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National Biodiesel Conference Podcast
News about biodiesel
ZimmComm Golden Mic Audio
ZimmComm New Media conducts thousands of interviews and other audio recordings each year. This feed will bring you the content we publish via our AgNewsWire service and, utilizing the Golden ZimmComm Microphone.
Weekly is a social network with an enormous range of Alternative Energy content, including current news, green collar jobs, videos, leaders, and products. We also have Comedy and Girls Gone Green sections. Covers solar energy, wind power, biofuels, geothermal, and other green and renewable energy sources.
Biorenewable Systems
Various musings about things biorenewable.
Grand Avenue
Learn about the interesting geology of this site, hear how biodiesel is made, UI representatives talk about the English Station, we find some interesting plants and critters.
Domestic Fuel Cast
A bi-monthly alternative fuels news program featuring interesting people and industry news.
The Yield Podcast
Listen to our analysis of key issues from across global biofuels, grains, and sugar markets.
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ZimmComm Golden Mic Audio
Discover Top 100 Free Audiobooks of Science & Technology, Environment
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: Green RecoverySubtitle: Get Lean, Get Smart, and Emerge from the Downturn on TopAuthor: Andrew WinstonNarrator: Andrew WinstonFormat: UnabridgedLength: 3 hrs and 29 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 09-04-09Publisher: Gildan Media, LLCRatings: 3.5 of 5 out of 5 votesGe ...…
Today on Alternative Talk our host Bear Sayvong is joined by James Meissner from #OnePlant. #OnePlant's goal is to bring new and innovative American Grown and American Made Hemp Products to markets across America and the world! With over half of our country growing American Hemp again they are almost there. If we truly want to be a Great Nation ...…
Guests: Bob Rowland, Kansas State University professor of diagnostic medicine and pathobiology in the College of Veterinary Medicine discussing research on the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, or PRRS, virus ... Caleb Little, Senior Communcations Manager for National BioDiesel Board discussing why the product is important to agric ...…
We meet Kelly King, vice president of a successful and very inspiring company named Pacific Biodiesel, based on Maui, in Hawaii. Listen up to learn more on how used cooking oil from restaurants can be used to create biofuel!
On Tuesday, the Environmental Protection Agency made news by suggesting they had data supporting a reduction in biodiesel volumes. On Wednesday, Iowa’s two senators let the agency know they weren’t happy.
The courts have ruled in favor of biofuels made from corn and soybeans. Todd Gleason has more on what the ruling could mean for ethanol and biodiesel.
The National Biodiesel Board says the EPA’s RFS Volume proposals fail to recognize the production potential of the nation’s bio-based diesel industry.
The US EPA's proposed 2018 RVOs were met with a mixed response from biofuels and oil industry players. How could ethanol, biodiesel and RINs markets be affected?
In Ag News: EPA releases proposed Renewable Volume Obligations (RVOs) under the RFS for 2018 Guests: Dean Heffta of Waterstreet Solutions with mid-day trading analysis ... Anne Steckel, VP Federal Affairs with the National Biodiesel Board on EPA's proposed biodiesel RVOs ... Jerry Catlett, Sr VP/CFO of Bruning State Bank and Past President of t ...…
This week on CKUA Radio's Green Energy Futures program "Life is a carnival." We talk to Antoine Palmer co-founder of Sustainival the world's first green carnival. It's a full-sized carnival complete with rides, games and popcorn and it's powered by biodiesel energy it's absolutely infused with messages of sustainability. See story and photos: h ...…
This week on CKUA Radio's Green Energy Futures program "Life is a carnival." We talk to Antoine Palmer co-founder of Sustainival the world's first green carnival. It's a full-sized carnival complete with rides, games and popcorn and it's powered by biodiesel energy it's absolutely infused with messages of sustainability. See story and photos: h ...…
Ag News: President Trump speaks in Iowa saying he will continue to help farmers ... Another NASCAR E-15 race comes to the region ... New York State steps up Biodiesel useageGuests: Water Street Solution provides market insight on today's markets ... Little Blue NRD Manager Mike Onnen discusses a stay on drilling new irrigation wells in the dist ...…
On this episode, what makes our cars go? Where did what we have come from? Lets talk about the fuels of the future. Biofuels? Solar? Elon Musks hopes and dreams? Steam? Find out! Cars of the Future: Fuel Intro Hi! I’m Dave, and this is episode 2 of the Podcast of the Future! We as Humans are funny creatures. Sure, well walk in a pinch, or from ...…
Ag News: Joe Gangwish checks in from the Tractor Relay Across Nebraska ... an update on investigation of bio-diesel imports from Argentina and Indonesia Guests: Jason Ladman, Director of Waterstreet Solutions on 'Making a Game Plan for Tough Times ... Dr. Lisa Becton, director of swine health and research with the National Pork Board on new por ...…
Trade cases are in focus today, with Mexico-U.S. sugar talks proceeding well while cases in steel and biodiesel have been paused, possibly to allow for harsher decisions to be made. Also: LNG export opportunities resulting from the Qatar situation may be limited.
Lots happening in the news today including updates on the Brazilian Beef Scandal, Weather conditions affecting row crop and speciality crops nation-wide, ​a new Minnesota tax incentive law, closing market prices, and an interview with Anne Seckel the VP of Federal Affairs for the National Biodiesel Board.…
Ag PhD Radio on SiriusXM 147
05 30 17 Ethanol and Biodiesel by Ag PhD
Volumes of PME from SE Asia is heading towards the EU biofuels complex, as Europe's blending and production hubs of Spain and ARA soak up imports to fire FAME 0 production. We appraise the situation through the summer months.
Survival and Basic Badass Podcast
The Survival and Basic Badass Podcast Episode #76 Build Your Own Gasifier Kevin tells all about personal gas issues. Facebook Patreon @preppingbadass 89 FEMA Wood Gasifier Plans More Gasifier Plans Tactical Wood Gas (Big Dragon) 12VDC Hydro Generator $80 Bucks also from Tactical Wood Gas Northern ...…
Ag News: Branstad confirmation as Ambassador to China ... Kansas wheat tour continues into southern parts of the state Guests: Don Bloss, National Sorghum Producers from Pawnee City on markets and the RFS ... Anne Steckel, Vice President of Federal Affairs with the National Biodiesel Board on tax credits, RFS and trade commission…
News reporter David Haydon speaks with senior editor Leela Landress Perez on the regional and global oleochemical market. The discussion ranges from glycerine supply issues to the effect US biodiesel production could have on kosher crude glycerine.
After studying aeronautical engineering in the United Kingdom,Mutoba, returned home to seek his fortune in the renewable energybusiness. With the help of his father Capt. Gilbert Ngoma, he foundedTapera industries; They became interested in bio-diesel when Zambia went through a diesel shortage period in 2005 due to reduced importation, at this ...…
Did you know your body has programming in it that will burn fat, give you more mental clarity and even reverse cancer when activated? Today, I invited Dr. Michael Vanderschelden on the show to talk about ketogenic eating, a lifestyle that I’ve used on and off in the past few years to lose weight and feel great. He tells me that 25 peer-reviewed ...…
Mark Smith is the Founder of Smyth Performance, his third automotive company since starting Factory Five Racing back in 1992. Factory Five Racing became the largest component car company in the world. Before selling the company to his brother Dave his signature “aluminum under glass” Cobra and Daytona Coupe race car designs sold over 10,000 uni ...…
Colleen Crowninshield, Clean Cities Manager, Pima Association of Governments Join us to learn about the many choices drivers have when it comes to clean fuel options and today’s ever-changing alternative fuel market. Colleen will share with us why Clean Cities encourages the use of clean fuels — biodiesel, ethanol (E85), compressed natural gas, ...…
On August 21, 2017, millions of people across the United States will see nature's most wondrous spectacle — a total eclipse of the Sun. It is a scene of unimaginable beauty; the Moon completely blocks the Sun, daytime becomes a deep twilight, and the Sun’s corona shimmers in the darkened sky. In this week’s podcast, we offer a guide to understa ...…
Phoenix Customer Stories Podcast Show Notes: Guest: Phil Gardiner (Moora W.A.) Phil Gardiner takes time out from his busy schedule to talk with Stephen about some of his farming enterprises. They talk about the successes, and the failures. Phil has ventured into biodiesel, mustard, beef, sheep, wool, pastures, crops, hay, politics, corporate bu ...…
On this Hempducational Hempisode of HempAware, Tyler Hemp and Agua Das discuss the HEMP, ICE CREAM, BIO-Diesel and so much more about Cannabis! Tune in, to this hempisode to see how to run a successful HEMP COMPANY. Discover some of the AMAZING stories of Agua Das and his ventures with Hemp over the years! You will laugh you might cry, but you ...…
TOPIC: ArrestedDATE: January 10, 2017LOCATION: Ubi Sub Ubi Room David Rynhart shares a tale of his musical travels in a van that ran on vegetable-oil and the night that the search for fuel caused everything to go awry. About David David’s musical journey began with teenage basement albums and wound through classical piano studies, jazz studies, ...…
Inca Worldwide, Inc., formerly known as QED Connect, Inc., CEO Katharina (Kate) Bahnsen talks about the company's super-food flagship product, inca seeds. Bahnsen describes the explanation of their better-tasting inca seeds, also known as sacha inchi that has been around for 3,000 years, which is the main diet of Inca Indians in Peru and Colomb ...…
AgriTalk - Let the Conversation Begin
Join Mike Adams as he talks with leaders in the biodiesel industry and what the future holds in 2017.
Various Breads and Butters
Engineering, environmentalism, green chemistry, algae burgers, biodiesel, Frisbee golf, music (Lion King, Boyz II Men, jazz), a quiz, Fridays, Sundays...all with the excellent Prof. Lindsay Soh. It’s good. After that, the routine: follow us on twitter @somelaterdate, like us on Fb, listen to Spotify, rate us on iTunes, and subscribe. It’s exhau ...…
In this episode of the Business with Purpose podcast, Molly sits down with Eric Henry, president of TS Designs. TS Designs is a small, manual screen printing operation located in North Carolina. We talked about everything from the effect that NAFTA had on American business to his passion for the Carolinas to purchasing with purpose and more. Er ...…
Your Tax Teacher Podcast
In this week’s episode, I discuss some of the tax extenders expiring at the end of the 2016 (December 31, 2016) unless Congress extends them. At this time, Congress has not extended these tax rules or have given any indication of extending them. 1. Renewable Energy Credits - Electric vehicles Bio-diesel Residential Energy Credit (Non-business) ...…
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