’t Wanna Wake Up Today Scumdrops: Estevez Thee Marvin Gayes: Alerte Niveau 4 La Hell Gang: On Your Own Las Rosas: Cops B Boys: Flatlands Together Pangea: The Cold (live) The Casey Jr. Ride: Drugs Delfines Entrenados Para Matar: Tirado En Agosto Pink Frost: Seek and Recover BBQ Pope: No More Voodoo Youth: My God ...…
In the second part of our Toronto trilogy, we chop it up with the uber talented, MC Abdominal. The exposition of the interview sees Canada’s finest reminiscing over his affection for the Golden State Warrior, Safair. Before dissecting his and DJ Format’s fantastic album, Still Hungry, Abdominal tells us how makes a living in tandem with his mus ...…
The fantastic combination of Daniel Son and Asun Eastwood is implementing Toronto as a haven for Hip Hop! From this interview, it is transparent that Daniel Son is a Hip Hop fiend who has the skills, talent and chutzpah to make him in the words of Hus Kingpin, ‘The Rookie of 2017.’ In the interview, we discuss the state of modern Hip Hop in tan ...…
Deacon Dy-Dy – Dy-Shawn SimpkinsOnce a repeat offender of the law turned spiritually enlightened emcee, Deacon Dy-Dy is an exception to the rule in terms of being an example of the potential parallel one’s life can take after a wakeup call. Living life being locked in a cell for years at a time which for civilians, often move at a rapid speed - ...…
Tyrone Van Der Meer is a bboy (breakdance) event promoter and DJ from the Netherlands. Involved in some of the biggest bboy events including IBE, The World Bboy Classics and more, he is responsible for a whole generation of dancers having a platform to perform, see and learn their art and passion. Including myself!…
Menno van Gorp, aka Bboy Menno (Hustle Kidz Crew, Red Bull BC One Allstars), is a professional dancer and artist from the Netherlands. He recently won the prestigious Red Bull Bc One World Championship title for the second time and we are happy to have the legend on the show!
Playlist Pass Me By by Sharon Jones & the Dap on Soul of a Woman (Daptone) Someday We'll All Be Free by Donny Hathaway on A Donny Hathaway Collection (Atlantic ) Beautiful People by The Dramatics on Whatcha See Is Watcha Get (Concord Music Group) Whatcha See is Whatcha Get by The Dramatics on Whatcha See is Whatcha Get (Concord Music Group) Eas ...…
What up everyone, Welcome to another episode of LEMeKNOWMy guests on today's episode are Omar and Jonathan two members of the hip-hop group JustxUs.They describe themselves as an organic hip hop group. They are new to the hip hop game but you would never know unless they would tell you. They are releasing their EP on October 26th, and they are ...…
The School's IN bunch continues their month long discussion of the Five Elements of Hip-Hop with the 2nd Element: B-Boying (Breakin'). We will discuss ALL forms of hip-hop dance as well, including but NOT Limited to: Uprock, Downrock, Boogalo, Pop/Lock, and EVERYTHING around and in between!!!
This week's episode of Lab Rats Culture I had the pleasure of speaking with the legendary B Boy Flo Master. We sat down and talked about humility, importance of pushing outside of your comfort zone, training, how he went from martial artist to dancing and training superstar, Usher and even where he first got the name FLO MASTER. So many laughs. ...…
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