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The Buckman Breakdown
My Name is Gary Buckman and I host the most technical MMA podcast on the planet. I put out more episodes then any other fight analyst and go into more depth then everyone. I enjoy focusing on the subtitles and minute details of fights as well as comment on the business and social landscape of the MMA game in general. In the lead up to each UFC pay per view I dedicate an episode to each big name fighter through examining one of their victories and follow up with fight companions for each of t ...
Frank Beckman
Frank Beckman on 760 WJR.
The Buckman Breakdown
The Buckman Breakdown
Sarah Beckman Christian Speaker Channel
Listen to the Biblical Teaching and Insights of Christian Women's Speaker, Sarah Beckman.
Raising the Consciousness with Hosts Susan Shehata and Colleen Buckman
Raising the Consciousness is a radio show that provides simple solutions for conscious living. Our mission is to inspire Global Change through Individual Action.The show is hosted by Susan Shehata of Sacred Rearrangements and Colleen Buckman of Fair Trade Om.
drkate's Revolution Radio
Welcome to drkates Revolution Radio, home to Walls in our Minds, a weekly broadcast on all topics related to our Constitution, the animated contest of liberty, the spiritual battle and our personal responsibility, history, and current events. Red Beckman, Terry Dodd, and drKate host a range of guests join us frequently for this informative and unique dialogue.
Millionaire Coaching
with Todd Bockman
Medieval podcast from
60 minutes of Medieval, all commercial free, with no talking DJ between songs. All songs Creative Commons by-nc-sa 1.0 licensed from the record label that isn't evil:
Baroque podcast from
60 minutes of Baroque, all commercial free, with no talking DJ between songs. All songs Creative Commons by-nc-sa 1.0 licensed from the record label that isn't evil:
Issues In Perspective
With Dr. Jim Eckman
Nyfikat är ett humoristiskt samtal som drivs av Anders Jansson och Johan Westers nyfikenhet kring en okänd gästs kunskap. Nyfikat är en podcast från Lund Comedy som presenteras av Anagram och produceras i samarbete med Podbyrån. Hosts: Johan Wester & Anders Jansson Producent: Karin Bäckman Berg, Anagram Klipp & Mix: Timmie Strandberg, Podbyrån
CHANGE ALREADY! with Jillian
Jillian, Warm and Fuzzy with an Attitude, Intuitive Life Facilitator and Author puts her interactive spin on social, spiritual and cultural reality.
Podcasten som tar er direkt ut i verkligheten
Brother from another mother Podcast
Brother from another mother är enligt oss en bror du delar livets alla sidor med. I denna podcast lär du känna Johan Beckman och Kristoffer Palmqvist bättre än vad än vad dom känner sig själva.
No, But That's A Thing!
No, But That's A Thing is a casual conversation about the real science portrayed in sci-fi movies, with a couple of goons who googled some stuff.
drkate's Revolution Radio
REVOLUTION RADIO is a place where Patriots meet twice a week to discuss strategies for the restoration of our Constitutional Republic. On Wednesday evenings, drkate hosts "Constitutional Governance" a discussion of the Constitution and how we identify a pathway toward the restoration of true Constitutional governance in a Second American Republic. On Thursday evenings, hosts Terry Dodd and constitutional scholar Red Beckman present "WALLS IN OUR MINDS", a special segment on removing the barr ...
Sermons from Greenwich Presbyterian Church
Sermons from Pastor Don Meeks and Associate Pastor Eric Beckman and occasional guest speakers.For more information please visit:
HTCCV Weekly Podcast
Welcome to the weekly audio podcast for HTCCV in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where our mission is being real with God and being real with others. Pastor Kim Buckman and others bring you weekly teachingson life, relations, the life of Jesus and many more... check us out at
Zephyr Podcast
Krishna Guruswamy and Josh Beckmantalking about San Francisco and Chicago, technology and a well-intentioned life. &
The official SoundCloud of MovieBoozer.Com and home of our weekly movie review podcast Virtual Pub. Join Ken Eckman, Bill Leon, Bill Arceneaux, Hawk Ripjaw and Zach Jeremiah on their beverage-fueled misadventures reviewing new releases and getting sidetracked by many other topics of discussion.
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What’s on Craigslist 7-27-2017 …For Sale: WWII Silver Star Medal Barr Ribbon …Plus, a great Yard Sard …And, You can take your D-Bag Bass Player back …Man interviewing companies to see if they are good enough for him
Katerina Cozias talks to Janet Newcomb about how to survive and thrive in the changing world of work. Thirteen authors (Steve Amos, Charlotte Backman, Rochelle Burgess, John Hall, Michael D. Hardesty, Hal Hendrix, Steve Howard, Joanna Maxwell, Janet L. Newcomb, Lee Pound, James Richards, Jacqueline A. Soares, and Krystal Jalene Thomas) show you ...…
We open up today’s episode with a legal battle I did not know i needed to fight, the results of my stand-up comedy shananigans that went down last night and then a nice long in depth analysis of the rematch between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier. Rate, share, subscribe and ENJOY!! Gary Buckman, Comedy, humour, society, … Continue reading "Pre Jon ...…
On the Detroit 67: Perspectives’ exhibit which opened to the public June 24th where they have pulled in the voice of over 500 Detroiters for an exhibition that is both instructive and interactive.
Are malls in fatal decline in wake of on-line sales and the post office subsidizing Amazon, how does his company keep Somerset thriving so well?
This is the third sermon in a five-part series on The Church: The Key to God's Redemptive Program. Please find Dr. Eckman's notes in the attachment below.
A very candid interview about Wally's relationship with the Mets, his time in the organization & his aspirations to manage in the big leagues.
Today we open up with some wonderful personal news about sleeveless woollen zip up jackets, porn and then continue on with the power of eye pokes and footwork. Rate, share, subscribe and ENJOY!! Gary Buckman, Comedy, humour, society, humour, culture, mma, sports, mixed martial arts, ufc, funny, podcast, UFC, TOP 10, BOXING, KARATE, MUAI THAI, B ...…
Talks about the the 2017 Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac Race starting in Port Huron July 22-25, the clubs support for Set Sail for Autism and about a new event the club has sponsored this year Autism J120 Thursday Night Showdown. For more information
Kate Sorrento and Ethan Buckman at Stickman Brews We return to Stickman Brews in Royersford, PA once again to chat with brewer and returning guest Ethan, as well as newcomer to the podcast Kate. Topics include the development of the Stickman brand, the expansion of their barrel program and a lengthy and in-depth discussion about the state of cr ...…
Out of the box - Bill Ackman 14/07/2017By (Rim Saaidia).
drkate's Revolution Radio
From the Best of Walls In Our Minds: IS GOD INCONVENIENT TO THE LIBERTY MOVEMENT? Red Beckman, Robert McCurry, Dwaine Moore, Dr. Kate & Terry Dodd form tonight's discussion panel. Some have been chastised and even exiled by many liberty minded groups for pressing the point that Yeshua and The Father must be held out as The Sovereign and Necessa ...…
In this episode get information on different ways to help your horse's back issues. Find lots of holistic therapies for animals information at
Discuss Ann Arbor becoming the new Motor City as a driverless car hub
Discuss focusing on disseminating traditional and academic knowledge of the Islamic Sciences
Discuss building pathways between Muslim communities and solving what separates us as Americans also address the FGM problem
Discuss a school curriculum in 18 schools around the country teaching young people how to be entrepreneurs
Discuss Clarkston Chair of the House Tax Policy Committee on passage of Good Jobs Bill
Discuss benefits of bringing the Rover Pipeline to the state of Michigan
Discuss releasing a series of documentaries about immigration and terrorism, shot in London, Manchester, Paris & Marseilles
We back man!!
Last week we did television, this week literature. Fredrik Backman's novel 'A Man Called Ove' was recommended by the Rick O'Shea book club - and so was the film adaptation. Here we discuss our reaction to both.
Welcome to Dev Game Club, where we are discussing Valve Software's 1998 classic Half-Life. This week we welcome Dario Casali, a level designer who worked on Half-Life and is still with the company all these years later. Dev Game Club looks at classic video games and plays through them over several episodes, providing commentary. Podcast breakdo ...…
Today we briefly address the shit show that was Conor and Floyd’s first press conference and we discuss the problem that plagues studying health science that seems unique. Rate, review, share and subscribe! GARY BUCKMAN, NUTRITION, HEALTH, TRAINING, SPORT, WEIGHT LOSS, LOSE WEIGHT, OVERWEIGHT, bodybuilding, powerlifting, health, diet, weight…
Robert Eckman, Chief Information Security Officer, MCPc; Ryan MacFarlane, Supervisory Special Agent, Cleveland Division Cyber Squad 1, FBI; and Pete Moore, Ph.D., M.A. Hanna Professor of Political Science, Case Western Reserve University, discuss the threats of cyber warfare and what can be done to prevent future cyberattacks in a conversation ...…
Dharma Insight | Insight Meditation Community of Charlottesville
Sharon Beckman-Brindley gave this dharma talk on Jul 11, 2017 at the Insight Meditation Community of Charlottesville.When life is challenging, internally or externally, we can find ourselves confused and uncertain about how to live our spiritual practice, how to proceed. While all of the Dharma is a guide, we can still be confused in the moment ...…
Teenager, shotgun, forest. How did it get to that point?
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