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Screen Burps
4 friends try to make heads or tails of a movie, immediately after seeing it. Because when was the last time you saw a good movie anyway?
The Banjee Report is a movement documenting the gay experience in hip-hop and other modern music through a weekly podcast and party at Wang's Gentlemen's Lounge curated by Anthony Pabey aka aCeb00mbaP, Andrew Steckelmann aka 1wo (pronounced One Two), and Erik Wallace aka Mister Wallace. In an industry of narrow sameness, we are at the vanguard, challenging norms by providing our real-life accounts which reflect the conflict of being openly gay in an often homophobic hip-hop arena.
Brain Burps About Books: How to Create Your Author Platform, Adult and Children's Book Publishing, Book Marketing Podcast
Author Katie Davis hosts Brain Burps About Books as a "fly on the wall" show. It's all about the craft and business of children's publishing, including both traditional and independent book publishing information. CHECK OUT KATIE'S NEW SHOW, WRITING FOR CHILDREN. Go to Interviews with experts cover publishing, creating, promoting, and writing books. Are you an aspiring writer who'd like to know the inside scoop on how others got their books published? Kid's books? Ind ...
BFR - Break-Fast Radio Podcast
Since the beginning of 2004 the Break-Fast crew has been working on building a scene in Groningen, gradually growing to become one of the biggest and most successful drum n bass nights in the northern part of The Netherlands. What started as a group of people who wanted to organize their own nights within the musical style that they wanted to hear, has now become a group of close friends who are dedicated to maintain a stage for big names as well as new talents. Having already presented a lo ...
VtW Radio: Essence of RP
With Almighty Farseer and Xai.
Peculiar Podcast
with Pat Cashman and Lisa Foster
Reckless Dice Podcast
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Call of Cthulhu and other great systems. News, discussion and live play sessions.
Composites Weekly
The Industry's Weekly Podcast Show
Harry Hill's Little Internet Show
Offering an intimate and hilarious glance into the private life of Britain’s favourite entertainer, the show brings audiences a raft of new characters, unleashes a series of all-new puppets (as well as some old favourites), and features a new original song from Harry in each explosive episode.
Black Fathers Radio
Dads doing our thing. Showing the world that we are out here. Positive, actively involved Black fathers do exist.
Fellowship Church Rouge Park
Sunday Gospel sermons
Drink 'til We're Funny!
We're a group of friends (2 gay guys and 1 straight girl) who met in college and managed to remain friends with the help of humorous outlooks on just about anything - and now we're inviting you to join us! Contact us at
Desktop Roleplaying Adventures
A podcast featuring actual-play tabletop roleplaying and general gaming discussion.
Boos and Brews Podcast
Do you like scary stories? Do you like tasty beer? Then join ghost gals and besties, Melissa and Vanessa as they try to scare the pants off each other (in the best way possible). Every week the gals bring in a different ghost story matched with a thematically appropriate beer, and at the end of each episode Engineer Bob picks a WINNER! Who will win this week? How many terrible accents will be featured? Who will be the first to launch an epic beer burp? Subscribe to find out! Cheers, boo buddies!
Podcasts from BFR recording label various Artists including Dj Slim,AudioFilth,Tr8ter, Viva la Mika, Alex FP and many more.
MAGNIFIQUE! Hello cloth ears-take a trip,-you have a friend in Paris waiting to share some bits & bobs- starting now...."burp"....Ooh la laa & all that.
Games from the Perilous Realm
Games from the Perilous Realm is a podcast featuring Actual Play for original Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition scenarios set in the Dukedom of Quenelles.Games from the Perilous Realm is part of a multimedia project to create viable material for WFRP 2nd Edition Bretonnian campaigns and additional material will be available from the project website if there is any interest.
The Woof Meow Show - All About Dogs & Cats
This show focuses on educating dog and cat parents about health issues, nutrition, training, behavior and everything related to sharing your life with a pet. Topics in the past have included: Dealing with a Barking Dog, Picking the Perfect Pet, APDT C.L.A.S.S., Insurance Issues, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Pet Nutrition, Litter Box Training and many others. Hosted by Don Hanson, BFRAP, CDBC, CPDT-KA and Kate Dutra, CPDT-KA of the Green Acres Kennel Shop in Bangor, Maine, the show is broadcast o ...
Journey to Madness
Actual play sessions from our WFRP and Rogue Trader campaigns. Listen in on the fun as we play Rogue Trader, or revisit our epic playthrough of The Enemy Within.
Home Sweet Home
Fictional radio play set in the zombie apocalypse. Follow an intrepid band of survivors as they eek out a stylishly desperate existence each week. New podcasts air live from the bunker on Fridays at 8pm EST. Written, performed and produced by BPRP. Official site:
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In this episode, David is joined by Dr. Stephen Patterson. Stephen joined St Marys University, Twickenham in 2009 and is a Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology. He graduated with a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science from Napier University, Edinburgh (2005) before completing an MSc in Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise from Strathclyde ...…
You guys ASKED...we ANSWERED! :) We covered all the topics below and had a lot of fun doing so! •Getting Past Sticking Points in Training •In depth discussion of on Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFR) •Thoughts on artificial sweeteners •All About DNP •Our Current Training Protocols •All About SEOs •Staple Health Supplements •If we could chose ...…
Before Mars and exploration-centric talk, I talk about Orbital ATK’s agreement for exclusive use of LMP-103S. Then I take a hard look at the post-EM-1 roadmap for SLS, and theorize some potential uses for SpaceX’s giant Mars-bound rocket—lovingly referred to as the Big F…alcon… Rocket (BFR). Orbital ATK and ECAPS Sign Agreement for Exclusive Us ...…
Before Mars and exploration-centric talk, I talk about Orbital ATK’s agreement for exclusive use of LMP-103S. Then I take a hard look at the post-EM-1 roadmap for SLS, and theorize some potential uses for SpaceX’s giant Mars-bound rocket—lovingly referred to as the Big F…alcon… Rocket (BFR). Orbital ATK and ECAPS Sign Agreement for Exclusive Us ...…
Episode 68 and The Next Big Thing in Physical Therapy: wearing a tourniquet while you do bicep curls. Why Delta Force, Premiere League and The NFL are employ the technique and the man behind the madness. Bio (@johnnyowenscfi) Johnny Owens is former Chief of Human Performance Optimization at the Center for the Intrepid (CFI), which is part of th ...…
January 21, 2015: Improving strength is a typical component of physical rehabilitation after injury. But often standing in the way of all the muscle building necessary to recover from an injury is the injury itself. While working at Brooke Army Medical Center, physical therapist Johnny Owens, MPT, saw wounded warriors who needed to improve stre ...…
Philosophers & Madmen Podcast - Barefoot Blog
Melanie Sweeney has been working with animals for over 10 years, and recently has begun pushing herself into the realm of Professional Dog Training in Australia. Melanie has written about animal health, and educating children about safety around dogs in primary and preschools for over 5 years. She Is extremely active in animal rescue, and In 20 ...…
Danielle Lin Show: The Art of Living and Science of Life
The Healing Power of Bach Flowers Treat the cause not the effect – Dr. Edward Bach Master Trainer: Nancy Buono, BFRP Of all the things I have I have learned about nutrition and healing in my lifetime, I do believe that the core of all illness begins with the hardened thought, solidified by human emotions. After studying with Nancy Buono, and le ...…
Midnight Walkers
Most people know Chris Bennett as the cohost of Squatch Detective with Steve Kulls. Few know how much Chris really knows or experiences. Chris Bennett is a 43 year old Air Force Veteran and lives in South Central Kentucky. He first became interested in the concept of Bigfoot in the mid 1970's. He learned about an experience his Great Uncle Davi ...…
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