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"Ghostbusters! Independence Day!! Star Trek!!! Ice Age!!!! Jason Bourne!!! IT'S BEEN DONE BEFORE! And we're fed up! Grab some popcorn and listen in as Matt, Mike and Brit give their thoughts and opinions on all the sequels, remakes, reboots and carbon-copy movie ripoffs that Hollyweird has to offer."
Sometimes you just need to talk it out—and that's exactly what host Sam Sanders does each week. Join him on Fridays for a recap of the week's news, culture and everything – plus Tuesday deep dives with artists, writers, journalists and more.
A long time ago, Bryony, Cal and Josh used to be teens.Now they spend their days viciously dissecting all your fave teen dramas, episode by episode, for your aural pleasure. First up, we're tackling the unrivalled champion of mid-00s opulence and angst, The OC.
A podcast for the recreational gambler
A podcast and blog about boardgames
Silver footed, fair haired Thetis, Ares the God of War, Nike the Goddess of Victory, The Furies and The Muses, Zeus the presiding deity of the Universe and the magical, mysterious Olympus, are some of the amazing, mythical Greek and Roman deities you'll encounter in this book. Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by EM Berens was originally intended for young readers. Written in an easy and light style, the author attempts to bring the pantheon of gods into a comprehensible format. H ...
Join Host Tom Gleisner, Ed Kavalee and Sam Pang for HAVE YOU BEEN PAYING ATTENTION?, Australia's funniest quiz show! 8.40 Mondays on TEN
Everyone always says they're so busy. But what exactly are they so busy with? In their podcast Sorry I've Been So Busy, writer/comedians Matt Goldich (Late Night with Seth Meyers) and Andrew Goldstein (MTV) talk to their interesting and funny friends to find out what they've actually been so busy with - everything from major life and career events to everyday minutiae. Sorry I've Been So Busy is the only podcast that will never blow you off... unless something comes up.
Learn from successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, executives and business leaders as they share their experiences, insight and tips. Topics include marketing, management, mentoring, money and many others. Improve your business by listening to this business series from SCORE, with Dennis Zink as your host.
Hosted by Gilmore Girls fanatics Mary Larsen and her husband Blake, this is a podcast dedicated to Gilmore Girls - a show on NETFLIX. Join us as we delve into the top 12 character episodes of the original run, and then we break down each new episode of the revival on Netflix. So get yourself a cup of coffee, and/or your favorite pint of ice cream, and enjoy reliving our favorite place on the planet - Stars Hollow.
Coulda Been Rad
We pick a bad movie and figure out how it coulda been... pretty good. Join Chris Nolen, Chris Gervais and Micah Troublefield as they power through the schlock, and improve movies that fell flat.Rated R for Rad.Subscribe on iTunes:
A podcast about the greatest 80’s & 90’s action movies ever made!!! The podcast is hosted by 3 sexy people named Dom, Marcus & Kenny!
It's All Been Done Radio Hour is a comedy show in the style of old time radio serials. Currently, five ongoing programs rotate through. We perform live monthly near Columbus, Ohio, and those performances are broken down into a weekly podcast (with bonus content).
A Bi-Monthly podcast about Genre from a Geek Girl perspective. All things Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy & Independent film are just some of the discussions.
This show approaches any and all topics with fresh insight and even humor. Chuck and I talk about everything from political correctness, to the controversial, from politics to random news stories. No topic is left untouched. We don't feed into the media bias, we'd rather encourage everyone to question what they are told, and to figure out for themselves what they believe.
Recorded sermons from Betel Pentacostal Church in Trondheim
Betel UK
Live preaching and teaching from Betel of Britain Church in Birmingham UK.
Peek behind the scenes for the honest, informal chats we have before and after the cameras roll on MSNBC’s Your Business. Hosted by journalist and entrepreneur JJ Ramberg, the show features in-depth interviews with successful founders, CEO’s and decision makers about the challenges and triumphs of building and growing a business and answers questions like how to turn a no into a yes and how to pivot in a crisis.
THIS BOOK IS MOST LIKELY NOT FOR YOU! It will NOT guTHIS BOOK IS MOST LIKELY NOT FOR YOU! It will NOT guarantee success – Life holds no promises! It will NOT guarantee happiness – Ignorance is bliss! There is a secret. It is not the one you have seen so well advertised in the media. It has little to do with positive thinking and really getting in touch with your true purpose in life. Those people you read about in People magazine and see on television know it. Those people who enjoy the live ...
Welcome to BATE NATION, the podcast all about masturbation! What? Yes! Join your Bate Bro, Bate Coach Extraordinaire, Coach Wank of, as he guides you through the world of Solo Sex, Male Sexuality, Sexual Health, and other tips to help bros become Greater Bators! A dash of comedy, homespun wisdom, with a lot of explicit language! Listener discretion is advised!
A podcast and blog about boardgames
Equipping Catholics to proclaim Jesus Christ
True stories, told in bars, over drinks.
"Been There, Rocked That" is a podcast consisting of classic conversations about style, fashion, hip hop, and lifestyle culture. Hosts Prance Lo, Polo Pirata, Ste Lo and Robbie Fingers discuss the past, present, and future, while joined by guests from various industries. Join them, as they tackle different topics each week with different guests.
A weekly advice podcast from Danny Palmer and Elizabeth Martin. Every Tuesday we choose a few real questions from our listeners, we give them fake names, and we answer their questions as best we can.You can email us your questions at
This show is just for you if you would love to have the freedom of working from anywhere and love to travel. In this weekly show, we will share stories about our travels. We will also share tips and advice about our work from anywhere lifestyle. It’s our hope that you'll get some cool ideas and be inspired. Our goal is to have the flexibility to travel when we want, for as long as we want, and to work from practically anywhere. So, in 2011, we downsized and started living full-time in our RV ...
Betel Chapel
Betel Chapel - Romanian Baptist Church - The Church's mission is Missions
A podcast covering each one of the Barenaked Ladies' songs, chronologically. Also, we know nothing and we're idiots.
Two practical strangers on the launch pad to nowhere, discussing culture, that thing you did last summer, and shame spirals.
Join intrepid reporter Angus Beef, and his junior assistant semi-producer intern Beany Tuthail, as they show you a side of Dublin you’ve never seen before. ‘Been There, Seen There’ is a new six part series of guided tours of historic Dublin locations. The show takes you on a whirlwind tour of parks, monuments and museums, with a twist. Each episode is completely fictional. Listeners will be intrigued by false facts about Casino Marino (the infamous 18th century pleasure dome), thrilled to le ...
You've Been Warned Podcast is a true crime series examining the obscure and infamous, solved and unsolved. These are the cases that will make the hair on your arms stand up and make you wonder who is standing next to you in the checkout line. Each episode is meticulously researched from newspaper articles, internet research and interviews. The You've Been Warned Podcast contains adult themes and conversations and is not intended for all audiences. So remember...You've Been Warned.
A Dawson's Creek Recap Podcast: We're just three friends who like to record our conversations about Dawson's Creek and express our love for Pacey Witter.
Three comedian friends brought together by their obsession with the show The West Wing discuss mostly everything else.
This Never Been Stronger Podcast is brought to you by Personal Training by Patrick Thompson. This podcast features guests that have shown Never Been Stronger lifestyle traits, not just physically, but in the mindset as well.
It's Been a Week!
It's Been A Week is recorded live in Brooklyn and hosted by Jackie Danziger and James Tison: two neurotics who are addicted to media, the internet, AND each other! Join them as they express various shades of sarcasm about this week's endless onslaught of feuds, internet outrage, and Taylor Swift antics. (Needlessly aggressive banter abounds).
Bedtime stories of Madison and Catherine .
Always Bet On Geek
A Podcast! All things Geek! Like so many others but with a Southern Flare from 2 guys who aren't famous in the leastAlways Bet On Geek - Now on The New Pod World Order
Beton Podcast
Podcast by Concrete Djz
Betel Lofoten
Sommer i Lofoten 2017
Open discussions about Film, TV, Games, Sports and whatever we want.
Been Soul'd
A Weekly Podcast hosted by Jason Craig (@iamjasoncraig)
The audio version of my daily blog that can be found at
A no-holds-barred investigation of the mysteries of God, Christianity, Church, and human existence.
Off The Beaten Track
Podcast by AndrewHung
A Star Trek rewatch podcast, with occasional larger-scale discussions about the popular science fiction show. We will cover every episode, film, and more from 1966 to the present day. Yes, we know that will take many years. Hosted by a rotating group with varied backgrounds, join us as we go on a journey... A universe journey.
Reviews & recommendations for movies you won’t find at the cinema! Classics, old favourites, last year’s big names – tune in for Laurie & Phil’s thoughts on 4 randomly chosen films each week.
This is your home for New and Up and coming country artists. Join us for brand new songs and artists. We will get to chat with some of them along the way.
Beaten Path Media
The Beaten Path Media podcast is your only source you need that will provide you with video How-To's, tech news and reviews, and a few detours along the way.
We talk all things OSU sports-related.
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Iain Macintosh is joined by Caroline Barker, Matt Stanger and Mansfield Town CEO Carolyn Radford to discuss all things Football League. The last two clubs are given the Mcintosh history lesson as the pod heads to Gillingham and finally goes to Coventry. • PART 1: Performance Of The Week (02m 45s) • PART 2: News in brief (04m 35s) • PART 3: News ...…
For as long as he can remember, Colm Dillane has been drawing. Drawing, soccer, and school were the pillars of his life. He moved from Beloit, Wisconsin to New York City at a young age and in New York - the easiest way for your art to get seen was by making T-shirts. Him and his friends knew a few people who had already started their own brands ...…
Video Games and Movies. Two of the Joes favorite forms of entertainment. But what happens when they cross over and attempt to adapt from one to the other? The Joes talk about both industry long history of failure in these ventures as well as get a little heated over James Cameron, and Alien Pocahontas. News Links:New Lando Comichttps://www.cbr. ...…
Most Christians have a love-hate relationship with their prayer-life. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Well, God can help you with that. “Fresh” is a series to help kick off a new year with a fresh approach to your prayer life. What would your year look like if prayer became the most amazing thing you do every day?Die meisten Christ ...…
C’tait la nuit de Noël C'tait la nuit d'avant Noël, quand partout dans la maison Pas une bête ne bougeait, pas même une souris. Les bas d’Noël pendus et sagement au tison Dans l’espoir qu’Saint Nico enfin serait ici. Bien blottis dans leurs lits, les enfants De fruits déguisés bien entendu rêvaient Et Maman en fichu, et puis moi en bonnet, À un ...…
It had taken ten years to embezzle millions from his employer. It will be ten more before he takes one step outside his Federal prison yard.By (Robert Bruce).
2017 was undoubtedly a year for many of us turning to a softer, more comforting style of music to help heal and escape the real world. Many of you reading this probably use the type of music covered here on ASIP as a remedy and form of escapism, and some may just be getting acquainted. Now more than ever, I feel like people are connecting with ...…
We've got another Championship special in store for you in this edition of The Totally Football League Show, as Iain Macintosh and Matt Stanger are joined by Leeds fan and Loaded magazine's founding editor, James Brown. We cover all 24 teams in the division - so here's a handy guide: • Millwall, Sheff U (3m 05s)• Cardiff, Norwich (7m 05s)• Bris ...…
Today, we’ve got another solo round on the Healthpreneur Podcast. I am going to be telling you about the five traits of a successful entrepreneur. But this is actually part one of a two-part series, so there will be ten traits in total. These are some essential traits that I’ve noticed in successful entrepreneurs over the years. Some can be tau ...…
Friendly neighbors and wide oceans. That, in a phrase, is America's fallback security plan. It happens to be a very effective security plan, says Michael Desch, although you wouldn't know it by listening to politicians. Their squawking about threats to America are more the result of what President Eisenhower called the military-industrial compl ...…
And two more reasons why MotoGP will be ten times bigger than F1 in Malaysia. #F1 #FormulaOne #MotoGP
Hören Sie sich dieses volle Hörbuch kostenlos bei Titel: Mit den Füßen beten, mit dem Herzen singenUntertitel: Auf dem Franziskusweg von La Verna über Assisi nach RomAutor:: Gabriele HoffmannErzähler: Lara HoffmannFormat: UnabridgedSpieldauer: 4 hrs and 15 minsSprache: DeutschVeröffentlichungsdatum: 08-18-17Heraus ...…
The difference between a fast tire and a slow tire can be ten or more watts. So how should you optimize your tire selection and tire pressure? The science behind fast tires has evolved rapidly in recent years, so Trevor Connor and Caley Fretz called in tech writer Kristen Legan to dig into the latest research.…
The difference between a fast tire and a slow tire can be ten or more watts. So how should you optimize your tire selection and tire pressure? The science behind fast tires has evolved rapidly in recent years, so Trevor Connor and Caley Fretz called in tech writer Kristen Legan to dig into the latest research.…
Hören Sie sich dieses volle Hörbuch kostenlos bei Titel: Einfach GebetUntertitel: Zwölfmal Training für einen veränderten AlltagAutor:: Johannes HartlErzähler: Jörg PasquayFormat: UnabridgedSpieldauer: 3 hrs and 26 minsSprache: DeutschVeröffentlichungsdatum: 07-06-17Herausgeber: SCM Hänssler im SCM-VerlagKategorie ...…
Movie Meltdown - Episode 400 This week we continue our coverage from WonderFest as we sit down with Kim Smith and John Goodson. Both are technical masters who spent years working at LucasFilm's Industrial Light and Magic, and they have logged in many years building physical models as well as transitioning into digital effects as the industry be ...…
Welcome back to another episode of the homegrown liberty podcast! WHAAA? Yep I’m back for a special announcement. I want to extend a special opportunity to all my friends who stuck with me all last year and helped make my podcast a success. I am going to be launching my Patreon campaign soon, but I thought.. I should give you guys the first sho ...…
We talk about photo management, then reminisce about the 10-year history of the iPhone, and where mobile computing might be ten years from now. Links The One Device: The Secret History of the iPhone BlackBerry KEYone Treo 650 Picks of the Week Rob: John Wick/John Wick 2 Kirk: In Camera: Perfect Pictures Straight out of the Camera, by Gordon Lai ...…
Compared to a regular human, the Earth is enormous. And compared to the Earth, the Universe is really enormous. Like, maybe infinitely enormous. And yet, Earth is the only place humans are allowed to own. You can buy a plot of land in the city or the country, but you can’t buy land on the Moon, on Mars or on Alpha Centauri. It’s not that someon ...…
Compared to a regular human, the Earth is enormous. And compared to the Earth, the Universe is really enormous. Like, maybe infinitely enormous. And yet, Earth is the only place humans are allowed to own. You can buy a plot of land in the city or the country, but you can’t buy land on the Moon, on Mars or on Alpha Centauri. It’s not that someon ...…
Compared to a regular human, the Earth is enormous. And compared to the Earth, the Universe is really enormous. Like, maybe infinitely enormous. And yet, Earth is the only place humans are allowed to own. You can buy a plot of land in the city or the country, but you can’t buy land on the Moon, on Mars or on Alpha Centauri. It’s not that someon ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: ViciousAuthor: L.J. ShenNarrator: Savannah Peachwood, Christian RummelFormat: UnabridgedLength: 10 hrs and 4 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 05-30-17Publisher: Audible StudiosRatings: 4.5 of 5 out of 932 votesGenres: Romance, ContemporaryPublisher's ...…
Don't expect a fun vacation on "Lian Yu". Oliver has brought Malcolm and Nyssa to Lian Yu for a final showdown with Adrian Chase. While he's there, he picks up Slade Wilson and Digger Harkness. Oliver has a solid plan, but as usual, Chase seems to be ten steps ahead of him. They manage to rescue the team, but getting off the island is proving i ...…
Chris Badgett of LifterLMS discusses design versus functionality with user experience designer Nate Wright from Theme of the Crop on today’s LMScast. Chris and Nate get into web design conflicting with efficiency. They also talk about using the internet to market and drive foot traffic to brick and mortar businesses. Nate is the creator of Them ...…
Hören Sie sich dieses volle Hörbuch kostenlos bei Titel: Tante Olgas WindmühleAutor:: Jennifer ReesErzähler: Daniel KoppFormat: AbridgedSpieldauer: 58 minsSprache: DeutschVeröffentlichungsdatum: 05-26-17Herausgeber: BibellesebundKategorien: Fiction, LiteraryZusammenfassung des Herausgebers:Karen (8 Jahre) und Davi ...…
Welcome to the MOORE Leadership Moment video podcast with Dr.Kim Moore, your guide to leading with confidence!Today we’re going to discuss your inner circle, and why its members should be” tens,” and not “twos.”
Hören Sie sich dieses volle Hörbuch kostenlos bei Titel: Ravanas Herz (Jack Deveraux Dämonenjäger 3)Autor:: Xenia JungwirthErzähler: Patrick Roche, Werner Uschkurat, Christoph JablonkaFormat: UnabridgedSpieldauer: 1 hr and 25 minsSprache: DeutschVeröffentlichungsdatum: 05-19-17Herausgeber: Lübbe AudioKategorien: Sci ...…
As I reach this moment in the journey I am reminded again how long life takes and the fact that it is over in an instant. I am surprised that the last three stages of life turned out to each be ten year long. It was certainly not planned that way. While I’m too close to it to judge the quality of it, telling my story around forty-nine campfires ...…
Science fiction author Michael Anderle talks to James about writing fast, finding voracious readers and building a publishing empire, one book at a time. This week’s key highlights: The connection Michael has with last week’s guest, TS Paul The learning curve experienced when we start out as indies Co-writing with other authors The origins of M ...…
Topics include: close races in the House, famous men and sexual assault, and Thirteen Reasons Why. Links and Show Notes Get Help for Sexual Assault - RAINN Suicide Prevention Lifeline Sexual Harassment Help - RAINN American Foundation for Suicide Prevention MOAB strike: US military defends use of massive bomb in Afghanistan - BBC News North Kor ...…
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