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A pop culture podcast
The Wrong Bed
Darts finest bi-monthly podcast, interviews with the players, reviews of major tournaments, gossip and a light-hearted look at the wonderful wonderful world of dartistry.
Pagan Bed Time Stories is a sporadic podcast, hosted by Lamyka of Lamyka's Wiccan Podcast & the Pagan Women's Podcast. Pagan Bed Time Stories was created with growing Pagan families in mind. It was also designed to be very interactive so every few months or so a new story-time activity book is published for everyone to enjoy!
Join host Erin Pim as she welcomes past guests and performers from the Bed Post stage show and beyond to engage her in an in-depth sex positive conversation. Sponsored by Come As You Are.
Your fictional spooky lesbian/queer/feminist community radio show. Inspired by Welcome to Night Vale."Bizarrely engrossing!" - review by ex-girlfriend
Straight Talk on Twisted Subjects™ Now that we have your attention its time you heard more from Dr Sue who has already forgotten more about the psychology of fetish than most people will ever know or care to find out about. It’s a shame more people don’t investigate fetish because not only is it cool but it can also be safe and enjoyable for you and your partner. That’s why Dr Sue’s mission is to bring fetish out of the darkness (of your mind or your closet) and into the light where we can t ...
Board games in bed is a weekly podcast about board games, recorded in bed!
Sex Ed Before Bed
The podcast explores sexual politics in Canada via interviews with industry experts and people with lived experiences. Expect to hear from LGBTQ+ identifying Canucks, the poly community, BDSM practitioners, educators, psychotherapists, physicians and program facilitators.
The Online guide to bedding women
...a podcast for the anesthesia community
Crazy; In Bed
May Wilkerson and Alyssa Limperis are best friends, stand-up comedians and crazy – clinically speaking, and just regular speaking. Join them each week to discuss their mental health issues, which cover anxiety, depression, anorexia, bulimia, addiction and even a dead dad! Wow, they're fun at parties. Instead of going to parties they invite comedians, journalists, artists, doctors (thank god) and more to join them each week and help shine a light on the things people usually keep hidden. This ...
bed hoppers
A podcast all about our journey and adventures in the swinging lifestyle...
Better in Bed
Sex coach and expert Sara Tang and co-host Jye Smith discuss the undiscussable in this casual, consensual podcast - because we all want to be Better in Bed.
In Bed is Susie's notorious weekly audio show - all about sex, culture, media, and politics- from a refreshingly sexual point of view! You can't hear it on the radio - you can only get it on the Internet. Commercial-free. Uncensored.
Hosted by Mary Knight who went from struggling single mom to high-end escort to #1 Bestselling Author. Discover what kinds of women make the choice to offer sex for money and what their REAL motivations behind this secret life were. Learn what kinds of men patronized them, the services the men expected and what they said was missing in their marriages and personal lives. While not sexually graphic or crude, this is an adult topic and some adult language is used.
bed show
Bed Crumbs
Austin Buchanan and Sarah Boardman chat about the important things in life, such as the nature of the universe, pooping habits, and the results of eating pizza in bed.
Sex Ed Before Bed
The podcast explores sexual politics in Canada via interviews with industry experts and people with lived experiences. Expect to hear from LGBTQ+ identifying Canucks, the poly community, BDSM practitioners, educators, psychotherapists, physicians and program facilitators.
Bed Time Stories is a collection of 14 short stories especially for young children.
Paris - Found in Translation
Bed and Breakfast
Bed and Breakfast Sports Talk, for Fun!
Bed time Stories for Aidan Christopher is a collection of: Favorite stories submitted and read by the Volunteers at This project has been undertaken to celebrate the October 2007 arrival into the world of: Aidan Christopher ! (Description written by: Robert Scott (his uncle))
Thomas Hood was an English poet, author, and humourist, best known for poems such as The Bridge of Sighs and The Song of the Shirt. Hood wrote regularly for The London Magazine, the Athenaeum, and Punch. He later published a magazine largely consisting of his own works. Hood, never robust, lapsed into invalidism by the age of 41 and died at the age of 45. William Michael Rossetti in 1903 called him "the finest English poet" between the generations of Shelley and Tennyson. - Summary by Wikipedia
Bedtime stories of Madison and Catherine .
Every month, Eric ZORK Alan & Sweetie [2 National Slam Poets] chat for a very fun 3 minutes from bed. Only partial nudity is involved [and unfortunately that is from Zork & not sweetie]. It is the best PG-13 fun that be had in bed and the web on a weekly basis. Please tune in and spread the word. More info at and
A personal journal podcast by the podcaster formally known as DQ Rick, The Dairy Fairy . Join Ricky Lee as he brings you along for self discovery, adventures and listen as he talks intimately about his life and his opinions on current events news and even some etiquette for the modern age .
Podcasts of Ground Rounds by Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital in Grand Rapids MichiganFor More information:
Welcome to 'My Bed and Astrology' by AstroDim, where we y’all about everything Astrology! This is tropical astrology focused !
Story Before Bed
Short and simple stories told with a little help from the little ones
In Jack's Bed
Pink Hippo Productions is a Chicago based film production company. Jack Pigozzi, a producer of sorts for for Pink Hippo, hosts "In Jack's bed" with his cousin Joe Montanaro - commonly referred to as "Joey Rubbish" in Chicago's grimy rock scene. This podcast covers everything related to film, music, and the meaning of life.
In Le bed
Just talking
Mawlānā Kamal Uddin Khan from Oldham narrates the bedtime series of Prophets for children based upon stories in the Safar Publications Islamic Studies books. He started this as a bedtime story for his daughter. By the will of Allah after sharing the stories with family and friends this series has been listened to by many across the globe Alhamdulillah.Safar Publications have compiled all these recordings so you can listen to at your own pace and inshaAllah many children and adults can benefi ...
In Bed With Eddie
Eddie Oliver Smith talks sexuality, dating, relationships, and other pressing LGBT topics with occasional guest appearances.
Before The Bed
A bunch of random thought before bed...
Kittens In A Bed!
two kittens (naomi and ben) in a bed talk about stuff.
A Jolly look at some of the problems posted on our Bed Wetters Monthly Podcast Facebook page !!
A bi-weekly pop culture podcast hosted by two brothers who grew up sharing a room, and more importantly a bunk bed for the better part of a decade. Tales From the Bunk Bed will look back on all the different kinds of pop culture they enjoyed during those times from movies, to videogames, classic TV shows, and so on. We will talk about why we loved these things then, and whether or not they hold up today, we hope you enjoy!
Get up close and personal with some of your favorite female adult industry entertainers on In Bed with Papi Chulo. Created by Papi Chulo, In Bed showcases exclusive interviews with the adult industry's most popular female performers. You will come closer than ever before to your favorite female personalities in this exclusive interview series.
monthly dj mix
Home of the Wrong Side Of The Bed podcast
Join two recent college graduates, Chastity and Lisa, as they make their way through adulthood with the power of friendship and gabbing. Conversations including everything from emotional eating to the flawlessness of the character Cookie on Fox’s Empire.
Podcast by By Nathan Page and Drew Shannon
A podcast that celebrates the inherent meaninglessness of existence
Little kids sent to stay the night with their Aunt Jane find themselves sharing an enormous bed. So enormous is it, that when they make a tent of the bedsheets and crawl in, they never make it to the foot of the bed, crawling instead into a dreamworld of caves and pirates and adventures. (summary by ohosostrange)
Musical Theater Pillow Talk w/ @MorganWReynolds and some other theater person.
LibriVox volunteers bring you 11 recordings of Inscription for an Old Bed by William Morris. This was the Weekly Poetry project for June 20th, 2010.
An audio diary of one woman's journey to figure out how to get up in the morning.
Nina & Jose are married and perform improv comedy at The Torch Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona. In this silly & dumb podcast titled Nina & Jose in Bed Discussing "Ironic" by Alanis Morissette, Nina & Jose are in bed analyzing & discussing the lyrics of "Ironic" by Alanis Morissette. The audio is raw AF — unedited and probably not sounding great — and has no intro and no outro. Enjoy the sounds of silence!
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Eben Pagan was originally in direct marketing in San Diego as a real estate and mortgage broker. Then a friend demonstrated how successful he was at selling products online. Inspired, Eben locked himself in his bedroom for three weeks straight, writing his first e-book entitled Double your Dating, and publishing it under the name of “David DeAn ...…
Episode 7 is random my Husband and i discussed how we celebrated our 11 Year Anniversary. We celebrated in Savannah, Georgia, Beautiful city with great food, awesome nightlife & great views. We visited The Juicy Seafood which i highly recommend very flavorful seafood. We stayed at Andaz Hotel friendly staff, comfortable beds & pilows. We chat a ...…
Is it over for the Spurs? JFK conspiracies put to bed? No Timmy Lincecum? No Fly List?We touch on all these ideas and more, and talk about our trips to Dallas and Vegas.
Police shut down rave being held inside an empty Toys 'R Us store, 'Bed Beats' is a new app that picks music based on the rhythm of your love-making session, World record orgy attempt set for June 2nd in Vegas at an Embassy Suites, Pa house of filth: 30 dogs, 67 cats a box turtle and a deer all living inside…
The first book I chose was “Make Your Bed” as it is a great read and highlights little changes you can make in your daily lives that will increase your productivity, improve your relationships, and change your life! When I announced the book club in our podcast last week, the only homework you had was to get the book. Whether you bought the boo ...…
This week we bring in a very special guest: Tyler Moore. We are incredibly honored to have Tyler on this week, but just because we think he's super cool doesn't mean we won't grill him like chicken on a hot bed of charcoal. That was weird. Anyways, enjoy the episode!
To listen to this weeks podcast, click on the arrow. this weeks show I interview Amanda Koone, Director of Communications for the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Fredericksburg, Texas. This Texas Hill Country town settled by Germans in the mid 1840's offers ...…
In this week's podcast we devoted our time to review the details of Film 1 and the habitat renovations at the family farm. Prior to downloading the podcast, be sure to watch Film 1 on our Facebook and Youtube page. This film will give the visual for the areas we discuss in full detail on the podcast this week. During scene one, we review the st ...…
Nick takes over hosting duties this week as he explains cults in the first of many Nick'Splains episodes on this subject. Nick breaks down the definitions and similarities between cults and religion. Later Los brings you stories on a high school fight club, Spider Burgers, and Flaming Lawyers. We also get an App Review as Los tests the BED BEAT ...…
Three’s company in this episode all about threesomes. Comedian and recovering fundamentalist Brooke Arnold (Caroline’s on Broadway, Marie Claire, NYC Fringe Fest) dykes out with us about doing the deed with a party of 2. How do threesomes come about? Why do couples love asking lesbians to join them in bed? Is it possible for couples to have hea ...…
Featured on #JasSucces is a touching story of Jacquelyn Pulgo’s successful achievement in freelancing. Discover how she got started in freelancing as she reveals how hard life was for her, sleeping literally in a ‘karton’ and comfortably now in a ‘kutson.’ Jacquelyn’s story is definitely a must watch as she gives inspiration of how freelancing ...…
Mark Zuckerberg testifies before Congress. Bed Bath & Beyond takes a bath. And Walmart and Amazon battle it out in India. Ron Gross, Matt Argersinger and Jim Mueller analyze those stories and more. Plus, David Kirkpatrick, author of The Facebook Effect, talks about the future of Facebook. Thanks to Slack for supporting The Motley Fool. Slack: W ...…
Being A Teen Girl On Social Media Is Like Having A High-Pressure, Full-Time (Unpaid!) Job (4:23); Canadians encouraged to wear a hockey jersey today in support of Humboldt (17:48); Ontario makes controversial change on how to help overdose victims (27:50); What crazy way did your mom wake you up in the morning to get you out of bed? (40:14)…
Comedian, wrestler, former roommate, and innovative bed user, Adam "Porky" Serwa joins Lux and Griffin to talk postmodernism, dating sims, and HORROR as they dive deep on Doki Doki literature club. All of that and more, an idea for a segment that doesn't happen, but might later. WOW!
I just decide to jump in and see if I fit for this
Christchurch City Council has gone to the dogs in the opinion of many dog owners in the city.They’re furious after being told they must muzzle their "menacing" pets even inside their own house.The council's sent a letter to 159 owners of dogs that have been classified as menacing. It’s based on either their breed or their record of menacing beh ...…
Graduated from Chengdu TCM University Registered TCM Practitioner Tai Chi Quen and Qi Kung Master In 2011, Master Stanley was invited by Guangxi TCM University in China to help perform western research to prove the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine in healing a wide range of conditions. During this time, he amassed invaluable data a ...…
As part of a generation that has completed the most intercontinental migration and as students on that journey, Sinini and Meti explore the idea of home. It's easy to answer the questions of origin or geography but when it comes to answering to where home is, things get tricky.Is home where the bed is? Is it where your family is? Or Is it Dubai ...…
There has been alot of demand for my stories related to Mexico. I recorded a podcast on the things I learned about life driving to Mexico. While I talk about my journey in there, I could get more gritty and detailed about the actual trip in case people decide to do it. I don't want to discourage anyone, but I do want to let you know the facts s ...…
This week we sit down with the incredibly talented, dedicated, and inspirational, record breaking All-American VonWon. One of Houston's finest artist turned entrepreneur, turned pastor! Is there anything he doesn't do!?! Also, what in the world is 'Post BALLER Depression!? We also talk about what it takes to transition from being deeply immerse ...…
Today, you’ll learn three key insights that are critical to making you a highly skilled ethical influencer: What you sell isn’t as important at how you sell it. Context is more decisive than content when it comes to ethical influence. Expanding your comfort zone isn’t as terrifying as breaking through your comfort zone. Welcome to the All Selli ...…
On this episode of Humans of Chelmsford, former drug addict and gang leader Paul Hannaford tells us about his incredibly unforgiving and chaotic life. As a boy growing up in East London and then Essex, Paul had dreams of playing football for West Ham United. However, by the time he got into year nine at school his life spiralled out of control ...…
Check out the Kickstarter for my new album Versus Video Games IV: support my music on Patreon (and get mp3s for every new video): list: me on T ...…
It's bedtime and Judah (a gregarious 8 year old) reads to his little brother before bed. Complete with some questions and lots of giggles. Great for kids.
The full broadcast of Boston Public Radio from Friday, April 6th, 2018. A Video of a baby black bear in Montana struggling to wake up after a long hibernation has gone viral. This led us to ask you, what strategies do you have to help you out of bed in the morning? Are you the type the type of person to hit snooze or jump out of bed? Julia Vogl ...…
A guest mixtape by one of the curators of the This Is Darkness webzine. "I decided to make a sort of cinematic experience out of this mix. The idea is of a person that falls into a serious mental collapse before experiencing snapshots of historical religious settings. But, after becoming fully enraptured by his relgious experience he awakens to ...…
So, you made the decision. Congratulations! This episode is all about finding a quality unit that fits your lifestyle. Some questions to ask yourself before buying an RV:Where are you going to travel with your RV? Will you be driving a lot? Is it really important to have a washer and dryer? Do you need an office or a work area? How much storage ...…
This episode spotlights expert AJ Mihrzad, a personal trainer turned online supercoach whose journey will blow your mind. From lying dead in a hospital bed to Personal Trainer Hall of Fame inductee, AJ explains how he developed and leveraged his knack for inspiring action to build his now thriving business, Online Supercoach. Prepare for maximu ...…
Bill Hendricks: Well welcome to The Table podcast where we discuss issues of God and culture. I’m Bill Hendricks, Executive Director for Christian Leadership at the Hendricks Center. Today we want to look at really what is the dark side of culture and this is the whole topic of human trafficking. I want to get into this by telling a story. It’s ...…
The gang talks about Dr. Hook, story stealing, Alpha and Beta Talkers, power ballads, living through Canadian winters, flying, airports, real deal shit talk, placebos, beds, sleep schedules, early mornings, we start planning the Centurian, and help Quinn get ready for date night. This podcast is delicious. Visit Charlie's online store / graphic ...…
A lot of people today are talking about overbuilding in assisted living and senior housing communities. But what is overbuilding and does it really exist? Seniors that need help and care, they are unable to live alone, need a bed in some type of senior housing facility. Right now there’s a boom in senior housing being built all over the country ...…
Prince Salman jumps into bed With Hollywood
John Kennedy is a pioneer in the field of Applied Neuroplasticity and created the worlds first Targeted Neuroplasticity Training program in 2007 at the request of the US Marines. To date thousands of people from high performers, including The Loyola Ramblers, to those struggling with brain disorders have benefited. John used neuroplasticity to ...…
If you were ever a terrified eight year-old lying in bed at midnight, awake and fear-frozen, trying to determine whether the lights illuminating your bedroom are from a passing car or from the aliens that are finally here to abduct you, just like you knew they would—um, trigger warning. This week, your hosts are discussing some select UFO segme ...…
Randomnius’ (Roman God of randomness) ethereal chaotic digit blasts the boys to Orvieto. There may be next to no crime and all the hotels may be bed-bug free, but what Orvietto lacks in physical problems, it more than makes up for with SATAN! Love on the edge, spring heeled menaces and more on this week’s Where Are We?…
Hey Girlfriend! Do you self-care? I asked 2 of my girlfriends to call in to discuss how they practice self-care and we don't just talk face masks and bath bombs. Jamie is a wife, mother and Entrepreneur. She owns a digital creative agency NYNE Spot Creative and she just so happens to be one of my most reliable and wisest friends! She shares how ...…
Today, we’re getting into detail about what it’s like to be a full-time VUI designer. We’re discussing the details of the role, the day to day duties and the skillsets that are important to succeed in designing voice user interfaces. The role of a VUI designer has been around for a while, but it’s not so common. However, with the rise of voice ...…
Here’s a half live show, half prerecorded show brought to you by Seth and Efin Reality. PLA show art nugs from Mike Support the PLA coin Kickstarter Game night with iregretjumping, King Richard, Olga and others, Friday night at 6pm Pacific Special Calls of Mass Confusion show Saturday night at 7pm Pacific Here’s the CoMC YouTube channel to watc ...…
Evelyn and Francesca take Buzzfeed quizzes! Which character from "The Office" are you? What super villain are you? Are we ACTUALLY funny? We let Buzzfeed decide! Don't forget to subscribe on iTunes and follow our social media's!
Crocuses bloom at Centennial Hall in late March 2018. (Photo by Matt Miller/KTOO) Some bulbs have already bloomed, but others may be slow to sprout and bloom in some areas around Juneau. Master Gardener Ed Buyarski suggests it’s not unprecedented as southern-facing areas lurch into spring, while shaded areas are still covered by mini-glaciers t ...…
City sounds collected from my bed 22:42 on 29th March 2018. Upper West Side/Harlem.
Published on 24 Oct 2016. Show SummaryImagine bypassing the total sales process and having your ideal customers coming to you. By building your personal brand you are transforming yourself into the go-to guru in your field. Today we’re going to share some tips on building a personal brand.ConnectPeople want to connect with a brand. People want ...…
Published on 24 Oct 2016. Show SummaryImagine bypassing the total sales process and having your ideal customers coming to you. By building your personal brand you are transforming yourself into the go-to guru in your field. Today we’re going to share some tips on building a personal brand.ConnectPeople want to connect with a brand. People want ...…
"Am I glad I did it? Yeah. I guess. I'll feel it in the morning. I won't be able to get out of bed. At least I can go home and have dinner and see my cats tonight." - "Mad" Mike HughesDanny Hoefelmann (@dannyhoefelmann) is joined by Brandon Burchard (@always_b_sharp) and TJ Kenger (@nexxtgamefinds). We’re talking about some ridiculousness that ...…
In this Episode of Delay Radio, Honch has disappeared into the dark abyss of the Internet and will summon soon. D, Jethrow, and Steve North ponder life; What if you moved to multiple countries, only to be filed as being 'officially dead' in your home country, yet you're an ACTUAL ALIVE PERSON!? Hey sometimes life is comedy, or at least funny ne ...…
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