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SAFE Berks
Safe Berks provides a safe haven and ongoing support system for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Our advocacy and education programs increase awareness and promote the prevention of domestic violence, sexual assault, and all forms of oppression. Our vision is to eliminate domestic violence and sexual assault in Berks County.
Berks Encore
Encore of YOUR Life!
Berks Teens Matter
Berks Teens Matter is a Collective Impact Group of public and private stakeholders who are working together to develop a coordinated plan that will reduce teen pregnancy in Berks County by 40% by the year 2022
Our primary focus is serving individuals from Berks County but we offer opportunities to individuals from other areas based on capacity and availability of resources.
Nature is essential to our quality of life. Berks Nature works hard every day to protect nature, and connect people to nature. Berks Nature is a 501(c)(3) non-profit conservation organization that has been serving the Berks County community since 1974.
Berks County Living Magazine's Behind the Scenes Podcasts
We review new releases to classic films and everything in-between!
Berk 7-in-7
We review new releases to classic films and everything in-between!
A round-up of news, information, sports, interviews and special events from Berks County and the Greater Reading Area.
Berk Reviews hosts movie related podcasts including Top Five Movies and Berk Reviews Movie Club. We are a review related blog site that features reviews, predominately movies, but is always looking for new writers.
Notes from the South East Learning Network Meetings for MKOB and Berkshire
Unwilling to accept the fact that hundreds of families in our community live without adequate shelter, Habitat for Humanity challenges and invites you to join in partnership with people who are living in inadequate housing to improve their living conditions. These are their stories.
In the course of sharing stories we learned that there is an entire community of very passionate and talented artists in Berks County who do not necessarily have a place to expose their work. None the less they keep pursuing their passion and creating amazing art. This should not be hidden.
Stories about why we do what we do for your animals and our community.
Regarded by many as one of the best festivals in the country, Boscov’s Berks Jazz Fest is set for 10-day fest features some of the hottest names in contemporary and traditional jazz, blues, R&B, fusion and more.
Discover the many ways to experience the best life you can live.
Join us for a regular theme that will nurture the spirit, support your spiritual journey, and serve the cause of justice and love in the world.
What's The Story?
Exploring community issues and current events discussing things that have you wondering, What’s The Story behind that? From Health and Science to Technology and Politics, Innovations, Social Issues, Family, Books and Business. Together we’ll learn something along the way.
Redesign Reading
Redesign Reading is a community development corporation located in the City of Reading Pennsylvania. Through an asset-based approach to community economic development, we focus on the identification of underutilized resources and matching them with social entrepreneurial energy. We are reinventing economic development by employing strategic innovations in the great neighborhoods of Reading.
Whine At 9®
Whine At 9 is the entertainment podcast featuring celebrities and showbiz insiders. Join host, clinical psychologist, humorist and author Dr. Nancy Berk as she digs a little deeper with some fascinating guests.
The 2 weird hungry girls are unapologetically cheeky chicks laughing and eating our way through life. Sure there was Laverne and Shirley, gin and tonic, salt and caramel but then ... there's Phoebe and Tracy! 2 Weird Hungry Girls is a weekly taste of Phoebe's Pure Food and some.
Who inspires you to stand strong? To dream huge? To do more? Nothing is more compelling than an athlete who stares failure in the face, cracks a smile and keeps on pushing. Sports are not a competition. They are a pact between athletes to drive, and shove; to never slow down or let up until each shines as an embodiment of the success they chase. Sports are not a test of physical ability. They are what happens when physical ability is driven past the limit; when strength is fire-fused into th ...
Sharing our member's stories about their business, their company culture, unique management styles and more!
Connection, Compassion and Education. One story at a time.
Stories from Big Vision Foundation and Berkshire Baseball
The Reading Public Library will generate a library for the future by meeting the informational, educational, and recreational needs of library consumers today.
America is a country made up of Immigrants. Immigrants who came to the land of The Native American Indians, the land that has become the United States Of America. Immigrants made America what it is today and immigrants continue to add to the strength and diverse fabric of our country. It begs the question… Who are these immigrants? We decided to reach out and meet them. Welcome to our series “My Life Lessons Project Featuring Stories From Immigrants”. We humbly thank each one for courageousl ...
Since 1930, Reading's landmark, the Abraham Lincoln, has hosted the area's finest upscale galas, banquets and wedding celebrations in the area's grandest structure. Today, Abe's carries on this iconic tradition blending historic charm, specialty culinary offerings, with the finest reception venues for corporate, professional, or family events.
Shuman Development Group has redeveloped, sold or leased over 2,000,000 square feet of commercial property in downtown Reading since 1994. It is the full intent of Shuman Development Group to assist clients in finding the right solutions for their needs while simultaneously leading the revitalization of the City of Reading.
Opportunity House is a multi-service organization improving the quality of life for children, families and adults who face various obstacles to independent living. With a primary goal to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency, our services include the Second Street Learning Center (with state-of-the-art technology and curriculum for children age six weeks through school-age); emergency, transitional and permanent housing for individuals and families who are homeless, and our SSVF program (she ...
The Council On Chemical Abuse (COCA) is the single County Authority (SCA) for Berks County and in that capacity, is responsible for the planning, implementing, and evaluating Berks County's drug and alcohol services supported by public funding.
Storied Women
Women sharing the stories of their work, their loves and their lives.
What do Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones have in common? Uh, they’re all related to the spirit world! And they’re our favorite movies. Join Erin and Hill on a metaphysical adventure through psychic mediumship, intuition, and energy work, and learn how you can discover more about your own #spiritselfie!
Go Greater Reading!
So much to see and do in Berks County, Pennsylvania!
Ringgold Band
Sustaining an American Music Tradition!
Music to your ears!
Reading Musical Foundation strives to help keep music alive! RMF stands tall and continues to fund 30 initiatives to raise awareness and provide education around the very important issue of music!
Greater Reading Economic Partnership Podcast Series
Berks and Schuylkill SCORE supports business development in Berks and Schuylkill counties through Free Mentoring & Low Cost Workshops.
Weekly showcase of events about downtown Reading Pennsylvania.
Join #realestate talks about buying, selling and investing in Berks County including reports on the regional economic development. 💰🔑🏡🏫🏚
He was born in Ankara in the year 1987 and started his career as a professional dj by Berk Onen. He worked as a resident dj in many famous clubs not only in Ankara but also throughout Turkey.It was Berk Onen who really helped him in choosing this career. In addition, every month his top 10 list was broadcasted on the biggest news and magazine site of Ankara, which is called “ankarasosyete.” Since winter time of 2004, his turkish music remixes have been played on Super FM (90.8),which plays t ...
Deep House Proposal Podcast. Official podcast of Deep House Proposal Label. Started in 2009 Berk Doan & Baris Bergiten from Istanbul spinning deep and tech tunes, with featured Worldwide guest DJs
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AFTERBUZZ TV — Queer Eyeedition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Netflix’s Queer Eye. In this show, hosts Matt Marr and Charles Conoly discuss episode 6. ABOUT QUEER EYE: More than a decade after the original series went off the air, Netflix reboots the “Queer Eye” franchise with a new Fab Five and a new setting, trading in the concrete ju ...…
Get to know Maureen Klahr, the new President of the Autism Society of Berks County!
Welcome to the Elevator World News Podcast. This week’s news podcast is sponsored by http://www.elevatorbooks.comTHYSSENKRUPP SUSTAINABILITY DESIGN MANAGER RECOGNIZEDthyssenkrupp Elevator Americas Sustainability Design Manager Monica Miller will be recognized as one of the top 75 leaders in sustainability at the third-annual ...…
“What’s that in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No… its just M. Night Shyamalan’s intro to his superhero saga, 2000’s Unbreakable. Join us as we discuss the impact of superheroes throughout fiction and reality, laugh a little bit too hard when Samuel L. Jackson takes a tumble, and try to deduce why everyone is speaking in whispers. Is thi ...…
For this episode I’m joined by Tonya Petrunak, Director of Marketing and Executive Director of Baseballtown Charities for the Reading Fightin’ Phils. Tonya returned to the team five years ago and in her position with Baseballtown Charities has recently helmed the development of the Savage 61 Dream Field, the first baseball field in Berks County ...… Demand for meat around the world is higher than it’s ever been –– and we’re running out of the resources needed to provide it. It’s well-known that the meat industry uses up exorbitant amounts of land and water, making it a large contributor to climate change. If people in the Unite ...…
This podcast features a wonderful interview with Esther Fairfax and Jenifer Klepfer - Esther Fairfax is the daughter of Lotte Berk, the creator of the Lotte Berk Technique, also known as ‘slutty yoga’ (although we found out after we recorded this that Esther hates that term!). Esther wrote an autobiography about her mother and her upbringing, a ...…
AFTERBUZZ TV — Queer Eyeedition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Netflix’s Queer Eye. In this show, hosts Matt Marr, Charles Conoly, and Lian Castillo discuss episode 5. ABOUT QUEER EYE: More than a decade after the original series went off the air, Netflix reboots the “Queer Eye” franchise with a new Fab Five and a new setting, trading in ...…
In the wake of her favorite ballet-inspired fitness studio closing, Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi saw an opportunity to open her own replacement studio. Jennifer left her Wall Street job and teamed up with Tanya Becker, a leading Lotte Berk Method instructor, to create a modern Lotte Berk inspired workout – Physique 57. In 2006, the duo opened their ...…
This week, I am kicking off the podcast and talking to Jenny Eden Berk about mindful eating and more. Jenny’s Bio: In a culture obsessed with food and the “ideal” body image, Jenny offers men and women the chance to experience body love, pleasure with food again, greater self-esteem and total acceptance of self. Her work focuses on healing our ...…
Tom is a Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania State Representative in the 134th District. The 134th District covers parts of Berks and Lehigh counties, including Hereford, Longswamp, Richmond, Rockland, Lower Macungie, Salisbury (Wards 4 and 5) and South Whitehall (Districts 3 and 4) townships and Topton, Alburtis and Macungie boroughs.…
An interview with Mayor Andy Berke of Chattanooga, Tennessee about how he ran for office, what he's learned, and advice for people thinking about running for local office.
AFTERBUZZ TV — Queer Eyeedition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Netflix’s Queer Eye. In this show, hosts Charles Conoly, Lian Castillo, and James Franck discuss episode 4. ABOUT QUEER EYE: More than a decade after the original series went off the air, Netflix reboots the “Queer Eye” franchise with a new Fab Five and a new setting, trading ...…
Berk Brown has spent decades in the world of poker and seen it from the perspective of a floorperson, a dealer, and a professional player. He’s full of great anecdotes and insights about staking, longevity (of games, rooms, and professional careers), game integrity, and more. You can follow Berk on Twitter @BerkBrown, and you can listen to our ...…
R’ Berke Chein’s casket. Psak din that the Jews should come out of Russia. A shiur in learning. Sobering up with fear of Hashem.
Easter is one of the holiest days in the Christian liturgical calendar, a time when Jesus was said to be resurrected. This morning we explore what it means to Unitarian Universalists to rise up--to lift ourselves from mere routine and be transformed from despair into joy and gratitude. Intro and Outro music “Hope and Peace” provided via Creativ ...…
Having released his album Weightless back in December 2016 and a brand new tune, ‘Boy & Bear’, I had the privilege of talking to the fantastically talented, Nick Bertke (aka Pogo).During our interview, Nick chatted about what it’s been like to work with Disney, what he’s got in store for releasing music this year, where he takes inspirations fr ...…
To celebrate our tenth episode, we tackle the seemingly impossible task of sharing our top 10 songs. We have a Spotify list for each of our top 10 and an extra one for songs mentioned. Spotify George's List Spotify Craig's List Spotify Leftovers Berk Reviews - A great podcast of movie reviews by my friend Jon Berkenfield. Catalyst Sale - An awe ...…
Aleida Rodriguez, Assistant Director of Residential Services and former Legal Advocate, explains in Spanish the Legal Services offered by Safe Berks. Services include assistance with Protection From Abuse (PFA) orders and Sexual Violence Protection (SVPO) orders. All Legal Services are free, confidential and available in English and Spanish.…
As a religious community, we are dedicated to caring for the overall well-being of members and friends. How do we hold each other in care, attending to the safety of minds, bodies, and spirits? Our offering benfitted the UU Berks Food Pantry. Intro and Outro music “Hope and Peace” provided via Creative Commons License by HookSounds.…
In the ninth episode, we discus those single lines in the lyrics that reach out to us and make the song. There is a Spotify list for this one too, so be sure to hit it up and catch those lines for yourself. Spotify List Berk Reviews - A great podcast mentioned in this episode.
Kate Mallow, Director of Counseling Services, explains the importance of trauma-informed empowerment counseling for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. All counseling services at SafeBerks are free, confidential and available in English and Spanish.
Jenny Eden Berk is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Body image mentor, International Speaker and Bestseller Author of the book, The Body Image Blueprint. In today's episode, Jenny and I chat about what it means to eat mindfully, the importance of listening to your bodies wisdom, and she leads me through a mindful eating exercise that you ca ...…
This morning's service celebrates a diversity of stories in our religious community. Together the congregation will build a cairn to express the uniqueness of our individual gifts and the collective power of our being in community. Photo compliments of the Mannix family. Intro and Outro music “Hope and Peace” provided via Creative Commons Licen ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Death DanceAuthor: Linda FairsteinNarrator: Blair BrownFormat: AbridgedLength: 5 hrs and 6 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 01-27-06Publisher: Simon & Schuster AudioRatings: 3 of 5 out of 38 votesGenres: Mysteries & Thrillers, Legal ThrillersPublisher ...…
Learn helpful statements and questions that show support for parents of children with autism. An impactful episode with Carol, Diana (Batista) and Sarah (Friedman)!
Reporter Ron Devlin talks about some of the most interesting newsmakers in Berks County from the past 150 years.
This week we explore the topic of crypto-art with artist Nanu Berks. Nanu used to be completely disinterested in money and just wanted to make art, now she’s spreading the message of cryptocurrency through murals, paintings, virtual reality galleries and five-senses installations. She tells us about living in the jungle, traveling all over Sout ...…
In this episode we are joined by Jared James Nichols. Jared talks to us about his new album “Black Magic”, release issues, short songs, how he got added to the MORC, attending Berkely, the origins of playing without a pick, getting to know Joe Perry, Soundcheck Live, Epiphone guitars, and a lot more. We also debut the new single from Oddfellas, ...…
Each of us drinks from wells we did not dig, and digs wells from which others do or will drink. Join us this morning as we reflect on those who prepared the way for us and those for whom we are preparing the way.
Steve Gieringer, executive director of Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Berks Inc., talks to GRCA’s Karen Marsdale about 40 years of milestones.
In a quick intro Miguel talks about Trump's state on the union address and how it might be very easy to get a job in the Trump administration. Miguel then sits down with activist Jasmine rivera. They discuss Jamine's work in making Philadelphia a sanctuary city, her new project (closing down Berks County detention center), and they geek out abo ...…
Join us this morning as we begin an exploration of what it means to be a people of perseverance. How can we take one more step, say one more word or prayer, or sing one more song when we have lost faith, lost hope, or lost our way?
What do we do when our good intentions go awry? How do we act on what is promised? Faith needs to be acted upon, it requires follow-through. Become a doer, not just a hearer. Bring your behavior closer to your beliefs.
Papers discussed in this Section 2 podcast: Domingos, Pedro. 2012. “A Few Useful Things to Know about Machine Learning.” Communications of the ACM 55 (10):78. Luo W, Phung D, Tran T, Gupta S, Rana S, Karmakar C, Shilton A, Yearwood J, Dimitrova N, Ho TB, Venkatesh S, Berk M “Guidelines for Developing and Reporting Machine Learning Predictive Mo ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Endless FlamesAuthor: Kennedy LayneNarrator: Rock EngleFormat: UnabridgedLength: 7 hrs and 27 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 12-21-17Publisher: Audible StudiosRatings: 4 of 5 out of 1 votesGenres: Romance, MilitaryPublisher's Summary:Betrayal and de ...…
Noah Berk is the co-founder and head of strategy at OBO Agency. With more than 15 years of B2B sales and marketing experience ranging from startups to large enterprises, he drives the company's strategy in transforming the way clients conduct generate business. Highlights from Podcast Instead of chasing money, focus on helping customers and the ...…
This week Jason is joined by Edward Berks, Director of Banking, Fintech & Ecosystem at Xero; Clare Sheehan, Deputy Director of Making Tax Digital for Business at HMRC; Mags Laidlaw, accountant and Partner at Mazars; and Charlie Wood from Capco, representing the fintech angle. We discuss the changes that are coming for small businesses (SMBs), i ...…
Pop Garden Radio November 24, 2017 WMEL Cocoa, FL 2017 All-Covers Special David Cassidy - Cherish David Cassidy - Darlin' Doug Powell - I Woke Up In Love This Morning The Smithereens - Pinball Wizard The Rubinoos - Brandy The Muppets - Devil Went Down to Georgia The Muppets - Surfin USA Michelle Branch - A Horse With No N ...…
Take control of chronic kidney disease with tools, and tips from @kidney_boy, Joel Topf, MD Salt Whisperer and Chief of Nephrology at Kashlak Memorial Hospital. Learn which equation is best for eGFR, how to counsel patients about progression/prognosis, how to monitor patients in CKD, and who needs a referral to Nephrology. Special thanks to Ann ...…
Panel discussion: Joseph Berke, Stephen Frosh, Tali Loewenthal and Anthony Stadlen Predominantly, Sigmund Freud saw himself as an objective scientist. Initially, he gained renown as an anatomist, being the first person to dissect the testicles of an eel. Subsequently he made major contributions to histology and neurology, particularly through h ...…
When life is going well, it is easy to speak of abundance. But oh, those days when everything is falling apart for us, or when the woes of the world are too much with us. Those days it can be hard to look around and see anything but mud puddles. Yet those are the very days, the very times, that abundance is most needed. The practice of apprecia ...…
We had such a great time at Xerocon 2017 and spoke to so many interesting people that we couldn't possibly give you just one episode. So here's part two, including interviews with Edward Berks, Director of Sales, Banking and Fintech at Xero, Ian Christie, CEO at Boma Technologies, Margaret Laidlaw, Partner at Mazars, Mark Sykes, Partner at BDO ...…
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