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Bike Shop CX
Cycling Podcast discussing cyclocross bicycle tech. We may stray a bit though...:)
Bike Shop CX
Cycling Podcast discussing cyclocross bicycle tech. We may stray a bit though...:)
The Cycling Plus Podcast
The Cycling Plus podcast is the aural manifestation of Britain’s best selling cycling magazine. Listen to our experts discuss the latest in cycling technology – the best new bikes on the market, the latest gadgets, the most stylish gear and much more.
Running from Diabetes
Dealing with and treating my diabetes with endurance sports.
Over The Top Cycling
Over the Top Cycling ( is a Colorado/California based news, events, broadcast and coaching based bicycling company delivering information specifically related to road racing and ultra endurance.
Radio Century Cycles
Cleveland's #1 voted bicycle shop, Century Cycles, gives you the inside scoop on bicycling in Northeast Ohio. You'll hear professional tips from the award winning Century Cycles' staff, as well as exciting stories and insights from local bicyclists.
GFNY Cycling
A podcast about everything GFNY Cycling
Spokes and Words
A weekly podcast about biking for transportation.
Ride Bikes Radio
Ride Bikes Radio with db & Brian is a show about bicycles for everyone else. Bicycles for commuting, for exercise, for fun!. And we talk about beer. Lots of beer!
The Bike Town Podcast
We're your kind of bike town. Each month we tell stories about how ordinary people, and families have transformed their lives while riding a bicycle.
NO CHASER | Don't Talk, Just Listen
“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein
When I'm Not Sleeping
My name is Travis Yost. I am an adventurer of the most mundane status. When I am not sleeping, I make music, ride bicycles, drink coffee, and think of things.
Dan's Bike Rides
The Bike Rides Radio Show is a weekly, one hour, locally produced variety program that airs on KMSU independent public radio in Mankato, Minnesota. Bike Rides is at times whimsical and other times sharp, featuring music and conversation that flows together nicely like a summer bicycle ride through the countryside.
B Podcast
The Podcast features interviews and technical discussions with the cycling personalities and manufacturers that are leading the bicycle industry. Hear the latest from the racers, riders and people behind the bikes, components and events we enjoy every time we hop on our road, mountain or triathlon bike. With in depth discussions about the how's and why's of the business, the Podcast will shed a new light on the bike you ride...and give you some new ones to dream a ...
Mobilizing a Community with a Bike and an iPad: Jason Hall
Slow Roll is a weekly group bicycle ride in Detroit that rallies thousands of people to experience the rebirth of the city at the street level. Join Slow Roll cofounder Jason Hall as he talks about how he’s created a movement, how iPad and apps give him freedom to work on the fly, and how you can start your own Slow Roll. Moderated by Elly Fishman of "Chicago Magazine" at the Apple Store, North Michigan Avenue in Chicago.
Kadian's Apple Genius
Kadian first fell in love with Apple as a nine-year-old when he acquired his first iPod touch. He loved the aesthetics of this Apple product, its intuitive interface which allowed him to access a whole world of knowledge. He purchased his first MacBook Pro by shoveling snow and by selling his old train set, keyboard and other beloved items on Amazon. Kadian was renowned for his evangelical pursuit to convert everyone, even strangers, to Apple products. By fourteen, he had built an impressive ...
Three Men on the Bummel (Version 2) by JEROME, Jerome K.
Our Friends from Three Men in a Boat, to Say Nothing of the Dog, are back. In this funny sequel to Three Men in a Boat J., George, and Harris are out of the boat and on the land riding their bikes. Their lives are too stressful and they need a break from the daily mundane, so they put their heads together and come up with a brilliant idea they decide to travel through the Black Forest of Germany on a bicycling tour. Since two of our friends are now married it seems they will also have to con ...
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Welcome to Episode 23 Welcome to the show Laura Neighbors, a badass female mountain biker with numerous races and wins to her name. Recently she found herself off her bike due to progressive back pain. After a surgery she is learning how to start over from the very basics. This inspiring conversation talks about what it takes to break it all do ...…
Imagine what it takes to ride your bicycle across the country. Imagine what it takes to run a marathon. Now imagine what it must take to run 31 consecutive marathons, in 31 consecutive days, in 31 different cities. Rob Jones did just that. And he did it has not only a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, but he did it has a double above t ...…
Part 13: Ross and I recap our tour. We decide it was a success: we had a great time, learned a lot and experienced beautiful landscapes -- through the climbs, the heat and the cold, the isolation, the food deserts (and literal desert) and more. Listen for the highs and lows, what we learned, and where we're headed next. Not recorded: my challen ...…
Part 12: I spent the day riding around Zion and later hiking via shuttle bus, then reconnected with Ross after we had split up at Bryce. (Ross finally joins me on air in the next episode.) In the adjacent town of Springdale, I picked up my summer sleep sack (it's 95 degrees here), ate a vegan breakfast burrito, took a yoga class and visited the ...…
Episode 40: George Hincapie | Former Professional Cyclist & 17-Time Tour de France Finisher Subscribe on Apple Podcast | Google Play | Stitcher Rich Take On Sports Show Notes: Rich Spotlight: George Hincapie Unsure how many total miles he has ridden on a bike in his career First memory on a bicycle was his sister’s bike learning how to ride but ...…
Part 11: I made it to Zion! So excited to explore the canyon and walk around an actual town. I lucked out with a campsite cancellation (really wish they had hiker/biker sites!) and plunked down out my stuff to ride around unloaded. This spring I rode my bicycle across southern Utah to view the spectacular remote desert landscape and explore sev ...…
They say you never forget how to ride a bicycle. South Africa’s Keagan Girdlestone is living proof. At 19 years of age in 2016, the Pretoria native was rising fast in the world of cycling, already the youngest ever champion in the history of New Zealand’s Le Race, and a former under-16 national champion in South Africa. Competing against cyclis ...…
Part 8: Hiking some trails on my third and final day in Bryce Canyon National Park. ** EDIT: I uploaded the wrong audio file by mistake; this is now the correct one. ** This spring I rode my bicycle across southern Utah to view the spectacular remote desert landscape and explore seven national parks: Colorado NM, Arches NP, Canyonlands NP, Capi ...…
Meddlers Incorporated
In which the Meddlers ask:What does Scar mean?Can Daphne ride a Bi-Cycle?Does the Ghost Clown not own a rhyming dictionary?Are we going to join Ralph Cramp?What group iteration of Mystery Inc can solve a mystery better?
Part 5: the historic Burr Trail in all its glory and struggle (info), through Capitol Reef National Park & Grand-Staircase-Escalane National Monument. This spring I rode my bicycle across southern Utah to view the spectacular remote desert landscape and explore seven national parks: Colorado NM, Arches NP, Canyonlands NP, Capitol Reef NP, Grand ...…
Most people surveyed by the Bicycle Network think so, with 30% suggesting they'd ride more often if you weren't required to wear one. Nick and Sam spoke with CEO of the Bicycle Network, Craig Richards.
Well hello there everyone, Uncle Steve has a story to tell you! So sit back, relax and enjoy the story of the Kiriga Estate in Kenya :) The first coffee bush at Kiriga Estate was planted in approximately 1954 by colonial settlers. At about the same time, less than ten kilometres away along the same Kigio road, a young boy (Aloysius Gakunga, son ...…
Well hello there everyone, Uncle Steve has a story to tell you! So sit back, relax and enjoy the story of the Kiriga Estate in Kenya :) The first coffee bush at Kiriga Estate was planted in approximately 1954 by colonial settlers. At about the same time, less than ten kilometres away along the same Kigio road, a young boy (Aloysius Gakunga, son ...…
Bike Karma EP22: Kevin the Turkey: Friend to Cyclists - Breaking the Cycle of Addiction with the Help of Mountain Bikes - When You Find an Orphaned Baby Opossum While Cycling Interviews and Segments- -Intro 1- "Hey did you see that Turkey on the Corner?", was on the lips of everyone in town. But cyclists and pedestrians found an ally in this sp ...…
People know me as the “Bicycle Touring Pro” because, for the last 17 years, I’ve been traveling around the world on my bicycle and teaching people like you to conduct their own incredible bicycle touring adventures. But this autumn, rather than going on another big bike tour in some foreign country, I decided to try something a little different ...…
J.J. is recording from a mystery spot in New Jersey this week. Joe is no longer distracted by illness nor baseball. That means there is a user-requested discussion about grocery shopping in the cards for the middle portion of the episode. But don't worry, as a live tip, the "Last Word" and an amazing email arrived for "Sound Off". Sponsor: HIMS ...…
South Florida Spotlite
In segment 1, Ashley speaks with Dr. Cass Ingram, nutritional expert and author, about the importance of healthy eating and supplements over the holidays. In segment 2, Gayle speaks with Glen Weinzimer, Founder and Director of The Smart Ride and Rob Bullock, Director of Development at Broward House, about the 165 mile bicycle fundraiser's new d ...…
Sojourn Network Podcast
Transcript: Michael Winters: Today should be a lot of fun. I'm really excited to have these folks here to speak with us. I'm glad for kind of the environment we're in, this is hopefully gonna be a great opportunity for interaction and conversation, for you to speak up and ask questions. And so I encourage you, as our speakers are speaking, if y ...…
Published on 04 Jun 2017. How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit w/ Professional BMX Rider Nick Bruce.Like many riders before him Nick’s first taste of BMX came from humble beginnings. After seeing an X-Games Contest on television at a young age, Nick immediately picked up his sister’s bicycle and started jumping it off anything he could find. Fl ...…
Flu, Tour de Mount Vernon Bicycle Ride, 1,000 Books Across Fairfax, Author Dan Gutman, Elections, Cyber Security Awareness Month.
Countries for Kids from Case of Adventure
Welcome to the third episode of the Countries For Kids PODCAST, Italy for Kids, with Karyn from CASE OF ADVENTURE. We are excited to travel through many lands with you! Please click read more… below if you did not come directly to the full post. Read or listen, watch the videos and download the Italy printable pack. Click the play button in the ...…
Menachem Brodie is the owner of Human Vortex Training; based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Coach Brodie works with athletes around the world, including: Pittsburgh, France, Belgium, and Israel. Coach Brodie (in his own words): Coaching since 2000, Menachem Brodie has been working with athletes in a number of settings, and a broad variety of sports. From ...…
This morning Carol Vander Meer and I spoke with Dr. Chere Edgar who will be participating in the upcoming California Dream Ride. This will be a fundraiser for the California Bicycle Coalition. This 5 day, 280 mile ride will go from Folsom to San Francisco beginning this weekend.By (KHUM: Radio Without The Rules).
Official Sicart Associates's Podcast
The most unusual bull market It might have been the least exciting, and the hardest-to-beat bull market, and its crash couldn’t be more anticipated. Our current, highly durable bull market is characterized by three qualities: it might be the least exciting bull market in history, it’s been possibly one of the hardest to beat, and when it ends, ...…
Growing in South Bend, Indiana I played a lot of organized baseball and I rode my bicycle like there was no tomorrow. For many years I rode by BMX bike to all my games. In fact, I was always riding my bike. That is how we got around. That was my first set of wheels. That was when my life really started at expand. We rode our bike what felt like ...…
In this podcast Tracy Herbert talks about her 3,527-mile bicycle ride across the US to spread diabetes awareness and hope. She also coves the most frequently asked questions about the ride.
Recorded on September 21, 2017 Hosted by Kelley O’Toole Co-Hosts: Chris Reynolds, Victor Prestinary, Tim Wilson and Justin Macias Editing: Victor Prestinary and Chris Reynolds This Episode Sponsored By OC Ride for AIDS Victor Valley Bicycle Tour Selected Links 1 million cars destroyed in Houston Houston BCycle gofundme Interbike moving to Reno ...…
Sitting Down with Stand-Up Guys
George welcomes Tyler Snodgrass to the studio. Tyler is a comedian and one of the creators of the storytelling show/podcast, We Still Like You. He's also a staff writer for the satirical news site, The Whiskey Journal. Twitter - @_georgepira @sittingdownwith @tylersnod SUBSCRIBE, RATE & REVIEW! Topics of Discussion: ...…
Host, Frankie Picasso welcomes Christian writer and Family expert Cathy Krafve as her special cohost for this episode as they interview Author Alice Teisan whose latest release Pray 10K , A 10 thousand hour prayer adventure is the story of Alice’s twenty-four year prayer journey where she recounts the struggles she encountered with both her fai ...…
Bing the bicycle and Trudy the tricycle go for a ride with their new passengers. How will they do? Can you believe our dragon was back so soon in Fantastic Flyers? We hope you enjoyed discovering our dragon again. Our dragon seems pretty busy and we’ve had another dragon sighting! Here’s your newest clue. Our dragon is resting in the forest nea ...…
Recorded on September 13, 2017 Hosted by Kelley O’Toole Co-Hosts: Chris Reynolds, Tim Wilson and Justin Macias Editing: Victor Prestinary This Episode Sponsored By OC Ride for AIDS Victor Valley Bicycle Tour Follow-Up Re:... The post 97: Slipstream Rides On, Dangerous Hurricane Gains, Who’s Wearing the Red Jersey, and the Women’s WorldTour Winn ...…
Episode SummaryPeter Rice joins Adam Camac and Daniel Laguros to discuss his new book, Liberal for Conservative Reasons: How to Stop Being Obnoxious and Start Winning Elections.About the GuestMr. Rice is a journalist and writer who has covered local and state politics in Washington, Oregon, and New Mexico. He is also the author of Spandex Optio ...…
Bedtime Stories Cozy Corner Podcast
Today, airplanes Holly, Herb, and Hawk decide to go out for a flight. While they’re checking on everyone, lightning flashes across the sky and thunder rumbles. What will they do? Did you notice our dragon in Magic Milkweed? If you want to double check remember: Our dragon noticed the milkweed was completely eaten, and the caterpillars wraped th ...…
Show Notes at: GUEST PROFILES: Pete Buhl: Pete has over 20 years of experience as an operating executive and venture investor. Prior to founding Beeline Bikes, Pete was COO of AppCentral, where he helped build and refocus of the company, resulting in a successful acquisition. Past operating roles spanned financial services s ...…
Combine the love of travel with the love of craft beer by beercycling through a country! Mark chats with Matt and Nikki Kummer of Wisconsin about their recent nine-day bicycle ride through the hills of Belgium beer country.
This is a bonus episode, where I take some time to talk about the My Peace Corps Story podcast and share a little more about my service in Burkina Faso. In this episode, I confront my lifelong fear of reading aloud (sorta) and read the first two chapters of my book, Service Disrupted, with the addition of a few added soundscapes. I’d love to kn ...…
The RideArgyle effort continues, updates on the Vuelta España, Cycling Weekly's forced apology, times to take shelter while riding, Justin's animal encounter, Interbike's shop awards and last year in Las Vegas, Tour of Britain news, and hill-climb gearing. The post 96: Aqua Blue Sport en Fuego, Fear Watts, Apologies, #notmyqueen, and Bike Shop ...…
In the twelfth episode of the All Day Ruckoff Podcast I am very excited to interview fellow GRT Eric Kling about his GORUCK Selection event. We talk about how he found GORUCK, why he signed up for GORUCK Selection, and he gives some amazing advice to those currently registered for GORUCK Selection. During the interview we talk about the moment ...…
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