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In this episode, Ben, Collins and Grrn break down the great mysteries of life, including Grail Quest, baseball, Warhammers, and your mom. But for reals, we talk about Grail Quest. And your mom.By (
Hey kids! Dan F joins us to talk about his trip to Redstone Rumble amongst other things. There's a review of the new Blightkings models and all the other junk too. Enjoy! (
Hey kids! Shane joins us to discuss the shape of Warhammer and Warmahordes this time. There's the usual junk too. Enjoy! (
Hey kids! We're back with talk of the END TIMES and a bunch of stuff about Warmachine. Collins joins us to tell us whose hobby he ruined this week and there's the usual junk. Enjoy!By (
Hey kids! We're back after a break and better than ever! Robert B joins us to talk about the ATC event, Ben talks about Southern Assault and we take a call from a special guest. Plus we look into our crystal balls to see what the future might hold for Bretonnia. All this and more on Bull City Wargaming!…
Hey Kids! We sit down with Collins, the 2014 Brawler Bash winner, to discuss all things Brawler Bash. Later in the episode, Tom wrestles a bear and has all his dreams come true*. *Does not actually occur.By (
Hey kids! We're back with our annual Brawler Bash preview show! We talk about all the fun stuff that you can expect from this years event and more. Enjoy! (
Hey kids, We're back with our Wood Elf book review. There's our first thoughts on the new 40K as well as another awesome game of would you rather. Enjoy! (
Hey kids! It's time for a look at Malifaux! Ben and Tom go over the basics of the game and try not to make a complete mess of the episode. We also have a chat with Hollow Tree Studios and review Captain America! We also have a special offer this episode for listeners. During the month of May, Hollow Tree Studios, one of our awesome Brawler Bash ...…
Hey kids! It’s time for our review of the FOWL Intentions GT. Collins joins us to go over his tournament and there’s also discussion about Collins’ new board game, Space Jam and whether Scooter is actually a brilliant Warhammer playing German Shepherd. Also, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson join us to review True Detective. We may even t ...…
Hey Kids! In this episode, Ben and Tom talk about the new Dwarf Army Book and its ups and downs. Plus, Badger Cav!By (
Hey kids! It's time for our Masters review with Ira and Robert B. We discuss their experiences and games and a lot more. Plus there's the usual junk, with some focus on the new releases from Wyrd. Oh, and OnceBitten shows up too. Enjoy! (
Hey kids! We're back! Sorry for the long delay, but we're back with a Coastal Carnage preview and review by Collins, a look at the latest news and there's even a chance to play Euro Truck Simulator 2! Enjoy! (
Hey kids, it's our end of year special! We go over the best things to happen this year to us, you and the scene in general and announce the prestigious Mini of the Year too.By (
Hey kids! We break down all the players and matchups for the Southeastern US Masters tournament this time. Enjoy! (
Hey kids! We try and do a Mythbusters special this time - is it any good? What do you think? There's also the usual junk, and a preview of upcoming Masters tournaments. Enjoy! (
Hey kids, Robert B joins us to talk all things Grail Quest. We play an extended game of 'Would You Rather' and there's a bunch of other good stuff too. Enjoy! (
Hey kids! This time Zeke joins us for a follow up review of the new Dark Elves! Enjoy! (
Hey kids! It's time for our Good, Bad and Ugly review of the new Dark Elf book. There's also the usual junk! Enjoy! (
Hey kids! Today we look at Grail Quest in a bit more detail and decide what is the best monster. There's also the usual nonsense. ENjoy! (
Hey kids, It's time for our NOVA review with Joel. We talk about the event in detail as well as some new Dark Elf rumors, Joel digs Ben out of a Crazy Army hole and a ton of other junk. Enjoy! (
Hey kids! Brian joins us this time to talk all things Gencon and what his favorite games are. There's also a bunch of the usual junk, and it's time to get ready for a battle for the ages at Grail Quest! Enjoy! (
Hey kids! It's time for our Lizardmen review - this time with 100% more Ian. There's also some BBQ discussion, a look at the new Space Marine minis and a chat about motivation and how to paint minis quicker. Enjoy! (
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