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The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
Heavy Hands
Heavy Hands is a combat sports podcast that focuses on technical analysis. If you're a fan of fighting sports and martial arts and you want to expand your understanding of the finer points of face-punching, then this show is for you.
Heavy Muscle Radio is hosted by Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto! Every Monday night, get the latest news from the world of professional bodybuilding with interesting guests, and stimulating talk! Don't miss out!
The weekly podcast looking into the history of metal
Progressive Rock, Metal, Comedy, Classic Rock Obscurities and more from an ex-AOR Radio legend and his sidekick The Devil.
Heavy Cardboard
In each episode of the podcast, we will focus our attention on one heavy game to discuss. We’ll share our thoughts and opinions on the game with our listeners. Our intention is not to teach you how to play but to help inform you about the game and hopefully help you decide if a game is one you’d like.
Kieran Mulvaney covers boxing for and Reuters. Several times a week, Mulvaney will discuss upcoming matchups, comment on past bouts and look at the stories behind the fighters.
Home of Canadian Magic
Heavy Blog Is Heavy editors Noyan and Eden talk about happenings in the metal world.
A podcast about seeking fulfillment and finding your bliss. Each week we will interview some of the world’s most interesting people, who are leading lives filled with positivity and happiness. Check us out!
HEAVY crisscrosses the abyssal plains of metallic drone, noise and distortion—braving the shrill screams and the demonic growls, withstanding fierce onslaughts of double bass and irregular time signatures—all to bring you a delicious, multicourse metal meal. Each week, DJs George and Dmitiry curate a list of metal tracks and place them in context of the broader metal genre landscape. Tune in, head bang, rock on.
Heavy Metal History is a weekly podcast, that is hosted by Dustin and Matt, two guys that live across the world from each other sharing the savage and unique history of the most intense and aggressive music ever invented. HEAVY METAL! The podcast that goes through the chronological history of the Heavy Metal genre on a month by month album by album basis to see how it evolved and changed. On occasion there are guests from metal bands to discuss various influences and histories of their bands ...
Different kinds of funky. Deep, dirty, underground dance music. Heavy disco dub and jazz funk house. Electric boogie and cosmic rhythm mixed and edited by Brad Slyde for radio broadcast on CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal Canada from 2001-2013. Sending out digital episodes to subscribers since 2003, it was one of the first podcasts in the world and still continues via RSS feed.
Classic 80's Underground...Playing The Best Of All The Rest! Heavy Metal The Way It Was Meant To Be! The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show Hosted By Mike "The Big Cheese" Catricola. Sundays At 6:00pm EST Metal The Way It Was Meant To Be!
Heavy Breather
Two idiots talking, weekly. Broadcast by in Portland, OR. Support the show and listen to bonus episodes at
Join your host Sue (@soozwebb), as she chats her love for all things loud and scary in podcast Heavy Metal Horror Cast. We are always on the look out for bands to feature on the show, if you are in a heavy metal or horror related band please get in touch at
We're a group of goofy idiots and friends who have bonded over our love of heavy metal music. Each episode we present the music we're currently listening to.
The Beanies
All aboard The Beanies’ brand new series, Imagination Station – toot toot! Join Mim, Laura, Michael and Professor Know It All for a journey jam-packed with fun new songs and exciting adventures, guaranteed to spark kids’ imaginations and creativity. Explore how bubbles are made, what’s in a sneeze (atchoo!) and even learn to fly - these colourful activities are perfect for little ones in the home, on school holidays and road trips.Kinderling is Australia's #1 radio station for kids and famil ...
In this podcast, two brothers openly discuss the world of transport medicine. HLTH touches on critically ill and injured patients in addition to the controversies surrounding their management. Though tailored to the transport environment, our information is applicable to any discipline working in an emergency and/or intensive care setting. We utilize the most recent evidence to provide applicable and accurate information that can assist in improving your clinical practice and your program’s ...
Heavy T's Grow Show Hydroponics Talk Radio ~ Now on
Kieran Mulvaney covers boxing for and Reuters. Several times a week, Mulvaney will discuss upcoming matchups, comment on past bouts and look at the stories behind the fighters.
Fathoming Heavy
Podcast by Fathoming Heavy
Join Tim Hall and former Buckeye and NFL running back Chris 'Beanie' Wells as they talk live and local sports (Buckeyes, NFL and more) weekdays from 10 a.m. to noon.
Construction Articles
Every Wednesday at 18:00 (GMT+3) on Downtuned Radio, "All the Heavy Lifting" radio show, plays the finest Heavy Rock - Stoner - Doom tunes, and grooves down your spine. Be there!
3 friends discuss metal with varying degrees of seriousness
LANaesthetics montage. This is a LANaesthetic Prouductions.
Shake That Bear!
We talk about stuff in the most unintelligent manner possible. But as Louis C.K. once said, "You don't have to be smart to laugh at a fart joke... but you'd have to be stupid not to."
Nik Buttress & Shaun 'The Spats' Owen playing & promoting the best in Soul, Funk, Jazz, Boogie & Disco in and around Cambridge, London and beyond.....Catch us on on alternate Thursdays 8-10pm via the website, TuneIn app on your mobile, or via your desktop media player.Come and join us also on Facebook
Different kinds of funky. Deep, dirty, underground dance music. Heavy disco dub and jazz funk house. Electric boogie and cosmic rhythm mixed and edited by Brad Slyde for radio broadcast on CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal Canada from 2001-2013. Sending out digital episodes to subscribers since 2003, it was one of the first podcasts in the world and still continues via RSS feed.
The weekly podcast looking into the history of metal
Heavy Flow
podcast website
Helping women achieve self love and release their inner Goddess from a combination of training, nutrition and mindset coaching.
Paul Peavy
Welcome to the Paul Peavy podcast, where things are looked at by a Psychotherapist and former Stand-Up Comic. You know, a Stand-Up Therapist.
Heavy Rotation
Journalist, tech nerd, wannabe foodie, gamer, and GameChops Ambassador that tries to have fun while staying in schoolContact:
Heavy Chalk
Tubby and Roo will give you their insight on all of the big plays weekly. From survivor pools to lead-pipe locks, we have everything you need to scratch that gambling addiction itch. Fade us or follow us, it's well worth the listen.
The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show Opens Up It's Vaults To Feature Past Interviews With Some Of Hard Rock And Heavy Metal's Best Bands. New Shows Posted Every Month. Sometimes What's Old Is Actually New! Listen To The Heavy Metal Mayhem Live Show Every Sunday Night At 6:00pm EST And The Metal Matinee Every Thursday At 1:00pm EST.
Heavy Rebel On-Demand
An audio and video collection from the best Rockabilly Weekender in the World,Heavy Rebel Weekender.Tickets now on sale for 2007June 29,30,July 1 Winston-Salem,NC.This PODCAST site is produced and maintained by Octane Media Solutions part of the Octane Radio family.
Heavy Metal Heat Wave improvises long-form podcasts.
Join Geoff Thorpe of the legendary Bay Area formation Vicious Rumors and Thomas “Metal” Moser from Germany’s Number 1 Rock Station, ROCK ANTENNE, when they travel through the Heavy Metal universe - and far beyond!
Heavy Friending
Joe and Laura aren't friends. They barely know each other. But through this podcast, they just might become buds. Listen along on their journey that may or may not end at friendship.
Life as a creative is different and so are the challenges – professionally and personally. Gain fresh insights from some of the most creative minds on the planet, people such as Seth Godin, John Lee Dumas, Drew Holcomb, Sleeping At Last & More! Hosted by Caleb Peavy. Produced by Unmutable.
Her får du taler fra våre arrangementer og innhold hentet fra arkivene våre.
A weekly look at all the latest news surrounding the truck and bus industry. The Heavy Vehicles Podcast is the official podcast of
The Show That Never Ends!
Hello me, it's me again: Dave Mustaine here, lead singer of the greatest Heavy Metal band of all time bringing you bite-sized Metal news to shove up your... well... they won't let me curse in my iTunes description, but you know what I mean.
Hosted by the crew from Whammy Bar, with over 15 years local and international touring experience, and more performing in some of New Zealand's most respected hard, fast and heavy bands. They've wined and dined Slayer, partied with NOFX and Municipal Waste and shared a stage with Suicidal Tendencies. No One else knows hard, fast & heavy quite like them. Expect two hours worth of local and international punk, hardcore, screamo, doom, metal and thrash every Sunday night. Broadcast from Aucklan ...
Heavy Hitters
Business, marketing, life and motivation.
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In this Episode, Randy returns and talks with Dave on topics such as Sega Genesis, Mortal Kombat, Rock N Roll, and Beavis and Butthead.
Here it is! Alex and Jake read through the first issue of what they plan to have as the first part of several in Power Tech, Red Arrow's primary project. Come check it out as Alex narrates while Jake does the voices and sound effects in the background. Join us as we follow the tale of Leslie Fortis and what it would be like if a young man in co ...…
This week on LAST LIVES...Jbone, Dad, and Sam G talk 90's PC Gaming, Point & Click Adventures, and PS1. Can 3 dudes in their 30's with wives and families clear their backlogs and confront the final boss of MIDDLE AGE NOSTALGIA? Find out on LAST LIVES. Memory Card PC Gaming Leisure Suit Larry Beavis & Butthead Virtual Stupidity Duke Nukem 3D Pla ...…
Justin Vs Justen Challenge number 3 Beavis and Butthead VS Ren and Stimpy.......who will win? Justin Vs JustenBy (Justen Appelquist Justin Cooper).
Justin Vs Justen talk Beavis and Butthead....well kinda. The cartoon your parents hated but we - justin vs justenBy (Justen Appelquist Justin Cooper).
John Yarmuth has a Challenger. What are Millennials good at? State of the Union reaction. Beavis is Back!
John Yarmuth has a Challenger. What are Millennials good at? State of the Union reaction. Beavis is Back!
It's a new year, but it's still the Let's Place you love! Join us as Crystal lights a fire under our butts to get moving, Emily gets tipsy on New Years Eve drinks, Chelsea uses the wrong microphone, and Luke goes to meet a special guest to place live in an airport! YOUR GAMES THIS WEEK ARE: Jessica: Mysterious Journey, for PC; The Black Eyed Pe ...…
Brothers Adam Dutch and Ben Durham host We’re Not Afraid of the Dark. The Tale of the Designated Driver, or The Tale of the Pinball Wizard premiered in the United States on Nickelodeon on November 14, 1992 and was directed by D.J. MacHale, written by Louise Lamarre.When the fuck was there every a reset button on a Game Boy?Super Mario Bros. spe ...…
CB and Soos are back with GigaPet Gillette for another Bring It Back! Bracket. This bracket includes all the best cartoon characters from the 90's. See who gets upset in the first round and who takes home the title for best 90's cartoon character. Bracket includes Bart Simpson, Doug, Arnold, Stimpy, Cartman, Beavis, and many more. Leave us a me ...…
Steve has another interesting story, Chris doesn’t want to be a Weinstein, and we wonder: at what point, when we were younger, did our parents stop giving a shit? Enjoy the show?Subscribe to Horribly Off-Topic in iTunes, Stitcher, Google, Overcast, or via RSS. Then, throw a buck or three into our tip jar. Show Notes Softening in Our Old Age Rad ...…
Abraham Marte is the first BJJ champion out of the Dominican Republic. He talks about closed guard, training through injuries and strength & conditioning. Also, Ryan makes a recording error which results in a Beavis & Butthead convo intended for off air.. Click “read more” for show notes! Origins Being a big guy in Jiu-Jitsu […]…
In this 200th episode of the Soulful PR podcast, I’m looking back at the shows that have been pivotal for me and my business – and sharing how I have grown the podcast from scratch to 38,000 downloads every month. I’ll share my thoughts on how I’ve created a top 50 UK business podcast (including... READ MORE The post [200] Lessons learned from ...…
Kyle and Alek take advantage of the excellent Fall weather and meet in a quiet park to talk about: Zima poppin', Coke Coffee Plus, Japanese dubs of American TV, Japanese Beavis and Butt Head fans, foreigner faux pas, and new hit game show "Drunk Adult or Small Sober Child." #ToSplo Music by…
RIP Hugh HefnerIntro / RantsNFL Week 4Controversy??Sublime / Offspring (Bangerspring) talkBreak - Collective Soul - HeavyCartoon TournamentBrackets: Nickelodeon BracketDougThe Ren and Stimpy ShowRugratsRocko’s Modern LifeAnimeDragon Ball ZSailor MoonRonin WarriorsEvangelionDisneyDarkwing DuckAladdinGargoylesTailspinSyndicated ShowsTransformers ...…
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, this isn’t about me, this is about YOU!!!” Family Guy, the brainchild of Fox animation stalwart Seth McFarlane, carved a niche for itself by busting the formula of the animated sitcom that other such shows have followed for decades, including The Simpsons. More “Beavis and Butt-Head” than “Wait till Your Father Gets Hom ...…
A while back here there were several episodes where we discussed songwriters as literary figures, using the springboard of Bob Dylan getting the Nobel Prize for Literature. Dylan was the third songwriter to receive this award, preceded by William Butler Yeats and Rabindranath Tagore. But the Nobel prize is not really all that old, and the idea ...…
@brothascomics is getting you caught up for Game of Thrones Season 7. We recap seasons 2 and 3 tonight touching on the Mother of Dragons, The Lannisters evil deeds, the torture of poor Theon Greyjoy and how evil Ramsay Bolton is. And of course we deal with our feelings about the Red Wedding and how the Producer almost stopped watching the show! ...…
Podgodz 250 Recorded 4 July 2017 Celebrate America by blowing some of it up Baby Driver Bought a Spider-Man ticket my new #cartoon: upcoming Apple analytics of podcasts will kill advertising in many podcasts like asteroids killed dinosaurs: — Comic Strip Blogger (@CSB) July 3, 2017 Adds/Drops/Updates Add: Drop: Update ...…
Podgodz 250 Recorded 4 July 2017 Celebrate America by blowing some of it up Baby Driver Bought a Spider-Man ticket my new #cartoon: upcoming Apple analytics of podcasts will kill advertising in many podcasts like asteroids killed dinosaurs: — Comic Strip Blogger (@CSB) July 3, 2017 Adds/Drops/Updates Add: Drop: Update ...…
brothascomics gets you ready for season 7 of Game of Thrones with our Game of Thrones Season 1 recap. We talk our introduction to the series, examine the season through each house and family, and debate who won season 1 of Game of Thrones. Brother Beavis runs point and is joined by the Producer. Check back later this week for the Season 2 recap!…
On the Thursday Night Comic book chat this week, we look at Blerd Notes from the past week in comics and comic book movie news. We talk all the Spiderverse shenanigans with Sony, Fox messing up the Dark Phoenix Saga( again), who could possibly die in Infinity War, and lastly we talk Marvel Legacy and what is the true legacy of Marvel Now! Great ...…
Well! We have been busy, but here is a new Sketchy episode long overdue! We cover the brief return of Beavis and Butthead (episodes still currently available to watch for free on as well as many many tangents. Follow us everywhere at
Podcast 65 has the entire BrothasComics crew. We say RIP to Prodigy from Mobb Deep, Talk the Box Office report with Female Perspective and give our review of Cars 3 and run down Jada Smith for shittin' on Tupac movie. In Blerd Notes, we look at the new Fantastic Four movie rumor, run down XXX part 4, Jumanji, and Avatar 2: Electric Boogaloo! Pl ...…
MTV’s dimwitted duo travel across the United States searching for their lost television in 1996's Beavis and Butt-Head Do America. Listen in to a conversation that touches on the genius of Mike Judge, the universal hatred of hippies, and the missed opportunity of not having the Red Hot Chili Peppers animated into this movie. We also go through ...…
What if Beavis and Butt-Head grew up? One of the benefits of an animated series is that it doesn’t have to follow the same rules we follow in real life. For instance, characters don’t have to face consequences for their actions, and they don’t have to age with the passage of time. But what if you played by the rules of real life with America’s ...…
A raucous comedy with meaning from the creator of “Beavis & Butthead?” What is the world coming to?! Mike judge hits oh so many nails on the head with this little gem that once you’ve seen it, you’ll never look at your cubicle the same again!
Here me now, Cornholios! Brennon and Adam are back at it, recounting the poetic slice-of-life that was Mike Judge’s first work of art: Beavis and Butt-Head. Come and join our prayer circle, as we relive their most important, courageous, and culturally significant moments; like kicking their P.E. teacher in the jimmy, and TP for their bungholes.…
Warning: Jack is drunker than normal due to two days of working on-site at E3. Aaron's still angry about the lack of waffles at Netflix's "Stranger Things" Waffle Breakfast. But hey, at least they finally realized they can do a pretty decent Beavis and Butthead impersonation ... Question: Do you guys really want an eight-hour long episode from ...…
When you hear the name "Daria" the first thing that may come to mind is the 1997 MTV cartoon spinoff of the show Beavis and Butthead. But that's not the Daria I'm talking about. This is an ode to Daria O'Neill's Local Entertainment Guide on Portland's 94.7 NRK. Mornings with Gustav and Daria (and sometimes Mark Trail) shaped my high school expe ...…
Living as a follower of Jesus is not a guarantee that everything will always go your way. If fact at times it can seem everything is going against you, even when you're doing everything you can to bring your best for God. So what does it take to persevere in living out what God has called you to? Guest speaker Dr. Wes Beavis.…
This week, Brian Salvatore and I talk about delving into the catalog of bands we don't know much about. Brian will learn about Sloan while I dig into Ween. Show notes: - Each of us picks a favorite artist of the other that we don't know much about - Jay listened to Ween's Chocolate and Cheese, Brian listened to Sloan's Twice Removed - Both 1994 ...…
From side character on “Beavis & Butthead” to starring role in her own spin-off, “Daria” made an impact on MTV animation and girls alike. Natalie and Maren chat about Daria’s origin story, the character creation, the first episodes of the show and one of the hottest ‘90s theme songs to ever exist. And this week in fangirling, the return of "Unb ...…
Getting media coverage for your business in national newspapers, websites and magazines can position you as an expert in your field – and help you make more sales. In this episode, vintage design and lifestyle expert Kate Beavis shares her tips and strategies for getting high-profile press coverage in your target publications. Here’s what you’l ...…
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