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The Buckman Breakdown
My Name is Gary Buckman and I host the most technical MMA podcast on the planet. I put out more episodes then any other fight analyst and go into more depth then everyone. I enjoy focusing on the subtitles and minute details of fights as well as comment on the business and social landscape of the MMA game in general. In the lead up to each UFC pay per view I dedicate an episode to each big name fighter through examining one of their victories and follow up with fight companions for each of t ...
Frank Beckman
Frank Beckman on 760 WJR.
The Buckman Breakdown
The Buckman Breakdown
Sarah Beckman Christian Speaker Channel
Listen to the Biblical Teaching and Insights of Christian Women's Speaker, Sarah Beckman.
Raising the Consciousness with Hosts Susan Shehata and Colleen Buckman
Raising the Consciousness is a radio show that provides simple solutions for conscious living. Our mission is to inspire Global Change through Individual Action.The show is hosted by Susan Shehata of Sacred Rearrangements and Colleen Buckman of Fair Trade Om.
drkate's Revolution Radio
Welcome to drkates Revolution Radio, home to Walls in our Minds, a weekly broadcast on all topics related to our Constitution, the animated contest of liberty, the spiritual battle and our personal responsibility, history, and current events. Red Beckman, Terry Dodd, and drKate host a range of guests join us frequently for this informative and unique dialogue.
Millionaire Coaching
with Todd Bockman
Baroque podcast from
60 minutes of Baroque, all commercial free, with no talking DJ between songs. All songs Creative Commons by-nc-sa 1.0 licensed from the record label that isn't evil:
Medieval podcast from
60 minutes of Medieval, all commercial free, with no talking DJ between songs. All songs Creative Commons by-nc-sa 1.0 licensed from the record label that isn't evil:
Nyfikat är ett humoristiskt samtal som drivs av Anders Jansson och Johan Westers nyfikenhet kring en okänd gästs kunskap. Nyfikat är en podcast från Lund Comedy som presenteras av Anagram och produceras i samarbete med Podbyrån. Hosts: Johan Wester & Anders Jansson Producent: Karin Bäckman Berg, Anagram Klipp & Mix: Timmie Strandberg, Podbyrån
CHANGE ALREADY! with Jillian
Jillian, Warm and Fuzzy with an Attitude, Intuitive Life Facilitator and Author puts her interactive spin on social, spiritual and cultural reality.
Issues In Perspective
With Dr. Jim Eckman
Podcasten som tar er direkt ut i verkligheten
No, But That's A Thing!
No, But That's A Thing is a casual conversation about the real science portrayed in sci-fi movies, with a couple of goons who googled some stuff.
drkate's Revolution Radio
REVOLUTION RADIO is a place where Patriots meet twice a week to discuss strategies for the restoration of our Constitutional Republic. On Wednesday evenings, drkate hosts "Constitutional Governance" a discussion of the Constitution and how we identify a pathway toward the restoration of true Constitutional governance in a Second American Republic. On Thursday evenings, hosts Terry Dodd and constitutional scholar Red Beckman present "WALLS IN OUR MINDS", a special segment on removing the barr ...
Brother from another mother Podcast
Brother from another mother är enligt oss en bror du delar livets alla sidor med. I denna podcast lär du känna Johan Beckman och Kristoffer Palmqvist bättre än vad än vad dom känner sig själva.
Sermons from Greenwich Presbyterian Church
Sermons from Pastor Don Meeks and Associate Pastor Eric Beckman and occasional guest speakers.For more information please visit:
HTCCV Weekly Podcast
Welcome to the weekly audio podcast for HTCCV in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where our mission is being real with God and being real with others. Pastor Kim Buckman and others bring you weekly teachingson life, relations, the life of Jesus and many more... check us out at
Zephyr Podcast
Krishna Guruswamy and Josh Beckmantalking about San Francisco and Chicago, technology and a well-intentioned life. &
The official SoundCloud of MovieBoozer.Com and home of our weekly movie review podcast Virtual Pub. Join Ken Eckman, Bill Leon, Bill Arceneaux, Hawk Ripjaw and Zach Jeremiah on their beverage-fueled misadventures reviewing new releases and getting sidetracked by many other topics of discussion.
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Discuss the Inaugural Officer Collin Rose Memorial Golf Outing coming up on July 24 at Lochmoor Golf Club in Grosse Pointe Woods. Officer Rose was the Wayne State Officer who was murdered.
Teaches International Security, International Business Management and Culture and Doing Business in the Mideast. Internationally recognized specialist in terrorism and counter-terrorism studies on the Flint airport stabbing.
What’s in store this Monday at the fireworks? What will we see that’s new, etc.
Defending Steve Tennes, owner of Country Mill Farms in Charlotte, Michigan, in a lawsuit against the city of East Lansing after their farm was kicked out of the city farmers market for refusing to host same sex weddings
the Board did not act on part-time legislature petition which Lt. Governor Calley says Shinkle has a conflict because he has a contract with the Michigan Freedom Fund, a conservative group, that opposes a part-time Legislature and wants to stop the change to the state’s constitution
discusses his new book Putin’s Gambit: A New Thriller About the Threat Posed by An Increasingly Powerful Russia
discuss deer in neighborhood with plastic piece stuck around his neck and what can be done to remove it
on the stabbing of Lt. Jeff Neville at the Flint’s Bishop Airport yesterday
Jorge and I had a chance to chat over beer with Wally List, Senior Sales Representative for Illuminated Brew Works. Wally has been with Illuminated since one of their first bottle releases. He talked to us about the challenges of getting a bottle to go from brewery to shelf to someone's fridge and future aspirations of the brewery, perfectly co ...…
Danny, Dave and Moore
The professor joins the guys to give his opinion on the potential contract extensions of Derek Carr and Matthew Stafford. He also discusses Russell Wilson's current contract as well as much more NFL news. Mel Stottlemyre later comes on the show to talk about Andrew Moore, Felix Hernandez, and all of the pitching injuries. On "Sweeping the Dial, ...…
justin_aptaker on Narro
Narro is the simple way to listen to the web - a text to speech podcast app. Narro will take your bookmarked articles and read them back to you as a podcast. Register Log In bookmarklet, browser extension, or phone app Narro home page Narro apps Narro integrations page your Narro feed and home page instructions for subsc ...…
Instructional Coaching Corner
Join Greg and guest host Kelly Simon as they sit down with motivation ninja Joe Beckman and discuss the importance of human to human knee to knee connection.
Gleason discusses the Good Jobs Bill being put on hold and was in Lansing all day yesterday.
The even will be held in Traverse City at Flintfields Horse Park running from July 5-30 and August 2-13.
Talks about the vote to have the Detroit Piston's move downtown.
Talks about his part-time legislature initiative and the Good Jobs bill being put on hold.
Points out many of the everyday mistakes drivers routinely make that can lead to road rage and discusses simple driving etiquette, common courtesies that drivers either weren't taught, choose to ignore or have forgotten over time.
Discuss A Night of Broadway Stars featuring 20 solo and group performances by Broadway's biggest stars taking place tonight to benefit Covenant House Michigan at the Sound Board at Motor Casino Hotel.
Talks about the elections across the country yesterday and the big GOP wins.
Talks about the grounding of planes in Arizona due to the heat.
Talks about his sponsored bills on free speech on college campuses.
Discusses all aspects of commanding a freighter/ large ship through the Great Lakes and talks safety in wake of the Navy destroyer collision off of Japan.
Talks about the city's demolition program and Coleman Young II calling for a special prosecutor.
Tells if we were to have a part-time legislature in Michigan it may alter our Constitution.
Talks about the recent cell phone and internet outages across the U.S.
On today's show, we go back in time to highlight some of our favorite interviews in BFT history.
Gary Kubiak was the leading vote-getter for the National Polish-American Sports Hall of Fame in 2017 in the Major Sports category where the award will be presented at the 45th Annual Induction Banquet this Thursday at the American Polish Cultural Center in Troy. Can order tickets at 313-407-3300
Talks about his European trade mission trip and comments on the latest indictments in the Flint water case.
Talks about the Veterans Accountability Bill making it easier to fire employees at the Department of Veterans Affairs in an effort by President Trump to fix the multiple problems that have plagued this agency.
Talks about the University of Michigan's free tuition being economic affirmative action.
Asks the question Why can't the State of Michigan admit it was wrong when it comes to unemployment benefits?
Today we look a little deeper into Conor’s path to victory against Floyd and we go over the horrific news thats come out about Tim Hague and Matt Huges as well as cover Bellator’s dirty plays with Chuck Liddell. Rate, share, subscribe and ENJOY!! Gary Buckman, Comedy, humour, society, humour, culture, mma, sports, mixed martial arts, … Continue ...…
Today we look a little deeper into Conor's path to victory against Floyd and we go over the horrific news thats come out about Tim Hague and Matt Huges as well as cover Bellator's dirty plays with Chuck Liddell. Rate, share, subscribe and ENJOY!! Gary Buckman, Comedy, humour, society, humour, culture, mma, sports, mixed martial arts, ufc, funny ...…
Kristen and Renee Beckman discuss bullies in the workplace, how to spot them and how to remove them. Renee Beckman, CPA, CEO & Founder of Limitless Search, Inc. a financial and accounting executive search and contract resources company.
This week we review 1) A breakthrough in cancer treatment: Le D, Durham J, Smith K, et al. “Mismatch-repair deficiency predicts response of solid tumors to PD-1 blockade.” Science, 2017 June 8 doi: 10.1126/science.aan6733. 2) Broccoli sprouts and Type 2 Diabetes: Axelsson A, Tubbs E, Mecham B, et al. "Sulforaphane reduces hepatic glucose produc ...…
Jack Beckman and Neal Strausbaugh after winning in Funny Car at the NHRA Summeranationals in Englishtown.By (WFO Radio).
PageantCast Sarah Wall Beckman, Interview & Pageant Coach: Interview Advice Interview with Sarah Wall Beckman, Interview & Pageant Coach gives us some great pageant interview advice! Websites: Sarah Wall Beckman – FACEBOOK: Sarah Wall Beckman Interview & Pageant Coach – ...…
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