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Becky's Homestead
Becky shows you how to go from a consumer lifestyle, into the Self-Sufficient, Community Driven, Eco-Friendly, Small Farm Lifestyle.
Twangs of all stripes and stuff that ends in -billy.
Listen in to this new bi-monthly podcast from Conscious Discipline creator, Dr. Becky Bailey. Together with Conscious Discipline Master and Certified Instructors and special guests, Becky explores trends in social-emotional learning and classroom management.
I’m Becky Walsh and I’m the host of Idea Sex Podcast which is all about creating ‘Mindgasams’. Brilliant ideas are know as light bulb moment, but did you know they create a blast of the love drug Oxytocin to the brain which gives us that rush of excitement when we know that we’ve discovered something seriously perception shifting. During the podcast I’m in conversation with top thinkers in the world today Answering some of the most difficult issues of today, with humour, brilliance and joini ...
The Go Forth Podcast is a weekly podcast with the mission of inspiring Christians everywhere to live as extraordinary disciples in their everyday lives. Each week, we will interview men and women just like YOU to discuss what God is doing in their lives, and how God is using them to go forth and make disciples of all nations.
Becky Nights
Becky Nights is a show for the beckies and beckies at heart! Philippines' most talked about and most-awarded podcast! The cast: Jake Galvez, Matt Gozun, Buern Rodriguez, IC Mendoza, Margaux Medina & Divine Lee. They are a Manila based fashion and beauty personalities with stimulating conversations about love, sex, boys, relationships, shopping, boys, beauty, fashion, and anything under the sun! Also insightful interviews with today's hottest celebs and industry secrets!
Becky Talks Parks
Stories with incredible Parks and Recreation Professionals who are raising the bar to improve the programs, parks, and community services that enhance the quality of life of everyone around them.
Nature and Nourish is a podcast by mother, artist and farmer's wife Becky Cole. Based on an ethical farm in Northern Ireland this podcast is for anyone craving a more natural, nourishing way of life and a slice of slow living.
The Becky & Dustin Show is an uncut and unfiltered show about two young 20 somethings living in LA and the stuff that they go through in their daily lives that everyone one else also does but might not talk about out loud. Everything and anything you can think about from sex, work email, bathroom etiquette, getting arrested and so much more. We sometimes include friends, family or strangers and call them on the phone, knowingly and unknowingly to get their input on the subject matter or just ...
don't @ us
This is your high vibe, soul soothing weekly dose of wellness brought to you by Personal trainer, wellness coach, speaker and founder of online wellness magazine ALT/ healthy. . Each week il be getting up close and personal bringing you conversation and insight with some of the wellness industry's most renowned health coaches, practitioners experts and thought leaders from around the world to give you all the information, resources + tools you need to help you shape the happiest, healthiest ...
Steve and Becky Lyles read stories, essays, poems, jokes and quotes to inspire and enliven your day. Becky writes award-winning fiction under the name Rebecca Carey Lyles and nonfiction under Becky Lyles, and Steve composes poems and vignettes of daily life. Becky's books include Winds of Wyoming, Winds of Freedom, It's a God Thing, On a Wing and a Prayer, and Passageways: A Short Story Collection. But they don't just read their own work. Each podcast also includes the stories and thoughts o ...
Becky’s Bits
Talking about issues with my life as well as other things. Daily stuff that happens with me.
Becky Mollenkamp
Quick business lessons from the books I'm reading. Perfect for the busy entrepreneur who doesn't have time to read them on their own.
Becky's Voice
Podcast by Becky Renner
"On The Money" is a half-hour series that brings you the latest in market and economic news that impacts your money.
Becky helps you manage your day at home or at work from 10a-3p with positive conversation and encouraging songs. Subscribe to this podcast to listen back to bits from the show and share with a friend.
A Mother Daughter Exploration of Politics & Activism
Unchained with Becky Herdt What is possible if we can be Unchained from our previous choices? Those things that hold us back? Stand in our way? What if all of those things can change for you? As if by magic? What if you can break away, become Unchained, from all those limitations in your world? What if you can start creating and choosing the life you desire? What if everything you have always desired is right at your finger tips? Becky will engage all of her talents and capacities to assist ...
Unchained with Becky Herdt What is possible if we can be Unchained from our previous choices? Those things that hold us back? Stand in our way? What if all of those things can change for you? As if by magic? What if you can break away, become Unchained, from all those limitations in your world? What if you can start creating and choosing the life you desire? What if everything you have always desired is right at your finger tips? Becky will engage all of her talents and capacities to assist ...
Becky helps you manage your day at home or at work from 10a-3p with positive conversation and encouraging songs. Subscribe to this podcast to listen back to bits from the show and share with a friend.
In order to up your A Game in your life, you gotta practice good healthy habits. Feel free to take or leave anything I suggest, I just share what works for me!
If you are looking to buy or sell a home, get all the information and the latest updates, tips, and tricks from Beck Ivins Movers Real Estate - your professional Real Estate Agents.
Crime and Mystery
Current crime events, mysteries, law and justice, cold cases, Kjel Tech, "Regular Joe" Friday's and more!
Barangay Haching
3rd test show 1st podcast
Monthly Garden Musings are written by George and Becky Lohmiller.
Formerly the Jesus Culture Leadership Podcast, the new and improved Jesus Culture Podcast exists to come alongside you as a believer and grow you both spiritually and practically. Every other week join Banning and Becky as they dive into topics to deepen your relationship with Jesus such as the prophetic, the Word, character development, prayer, healing, and more. Special guests will join and there’s bound to be the meaningless banter you’ve come to love.
Join us for a deeper dive into the science & spectacle of Blue Planet II. New episodes weekly, right after the show finishes on telly. Presented by Emily Knight & Becky Ripley.
At Lunch With...
Politicians and public figures talk candidly and engagingly over lunch with reporter Becky Milligan. This is the off-the-record lunch, on the record.
Shades of Blue
Covering all the soccer news in the Kansas City region
Starving Artist is a podcast about art, money, and how to combine those things. If you’re a creative who’s ever wondered “how the hell do I make this work?!” then this podcast is for you. The show is basically an excuse for host and honesty enthusiast Honor Eastly to ask successful artists really nosy questions about their financial situation, and record the conversation.This is a no-holds-barred exploration of the reality behind the Starving Artist myth, and season one features 12 interview ...
Mat Therapy Podcast
Two jiu jitsu ladies talking about combat sports and more. Hosted by Becky Dominguez and Dawna Gonzales. Join us every week for Mat Therapy.
Becky Pluth of the Bob Pike Group shares her thoughts on creative training techniques.
Weekly podcast dedicated to tackling the toughest contemporary topics in veterinary medicine. Hosted by veterinarians Ernie Ward and Cyndie Courtney with registered veterinary technician Beckie Mossor. Candid, irreverent, provocative, educational, and occasionally funny conversations about issues that impact the veterinary profession.
Becky podcasts about knitting from her home in Colorado's front range. Regular segments include recently finished knits, work in progress, experiments in yarn dyeing, and knitwear design
June Bug Podcast
Bob & Becky Kevoian host an array of guests from all walks of life as they crisscross the USA.
Podcast by Caleb and Becky
Becky Lang is a Minneapolis-based writer, ad creative and podcaster. She's the host of Writingness, and the co-host of My Super Sweet Obsession and The Rosé Ceremony.
Amber (aka the High Priestess of Black Joy) and Jazmine (bka King of da South) are two petty AF Black feminists who are determined to get on WorldStarHipHop one way or the other. Each week they overcome fuckboys, Becky, hoteps, and dry skin to spit hot fire on pop culture, politics and worship anything Black women have going on.
Steve and Becky Greene, the Cradle and the Convert, help Catholics faithfully live their vocation by providing Church teaching, navigating moral challenges and exploring current issues facing the faith in our culture. Saturdays at 11 a.m. on 1310 AM Relevant Radio in the Phoenix area.
Becky Caldwell is your Virtual Executive Director, helping nonprofits through growth and transition.
What Women Want
It's time 2 get Buckwild with Becky! That's right y'all this ya gurl Becky Buckwild check out my BlogRadio Show it's pure Buckwildedness!!!
Dealing with mental illness is a b****. Luckily, we don’t have to do it alone. Join your Beautiful Bipolar Host Becky as she and her guests deep dive on mental health topics and hopefully have a bit of fun, too!
Almost White
Political and cultural talk from the heart with a comic bent. ALMOST WHITE puts the “know” in LATINO.
Want to be a Digital Nomad Family or a Location Independent Family, or even a internationaly traveling family? Paul and Becky Kortman a location independent couple with 4 kids bring the insight and support needed for todays location independent nomads, families, business owners and workers who travel as a lifestyle or are just considering it. We cover topics like Digital Nomads, Homeschool, Worldschool, Unschool, International Banking, Visa, Flag Theory, International travel, raising kids in ...
The SAP HCM Insights Podcast is from a group of industry experts who discuss all the current trends and topics important to SAP and SuccessFactors HCM clients and consultants. Our current team includes:Steve Bogner Martin Gillet Amy GrubbMark IngramLuke MarsonBecky MurrayJarret PazahanickBrandon Toombs
Earth Two
Becky Cloonan and brothers Michael & Winston Conrad take a trip to an alternate dimension where they have time in their busy schedules to talk about comics, art, philosophy, literature, film, the occult and whatever else catches their fancy.
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NWM 4 - 11 - 2018 Evangelism and Discipleship continued With Pastor Becky Day by New Wine Ministries
Roseanne orchestrates a bowling night which gets Jackie closer to Booker, Becky closer to Chip, and Crystal closer to being Queen SJ's spirit animal. Queen Debbie and Queen SJ talk about American idioms, how graceful Dan is, and the politics of Booker's weird sex-bet. Please note that SJ's levels were just TOO DARN HIGH so is clipped a little a ...…
I wanna be healthy but...IM NOT EURO-AMERICAN SIS, It might be easy for "No-Seasoning-Susan" or "Tiny-Portions-Patricia" or even for "Non-Fat-NonGMO-Organic-Vegan-Becky"This chapter is for my foreign baddies and all those who have the opportunity to enjoy all the flavors and goodness that your people have to offer! In this episode I discuss thr ...…
Take a bite of Indian cuisine with this cultural meal. Becky Low shares how to make Chicken Tikka Masala.
None of the characters on this show have any social skills and it is very apparent in this episode, please enjoy.
Ah, technology. I love it and I hate it. I'm an advocate for it and yet most of the time I feel absolutely clueless when I'm using it. I've taught myself how to code websites, create a podcast (kinda), use project management software, and use countless other programs. Yet have trouble making phone calls and using Google Maps. Life is weird. In ...…
Invisible Sounds - Monthly Radio Show hosted by Alessandro & Becky BirdFollow us
Using two articles as a jump off, the panel discuss white women, Chocolate City and the fetishisation of mixed race children.
This week on LOLA Beck is joined by not one, but two first time guests. Youtube Star Telasaria and the lovely and talented Kelly Hopp. As usual with first time guest we 'Get to Know' the new guests as well as cover Good Pop Bad Pop where the gang talk about the Ready Player One novel, Wind River, B The Beginning, Jessica Jones Season 2, The Dea ...…
This episode was recorded in front of a live audience at ClexaCon, the largest multifandom convention for LGBTQ women and allies. My guest host Michelle and I discuss the importance of women and LGBTQ representation in media; I break down an academic paper about the effects of media representation in the TV show The Fosters on queer and straigh ...…
Original Becky from Roseanne talks to Jay, Allyson and Chelsea this morning!
Visit for show notes, including clickable links. Tricia began her parenting journey over 30 years ago. Amidst the ups and downs of parenting three biological sons and two adopted daughters, she overhauled both her parenting and faith perspective and practice. She now has found what she was looking for: grace and peac ...…
For national poetry month, Dan and Becky are taking Shakespeare's Sonnet 130 and breaking it down in all five layers - one each week. This week begins the process with the UNderstand Words layer.
Becky David! Life coach and overall amazing human. She leaves us speechless. Song played behind intro/outro: Lewis Knudsen - All I Need Song #1: Own Light - Brother Ali Song #2: DNOU - KB
Back by popular demand. "Becky" (a.k.a. Mrs. Pearson)
Author | Narrator Greg Bahnsen | Dan and Becky Knopp See the other chapters Stream/Download The post Victory in Jesus: The Bright Hope of Postmillennialism: Chapter 5 appeared first on Reconstructionist Radio Reformed Podcast Network.
Everyone is back home where they belong & we're excited that we may soon see a #freeAdnan if all goes well plus we're checking the post for our invite from Cousin Meghan! We are less impressed with folks hurtin' adopted babies, the Beyonce biter, & Coach Molly (she's just a Becky with a whistle!) Find out what Kristin has in common with a baby ...…
We are Ready, Player 1. This podcast isn't 2nd Becky. Featuring the most evil, maniacal laugh ever. Bonus: We all show respect for Matt Damon.
Deep Dish often takes a strategic or policy-oriented view toward conflicts around the world. In this episode, we pause to consider the real human lives impacted by the headlines we read. Becky Carroll, who is in direct contact with people on the ground in Eastern Ghouta, co-founded the #StandWithAleppo social media campaign in 2016 and serves o ...…
Becky and Adam watch classic cinema and become cultured elite! We also discuss bad dates, our own mortality, and which pizza pie is best.
All the highlights from Good Az Friday 2018, live from the Melbourne Town Hall! Featuring comedians Nick Cody, Becky Lucas, Angella Dravid, Fern Brady, Michael Shafar, Phil Wang, Rowan Thambar and Zainab Johnson. Also, Alice Ivy brings a swag of guest for Like A Version! Plus, Ben and Liam pelt chocolate at a deserving live audience!…
Becky Hatters of Big Brothers/Big Sisters joins Reardon to discuss it. John Jagler a Republican state rep in Wisconsin joins Reardon to talk about his daughter Gracie great idea involving dog treats and more. Former Cardinal Pitcher and KMOX broadcaster Kyle McClellan joins Mark to discuss opening day being tomorrow and the season. Cut of the D ...…
A DELICIOUSLY mis-transcribed Google Voice Mail, courtesy of Scott Monty.
Toastmasters with Enid Moore-Cranshaw Rosalyn Carter and Becky Van Fleet TOASTMASTERS ARIZONA Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development. Our organization has more than 352,000 memberships worldwide and over 4,500 members in Arizona. Members improve their speaking and leadership skills by attending ...…
This week we’re delighted to share the microphone with registered veterinary technician specialist, Liz Hughston, MEd., RVT, CVT, VTS (SAIM, ECC). Host veterinarians Ernie Ward and Cyndie Courtney and registered veterinary technician Beckie Mossor embark on a wide-ranging discussion about veterinary staff unionization and collective bargaining, ...…
AFTERBUZZ TV – Today on The Weekly Pass, Bonnie Jill Laflin, Becky Sattero, and Josh Rodriguez discuss the “madness” of Sister Jean, give you their Final Four predictions between Loyola Chicago, Michigan, Villanova, and Kansas, give you their playoff teams and World Series winner for the 2018​​ MLB season, and talk Warriors, Sixers, and much mo ...…
Camzwillmakemdance Podcast 003 1. Snake-Magenta-Riddim by 2. Jam-J-Balvin-X by nicky 3. Mad Love by Sean Pa ul & David Guetta ft Becky G 4. J-Balvin-Downtown-Los-Moombahboys-Remix by Anitta 5. Lemon X Milkshake X Freaks by DJ Muka N.E.R.D. X Kelis X Doug E. Fresh X French Montana 6. Lemon (Remix) by Nerd ft Rihanna x Drake 7. feat.-Rihanna-vs.- ...…
This week Julie talks to our three graduating research assistants about what they've learned working for NSRLP, and how it will affect their legal careers. Lidia Imbrogno has worked for NSRLP throughout her law school career, on a multitude of different projects; most recently she has developed and expertly managed the Case Law Database project ...…
The boys are getting some outside help with their girlfriends... Comedian Becky Lucas was in to chat, and the boys got her help texting, but why does she think Woody's a little b*tch? With Flu season around the corner, the boys want to hear from kids who despise needles, Woody had another restaurant encounter with an Australian celebrity, Will ...…
24toDouble Members Live Q&A – March 2018 24toDouble Members Questions asked: What do you do with your Wednesday night service if your small groups are branching out into individual meetings outside of the church meeting that night? How do you get people back for the third visit after the Pastor’s Breakfast? Is there anyone we should not include ...…
AMI-audio Live celebrates the CNIB’s 100th anniversary at the Ramada Plaza in Regina, with hosts Kelly MacDonald and Ramya Amuthan. AMI's Saskatchewan community reporter Becki Zerr joins Kelly and Ramya to speak about her work with the CNIB, and about the role the organization has played in her life.…
In this FAST CAST, we interview Becki Graham, Senior Program Manager for Arrowhead Center at New Mexico State University. We discuss discuss some of the most important aspects of putting together a concise, precise, and winning proposal package, some tips and tricks when structuring your proposal, and talk about some of the pitfalls and traps y ...…
Episode 7 Pt 1 of the @suppodcastnyc - ft. DameFK - @DameFKHAPPY AIR MAX DAY!Chris Cheney - @notthatcheneyMike Nguyen - @nicepantsbroLawrence Deloach - @lzd325Becky Rodriguez - @humanplac3sREMEMBER 2 BE HAPPY STUDIOS
Looking back on Musaus' past, we see what it was like growing up in the Cult of Rakdos. And after one especially eventful pit fight, we learn how Musaus first became the bard he is today. Welcome, to Ravnica. Starring: Brian Hadsell – DM @filmquisition Kristina Elgin – Lyra @lilykej Becky Hadsell – Quilynn @brinawolf08 Jack O'Connell – Musaus @ ...…
We discuss our journey into vegan life, all the ups, the downs and the tough plane rides. We offer advice to those trying it out and all lessons we learnt. Hit us up on Social Media! Instagram:ELI- @elimwendaBECKY- @iamnkirote
Trey Fitz-Gerald talks to Laura Harvey, Becky Sauerbrunn, Kelley O'Hara, and Abby Smith following Saturday night's 1-1 draw in Orlando.
No Limit - G-Eazy feat. ASAP Rocky & Cardi B Stir Fry - Migos Lemon - N.E.R.D feat. Rihanna Filthy - Justin Timberlake All The Stars - Kendrick Lamar & SZA Mad Love - Sean Paul & David Guetta feat. Becky G Friends vs. Friends - Marshmello & Anne-Marie vs. Jody Watley Best Friend - Sofi Tukker feat. NERVO, The Knocks & Alisa Ueno Pray For Me - T ...…
Hello ladies and gentlemen!! This weekend is huge in the EDM World, Ultra Music Festival returns to Bayfront Park in Miami, and right here Tampa!! Tampa pride is this weekend as well I have combined tracks from both events In one mix, blending the Spanish sounds of Miami and the Circuit music know by all. Here we Go this is Mint Radio. 1. Sean ...…
Authentic online seminar from the 2018 Authentic conference by Becky Robinson. This discussion-style seminar will give support, advice and wise counsel on how to navigate this (unavoidable) brave new world. How can we avoid being that person who is anything but authentic online? Maybe you’re a parent who would just like to feel more informed. C ...…
Drew and Katie head to the Midwest with the show that can be identified by the main star's laugh alone, Roseanne. Listen in as they discuss season 6's "Lies My Father Told Me" and season 8's "December Bride," covering everything from the two Beckys, how Darlene is clearly the best character, and primetime's very first same-sex wedding! Plus, Dr ...…
Welcome back to The Weekly Rapture, our fortnightly pop culture news and reviews podcast! Big News This week we chat about the new Avengers Infinity War trailer, the success of Black Panther, and the lack of success of Justice League. Screentime 1 - Jessica Jones Season 2 In part 1 of Screentime this week, Adam reviews Jessica Jones Season 2, t ...…
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