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“Auf ein Bier” ist zwar der zigtausendste Podcast über Computerspiele – aber der erste und einzige (und beste), in dem das Gespräch von einem Bier (oder sieben) unterstützt wird. Wem das nicht genügt, um Stammhörer zu werden, der kann seinen deutschen Pass beim Weg nach draußen an der Garderobe abgeben. Für die wird übrigens keine Haftung übernommen.Die zwei Menschen, die da über Spiele reden sind Andre Peschke (ehemals, GameStar) und Jochen Gebauer (ehemals GameStar-Chefredakteur ...
This podcast is all about the law abiding biker (LAB). We talk about the world of motorcycling, motorcycles, ride reviews, equipment reviews, motorcycle law and issues, motorcycle clubbing, motorcycle news, motorcycle television and media, the motorcycle industry, smart phone app reviews, and so much more. We are the majority of bikers on the roads after all. You know, the "99%ers", and we are who the motorcycle industry looks to for product development and design, so let's be heard. This is ...
Brooke Thomas of is gathering together the thought leaders and experts who are shedding light on what it means to thrive in our bodies. Whether you're a body nerd, or someone who is looking to turn their cranky body happy again, the Liberated Body Podcast has the resources you've been looking for.
This podcast is a beautifully executed compilation combining the absolute best in left-leaning political news, commentary and occasional comedy with great music to pull it all together. In each edition, I choose a political theme and deliver a variety of stories and perspectives from an array of sources on that theme. By the way, this is an ENHANCED PODCAST with cool features built in which is fun but that means that it's not compatible with everyone's audio player. For the STANDARD MP3 feed ...
Liberation Radio
The Online Radio Show of the Party for Socialism and Liberation
Fiber Talk
A podcast for Fiber Art hobbyists.
Home to the unofficial podcast about AMC’s The Walking Dead. Hosted by Dianne and Marnell. Episode recaps, news, analysis and predications are all discussed on this weekly show. Please rate us and subscribe to help more fans find our show. Learn more, contact us, and check out our other podcasts at
Liberal Fix
A recap of the week in Progressive or Liberal Politics. News, Commentary and Analysis. Hosted by sociologist Keith Brekhus from Montana and the show's Producer Naomi Minogue from California.Every Friday, Liberal Fix hosts and guests tackle tough issues with a perspective that comes from outside the beltway.Join the Liberal Fix community, a like-minded group of individuals dedicated to promoting progressive ideals and progressive activists making a difference.
Welcome to The Liberated Woman Podcast with Amber Chalus, where you’ll discover ancient wisdom, holistic practices and simple everyday rituals that will help you FINALLY calm your busy mind, nourish your body, re-ignite your heart & reveal your authentic spirit! Join us every week to get a glimpse into the lives of incredible women just like you who reveal their personal journey to freedom in health, life and business!
Liberate Radio
LIBERATE’s message is defined by Jesus’ mission: “I have come to set the captives free” (Luke 4:18).Through the demand of his law, God confronts and condemns people in their bondage and sin; through the declaration of his gospel, God comforts and forgives people with the liberating love of Jesus Christ. We want sufferers to hear these “two words” (law and gospel) so they can believe the promise that frees us from our past of guilt and shame; frees us from the present bondage of bitterness, i ...
The Liberation Project: A Movement for Manhood is an honest, in your face podcast that challenges the social and cultural norms that define today’s man. Through witty banter and provocative conversations we’re redefining masculinity. We’re finding a balance between the classic caveman and the limp-wristed doormat of today’s generation. Tune in and learn what it is to be a confident, powerful, loving leader that people trust and admire. If you’re ready for the challenge of being a “real man,” ...
A podcast about knitting, crochet, spinning, dieting, food, family and fiber fun.
The Sexually Liberated Woman podcast highlights, celebrates, and encourages the sexually liberated woman—not just the idea of her, but her true-blue erotic empowerment in the flesh.Hosted by sex writer and sexuality doula Ev'Yan Whitney, this podcast features vulnerable conversations with a few of the courageous women she's worked with, and laid back discussions with sex positive babes and other sexually liberated women she adores. New episodes every other week!
Liberated Podcast
Liberated - The Liberal Democrat Podcast. Vince Cable talks policy, politics and changing Britain's future... And find out how you can help the Lib Dems win.
History of Liberalism
A podcast about the history of liberalism
Civil Discourse is the most informative Progressive Radio Show in Wisconsin. A grassroots radio program featuring Senator Peter Bear and Eric Brant. 30 years separate these two co-hosts, offering a unique dynamic to the program. Learn about current events from a historical angle. Hear from state senators, representatives, local politicians, activists, and historians to better understand our current political environment. Gain a better understanding of how political decisions affect everyday ...
Feminist news programming that seeks to provide the unique and under-represented voices of girls and women with a national and international venue to break the sound barrier.
Liberal Halvtime
Podcasten som utforsker liberale ideer. Civita-medarbeiderne Anne Siri Koksrud Bekkelund og Eirik Løkke inviterer ukentlig nye gjester til diskusjon om aktuelle og interessante tema.
Interracial married couple Keisha Zollar and Andrew Kimler share a fiery liberal bias. But that doesn't stop them from going toe-to-toe as they debate the news of the week. Complete with original sketches, top-notch guests, and a candid autopsy of a modern American marriage.
Fiber Hooligan
Fiber Hooligan is a 1 hour (or so) podcast that airs Monday mornings and is hosted by Benjamin Levisay. This podcast is dedicated to bringing you interviews with the best of the fiber arts world, including knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving, & anything else that we think is interesting.
60 minutes of Relaxing, all commercial free, with no talking DJ between songs. All songs Creative Commons by-nc-sa 1.0 licensed from the record label that isn't evil:
Two fiber and craft obsessed individuals from the Pacific Northwest chat about knitting, spinning & crochet and explore what it means to live in a DIY Nation.
Do your conservative friends think you're a liberal and your liberal friends think you're a conservative? Do you find yourself fed up with mainstream media and all of the propaganda it puts out? You've come to the right place. Join Matt Wells as he interview experts, activists, and personalities in the liberty movement for a better understanding of what it means to be a libertarian. It's not liberal, it's not conservative, it's Classically Liberal.
Learn to trade the Stock Market with confidence, with Technical and Fundamental Analysis training.From small change to financial freedom, your future in your hands.The Liberated Stock Trader, Stock Market education for the independent investor. Available for the iPhone & iPod Touch.Liberated Stock Trader PRO is a premium Stock Market Training Course - available at
Fiber Knitche
This is a podcast about knitting, spinning, cooking, and my knitting escapades while traveling abroad
Media solely focused on the liberation and empowerment of Afrikan people.
Biker B.S.
A Long-time Motorcycle Enthusiast Shares Tips, Tricks and of Course BIKER BS Stories.
Fiber and Fabric
This podcast is about knitting, quilting, spinning, and whatever happens to grab my attention at the moment. This can include but not be limited to baking, cooking, candy making, crafting, and other sewing endeavors.
Awesome Yarn!
Contemplating the first noble truth of dukkha as a motivation for the the third noble truth of liberation.
60 minutes of Instrumental, all commercial free, with no talking DJ between songs. All songs Creative Commons by-nc-sa 1.0 licensed from the record label that isn't evil:
Stories From Beyond The Gate
FIBER Podcast
Exploring the deeper corners of the electronic music spectrum
The Flint Hills Fiber Fanatic is a multi-craftual podcast based in the Flint Hills of Kansas. Please join us for fibery fun!
A monthly message of God's grace and favor shown in His goodness toward us through Jesus.
Fiber Hooligan
We've Moved! You can find us at our new home at
Our place to talk - an independent website for supporters of the Liberal Democrat party in the UK.
Podcast by Parenting for Liberation
Pantsuit Politics
A political podcast hosted by women from both sides of the aisle who refuse to see each other as the enemy. For anyone discouraged by our current political discourse, Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers bring a nuanced and grace-filled perspective to discussions about politics and news.
Kelly and Marsha came at yarn and fiber from different directions, but both love it. Marsha is an accomplished knitter, learning to dye yarn. Kelly is a spinner who knits and weaves. Fiber is one of the many shared interests after over 30 years of friendship. The show is about our adventures in knitting, spinning, dyeing and other fiber arts.
Good sermons from liberal religion and activist faith
Texas Biker Radio
Sons if Liberty Rider Texas
Jason and Ben play classic LucasArts video games and talk about it. We cover the history, gameplay, and the most difficult puzzles from those old adventure games you love. Monkey Island, Indiana Jones, Sam & Max, and Day of the Tentacle are all covered here, plus a few insights, interviews, and some snazzy music. Plus a bunch more of course. New episodes up monthly. Relive your youth or someone else’s!
For heart-centered, soul-conscious and open-minded people who want to get more out of life. It’s time to Liberate Your Authentic Self w/ Dr. Andrea Pennington.
It has been called an evil NPR. The Liquored Up Liberals play audio clips of conservatives, Republicans, religious fanatics, and other a**holes--and then apply their own unique interpretation and commentary Warning: Conversation often leads to adult topics, frequent homosexuality, crude humor, alcoholism, and foul language--enjoy!
Welcome to the How to Cure Your Liberalism Podcast!I'm a former Liberal turned Libertarian. My objective is to use this platform to promote Libertarianism, harshly criticize Liberal (by the American definition) thinking and policy, call out right-wing and Conservative hypocrisy, and share my vision of the future.I plan to present my arguments and ideas as calmly and rationally as I can, and I will do my best to avoid profanity. I want to be a welcoming and well-informed voice of reason that ...
Bikers For Life 100 will be based on my YouTube channel Bikers For Life 100. It will be the same videos that you will see on my channel.
Sermon // Predigten Archive Rhema Bibel Gemeinde Bonn, Germany. Our Church is a place where people of all ages and from all levels of society can feel at home. It is our goal to help and support people where help is needed. One purpose of the Church is that people come together and build relationships. Therefore it is important for us to get to know people, build friendships and encourage fellowship. Unsere Gemeinde ist ein Ort, an dem sich Menschen aller Altersgruppen und Gesellschaftsschic ...
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Music by Biber and Biber--father and son, Heinrich and Carl.
Ken Dyers passed away 10 years ago this year, but the organisation that he spearheaded with his partner Jan Hamilton lives on. In spite of a few parallels, this Australian organisation, called Kenja, has been listed as a suppressive group by the Church of Scientology. Jan claims that Kenja has faced decades of persecution by those who want to b ...…
Hören Sie sich dieses volle Hörbuch kostenlos bei Titel: Oma Nagers Pfälzer SagenUntertitel: Von Teufeln, Gespenstern und bösen RitternAutor:: Tatjana StegmannErzähler: Britta HabekostFormat: AbridgedSpieldauer: 1 hr and 11 minsSprache: DeutschVeröffentlichungsdatum: 12-11-17Herausgeber: Pfälzische VerlagsanstaltK ...…
Hören Sie sich dieses volle Hörbuch kostenlos bei Titel: Die kleine Eule feiert Weihnachten! Ein Liederhörbuch für KleineAutor:: Susanne WeberErzähler: Ilka TeichmüllerFormat: UnabridgedSpieldauer: 39 minsSprache: DeutschVeröffentlichungsdatum: 09-25-17Herausgeber: Oetinger MediaKategorien: Kids, Ages 0-4Zusammenfas ...…
In dieser Episode wirst du erfahren, warum du mit Entscheidern anders kommunizieren musst um erfolgreich zu sein. Georg Jocham zeigt uns einen einfachen Trick, wie du schnell den Entscheidertypen erkennen kannst. Damit du klar bist in deiner Kommunikation.
In dieser Episode wirst du erfahren, warum du mit Entscheidern anders kommunizieren musst um erfolgreich zu sein. Georg Jocham zeigt uns einen einfachen Trick, wie du schnell den Entscheidertypen erkennen kannst. Damit du klar bist in deiner Kommunikation.
Man oh man finally up and going again between allergies and than technical issues we completed another show with the help of brandon, without taking any more time lets get going!*Week recap: Luthers Cafe, Lyn-z Andrews, Romper, Brandon recap, Allergies, Drag show at heat night club*News:Trump divorce, Manchester Attack, Gun man at Comic con*Ent ...…
Nature is like music. It is everywhere and it is animating you to dance.I created this piece of music for the “NachtnaTour” campaign by NABU. The track contains 36 fieldrecordings (one is still a secret) of native animal species you can hear during the night; from amphibians to birds to mammals. Thank you for sending me your nature recordings.T ...…
Hit the [↻ Repost] button if you like it!#113 of our podcast row by @biber-eenor!➡➡➡ for free on The Artist Union
After missing last week, Zakos and Douglas are back and they're joined by their friend Amber. This episode starts out with a fun new segment, 4 random questions. Douglas then transitions to talk about how the Thor trailer made him squeal like a young girl at a Biber concert and the crew the discuss how TV and movies have made an impact on their ...…
James Biber is an architect and partner in the firm Biber Architects, based in New York. James is responsible many of his firms most notable projects. Biber's most recent project is the USA Pavilion for Expo Milano 2015. Biber’s career has also included the design of the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, 2008; oceanfront houses in Montauk, N ...…
Fine Music Radio — A Mysterious theme. TRACK: (1) Biber’s Sonata 15 (2) Rachmaninov in Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini. ARTIST: (1) Sirkka-Lisa and Battalia. (2) Philippe Entremont. with Eugene Ormandy conducting the Philadelphia Orchestra. PUBLISHER:(1) Ondine 2014 (2) 1958.
Fine Music Radio — Biber and the Birds. TRACK: Biber’s Sonata Representativa. ARTIST: Musica Antiqua Koln under Reinhard Goebel. PUBLISHER: Archive 1988
Shownotes The composer Johannes Brahms, on Bach’s fifth movement of his second partita for solo violin: On one stave, for a small instrument, the man writes a whole world of the deepest thoughts and most powerful feelings. If I imagined that I could have created, even conceived the piece, I am quite certain that the excess of excitement and ear ...…
Gespräch mit Axel Jahn, Geschäftsführer der Loki Schmidt Stiftung für Naturschutz Hamburg. u.a. über:den ersten Bibernachwuchs in Hamburg seit 200 JahrenKlatschmohn, die Blume des Jahres 2017, bedrohte Ackerlandschaften als Lebensraumein Experiment: die Entsteheung eines Urwalds am Brahmsee / Schleswig-Holstein.Interview in 3 Teilen, verwendete ...…
Hören Sie sich dieses volle Hörbuch kostenlos bei Titel: Die Eule mit der BeuleUntertitel: Ein Liederhörbuch für KleineAutor:: Susanne WeberErzähler: Ilka TeichmüllerFormat: UnabridgedSpieldauer: 34 minsSprache: DeutschVeröffentlichungsdatum: 10-31-16Herausgeber: Oetinger MediaKategorien: Kids, Ages 0-4Zusammenfassu ...…
.... Here you will find three resources for the episode. I) Audio II) Video III) Text .. Hic reperiuntur tria subsidia huius sermonis: I) Auscultanda II) Spectanda III) Legenda .... I. AUDIO..I. AUSCULTANDA .... This podcast in Latin is also available on iTunes. .. Hunc sermonem Latinum hic vel apud iTunes auscultare potestis. .... II. VIDEO..I ...…
.... Available for this episode: Audio Video Text .. Hic reperiuntur tria subsidia huius sermonis: Auscultanda Spectanda Legenda .... I. AUDIO..I. AUSCULTANDA .... This podcast in Latin is also available on iTunes. .. Hunc sermonem Latinum hic vel apud iTunes auscultare potestis. .... II. VIDEO..II. SPECTANDA ....Watch a video of the same episo ...…
Greetings and welcome to the 14th installment of the Full Metal Hipster playlist! I've got a treat for you on this episode: A song premier from death metal band Construct of Lethe (Facebook). The band has an EP called The Grand Machination coming out this Friday October 7th and I've got an exclusive taste of a song for you! Also, I have two cop ...…
We're taking a break from One-to-One this week to set off fireworks and contemplate the potential future of a Trump Presidential Center. In the meantime, we present some of our favorite episodes related to this big ol' hot mess of a nation. We've got it all: "Traditional" architecture, not necessarily just like Jefferson would have wanted: Buil ...…
Britain's Aldeburgh music festival was founded after the second world war by the composer Benjamin Britten and the singer Peter Pears. Britten used to take “composing walks”, drawing inspiration from the birdsong he heard in the surrounding countryside and this year, birdsong forms the centrepiece of the festival, as artistic director Pierre-La ...…
Pastor Bobby Biber teaches from John 4, continuing in the Epic Life series, teaching about Jesus and the woman at the well.
Themenübersicht - Kitagebührenfreiheit finden wir geil, oder nicht? - eGouvernmentgesetze machen langweilige Anhörungen. - Veddanwirtschaft, Digga! Fragen Wenn Deutsch die Sprache der Moscheen werden muss, was wird dann aus den lateinischen Liturgien in der katholischen Kirche? Was haltet ihr von der Idee eines Alkoholsverbots, wie von Wirtscha ...…
Hören Sie sich dieses volle Hörbuch kostenlos bei Titel: Teo Dorant und der Stinkewettbewerb und die Pups-Po-SauneAutor:: Corinna WiejaErzähler: Philipp SchepmannFormat: UnabridgedSpieldauer: 1 hr and 30 minsSprache: DeutschVeröffentlichungsdatum: 04-15-16Herausgeber: audio media verlagKategorien: Kids, Ages 0-4Zusa ...…
Andrew Bordwin splits his time between art, commercial photography and video projects. After his 17-year collaboration with Adam Ames (Type A) came to an end in January 2015, Bordwin is finding his way into a solo practice once again. While Type A’s focus was mainly on territory, masculinity, competition and collaboration, Bordwin’s solo direct ...…
Andrew Bordwin splits his time between art, commercial photography and video projects. After his 17-year collaboration with Adam Ames (Type A) came to an end in January 2015, Bordwin is finding his way into a solo practice once again. While Type A’s focus was mainly on territory, masculinity, competition and collaboration, Bordwin’s solo direct ...…
Biber's Mystery Sonatas, with violinist Christina Day Martinson Heinrich Biber: Mystery Sonatas Nos. 9-12 Christina Day Martinson, violin; Martin Pearlman, harpsichord Recorded at WGBH Studio One on April 6, 2007. © 2015 WGBH Educational Foundation.
Summer is a strange time, a time when three of the four big sports are taking a break and so do the 'Carnage crew, hence a bit of a gap since the last show. Mike's still taking that break so Nat and Dan shine the Americarnage symbol in the sky over north London and, like a caped crusader who has no cape and doesn't believe in invading the Holy ...…
Shownotes Among the most revered music for solo violin are Bach’s Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin. Bach did play the violin, but not perhaps to the level he was known for at the keyboard, as an organist and harpsichordist. There is little doubt in my mind that his facility with playing the violin led to the character in his Sonatas and Par ...…
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