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ED Matters
ED Matters: The Gurze/Salucore podcast airing once a week where we interview the top experts in the field of eating disorders, sharing information for individuals recovering from eating disorders, their loved ones, clinicians in the field, and other individuals, professional or otherwise seeking to learn about eating disorders. Healthy conversations about eating disorders.
New Plates: Eating Disorders and Parents
Join Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh as she talks with treatment providers and families and advocates around the world about how clinicians and families can work together to help eating disorder patients recover and thrive. A long-time advocate for parents being actively involved with treatment, Laura is the owner of Circum Mensam, a consulting firm that assists with strategies to mobilize parents during treatment to improve outcomes and preserve families. More information at: http://www.CircumMe ...
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Today, Kathy is joined by Dana Magee, and their topic is when food sensitivities are eating disorders in disguise. They discuss the difference between food sensitivity and food intolerance, how they differ from food allergies, where eating disorders come into the picture, and tapping into our bodies needs with kindness.…
Laura introduces you to Tabitha Farrar, recovery coach, podcaster and community builder. Show notes at
Today, Kathy welcomes Brian Cuban and the episode is titled “Brian Cuban on advocacy.” Brian shares his life experiences of recovery from an eating disorder, drugs, and alcohol, and brings everything together as an advocate for recovery.
Today, Kathy is joined by Adrienne Ressler, LMSW, CEDS, and their topic is a healthy body image is flexible. They discuss various definitions of body image, including the self-perspective of the internal self, and how body image starts being defined and developed as early as in infancy.
Today, Kathy is joined by Dr. Andy McGarrahan and they discuss how to help children and adolescents transition back into school after eating disorder treatment. This is an extremely important topic for all professionals, as well as parents and loved ones of children who are receiving treatment for an eating disorder.…
Today, Kathy is joined by Marian McGavran and their topic is relapse prevention. They talk about different signs and symptoms of a potential relapse as well as what Marian describes as a lapse and how that differs from a relapse.
New Plates: Eating Disorders and Parents
Meet Dr. Rebecka Peebles from the Eating Disorder Assessment and Treatment Program at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Full show notes at
Today, Dr. Laura Hill joins Kathy and they talk about Dr. Hill’s brand new e-text, A Brain-Based Approach for Eating Disorders Treatment. To learn more about this book, including some special bonuses, please visit
This week’s episode is part 2 of Kathy’s conversation with Chase Bannister on the Eating Disorders Coalition for Research, Policy, and Action. If you missed part 1, please listen to last week’s episode first and then jump back to this episode.
Today, Kathy welcomes Chase Bannister, LCSW, CEDS, and they discuss the Eating Disorders Coalition for Research, Policy, and Action. Because of the importance and amount of information Chase has to share about the EDC this will be part 1 of a 2 part episode.
New Plates: Eating Disorders and Parents
Laura sits down with Jessica Setnick, RD. Full show notes at
Today, Kathy welcomes Dr. Leslie Karwoski Anderson and they discuss abnormal and complex eating disorders. Kathy and Dr. Anderson talk about complicated and atypical presentations, such as when a young child comes to your office, or when an older adult looks for treatment, or when someone presents with multiple co-morbid types of behaviors.…
This week, Kathy is joined by Dr. Dena Cabrera and they discuss spirituality and eating disorder recovery. They define what it means to be spiritual, explain how it differs from being religious, and then dive into how spirituality can be an asset in eating disorder recovery.
Today, Kathy welcomes Sondra Kronberg, MS, RD, CDN, CEDRD, and they discuss anorexia nervosa - specifically genetic predispositions, minds, and temperaments.
New Plates: Eating Disorders and Parents
Laura throws Maudsley Myths at the people who wrote the book on Family-Based Treatment. Drs Daniel Le Grange and James Lock are the guests. Full show notes at
Today, Kathy is joined by Dr. Beth Hartman McGilley and they discuss eating disorders, exercise, and the recovery process. This episode is filled with rich, invaluable information about exercise and eating disorders that we know you will learn from.
Today, Kathy welcomes Dr. Tara Deliberto. Kathy and Dr. Deliberto discuss BITE, Behavioral Integrative Treatment and Evaluation, which Dr. Deliberto developed along with Dina Hirsch, PhD. BITE is a comprehensive but flexible behavioral approach to the treatment of anorexia nervosa.
Dr. Timothy Brewerton joins Kathy again today in the second part of their interview. This week, they discuss treatment protocols for those with the co-occurrence of eating disorders and substance use disorders – a segment of the population who require informed clinicians.
New Plates: Eating Disorders and Parents
Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh takes NEW PLATES podcast along on her trip to the Academy for Eating Disorders annual conference held in Prague, Czech Republic. Features keynote speaker Dr. Vikram Patel, and a cast of dozens. Show notes at http://circummensam.
Today, Kathy welcomes Dr. Timothy Brewerton, and their topic is the overlap of eating disorders and substance abuse. Because of Dr. Brewerton’s expertise in this area, this will be part 1 of a 2 part interview, so be sure to tune in next week as well.
Today, Dr. Carolyn Pearson Carter joins Kathy, and their topic is risk factors for binge eating disorder and purging behaviors. They go into detail on negative urgency and impulsivity, which we believe will “click” with many of our listeners.
Today, Kathy welcomes Dr. Kim Claudat, and they discuss emotion regulation and eating disorders. Dr. Claudat breaks down the emotions we feel in our everyday lives, explains how they are essential for our survival, and then details the connection between emotions and eating disorders.
New Plates: Eating Disorders and Parents
Laura is back from ICED in Prague and chats about what DNA can and cannot tell us about eating disorders right now. A conversation with Dr. Cynthia Bulik of UNC and Karolinska Institute. Genomics news about Chromosome 12, metabolism, and whether vodka belongs in morning coffee. Full show notes at…
Today, Kathy is joined by Kirsten Haglund, a NEDA ambassador, Miss America 2008, and their topic is, What I know about eating disorders recovery. Kirsten provides thoughtful, sincere, and heartfelt information in this episode, and we can’t thank her enough for sharing her story with our audience.
Today, Kathy welcomes Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani, MD, CEDS, and they talk about the medical consequences of eating disorders. This episode contains vital information on this wide-ranging topic.
Today, Kathy welcomes Melainie Rogers, and in this timely episode, they discuss how to maintain positive body image in the warm weather months.
Today, Kathy welcomes Norman Kim, PhD. They discuss eating disorders as anxiety disorders, and touch on exposure response prevention therapy.
Today, Kathy is joined by Carolyn Costin, M.A., M.ED., MFT, and they discuss eating disorders and the disconnection with self, enriched by personal and professional experience as a recovered therapist.
What is a psychoanalytically trained therapist and an infamously Maudsley-boosting parent doing talking together? Tune in to NEW PLATES 16 to meet Dr. Judith Brisman and Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh talk about the history of parents and eating disorder treatment, the role of psychodynamics, and whether FBT is so different from what psychodynamic ...…
Today, Kathy welcomes Jessica Setnick, MS, RD, CEDRD, and their topic is - What’s happening on the front lines with orthorexia.
Today, Dr. Scott Moseman joins Kathy, and they talk about eating disorders, body image, and neurobiology. Dr. Moseman helps connect the dots on how body image and neurobiology are linked.
New Plates: Eating Disorders and Parents
Meet Beth Mayer, Executive Director at MEDA, talking about her work with eating disorder patients and their families, recovered clinicians, collaboration, advocacy, and a story of a family and clinical support that will surprise and inspire you. Full show notes at Host: Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh…
Today, Kathy is joined by Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh, and they discuss eating disorders from the point of view of a parent and activist.
New Plates: Eating Disorders and Parents
Meet JD Ouellette, a parent advocate and peer support who sits down with Laura to talk about weight stigma in families, treatment, and advocacy. Full show notes at
Elizabeth Scott, LCSW, joins us to talk about 2 very special Body Positive Trainings. Designed for professionals and laypeople, each training will change your life!
Today Kathy welcomes Dr. Paige O’Mahoney, and they talk about overcoming overeating, chronic dieting and weight cycling – changing the conversation with your doctor.
Today, Andrea Wachter, LMFT, joins Kathy, and they discuss the topic of body image, with the subtitle, from hateful, to grateful.
In a quick mini-episode, meet Nicki Wilson, a parent advocate in New Zealand, to chat with Laura about the upcoming At Home With Eating Disorder conference in Sydney. Hear about the friendly, accessible, helpful, and empowering bi-annual event co-sponsored by F.E.A.S.T., the Butterfly Foundation, and ANZAED. Full show notes at http://www.circum ...…
Today, Kathy welcomes Liana Rosenman, one of the founders of Project HEAL. Kathy and Liana discuss Liana’s personal story, the important work they are doing at Project HEAL, including the book they put out called Recovery Is, and finally Project HEAL’s 9th anniversary Gala which is coming up on May 16, 2017 in New York City.…
Laura joins fellow advocates on Capitol Hill for the Eating Disorders Coalition for Advocacy Day in April 2017. Full show notes at
Today, Kathy welcomes Dr. Nikki Rollo, and they talk about eating disorders and shame. This in-depth conversation teaches us what shame is, and ultimately what we can do about it in working towards recovery.
We are thrilled to have Dr. Ebrahimi on the podcast today, as Kathy and Dr. Ebrahimi discuss eating disorders in adolescents. Adolescence is a time for change, and they talk about how to distinguish “normal” changes, from eating disorder behaviors, and take a deep dive into eating disorders and adolescents.…
New Plates: Eating Disorders and Parents
Laura is back from IAEDP in Las Vegas and introduces you to Kathryn and Michael Cortese, the team behind Gürze/Salucore Eating Disorders Resource Catalogue ( and the ED Matters. Also, news from the world of eating disorder research. Full show notes at:…
Today, Kathy welcomes Angie Viets, and they discuss the unique challenges for recovered therapists treating eating disordered patients. People in the field have many different opinions on this subject, and we think you will enjoy Angie’s perspective, knowledge, and expertise.
Leah Graves, RD, LD, CEDRD, FAED, joins Kathy today and they discuss the art of nutrition therapy for anorexia nervosa. This is a wide-ranging interview which includes the challenges of refeeding, and ultimately the signs of success in recovery.
Guest: Dr. Tarah Martos, Post-Doctoral Psychology Fellow and Licensed Psychologist Mentioned: Laura will be at the IAEDP (International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals Foundation) Symposium in Las Vegas this week. If you are attending please reach out! Visit F.E.A.S.T., an organization of parents supporting parents around the worl ...…
Joe Kelly joins Kathy today as they discuss the power and potential of father daughter relationships, and the role fathers can play in eating disorders recovery. It is rich with information that everyone can learn from.
Today, Kathy welcomes Trish Lieberman, and Trish offers her expertise on diabetes and eating disorders. As a registered dietitian and nutrition therapist, Trish explains the challenges someone with diabetes faces with regards to eating disorders, as well as how those challenges differ from diabulimia.…
Today, Kathy is joined by Dr. Karen Samuels and they discuss yoga and eating disorder recovery. Dr. Samuels explains how yoga allows you to focus on the inside, and focus on recovery. Importantly, she also outlines some potential triggers, including what to look out for when practicing yoga.
Episode 9: Is Eating Disorder Prevention Possible? A conversation with Michael P. Levine, Ph.D. Full show notes at
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