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Because News is Canada's funniest news quiz. Host and award-winning comedian Gavin Crawford makes games out of the headlines, along with a panel of comedians and celebrities. NEW! Every Wednesday, subscribers will get the Members Only bonus episodes. Gavin reads our hate mail, does impressions, and you'll get extra quiz rounds.
Because of Horses
Despite its title, the Because of Horses podcast is actually about people -- people who have found a way to incorporate their passion into their every day lives, designing a meaningful existence unique to them, because of that passion. It just happens that, in this podcast, that passion is horses. Each week, we'll feature a fascinating guest who has created just such a life, hear about the ups and downs of their journey...and maybe learn more about how we each might craft our own, intentiona ...
Real conversations about money in Canada. For more information visit us at
Hank Green and the Perfect Strangers are on tour. We're going to attempt to upload a semi-daily diary of the Tour Because Awesome. Shenanigans, songs, awful puns, waffles, dumpster diving, more waffles...should be fun.
Because Science!
This is the Because Science! Podcast, covering the coolest stuff happening in science. Hosted by Dr. Jen Golbeck.Subscribe through iTunes at!/id950491621Send me comments to @jengolbeck on Twitter!
Single Because features true stories about the reasons behind a person’s single status. Host Melani Robinson digs deep with guests to get to the heart of their heart while seeking humor in the absurdity that often accompanies love (or lack thereof).
Because Language
Talking about language with some of the greatest writers and thinkers in linguistics.
The Because Show
Weekly smack-talk from three women in Los Angeles…Support the show by subscribing, listening and leaving an iTunes review. Get in on it!
It's Funny Because
Being the weekly adventures of Keith Lowell Jensen & Johnny Taylor as they balance Life in stand up comedy with Life in general (usually with a notable comedic guest).
Because WCW
The podcast where the big boys play. The greatest podcast in the history of this great sport. Look at the adjective: podcast.
B.S.E - Because Series Because: sometimes you just need good music. Because: sometime only Techno and Tech-House will do. Because: only the best is good enough. B.S.E brings his Because: series of Techno and Tech-House mixes to the podcast arena. Why? Just Because:
Because Plot
How did the T-Rex get into the museum unnoticed?Why did Buzz freeze in front of humans if he didn't think he was a toy?Why did they train Oil Drillers to be astronauts and not the other way around?I'll answer these questions with another question: We like to talk movies. You interested?
Summer camp provides children and young adults with a life changing experience. Camp alumni Ian Paton & Matt Honsberger interview former campers and staff to find out how camp impacted their lives.
Because I'm His
Because I'm His is a community is a community of women rooted in their biblical identities and walking in the fullness of that reality. Here's the thing: You are His. It all starts and ends with that reality.
Podcast by Jill Krug
Because We Said So
Seth and Laz tackle random polarizing news sweeping the globe!! With Lucas on the research computer and a random guest appearing each show, they pick up the stories the masses can't put down. Join BWSS for an in depth look at the issues commanding the headlines, and some swept under the rug.
Because WCW
The podcast where the big boys play. The greatest podcast in the history of this great sport. Look at the adjective: podcast.
Fit Because
The Fit Because Show explores how to bridge the gap between knowing what to do and actually implementing what it takes to become physically, spiritually, and mentally fit. Along with expert guests, co-hosts Jenn "JZ" Zerling and George Veater use authentic and raw personal experiences to empower and inspire their audience. Providing tangible steps and realistic guidance toward effective change. When you see life through fit people, you too can live a fit "whole-body" lifestyle. Jenn "JZ" Zer ...
Because Bella
Politics - Porn - News - Comedy - Fandom - Tech - Fun, Sun, and Buns! From Producer/Actress Bella Doll comes Because Bella! Why? Because...You ain't never met a girl like me before! Join me every Wednesday nite at 7pm Pacific Time!
Because Bogotá
I interview interesting people and cover interesting events that work to change perceptions of a much-misunderstood country.
Because Comics
Because Comics is the podcast where we discuss the zaniness and fantastical world that is comics.
Because Wrestling
Join Steve, Steph, Ant and Chris for wrestling chat every Monday for the latest on WWE, TNA, ROH and more!
WÜLF UNIVERSITY is the educational arm of @MYUBERLIFE. Providing knowledge and thoughts beyond the classroom to entrepreneurs, students & creatives. #360Knowledge
Weekly golf blog and podcast featuring easy-to-understand golf tips, interviews, equipment, travel reviews and discussions about how to improve our weekly golf games. Your hosts, husband and wife team Barry & Stacy Solomon, offer an interesting and fun look into both professional and amateur golf!
I talk about the colorful spectrum of the human experience with different people around me. It might be thoughtful, humorous, offensive, adorable. We have unbound conversations driven by simple curiosity. Maybe because we're bored. Maybe because we're pissed. Maybe because we love eating or appreciate a glass of wine. Or maybe it's just because.
Because of Sports
"No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the american public" -H.L. Mencken
Because I Said So
Because I Said So is a podcast discussing a variety of topics dealing with relationships, pop culture, current events and societal issues. We have real candid conversations about what the people are talking about, dissect issues that affect our community and have a good time while doing so.
Here to help you with fantasy draft preparation, execution and season long domination!!! Why? Because Fantasy Sports Matter!!!!
I post stuff when I feel like it
A podcast by a bunch of dorks about anything from pop culture, technology, and current events.
Engaging and Energizing Conversations about Things that Matter
Because I Said SO!
Welcome to Because I Said So podcast where we talked about words of power, words of passion, words of purpose.
Because of the Hope
Exploring how Hope found in Christ impacts our daily lives.
A podcast from some weirdo.
Because He Lives
You can know the Risen Savior and your life can be different because He Lives!
Cosplayer, comedian, comicbook reader, host of Lilac City Comiccon Cotume Contest with over 12 years of producing radio shows, listen in where I talk about whatever I thought of about last week.
Because It Matters
KMUZ - Community Radio, serving Salem, Monmouth, Independence, Albany, Turner, Stayton, & Jefferson - Oregon
Jaylor's Nutrition Team, headed by our leading nutritionists, Dr. Alan S. Vaage and Janet D. Kleinschmidt work hard to make the best Vertical TMR (Total Mix Ration) feed mixer. Hear tips and advice on how to improve your farm operation Because Nutrition Matters.®
Because Reasons is a multi-media redemption podcast that reviews your favorite guilty pleasures in movies, books, and more to decide whether or not they're worthless trash.
With Al & Joyce Kessel
Because I Said So
A Father and His Sons discuss life, pop culture, and other stuff that comes up.
Danny Rubio and Spencer Streuper two internet junkies who want to share their love for the internet as well as talk about news and other great things the internet brings us.
Because You May
Feed. Be Fed.
A show about decision making, Because There’s More takes a closer look at how senior leaders make decisions. Whether looking to accelerate business growth, scale a start-up or advance your career, good decision making is the cornerstone of success. Yet, we regularly engage in patterns of thinking that are less rational, or we make decisions based on insufficient and irrelevant information. This is how poor decisions begin to form and how our chances to reach our goals, decline. The show educ ...
Because of My Podcast
Because of My Podcast spotlights the achievements people are achieving. Things that only happened because they started a podcast.
An Arts and Health Podcast
The dorks sit down to discuss whatever they want. because this is their podcast. You can listen to it if you want. I'm only kidding, please listen, we need you.
Deuteronomy 12:1-7
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In this episode, we discuss our feelings over the 13 Reasons Why Netflix show and how we feel we can relate to what happened in the show. Also how some events made us uncomfortable. Hope you enjoy our thoughts![Welcome everyone, I'm Abigail (Agari) and my partner in crime Brayan (Me). We are two 20 year olds starting our podcast talking about o ...…
Kentucky Women's Softball!Rupp Arena: reducing capacity for comfort...what do you think?Kentucky Football player charged with trafficking.
Many people don't worry about climate change because it is not directly affecting them right now. Living here in California is sometimes trippy because one day is cold and the next is hot. I believe this is the affects of climate change/ global warming because sea levels are rising, temperatures are rising, animals are become extinct and much m ...…
Explore Justine's Multipassionate Mom's Club for just $1 for 30 days! Justine Arian, CPCC, Women’s Transformation Coach, Award-Winning Speaker and Author, is fiercely committed to guiding the awakening woman to achieve a deeper connection to her authentic self and discover her unique purpose and impact so she can live a joyful, fulfilling life ...…
Proper 2 First Psalm: Psalms 20–21 Second Psalm: Psalm 110; Psalms 116–117 Old Testament: Proverbs 8:22–36 New Testament: 3 John Gospel: Matthew 12:15–21 First Psalm: Psalms 20–21 Psalms 20–21 Back to top Psalms 20–21 (Listen) Trust in the Name of the Lord Our God To the choirmaster. A Psalm of David. 20 May the LORD answer you in the day of tr ...…
In which we discuss:Doctor Who (1996 movie), The Stanford Prison Experiment, King Ranch chicken, maple caramel bacon crack, Life: The Game, Guts & Glory, drinks that may or may not be in poor taste but are delicious anyway, and you can hear Becky's feral children screaming at each other in the background because WE ARE PROFESSIONALS.They will b ...…
Most people have lost the amazing art of connecting with human beings because they consider them shy, or they don’t think The post How to Talk to Strangers & Get Them To Like You (Magnetism) – HMDP #54 appeared first on Get Him Hooked by Harvey Hooke.
We highly advise that you smoke the fattest doober from the fattest tuber before listening to this episode, because this one is nothing but jokes. Potato jokes. Also, this episode might be offensive to Latvians- we apologize in advance
Podcast highlights: 04:00 How would you describe the tech ecosystem in Shenzhen? -- There is a total desire among people to collaborate, to help each other, and to share. If people believe in your vision, they will be drawn to you and you will be able to find the people you need to build your business. 09:55 At Guwoo we wanted to develop a soph ...…
The BBQ Crew is back with another fabulous interview from Google i/o that places your virtual focus squarely on Android P and TalkBack. The news section is back with a vengeance, the Last Word stays true to the topics that have come to define the segment and Sound Off sports a fascinating status update from an infamous show note commenter. I go ...…
The BBQ Crew is back with another fabulous interview from Google i/o that places your virtual focus squarely on Android P and TalkBack. The news section is back with a vengeance, the Last Word stays true to the topics that have come to define the segment and Sound Off sports a fascinating status update from an infamous show note commenter. I go ...…
On today's Joshua T Berglan's Morning Gratitude..........Steve Nudelberg is an author, expert sales trainer, consultant, keynote speaker, and serial entrepreneur. Steve created On the Ball – a company that invests time and talent in emerging businesses and corporate teams to help them grow. Steve is often hailed as an energetic powerhouse who i ...…
The Swingset crew banked so many episodes that they hadn’t recorded for almost two months. For their first night back, they decided to give each other… the business. In addition to talking about tall skinny dudes with big dicks and fisting, they end up discussing poop… a lot. They also talk about lactation, breeding fantasy, some serious ds and ...…
Grab your home VHS recorders because, in this Chapter, Jerry & Jillian are going guerrilla style as they discuss the psychology behind Cory's apocalyptic obsession about his future. Watch and fear for his life as he tries to escape from the evil Baby Hand, Feeny the Dream-Destroyer and Larry!!! So open up to Chapter 9 and join in as we find out ...…
LJ and Doc B sit down with Craig, a federal probation officer, to get his view on drugs, crime, and rehab on this special episode. We drink 805 beer by Firestone Walker because there are 805 reasons to listen to this episode. Seriously, it is good.
Accept your feelings, they made you into who you are today fool. Respect yourself! Meaning your feelings should remain first and every else’s is last until you manage to master nurturing your own feelings. Paying attention to your own mistakes can help you become self-sufficient, but its up to you. For the people that doubt prioritizing your ow ...…
I go in on way I hate the warriors and how I am feeling light on my feet because they are almost out. Then we have the big dilemma on our hands with a guy that most people says stinks. ..... Yes that guy Julius Randle. I explain all the outcomes of free agency for Ju and how the Lakers should strategize the off season. It is not quite the norma ...…
I believe that everyone should start their own podcast, blog, or YouTube channel. You could even write a book! You're not doing it to try to get likes or subscribers, or to try to get rich & famous. You're doing it because we need your unique piece of the puzzle in order to get a clearer picture of what life is all about.…
For the law having a shadow of good things to come, and not the very image of the things, can never with those sacrifices which they offered year by year continually make the ones approaching perfect. For then would they not have ceased to be offered? because the worshipers once purged should have had no more consciousness of sins. But in those ...…
This weeks topic is finding the flow as Entrepreneurs with kids. We have over come several hardship and many many growing pains getting our little kingdom to have a flow with everyones different upbringings, beliefs, and special love languages. We would like to share and offer the successes we now get because of the example and communication we ...…
WBGO film critic Harlan Jacobson has just returned from the 71st Cannes Film. It’s the highest platform for film art on Planet Earth. One of the films he saw there had some familiarity to it to say the least. Solo: A Star Wars Story is the 10th installment in George Lucas’ saga begun in 1977. Even the title is generic: Solo: A Star Wars Story. ...…
If you would like to see the video version of me going line by line through this resume, check it out here -> you all so much for sending in resumes to review. This is a resume of someone who has a good amount of clinical research experience however they took off some time in their career ...…
Ep 16 Shingles and Chicken Pox Dr. Muhammad Emran Disclaimer: Information from this show is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or go to the nearest emergency department with any questions you may have. Shingles is ...…
For the second time on Close Talking, Connor and Jack consider an excerpt from a play. In a wide-ranging discussion of Harper's Monologue from Tony Kushner's eight hour masterwork "Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes," they discuss modes of writing, lyricism, echoes within the sprawling play, and how the work draws out, smashes ...…
Ah yes, the uncontroversial topic of killing yourself. Why not take a dark turn? Assisted suicide and its implications and ramifications are unpacked today on this episode of BR. So, strap in, and think some happy thoughts, because Spencer and Nick certainly aren’t.
PART TWO of theHEATED debate series called Sheldon's thoughts, where our friend Sheldon throws us questions for us to debate. We can't ask him to follow up or about the rules or world around the questions! We hope you enjoy because we really liked having a third party to throw us in the deep end! #BTBPodcastST1 ...…
SPOILERS AHEAD!We saw another Star War! Because we live in a beautiful time where not only do we get a new Star Wars story every year but we also can set up a microphone and a laptop in my car and record an episode right after we see it!We briefly go over all that we loved in the new Star Wars film Solo: A Star Wars Story and touch on some of t ...…
It took Nick and Spencer a while to take their feet out of their mouths, but they’re back at it because 2+2 might sometimes but usually doesn’t appear to maybe equal 4...on occasion. What could go wrong? In this episode, they continue their conversation from Episode 12. Ready for more triggering? Glad to have you. Let’s begin.…
Milky shows off his tight butthole because of a surprise fever.
Just because your offer has been accepted does not mean your home purchase is over. There are still quite a few things you’ll have to deal with. Want to Buy a Home? Search All Homes Want to Sell a Home? Get a Home Value Report So, you have found your dream home and you are ready to buy. You have put the offer in and the seller has accepted it. ...…
My Cool Tools podcast guest this week is Scotty Allen. Scotty is a nomadic engineer, entrepreneur, adventurer and storyteller who orbits around San Francisco and Shenzhen, China. He runs a YouTube channel Strange Parts, a travel adventure show for geeks where he goes on adventures ranging from building his own iPhone in China to trying to make ...…
Biggest Takeaways: Our family looks forward to summer because of the freedom from schedules and the fun stuff we get to do. BUT, we still have to get things done – namely, chore-type things. Having a family discussion where teens share their input is great for getting them to buy in to the plan. Sometimes, it’s about the process rather than the ...…
Alright Wall Fans! This one is definitely a bit of a roller coaster. A ton of stuff has been going on in our country and we had to discuss the #CommonSense that is lacking...There is, of course, some of the usual hilarity and some feel good stories. That being said, buckle up because episode 57 is a wild ride!#HavePassion #TakeAKnee #GunReformNow…
Steve, Randy, and Dennis venture into the real world to discuss eating chicken wings in public and preferred wing types. The Good, the bad, and the ugly comes under fire because Dennis struggles to find the good in town this week. Kids are playing in dumpsters, Lifebridge won't stop reminding Dennis his beloved Grammy is dead, and we get into p ...…
Michael Frank ran his finger down his medical bill, studying the charges and pausing in disbelief. The numbers didn’t make sense. His recovery from a partial hip replacement had been difficult. He had iced and elevated his leg for weeks. He had pushed his 49-year-old body, limping and wincing, through more than a dozen physical therapy sessions ...…
AJ & McCall Drop the Mic on seeing Utah because Memorial Day weekend is really the start of summer and road tripping and vacations. Now, how many times have you heard someone say ‘There’s nothing to do here.’? Well that’s totally bogus and to prove it AJ & McCall have enlisted the help of Producer Butterz, Mitch and videographer Denise to list ...…
This podcast is an Introduction to Personality Disorder Clusters. Usually, personality disorders are categorized into three different clusters. This is mostly because different personality disorders cluster around a central theme. To speak with a professional about personality disorders, please call: (949) 510-1321 Subscribe to our Youtube Chan ...…
This is our kinda very first ever podcast... (funny story, this is actually the third version of this because the first two we recorded didn't save properly) Anyways, we are pumped to be getting this going and are here to say hi and tell you what you can expect from future podcasts. We promise to keep them educational, engaging, and at least mi ...…
Join Jessica Alstrom at: ___To support our mission with a $1 love offering, click here: ___***Support Jessica Alstrom's Teachings***If you like what I am sharing, pl ...…
It’s unlucky for some BUT NOT FOR YOU BECAUSE IT’S EPISODE THIRTEEN! Alex Cupid and Jake Jeremy have reached a baker’s dozen and this week they talk the WWE United Kingdom Championship opening round matches as well as Pete Dunne vs Ilja Dragunov and more! REAL TALK is back asking does funny make money? And Going Underground brings you another u ...…
For the highs and lows of Solo: A Star Wars Story's production, the chance of success was not unlike successfully navigating an asteroid field. But just like Han Solo himself, somehow this scappy film pulled through and surprised us all. The movie we didn't want, the story we were convinced didn't need telling, is top shelf Star Wars. We offer ...…
It is a rare friend or family member who is completely happy with her body. We are all unhappy with some aspect of our bodies at one point in time or another. In fact, most of us devote too much mental real estate to self-destructive voices that tell us that we’re fat, ugly, not enough, etc., etc. We say enough! In addition to hearing from seve ...…
Welcome to Episode 005 of the Ministry Hangout podcast. Listen and access the show notes below or search for Ministry Hangout on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts. In this episode, we learn from Josh Surratt, Brandon Cox, and Derwin L. Gray. Josh Surratt is passionate about helping people find God and grow in their faith in his role as L ...…
When it comes to well-being, we all fall off the tracks every once and a while. And that’s okay because well-being is not a zero-sum game. On this episode, Deloitte Well-being leader Jen Fisher asks Drs. Chris and Kara Mohr—specialists in nutrition and fitness who also happen to be a married couple—to share personal stories on how they manage ( ...…
AJ & McCall got recruited in to a prank that involves bikes and need help because AJ doesn’t know how to ride a bike. Should he learn? AJ & McCall got a phone call yesterday asking for dating advice, which we’ll get in to later, that used the word endearing for something we would rather describe as creepy. What is the endearing thing that made ...…
The Internet is a network of networks. Where do each of these networks meet to form the global Internet? At Internet Exchange Points or IXPs. In North America, these IXPs are also known as network access points, or NAPs. Over the years, connecting to a NAP has become increasingly crucial for service providers to get right because of the sheer v ...…
Thursday Green Door Network Show: This week the guys discuss “Deadpool 2,” Season Finales of “Arrow,” “The Flash,” “SuperNatural,””Survivor,” and a few others. Vince is in a good mood because “The Expanse” got picked after being canceled last week.Thanks to the guys from the “SchlubCast” Podcast for the Dark Lord Beer. This week Kris and Vince ...…
No new show this week because it's Momocon! Follow the YouTube channel if you want to watch a digest video after the convention ends. We'll be back on podcast schedule by next week!
From law to lobsters? It’s a career change unlike most, but it’s the one Susan Povich took in 2009, and it has proven to be wildly successful. Povich is the co-founder of Red Hook Lobster Pound, one of the first establishments to bring fresh Maine lobster direct to Brooklyn. Starting with a storefront restaurant in Red Hook, they’ve expanded to ...…
Expectation is different language for everyone and yet so often we work from the illusion that everyone else’s perception and perspective should be similar to our own. We fail to ask for help, or we allow ourselves to be disappointed by the unspoken and therefore, unfair expectations we hold for others and for experiences themselves. We have a ...…
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