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Every month twoloud present their newest and freshest tunes from Electro to Progressive House in the mix. Stay tuned! loud, louder, twoloud.
A Scientific Discussion of the Big Bang, Inflationary Theory, and General Cosmology & A Close Look at Creationism's Conflicting View
My Live Set from Life In Color 2015 - Big Bang - Las Vegas
This Week in Kpop
This Week in Kpop is a bi-weekly discussion podcast of the newest Kpop music video releases. Join two guys discover, discuss, and digest a healthy scoop of Kpop goodness each week!
You missed the last J Hart's Big Bang Show ?? No Problem here are the replays ! Live from New York City, the Dj / Producer J HART takes the stage with his very own Big Bang Show on every Saturday from 9PM Break London Radio (U.K.). With exclusive musics, bangers, interviews and freestyles; J Hart cooks you the best of the Hip Hop on a french toast. So get ready to Big Bang ! To Stay tune with J Hart and listen to Big Bang Show : & #BBS
Big Bang Talks toys, comics, games, movies, TV, and more in the world of Geek life, Nerd-dom, and the entire spectrum of the Fanboy and Fangirl culture.
Particle Physicist Dr Brian Cox invites a series of unlikely guests around the biggest experiment in the history of the universe (well this one) ever. Is it a chat show? Is it an introduction to particle physics? Is it just a jolly day out in Gevena? Maybe all three.
It's the history of our world from the Big Bang to the Modern Age! Well...eventually at least. Every episode has FINALLY been remastered, touched up, and had the numbering fixed. TPHOOW is back in action!
A conversation between noonas about all things KPop. Hosted by Annie and Michelle from New
Born Optimistic
Every week we glean life lessons from an inspirational artist. New episode every Monday. Presented by Donal Scannell.
Just Feell the Bass like the bigbang on your face !
In this podcast I explain all the commonly used expressions, phrasal verbs and slang from a Big Bang episode.
Discover the history of how we got here - from the big bang to last week's science breakthroughs. Curiosity fuels creativity. Join us each week as we dive deep into mind-blowing big ideas, and help us make a freaking awesome tomorrow! Discover the Past. Create the Future. Hosted by three science-loving skeptics: Stephen Woodford (Rationality Rules), Rachel Oates, and Thomas Westbrook (Holy Koolaid). Website:
Exciting & intelligent weekly podcasts reviewing your favorite movies & television shows! In addition to providing news on the Entertainment Industry.
New Thought Guy
You are the Power, whether you know it or not. So why not know it, live it, be it and consciously take hold of it. Living a joyous, love-filled, and opulent life is your birthright.
CiTR -- AstroTalk
Space is an interesting place. Marco slices up the night sky with a new topic every week. Death Stars, Black Holes, Big Bang, Red Giants, the Milky Way, G-Bands, Pulsars, Super Stars and the Solar System.
We talk about everything from Dr. Who to The Big Bang Theory, to a zombie apocolypse.
Reviews and analysis of 30 Rock, Entourage, Family Guy, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, The Office, The Simpsons, Mad Men, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Dexter, Parks and Recreation, Community, Spartacus, Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Modern Family
The TV Show
There's a television renaissance going on. At no other time have so many great shows been on at the same time. At no other time could we watch them in our living room and on our tablets and phones, on networks and over the internet. The TV Show talks about that renaissance in storytelling and technology, focusing on the week of programming that was. That currently includes Arrow, Agents of SHIELD, 24, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, and Big Bang Theory. With Dave Wiskus and Rene Ritchie.
MOLDS episode 2
A great combination of Geek culture and Christianity. We talk about Ghosts, Star Trek, Sparkly Vampires, The Big Bang, and where God fits into it all!
THWIP! Swing on by to hear a discussion of each of the 41 Spider-Man comic issues done by the original creative team of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko! We get into: Stan's terrible puns! Steve's angsty inks! The compelling villains (Doctor Octopus)! And the sometimes very dumb villains (Fancy Dan)! And anything that made these issues the BIG BANG of modern super-hero comics! Your co-hosts, UCB performers Will Hines and Kevin Hines, have no official qualifications except for a life-long love of Spi ...
Podcast History
It's the history of our world from the Big Bang to the Modern Age! Well...eventually at least.
Reviews and analysis of 30 Rock, Entourage, Family Guy, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, The Office, The Simpsons, Mad Men, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Dexter, Parks and Recreation, Community, Spartacus, Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Modern Family
Mathilde, a computer science student in Paris' very best university, wants to build the most realistic video game ever. With the help of her roommates, Szymon and Oliver, she hacks into her school's quantum computer, and simulates a new Big Bang.The result however, surpasses anything they could have ever imagined - and is far more dangerous than they expected.
Cosmo Show
This podcast is about the big bang theory and evidence about the redshift of galaxies also telling the history of the proof in the discoveries and the relation to the big bang
AM!RA is a Music Director and DJ based between Egypt and Germany who has played in some of its best venues and festivals in Cairo such as The Tap Maadi and The Tap East, Zigzag, LIV Lounge and Royal Mohamed Ali Club for the Big Bang Festival. She was aswell music director and head of entertainment of 3 AM Club at Royal Maxim Palace...
Trying to find God in all corners of our amazing world: from the Big Bang to Bon Iver, little-known quotes to Belgium beer, movies to backpacking. Messages and conversations to discover where the spiritual and our world intersect. What resonates with you?
Join self-certified, award-pining histographer Scott Pinkmountain each week as he spelunks the annals of history from before the Big Bang right up until this very moment right now, heroically embodying the philosophic truism: Comedy + Tragedy = Time. Broadcasting live from the historic Capital Defunct Breakfast Soda Building in Hollywood, CA (not to be confused with the Capitol Building in Hollywood, CA), Pinkmountain brings you the #1 rated The-History-Channeler-themed podcast with the help ...
Time Crystal
The cosmic monopole has been wandering the Universe since the Big Bang. When it is finally trapped in CERN it triggers a disaster which will take fourteen-year-old Catriona O’Brien on an adventure back to the Big Bang and beyond in a desperate attempt to save the Universe from destruction. Encompassing the whole history of the Universe and most branches of science, Time Crystal is an epic adventure story and romance that will hold you enthralled and show you new worlds both great and small w ...
In this podcast, host Dave Goetsch, co-executive producer of “The Big Bang Theory” and Norm Mindel, veteran financial advisor and co-founder of Forum Financial Management, talk about some of the incredible things that happened way back when on Wall Street. Along the way, they share some of their personal investing experiences as they look back at well-known and little-known events by the decade.
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Kevin and Will break from the format of the podcast to talk about Spidey stories from after the original Steve Ditko era! They talk about two in this episode: The Kid Who Collected Spider-Man and Kraven’s Last Hunt! Both are so cool!
Dermot's brother Aidan was a one of a kind who passed away two and a half years ago. Honoured that Dermot chose this Born Optimistic session to share this song.
Eternally smiling through life's ups and downs, Dermot shares tales of his illustrious times to date from Blink to Garageland. An inspiring chat what a man adept at climbing back into saddles with a smile.
Can we cheat death and live forever, gaining eternal life (immortality) and eternal health/youth? Explore the science of extending our life. Show notes:
The current penciller (Joe Quinones) and colorist (Jordan Gibson) for “Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man” join Kevin and Will to talk about the psychological drama that is issue 24 -- Spider-Man Goes Mad! We get into: Ditko hands! Gangster Faces! European Therapists! And how a villain really gives away his guilt when he instantly tries t ...…
A delightfully circular conversation with a troubadour who point blank refuses to be pinned down regarding anything. With such a terrific way with words it's no surprise he's written so many amazing songs.
This week look at various scientific theories (and evidence) as to why he dinosaurs went extinct (the story has changed!). And as a bonus, we scratch the surface of mass-extinction as a whole. Show notes:
A tiny asteroid named 2018 A (6 feet) disintegrated over Botswana on June 2, 9:44 AM PDT. No damage was reported. NASA's NEOWISE mission is using infrared to characterize 122 asteroids. The imagery will help determine the surface properties of these asteroids. Thermophysical modeling of the asteroids will help scientists better understand the s ...…
Shamy is MARRIED! Referencing this article that was released before the finale, we talk about recasting characters, and Young Sheldon's influence on Big Bang Theory What do we think of Stuart and Denise? Where were Amy's glasses? Is a Nobel Prize on the horizon? (Here's a quick look at the real-life science.) Those vows! Mark Hamill! All part o ...…
Alternate title - Big Bang Buzzcast: Return of the Pants Holland is approaching season 12 as the last, says they're "not leaving anything on the table" Was the drama this week too contrived? Is Young Sheldon influencing Big Bang Theory too much? Was the pinkeye plot filler or fun? All part of the episode discussion! Download here Running time: ...…
Kevin and Will are joined by Chip Zdarsky, current writer for the Marvel Comic “Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man.” We talk about his recent story in which 2018 Spider-Man time-travels to… the Spider-Man of THIS EPISODE’S ISSUE! So cool! We get into: What exactly is the Green Goblin’s concept? Do all newspaper publishers micro-manage as ...…
Larry Beau Bonus this holiday Monday to remind you Larry joins Steve & Joe Wall this Saturday June 9th in the Unitarian church Dublin.
This week we’re going to be looking at consumer psychology, buyer behaviour and how marketers and advertisers take advantage of this. Some might say you’re being manipulated… but that’s up to you to decide! Show Notes:
Intro Einstein and his super large enormous brain, and how he figured out all of these difficult theories. Astronomers have determined why relativistic particles are flying through the Van Allen Radiation Belts. Electromagnetic waves, called chorus waves, speed up particles, just like an adult's hand would when speeding up a child on a swing, b ...…
Step right up and see… the silliest heroes yet! A group of circus performers kick out the one member of their group with actual powers (The hypnotist Ringmaster) and try to get Spidey with their ability to… Run at him fast! This ish also features a record high number uses of the word “female!” Check it out!…
The beginnings of getting to learn more about the great Mik Pyro. Known to many as the lead singer of Republic Of Loose, now embarking on a solo journey with an amazing new song called 'Very Strange' just about to come out.
Will robots take our jobs, wipe us out, or work alongside us? What will the future of artificial intelligence look like? Show Notes:
The Insight Spacecraft has to deal with as many 6 course corrections on its way to Mars. NASA has to keep Insight free from contaminants, so this affected the way Insight was launched. The course corrections are therefore necessary to get Insight in the right place at the right time, when it eventually gets to Mars in later October. Scientists ...…
(RE-PUBLISHED TO CORRECT AUDIO) Spider-Man and the Human Torch have two problems: their emotionally fragile girlfriends, and a guy with an armored flying suit who calls himself the Beetle. Guess which one is portrayed more realistically!
An incredible artist who draws his inspiration from the Galway landscape he grew up surrounded by and the people he encounters on his travels.
How do you date a rock? For that matter, how to you date anything? Within this episode we look at the science of dating the age of the earth, and to some extent the moon, planets and solar system. Show notes:
Co-hosts Kevin and Will discuss the debut of the probably-not-that-great-villain The Scorpion! He can punch! He can also...well, he can punch pretty hard. Plus a boatload of reader mail!
AM!RA delivers an energetic Deep House set for a positive and groovy listening experienceBy AM!RA.
The enthralling Patrick O'Laoghaire aka I Have A Tribe talks about his muse and how he channels it. Methinks he's being overly humble but he takes zero credit for the amazing music he makes and insists that he just finds it hidden in various places.
Today we're looking at the human body and our senses! What is a sense? How many senses do we have? Are there just 5 basic senses or does it get a bit more complicated than that? Show Notes:
Neutrinos are sometimes called ghost particles because they are difficult to trap, or locate. If your thumb is perpendicular to the sun, then about 65 billion neutrinos are going through your thumb each second. Neutrinos are produced in the heart of the sun, in supernova explosions, in nuclear reactions, and in a few other ways. Neutrinos are a ...…
After a whole issue of doubt, Spider-Man is back into action! For the first time in the comic’s run we have a whole issue where Spider-Man is joyously being Spider-Man, and it is FUN! Your hosts love this issue, which is zero surprise.
AM!RA returns back with a new rendition of Ivan Spell's latest Deephouse track release 'Fast Love', by adding her personal G-House twist to it.By AM!RA.
What if you had been born 500 years ago? Would you feel the same emotions? Junior Brother confronts you with these thoughts. There are few examples of an artist weaving a world as complete as Junior Brother.
Is the mind separate from the body? What can science tell us about the soul? Dive deep into the history and science of mind-body dualism and explore the notion of the soul. Show notes:
One of the best issues of the original run, according to your co-hosts Will and Kevin! There is no villain for this issue as Peter deals with the fallout of his decision to quit being Spider-Man as he cares for his Aunt May. Co-creators Steve Ditko and Stan Lee pull off a masterful buildup of tension to one of the Hines’ favorite endings to a S ...…
An amazing tale of how insurance sales and Guns & Roses led to a career steeped in the truth and honesty of Americana. That's Gavin's dog Danko in the photo named after a member of The Band, one of his biggest inspirations.
Did you choose to read this text? Did you choose to watch / listen to this video? And, more importantly, did you choose to be interested in this video? Within this episode we answer these questions and more, as we ask the age-old question "Do we have free will?" Show notes:…
Intro to Wormholes. A supernova, 2001ig, in galaxy NGC 7424, 40 million light years away, has been spotted with a surviving companion star. This proves that some supernovas originate in double-star systems. The majority of massive stars are in binary pairs, and many of these binary pairs will interact and transfer gas from one star to the other ...…
The Green Goblin is back and he’s meaner and smarter. Pete’s love life is once again falling apart as he can’t convince working girl Betty that popular rich girl Liz means nothing to him. Everyone loves the Human Torch more than Spidey. And then: a twist near the end that ups the drama and leaves this issue as the start of one of the best Spide ...…
Our 50th show and who better man to share it with than David Gray! Some jaw-dropping moments in this incredibly personal and revealing interview.
More and more bacteria, viruses and fungi are becoming resistant to traditional treatments. Antibiotic Resistance, in particular, isn't just something we can put off for a few years and then pass off onto the experts - it's something we need to understand, worry about and find solutions for now. Show Notes: ...…
An asteroid similar in size to one that exploded more than 100 years ago in Russia's Tunguska region in Siberia gave Earth a close shave on Sunday (April 15), just one day after astronomers discovered the object. The asteroid, 2018 GE3, made its closest approach to Earth at around 2:41 a.m. EDT , whizzing by at a distance of 119,400 miles (192, ...…
Co-hosts Kevin and Will Hines ask: If you’ve got a top hat that can hypnotize anyone -- why not open a circus? Well, that’s the apparent decision by this issue’s villain; The Ringmaster! Previously appearing in The Hulk, this actually-twirling-an-evil-mustache villain is BACK, and this time he’s got a whole circus of weirdly-shaped crime thugs! ...…
With summer on the way, AM!RA presents Beach Affairs Vol. 1 , an exotic music cocktail with a mix of sexy soulful house to electrifying techhouse beats as the sun sets. An experience you will not be able to resist!By AM!RA.
This troubadour has written over a thousand songs that he's been keeping from us all. He delivers a very fresh, open and honest account of how music has helped him keep depression at bay. Fascinating.
Explore the techniques used by psychics. Learn the tricks/methods of psychics, why it's a scam & what the harm is. Be on your guard for psychic trickery, because they can be pretty devious. Show notes:
Types of dark stars could have existed in the early universe that contained a high concentration of neutrolino dark matter. These dark stars had a say on how stars would later form in the later universe. A little talk about gravity assists and NASA's gravity assist podcasts. TESS NASA's planet hunter has been launched. TESS stands for Transitin ...…
We take a break from analyzing the old comics to discuss: Spider-Man movies! Kevin and Will talk about their lifelong dream to see a good Spider-Man movie, and what it felt like to see it realized in the original (2001) Spider-Man! We talk about what we like and didn’t like about each of the big movies. We talk about the movie WE’D make given u ...…
Check out our red carpet interviews from Paleyfest on YouTube! Watch the Paleyfest panel on their facebook page We're finally meeting grown-up George Jr - Jerry O'Connell cast as Sheldon's brother Exclusive audio from Steve Holland at Paleyfest - will Howard ever meet his dad? And are the writers thinking about where the show will end? In our m ...…
A sharp mind with a real sense of purpose, David is instantly likeable. He's full of passion about the power of music and he shares what formed that.
This week we’re asking the potent question “Is homosexuality natural?” Do other animals display homosexual tendencies? Is there any scientific proof that it’s natural? Where does the claim come from? For the answers to these questions and many more, tune in!# Show notes:…
Chuck Hailey from Columbia University is searching for a vast swarm of black holes, called a DENSITY CUSP, that he believes should exist around the central supermassive black hole in our Milky Way, Sagittarius A* (Sag A*). Trouble is, he cannot find this swath, or DENSITY CUSP. Hailey theorizes that in a 6 light year diameter around Sag A*, the ...…
For the first-ever Spider-Man annual, there’s a special event: six of Spidey’s worst baddies team up to try and defeat him together…. By fighting him ONE AT A TIME! Also, most of Marvel’s other heroes casually walk in and out of the story, doing very little but plugging their own comics! And Spidey loses his powers for almost four pages! AND … ...…
Former Toasted Heretic frontman and now author, Julian shares some great stories as he prepares for the release of his novel 'Connect' on May 3rd.
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