Best bewbush podcasts we could find (Updated June 2018)
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How is God our Heavenly Father and what should earthly fathers look like?By (Elim Church Bewbush).
We look at the definition of good, fatty hearts and disciplining fathers.By (Elim Church Bewbush).
In Messy Church we explore the story of Moses.By (Elim Church Bewbush).
We look at the importance of quiet geographers in Israel's history and the church.By (Elim Church Bewbush).
We reflect on remembering to remember and knowing a little bit about comfort.By (Elim Church Bewbush).
As part of Messy Church we explore the inspiring story of Joseph.By (Elim Church Bewbush).
We examine the love in the Trinity and the remedies to doubt.By (Elim Church Bewbush).
Why the world doesn't need more rules and laws to influence behaviour!By (Elim Church Bewbush).
We discuss humility, power and chariots of fire.By (Elim Church Bewbush).
We look at giving in the Old and New Testament. We then look explicitly at the finances of Elim Church Bewbush!By (Elim Church Bewbush).
We learn spiritual truths from the mountaineer Water Bonatti.By (Elim Church Bewbush).
Do followers of Jesus get an easier life? Why are Christians so awkward in society?By (Elim Church Bewbush).
We draw inspiration and guidance from Hagar's story of motherhood.By (Elim Church Bewbush).
Are the youth getting out of control and is there any hope for them?By (Elim Church Bewbush).
Our guest speaker Mike Hawkins gives us some great insight on God's enormous affection for us.By (Elim Church Bewbush).
Ian Moore tells the story of how he and his family have ended up choosing to be missionaries in Macedonia.By (Elim Church Bewbush).
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